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Sap Crm Consultant Resume



  • Senior SAP ABAP Developer with 8.5 years of US experience in developing applications for SAP Implementations (Full life cycle, upgrade and production support).
  • Experience in CRM Web UI development including component enhancement & configuration.
  • Experience in developing Web Applications and interactive forms using Web Dynpro - ABAP (WDA) using FPM framework and Adobe forms.
  • Knowledge in Net Weaver Integration using Process Integration (PI).
  • Experience in developing applications for SAP implementations in Manufacturing, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, Communications and Utility domains.
  • Experience in developing applications for CRM, SCM/APO, MM, SD, PP, FI/CO, WM, PM, HCM and IS-U modules.
  • Adept in translating business objectives into clear functional and technical design requirements, Preparing technical design specification and unit test scripts, designing template for project documents and development standards.
  • An effective team player with excellent communication, leadership and co-ordination skills. Experience in working with cross-cultural and multi-lingual teams.
  • Good Interpersonal skills, analytical skills and technical documentation skills.


ERP: SAP ECC 6.0/5.0, R/3 4.7E, 4.6C, SAP PI 7.0, CRM 7.0, APO 5.0

CRM: AET, EEWB, BOL and GENiL programming concepts, Navigational bar profiles, Transaction launcher, Actions, UI component enhancement and customizing, Interaction Center (CIC), ERP order, LORD API, CTI Integration, Service Management and Confidential (Usage based billing), Case Management, Partner determination procedures, Multi-level categorizations.

ABAP: ALV Reports, Dialog Programming, Enhancement Framework, BADI’s, BAPI/RFC, IDOC/ALE/EDI, Smart forms/Adobe Forms, LSMW, User Exits, OSS notes, SPAU and SPDD.

HR-ABAP: Info type create and extensions, Macros, Logical Data bases, Knowledge on PA, OM, Benefits and E-recruiting modules.

Web applications: CRM WEB UI, BSP, Web Dynpro-ABAP, Standard Web Dynpro component enhancements, Interfaces, controllers (component, window, view and custom), Component Usage, Floor Plan Manager.

Forms: Adobe forms (Static Forms, Interactive Forms), Smart forms, SAP Scripts.

Enhancements: Implicit and explicit enhancements, BADI’s, BTE, BDT, User Exits.


Confidential, CA

SAP CRM Consultant


  • ECC 6.0, SD, CRM 7.0.
  • Design, develop and code CRM, OTC applications specifically for Interaction Center.
  • Document and maintain design specifications.
  • CTI integration with CRM IC; trouble shooting and support.
  • Extensively worked with LORD (Lean order framework) API’s for creating ERP order on Interaction center and Web channel (ISA).
  • Development and support PCI Credit card tokenization on Business partner and ERP order components.
  • Configured IC web profile, Business transactions (Interaction record, Complaints & ERP order) their partner determination procedure for new business roles.
  • Configured Multi-level categorization for service transactions.
  • Organization model setup & Business partners set up.
  • Created CMS Profiles and integrated them existing business roles.
  • Enhanced ERP Order component to default categorization on interaction record whenever an order is placed by agent.
  • Worked extensively on Interaction center complaints component to i) disable categories based on status, ii) copy complaint notes to original and replacement ERP orders.
  • New view for selection of free goods and plant determination (when applicable) when placing ERP orders (ERP H component).
  • Enhancement to Agent Inbox search.
  • Consumption of FedEx and UPS web services for i) order tracking and ii) time & transit details to be displayed on Interaction center.
  • Distance calculation between two zip codes utilizing geocoding information available from 3rd party vendors; this information is displayed on account identification view of interaction center
  • Display serial number for ERP orders on Web UI.
  • Web service to extract currency exchange information to SFDC.
  • Created RFC’s in ECC to retrieve sales order related information and display in CRM.
  • FI: Web Dynpro application to display AR chargeback reconciliation report. Account receivables uses this program to produce GL account information, open/closed AR information and Revitas chargeback information
  • FI/OTC: Developed Web Dynpro applications for displaying the I) Invoice history II) On-going procedures report, III) details of free goods sent to customers, IV) Un-billed surgery report etc., for Canada business unit.
  • Bill pay reminder program to send courtesy emails to customers informing about their balance due.
  • Function module to display payer header information such as address, last payment information, account balance on Biller direct.
  • Function module to display open item information for selected payer such as invoices, credit memos, rebates and FI documents as in Confidential ’s current AR detail statement format.
  • Program to i) to create check request in Revitas system and ii) Process payment confirmation for the payment requests from Revitas.
  • Extract program to send exchange rate information from ECC to BPC system.
  • Function module to publish changes (update, modify and delete) made to credit cards in Biller direct into CRM system.

Confidential, N J

SAP C RM Consultant

Environment: ECC 6.0, SD, APO, CRM 7.0.


  • Responsibilities include developing applications to support SAP Implementation and maintenance.
  • SAP Upgrade from ECC 5.0 to 6.0. SPDD and SPAU transactions.
  • SAP CRM 7.0 Confidential implementation for Sharp Canada business unit.
  • Worked on Navigation Bar Profiles and Transaction launcher.
  • Enhanced UI components i) Billing Document Header, ii) Service Order Item & iii) Object list header to meet Sharp Business requirements.
  • Developed Web Dynpro application to facilitate dealers to update service request notifications, update meter reads, add service details etc. on assigned service orders.
  • Developed Web Dynpro application for ICSS (Internet Customer Self Service) process. This application is used by customers to create service requests, order parts & update meter reads (against Sharp copiers and printers)
  • Developed Web Dynpro application to display Service Order History report by sold-to partner.
  • Developed WDA application for providing list of consumable order and their shipment tracking details from ECC.
  • Smart forms for Confidential Invoice, Credit/Debit Memos, Service Notification and Email Reminders.
  • Enhanced Business Partner (BP) UI with EEWB.
  • Enhanced Contract Header with AET to add custom billing information.
  • Implicit Enhancements and BADI’s to support Sharp Business requirements.
  • Developed custom function module for Product Proposal List.
  • Developed extract programs for creating contracts.
  • ALV Reports for Billing Reconciliation process.
  • Developed custom Billing due list report for Service contracts.
  • Develop custom consolidated invoice program.
  • Developed a RFC in ECC system which is called by CRM system to update install order information such as Serial Number and Warehouse text details.
  • Created Web Dynpro application for creating and tracking RMA’s (Return merchandise authorizations).
  • Customers create RMA’s using Sharp Invoice as .
  • Customers can track RMA’s
  • Developed a Program which extracts pricing data details and pushes to PI system via OUTBOUND PROXY.
  • LSMW for SSG (Sharp Service Group) Vendor Master Conversion.
  • Custom transaction for Inspection code maintenance for SSG project.
  • Developed a custom method for sending emails with long text subject and attachments.
  • Utilized DOM concept to generate excel file in form of xml document. This approach replaced the existing OLE concept of the creating excel files.

Confidential, TN

Senior SAP Technical Consultant

Environment: ECC 6.0, FI (In House Cash Management, Loans Management).


  • Mapping PARS application into SAP.
  • Developing ALV reports for displaying Financial Statements.
  • Implemented Badi and implicit enhancement to modify the payment and payee details during the payment posting.
  • Developed of Adobe Forms for financial statements.
  • Developed Web Dynpro application to display different retirement benefits of customers from the year of their year of retirement.
  • Fixed defects noticed in Unit/Regression testing.

Confidential, NJ

Senior SAP Technical Consultant

Environment: R/3 4.6 SD & PM.


  • Member of Accenture technical team on Confidential Pricing Model Project (APM).
  • Responsible for Accenture Offshore team Technical design and Code review.
  • Interfaces with 3rd party systems (MSQT, ASD) are sharing pricing information maintained for different channel programs as part of new pricing design.
  • Implemented Screen exit for transaction VA21, VA21& VA23 to add custom fields required for Confidential Pricing Model. These are details are later used for backend reconciliation.
  • Worked extensively in MV45AFZZ to save additional data in SD tables and extend the pricing field catalog as per requirements of APT project.
  • Worked VOFM Pricing requirements and condition based formulae’s for APM Pricing model.
  • RFC’s and ALV reports.

Confidential, PA

Senior SAP ABAP Developer

Environment: ECC 6.0, HCM, E-Recruitment.


  • Worked on E-Recruiting Interfaces transmitting candidate’s information to vendors for pre-screening.
  • Developed ALV reports using Web Dynpro ABAP.
  • Implicit enhancements on Standard classes.
  • Developed a FCC report which details all the closed requisitions; candidacies applied, hired and their application sources.

Confidential, VA

Senior SAP ABAP Developer

Environment: ECC 6.0, MM, IS-U.


  • Member of Confidential Global technical team implementing ECC 6.0.
  • Implemented MB MIGO BADI for MIGO transaction. The enhancement facilitates mass upload of meters received into SAP via BDC on IQ01 transaction.
  • Developed an interface which loads the GL Account documents into SAP from Confidential legacy system using BAPI ACC DOCUMENT POST..
  • Used LSMW for migrating General Ledger Balances, Active Customers, Open Receivables and Open Payables from legacy system into SAP Environment.
  • Implemented enhancement EDMD1001 to input user defined default values & user defined checks during installation, removal and replacement of devices.
  • Implemented enhancement IQSM0008 to perform validations during creation of devices in IS-U module.

Confidential, MO

Senior SAP ABAP Developer

Environment: R/3 4.6C, SD, MM, FI, PS, QM, APO 5.0.


  • Project Worked i) APO 5.0 Implementation and Project Mercury (Integration of Seminis Business in Confidential system).
  • Implemented CIF User exits for data flow between R/3 and APO system.
  • Enhanced IDOc’s to validate and load data into additional fields created in segments.
  • Developed a Smart Forms for i) of Audit, ii) Audit Closure.
  • Developed interface to determine open or in process notifications and sending reminders to responsible persons.
  • Developed report for listing the QM notifications by sales area, customer & by material with notification header details.
  • Developed a Monthly of analysis report in QM module, which displays the characteristics and values by checking the inspection lots and inspection plans based on material, plant and batches.
  • Developed inspection metrics reports based Material and Vendors.
  • VOFM routines for copying requirements and data transfer.
  • Developed a custom transacting warehouse picking activities.
  • Implemented BADI LE SHP TAB CUST HEAD for adding custom fields as required.
  • Developed the BDC program to upload the Functional location data (IL01) for the PP module.
  • Implemented BADI to perform validation during BOM’s creation.
  • Developed several interactive ALV reports to display i) Contract settlement history, ii) Cost center report, iii) Grower ( Vendor) contract report for Asian countries.
  • Developed custom program which makes it easier for the shop floor and other users to update remaining work related to project activities, so that scheduling can consider this data and forecasts are accurately reflected.
  • Developed a custom transaction which replaces FB08 to reverse AD type documents. The custom transaction reverses the document with exchange rate effective on the date of reversal.
  • Developed an interface program to load timesheet invoice details of contract employee’s into Confidential SAP system. Financial documents are posted in SAP system using FB01 transaction.
  • Worked on Substitutions and validations.

Confidential, NC

SAP ABAP Developer

Environment: ECC 5.0, SCM, WM, FI.


  • Project Sirius of Confidential migration for legacy system to SAP ECC 5.0.
  • Member of SAP America technical team implementing ECC 5.0.
  • RF console programming, Enhancements and Smart Forms.
  • User Exits, BDC Programs and interfaces.

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