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Sap Basis Lead Architect - Managing Basis Team Resume

Irvine, CA


  • 6 yrs. of SAP Basis Lead Architect/Manager Role.
  • 15 years of SAP Basis Experience includes 10 years of Oracle/Informix DBA & UNIX SA.
  • Participated in 4 full life - cycle successful implementations of SAP.
  • Performed various Upgrades for R/3 3.x 4.x, ECC 5.0 & ECC 6.0 & EHP4, BW/BI 1.2, 2.0, 3.5, 7.0 EHP1, SCM Live Cache 7.5.0, SCM 5.0, 7.0 EHP2, CRM 4.0, 5.0, 7.0, Solution Manager 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 7.1 SP8 .
  • Planning, execution and implementation of Net Weaver Components PI7.3, 7.1, MDM7.0, Portals (7.3EHP1), BW (7.3, 7.0 EHP1), SEM (3.0), SAP Workplace 2.11, ITS Server (2.1, 6.20, Integrated ITS6.40), CRM (4.1. 5.0, 7.0) and SRM (7.0 EHP2, SUS), BO XI 3.1 SP4, BO 4.0.
  • Involved in SAN implementation by coordinating with UNIX and Storage specialists in terms of database physical disk layout, FDDI private network between application and database servers, Central Instance and DB split for high performance for SAP systems with RAID 0+1 configuration. High-availability Fail Over implementation for all Production systems.
  • Refresh Test, Training and Sandbox systems from Production for regular R/3 systems, as well as BW, SCM, CRM, XI etc. Having both ABAP and JAVA stack.
  • Planning, install and implementing SM, CMS for Java, TMS for ABAP, CUA 6.40, SLD on dev and prod Server to access systems in different landscapes for Security, Transporting changes, monitoring systems. Set up TMS for sending transports from non-Unicode to Unicode.
  • Plans, and manage a team of 20 employees and contractors in support of the overall Basis activities related to technical requirements for Application/Business requirements.
  • Work, co-ordinate and support the Infrastructure, Application, Middleware, Interfaces, Bolt-on’s etc. and integration of E-commerce, Mainframe and .NET applications to SAP Landscapes.
  • Responsible for planning, staffing, hiring and retaining a diverse, highly qualified staff and for providing career coaching, growth, education and personal development to support current and future SAP activities.
  • Accountable for the performance of subordinates or the work output of managed subcontractors. Assigns personnel to various operations and schedules their activities; reviews and evaluates their work and prepares performance reports.
  • Judgment in planning and organizing work; monitors performance and reports status.
  • Developed project implementation schedules and resources. Prepares integration plans. Prepares activity and progress reports for server utilization.
  • Responsible for implementing programs and policies to achieve specific technical delivery goals. Sets goals, ensures that they are met and is responsible for continuous process improvement.
  • Uses best business practices to ensure success in areas of responsibility. Communicates with other information technology sections to coordinate support and project activity.
  • Assists in managing the budget for the department. In conjunction with the Global Infrastructure team, assists in defining hardware and software design/configuration requirements. Researches product and vendor architecture equipment specs.
  • Conducted performance analysis of associated software products. Preparing recommendations for the improvement of the operating environment.
  • Worked with other members of the SAP team to determine requirements necessary to meet project goals.
  • Worked collaboratively with various members of the Global Infrastructure team and other divisional Infrastructure resources in support of the Confidential .
  • Coordinating other resources to assist in the Infrastructure build-out for Confidential .
  • Designing or participating in the design of key areas such as high availability, disaster recovery and systems management for Confidential .
  • Collaborates with the Global Infrastructure team to manage key vendor relationships.
  • Assists The Confidential in preparation of capital and expense budget schedules. Prepares Purchase Requisitions for equipment and service acquisition.
  • Conducts special analyses and projects as required. Performs related functions and responsibilities, on occasion, as assigned.
  • Remains current on developments in field(s) of expertise.
  • Resolves and/or facilitates resolution of problems including identifying causes to prevent re-occurrence. Identifies and resolve business issues; escalate issues when appropriate.


Hardware & Operating Systems: IBM P795, P595, LPARS, IBM RS/6000

HP-8440, 2620 (Super Dome, N-Class, V-Class, L-Class, K-Class), ProLiance.: SUN (M5000, E-3000, E-4500, E-6500, E10K, E25K)

Windows 2008 Server OS.: Solaris (2.5.1, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, Solaris9, Solaris10)HP-UX (10.x, 11.x)AIX (3.1, 3.2, 4.3, 5.3, 6.1)

SAN (Storage Area Network), High-Availability & Disaster Recovery: VERITAS Cluster Software, MC-Service Guard, IBM HACMP.Oracle & Informix Réplication Server, EMC SRDF. EMC Storage VMAX, DMX4 Series, CLARION, (3900, 3700, Time Finder, Power-Path, SRDF.), Seagate Xiotech.

System Tools: HP-Omni Back-II, VERITAS Net Backup, BMC (SQL-Backtrack, Patrol for Oracle/Informix, SAP R/3, Platinum (DB-Enterprise, DB-Desktop), Legato, Oracle (Enterprise Manager), Archipelago, AutoSys, Maestro (Background Jobs), Dazel (Printing), EDI Gentran, Taxware, FedEx, Vertex.


Confidential, Irvine, CA

SAP Basis Lead Architect - Managing Basis team

SAP Systems: ECC 6.0 EHP5, CRM 7.0, SRM 7.0 EHP1, BI 7.3, Portal 7.3, PI 7.31, Solution Manager 7.1

Production Servers for CI and DB: HP Superdome N-PARS, V-PARS HP-UX 11, IBM P795 Series - LPARS, AIX 5.3, 6.1.

Database Servers: Oracle 11g, DB2-UDB 9.7

Storage: IBM Storage TS 8300 RAID 5, EMC VMAX, NetApps - RAID 1+0, EMC Clone.


  • Design, Architect, Install, Configure and deployed ECC, SRM, Portal, PI, BW, BO and Solution Manager Landscapes.
  • Build requirements from Functional teams to get the appropriate architecture for SAP Landscapes which includes Sizing, Load Balancing Hardware - F5, Software - Web Dispatcher, Optimizations Front-end, Middleware, Backend and Infrastructure components, HA/DR for the Production systems.
  • Coordinate with application teams for Application architecture and design and deploy the correct right Technical architecture for Functional components.
  • SRM Procurement process RFX, Registration, Workflow, SUS, Bidding etc. implementation and technical configuration.
  • SRM Integration with Portal, ECC, SUS Supplier Self Services, PI, BI, BO and Solution Manager with latest versions and Support Pack Stack level.
  • Third Party and Bolt-on’s interfacing with SRM/ECC.
  • Post go-live hyper care support for all the deployed landscapes.
  • BOBJ Windows, Linux/AIX Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server databases.
  • BO re-sizing and re-architecture for technical upgrade.
  • Clustering the BO VM servers Apache/Tomcat cluster BOE CMS Cluster Data Federator Cluster Backend systems.
  • BO E ach update package
  • SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform servers
  • SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform Client Tools
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2013
  • SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise
  • SAP Business Objects Live Office
  • SAP Business Objects Dashboards
  • SAP Business Objects Explorer
  • Installing a new deployment and copying your content and system data from an existing deployment for the upgrade to BO 4.1 SP2.
  • BO Integration with Portal, BW for business packages.
  • SSO/SSL setup for BO using LDAP and BW for Internal and External Users.
  • BO Clients being installed configured in Citrix server for easy access to the developers Web Intelligence, Dashboards, etc.
  • NFS shared for FRS Input/output.
  • Performance issues with Universes, BO CMS servers Job, Crystal, Desktop and Webi etc., JVM parameters etc.
  • UMT and PMT tools for upgrading.
  • Sizing, Installation, Configuration in a Clustered environment.
  • Distributed Data Services Installation for Server, Client and Web Tier components.
  • Configured Job, Access servers, Metadata Integrator.
  • Integrating with Solution Manager, SLD, & Wily Introscope.
  • Data and system management tools that include:
  • Central Management Console (CMC)
  • Management Console
  • Server Manager
  • Repository Manager
  • Data Services Designer accessing BOBJCMS Data Services Info Objects, Data Services Job & Access servers Data Services Repository Database Server .
  • SSO/SSL sslconfig utility configure all components that log into the CMS for SSL, including:
  • Designer
  • Job Servers
  • External schedulers and the job launcher
  • Management Console (if deployed to a different web application server than the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform.
  • Security setup for Users and Groups in Data Services Designer, Repository etc.
  • Life Cycle Manager for moving DS objects from Dev to Prod.
  • Sizing, Installation and configuration of Data Federator server.
  • Configuration of Data Federator Cluster env.
  • Data Federator Load balancer using the DF Dispatcher.
  • Security and monitoring setup.
  • Configuration of Query servers for Webi, Crystal, and Desktop Intelligence reports using Universes.
  • Configuration of ODBC/JDBC drivers to the backend Data Warehouses Info Sources.



  • Delta sizing, Architect, Pre-upgrade analysis, N + 1 landscape for Upgrade, OS/DB, and Third party tools upgrade etc.
  • Upgrade Strategy, Scope Analysis, Risk Mitigation etc.
  • Upgraded ECC 6.0 EHP2 to ECC 6.0 EHP5
  • Upgraded ECC 6.0 with Net weaver WEBAS Abap + Java Stack to EHP5 Enhancement Pack 5 with 7.20 Extended kernel.
  • Prepare, Plan, Installed Enhancement Pack 5 using Enhancement Pack Installer in ECC Landscape.
  • Delta sizing, Architect, Pre-upgrade analysis, N + 1 landscape for Upgrade, OS/DB, and Third party tools upgrade etc.
  • SRM Integration with SUS through PI using RFC, IDOC, File Adapters.
  • SRM - ECC, BW, CRM, PI connectivity.
  • Master Data transfers to SRM-SUS from ECC.
  • SRM Portal Java Stack with EP/EPCore and integration with EP Portal with IViews, SSO, SSL etc.
  • Multiple languages support for SRM.
  • MDM Catalog, Service Procurement, Self-Service, Shopping Cart, Auction Management etc.
  • Design, Architect, Install and configured SCM 7.0 EHP2 for SAP ECC 6.0 EHP6 SPS7.
  • Hardware sizing for SCM and APO LiveCache
  • Technical Configuration, troubleshooting the SCM components APO DP, PPDS, SNP, Live Cache, SNC, EWM and FRE.
  • Configuring, Troubleshooting, CIF for transfer Master and Transactional data from ECC to SCM - APO.
  • Configure qRFC queues for CIF.
  • CIF settings for both ECC and APO.
  • ALE configuration between ECC and SCM-APO.
  • Live Cache Database setup. Configuration, Performance Tuning and Refresh procedures.
  • Checking Live Cache Inconsistencies between the databases /SAPAPO/OM17.
  • LCAPPS for APO Instance and Database checks.
  • LC Memory and Disk performance.
  • Data Cache hit ratio.
  • Re-Sizing, Re-Architect for PI Landscape.
  • Upgraded PI from 7.1 to 7.31. Technical Configuration of Integration Engine Using AEX Adapter Engine .
  • NWDI integration with PI CTS+ configuration for transports.
  • Troubleshoot RWB, ID, IR, NWA etc. implementation for PI.
  • Configure Sender/Receiver RFC, IDOC, File adapters in PI for SRM - SUS.
  • Co-ordinate the Upgrade strategy for Solman from 7.0 7.1 SP8.
  • Work with Release Management team for setting up/configuration of Solman Advanced Retrofit tool for retrofitting changes Transports Repackaging from Break fix to Project landscapes.
  • Plan and execute the requirements Solman BPM, Technical Operations, System Monitoring, CHARM, Work centers, Application Monitoring etc. in co-ordination with SAP America after the Project Landscape systems build for Global release rollout.
  • Transport Synchronization, TMS setup TMS Domain links, Routes, Target groups for Project related refreshes, changes etc. for different modules ECC, SRM, CRM, BI, PI, and Portal etc.
  • Co-ordinate with Change Management/SQA Software Quality Assurance teams to make sure that the changes are properly tested FUT Functional Unit Test & VT - Validation Test systems before deploying in Production.

Confidential Alexandria, VA

SAP Basis Lead Technical Manager

Environment: SAP Systems: ERP 4.0, ECC 6.0, CRM 5.0 & 7.0, SRM 5.0, 7.0, BI 7.0, 7.3, Portal 7.0, 7.3, PI 7.1, 7.3, Solution Manager 7.1 EHP2, BO 3.1 SP3, BO 4.0

Production Servers for CI and DB: IBM P595 Series - LPARS, AIX 5.3, 6.0

Database Servers: DB2-UDB 9.0, 9.5 Oracle 10G, SQL Server 2008

Storage: IBM Storage RAID 5, EMC VMAX. DMX 4 - RAID 1+0, EMC Time Finder, Power Path.


  • Design, architect, deploy new SAP implementations, upgrades, migrations, conversions, Virtualization, Cloud computing etc.
  • Datacenter Migration from Texas to VA All Production ERP systems SAP, PeopleSoft, Lawson, JDEdwards and IL All Non-production systems which includes Optimization SAP on Cloud Infrastructure Working sessions with SAP, VMware, EMC .
  • Leveraging the EMC Storage Technology VMAX series, Tools Networker, RM (Replication Manager), Intelligent Cloning for Dual Stack and Single Stack SAP Systems, EDL for Backup and Recovery.
  • Implement and Deploy projects and production support for various complex SAP Landscapes for ECC, BI, CRM, SRM, Portal, PI, MDM, GTS, SCM and many Third party tools and Bolt-on’s.
  • Hardware consolidation and OS/DB Migration from IBM/DB2 to Linux/Aix/Oracle.
  • Upgraded ERP 2004 to ECC 6.0 EHP5 using Downtime minimized method. Includes all Bolt-on’s, Third Party Interfaces Vertex, Tidal, Redwood, IXOS, IBUY, Solumina etc.
  • Multiple implementations/releases for PI7.1. Technical Configuration of Integration Engine BPE, Integration Server Engine, Adapter Engine . Troubleshoot, EWR implementation for PI Landscape in terms of performance related to Queues, Adapter Framework etc. Upgrade of PI 7.1 to 7.1EHP1.
  • Support for all the Landscapes ECC, CRM, SRM, BI BO, BIA, EP, PI etc.
  • Work on Issues, Planned Outages Infrastructure related, Unplanned Outages. HA and DR setup.
  • Time Keeping Projects, BO-BIA setup for BI Landscape, PI Interfaces to ECC, and CRM from non-sap using ABAP Proxy runtime, SOAP, File, IDOC adapters.
  • Performance & Tuning following Early Watch Reports from SAP.
  • Prepare, Plan, Installed Enhancement Pack 4 using Enhancement Pack Installer in ECC Landscape for FSCM.
  • Data Center Consolidation, Hardware Migration from HP to IBM AIX 6.0 LPAR’s on IBM P595 series.
  • High Availability, Disaster Recovery setup for all Production systems.
  • Re-Sizing, Re-Architect Portal Landscape to accommodate 160,000 users with 8 Application servers and 32 server nodes using SAP JVM.
  • Worked with SAP TCC Technical Core Competence, Safeguarding Services TIC Technical Integration Check, VTO Volume Test Optimization to get better performance for multiple users and sessions.
  • Strategize the External and Internal Portals with Federation concept incorporating enterprise wide SSO, SSL using SAML 2.0 features.
  • Implement the Load balancing using both Hardware DSS Switch, Software Multiple Web Dispatchers to backend systems for ECC, CRM, BW, BO etc., integrating with Site minder.
  • Time Keeping, ESS/MSS XSS, Business Packages for SRM, CRM, BO, PPM, GTS etc.
  • JVM Switch from IBM JVM to SAP JVM for 64-bit architecture with Java Heap Sizes to 8gig.
  • Web Dynpro application using JCo destinations to the backend systems.
  • Mobile Blackberry applications implementations.
  • Technical Upgrade from 7.0 7.0 EHP1 7.3.
  • Applied lot of Portal OSS notes for Performance, Application and database related.
  • Sizing, Design, Architect, Installation and Deployment of PI module.
  • Re-sized, Re-architecture, Federated the PI landscape to support 450 Interfaces & 800 communication channels that includes Third Party adapters PeopleSoft, SeeBurger, and WindChill and JDBC drivers for DB2, Oracle and M SQLServer.
  • Install and Configure PI for Load balancing, Non-Central Adapter Engine, JMS on separate servers for optimal performance.
  • Multiple implementations/releases for PI7.1. Upgrade PI 7.1 to 7.3 for new features, enhancements etc.
  • Technical Configuration of Integration Engine BPE, Integration Server Engine, Adapter Engine . Troubleshoot, EWR implementation for PI Landscape in terms of performance related to Queues, Adapter Framework etc. Upgrade of PI 7.1 to 7.3 SPS3.
  • Lot of troubleshooting issues with ABAP & JAVA Stack related adapters IDOC, Abap Proxy, JDBC, JMS, RFC, SOAP, FILE, MAIL etc.
  • Multiple go-lives of PI in phased out approach.
  • Upgraded PI from PI 7.1 PI 7.3 SPS2. Worked on lot of issues, troubleshoot Integration Engine, Adapter Engine, Third Party Adapters PeopleSoft, Seeburger, Windchill etc. .
  • Implemented Load Balancing using both Hardware DSS Switch and Software Web Dispatcher .
  • Application PI tuning in terms of IDOC packaging, Message Prioritization, Message Packaging,
  • SSO & SSL configuration for the adapters and interfaces.
  • Architect and Deploy CRM 7.0 implementing the Functional components IPC, E-Marketing, E-Service, Sales, Interaction Center.
  • Install, configure CRM-ABAP and CRM-JAVA on separate hosts with Heterogeneous environment Database on HP-UX and application on Red Hat Linux.
  • Configure CRM-Middleware to integrate with backend ECC.
  • Plan, setup and configure HA and DR.
  • Performance and Tuning of CRM application.
  • Plan, Architect, Install and Implement Five Complex Business Objects landscape BO Enterprise Engine, Tomcat Server 5.5, SAP XI Integration Tool kit, SAP Java Connector . BOD, BOQ and BOP. Data Federator 3.0, Data Integrator, Rich Clients WebI, Desktop Intelligence, QaaWs, Xcelcius, Data Federator Designer, Universe Designer.
  • Architect, design, Install, configure 5 BO landscapes 4 running on 3.1 SP3, 1 on 4.0 . Load balancing with Web Server Cluster Apache, Web Application Server Cluster Tomcat, NetWeaver, BO CMS cluster, Data Federator Cluster machines for achieving the optimal performance.
  • Installed and Configured Java Connector 3.0.2 for SAP connectivity.
  • Configured BO to import the users from BI and setting up Single Sign-on with Portals using SSL and encryption - SAP Cryptograph Library and SNC configuration to backend systems BI and ECC.
  • Configured the BO to Enterprise Portals for Single Sign-on by importing the Business Packages into Portal and exporting the Portal PSE key certificate into BO.
  • Installed & configured BIA Landscape with IBM Blade servers HS21 and DS4700 Storage for Dev, QA and PRD.
  • Technical configuration of BIA system to BI. CheckBIA with Python scripts.
  • Configured the TREX search engine settings and also TREXADMIN in BI.
  • Identify the large Info cubes and Queries and do the performance improvement by using the BI Accelerator without using the aggregates, Multiproviders etc.
  • Architect and Deploy SCM 7.0 implementing the Functional components AP0, EWM, ICH. EM, LiveCache.
  • Sizing, System Landscape Design, Client Strategy, Connectivity etc.
  • Integration with ECC, CRM, BW systems.
  • Live Cache sizing 250gig of Memory,
  • Refreshes, Backup & Restore, Performance Tuning etc.

Confidential, Naperville, IL

Basis Team Lead

Environment: SAP Systems: R/3 4.7, ECC 6.0, CRM 5 & 7.0, BW 3.1, EP 6.0, XI 3.0 & 7.0, Solution Manager 4.0 &7.0

Production Servers for CI and DB Servers: SUN M5000, Sun Fire E25K - 140Gig, 45cpu’s, Sun Fire E15K, Sun Fire V1280.

Database Servers: Oracle 9i/10G, SQL Server 2005 SP2

Storage: EMC DMX 4 - RAID 1+0 256Gg Cache.


  • Planned, Architected and Implemented Hardware Migration from Homogeneous SUN Platform to SUN - Red Hat Linux Heterogeneous environment.
  • Created a separate Migrated Landscape without disrupting the Break-Fix, Enhancement landscape.
  • Interfaces, Bolt-on’s and Third party tools integration with both the landscapes.
  • Regression, Integration & User Acceptance testing.
  • Plan, setup and architected the Archiving process for R/3 landscape Retail and Warehouse Management Landscapes 8 TB & 4 TB in Production before upgrading. Identifying the Functional Archiving Objects and using IXOS to archive it on EMC Clarion bPox.
  • Installed, configured, setup’s configured and builds the ECC Landscape which has Sandbox, Development, Testing, Quality, and Staging & Production.
  • CUUC Combined Upgrade and Unicode Process . Upgraded R/3 4.7 set 110 to ERP 2004 ECC 6.0, HCM, and LSO . Involved in Planning, Architect, execute the whole upgrade process for the whole R/3 Landscape in terms of backend Storage upgrade EMC Storage team, Hardware Re-sizing & OS Upgrade UNIX team, Oracle Upgrade from to 10g .
  • Performance and Tuning of the ECC Landscape with respect to SAP buffers, Database buffers, OS, Network & Storage RAID 1+0 striping on the new EMC box.
  • Plan, setup and configured Heterogeneous systems for ECC. CI and DB running on Solaris environment and application/dialog/load balancing servers on Redhat Linux environments.
  • Interfaces upgrade to ECC, Connectivity to ECC landscape Portals, BI, UC4, IXOS, Dazel, Web
  • Methods, TIBCO third party bolt-on .
  • ITS servers upgrade from standalone 6.20 t0 integrated ITS 7.0.
  • Info Shuttle, Gold Client and latest TDMS client copy tools from Production to Non-Production systems. Install, Setup and configure TDMS Server in Solution Manager for the sender and receiver systems.
  • Followed the important OSS notes related to TDMS.
  • Setup the Central and Control system on the TDMS server, Sender & Receiver systems. Run CNV MBT TDMS for setting up Projects, Sub-project and packages.
  • Setup the RFC connections.
  • Shell Creation for ERP, BW and CRM.
  • Setup the non-production systems with only Customizing and Master Data.
  • Delete all client-dependant data from the client in non-production system before data transfer.
  • Used the Time-based approach in reduction process for the data transfer with consolidated important business transactions.
  • Design, Architect, Plan and implement CRM 5.0 Landscape.
  • Co-ordinate with SAP safeguarding team for the Upgrade & Operations which includes Upgrade Evaluation, Planning, Realization, Final Preparation and Support.
  • SAP Upgrade Going live Technical & Functional Upgrade check, Technical Performance Optimization and Volume Test Optimization checks.
  • Install, configure, tune, support CRM system Landscape implementing Interaction Center using Web client, IPC, Sales, Service, Campaign Management, and Channel Management.
  • Connectivity to XI/PI, R/3/ECC, BW/BI, Third Party tools interface with Web Methods, TIBCO, Business Objects, Tax ware etc.
  • Setup and configure CRM Middleware component with ECC.
  • Plan, setup and architected the Archiving process for BW Production system 15 Terabytes in Production before upgrading. Identifying the BW Archiving Objects and using IXOS to archive it on EMC Clarion box.
  • Planned and deleted all the unwanted and unused PSA tables, Aggregates, Multiproviders and InfoCubes in the BW system before upgrading the BW system.
  • CUUC Combined Upgrade and Unicode Process . Upgraded BW 3.1 to BI 7.0 involved in Planning, Architect, execute the whole upgrade process for the whole BW Landscape in terms of backend Storage upgrade EMC Storage team, Hardware Re-sizing & OS Upgrade UNIX team, Oracle Upgrade from to 10g .
  • Installed, configured and build the BI 7.0 system landscape with Federated Portal, BI Accelerator, Pre-Calculation Server, BPS and IP Integrated Planning .
  • Extensive process of performance and tuning for BW and BI system in terms of Parallel Extraction, Loading and Querying process with respect to InfoCubes, Aggregates, Change Run, Roll up Aggregates, InfoCube Compression. Follow the recommendations of SAP OSS notes related to BW, Oracle, Solaris, and Network & EMC.
  • BW/BI connectivity issues with Portals, R/3/ECC, CRM, and XI/PI.
  • Logical Mappings for BW/BI to R/3/ECC using Logical systems, RFC Destinations, IDOC processing, Communication and Transformation Rules.
  • Supporting both the Web and GUI users for BW/BI systems.
  • Migrated Portals 6.0 -> Portals 7.0 running on J2EE -> JDK 1.4.2 -> JVM & JRE.
  • Upgraded the Load Balancer Cisco Router (Hardware) & Web Dispatcher (Software), Active Directory for the Portals applications supporting ESS/MSS, BI, and CRM etc.
  • Tuning Portal Server for Hardware, Operating System, Java Virtual Machine, J2EE, Log Analyzer, Monitor Settings.
  • Trouble shooting Portal applications for 40,000 users in Load balancing, JCO client, Active Directory, LDAP, ITS, Pages, I views, PCD, TREX issues.
  • Worked on Planned and Unplanned outages for Portals.
  • Synchronizing the user administration from Active Directory UME CUA.
  • ITS integration for Portals to execute transactions remotely to the backend systems.
  • Performance & Tuning Portals in terms of OS Shared memory, TCP Stack Size, Kernel, CPU, JVM, Java Stack Java Heap Size, Initial, Tenure and Permanent areas, HTTP compression, System and Application threads, Dispatcher, Server Managers & Services, DBPool Service.
  • Java I view’s Performance, Profiling and Testing/Evaluation. Tuning Browser, Server Proxy Cache settings.
  • Using Java Stack tools Config, Visual Administrator, and Telnet to configure & tune J2EE parameters.
  • Plan, Architect, Install and Configure Solution Manager 4.0/7.0 SP15 for DEV and PROD instances.
  • Configure DEV Non-Production Systems and PROD Prod Systems.
  • Configure ABAP & JAVA Stack monitoring using different CCMS agents and JARM using JMX API for third party tools for HP Open View to monitor the system landscapes.
  • Configured Service Desk, Upgrade of SAP Solutions, Change Management CHARM, Solution Monitoring, Delivery of SAP Services & End-To-End Diagnostics SMD, CA Willy Introscope .
  • Connection to OSS from Satellite Systems and downloads through Solution Manager.
  • Plan and Strategize the Archiving Process for R/3-ECC, BW-BI and CRM modules using SAP tools SARA, SARI and SARJ.
  • Integration of IXOS to Archiving Information System using Archive Link and using Clarion Storage for storing the archived objects data.
  • Identify the Archiving Objects, Large Tables with Functional Teams for FICO, MM, SD, Idoc’s, HR, BW, CRM-BDoc’s etc.
  • Configure and Customizing Archive Settings for WRITE, DELETE and READ Operations in SPRO IMG level with various different options for technical settings. Doing Pre and Post Processing for some of the archiving objects.
  • Troubleshoot the Archiving process and defining the jobs for Write, Delete and Read using UC4 Background Scheduler.
  • Parallel processing of DELETE operation during the purging/deleting data from the database.


Infrastructure/Basis Lead/Manager

Environment: HP Super Dome, N-Class servers, Heterogeneous Hardware Environment with Unix/Windows. Oracle 10g, SQL Server. TIDAL, VTL - Virtual Tape Library for Backup and Recovery, HA, DR, BIA HP Appliance - Blade Servers.


  • Involved in the Hardware platform Selection and Sizing process for all the modules based on the Functional feedback using SAP Quick Sizer.
  • Lead six member Basis team working with DBA, Unix/NT, Network, Backup, Helpdesk teams.
  • Implementing the SAP Best Practices for System Landscapes and deploying or incorporating the standards and procedures into the Landscape Definition and setup.
  • Installing different types of Installations: Standalone, Distributed, High-Availability, Export & Import for SAP Landscapes: ECC, CRM, SCM, BI, PI, Portals, MDM technologies.
  • Planning, Configuring, Implementing Landscape, Client, Transport, CUA, Backup & Recovery, High Availability & DR, Standard Operating Procedures etc. for all those SAP System Architecture Landscapes.
  • SAP implementation, installation, and upgrade experience R/3 4.6c - ECC 6.0, BW 3.5 - BI 7.0, EP 5.0 – EP 7.0, APO 4.0 – SCM 5.0, CRM 4.0 – CRM 5.0, Basis 4.6D – Net weaver 7.0.
  • ECC 6.0 FI/CO, SD, MM, PP, WM, HR, CRM 5.0, BI 7.0, EP 7.0, PI 7.0, Solution Manager 4.0, IS-Retail, FSCM Finance Supply Chain Management, EHP2 Enhancement Package 2 .
  • Work with SAP Net Weaver 2004 or higher, Solution Manager 3.2 or higher and J2EE/Java stack installation and administration.
  • Research emerging technologies for Technical Infrastructure, Ensure SLAs are met.
  • Establish, configure and manage all SAP client and server environments, including: development, test, training, sandbox, and production.
  • Application Support - Complex problem analysis providing an advanced level of application and end user support.
  • Performance monitoring and Tuning - Work across application, database and functional support areas using workload analysis and other predictive tools to tune system for optimal performance.
  • Lead and executes all SAP installations, upgrades and patch applications. Develop and document standard processes for the same.
  • Work with management and security team to assist in implementing and enforcing security policies. Creates and manages user and security profiles, ensuring application security policies and procedures are followed.
  • Provide SAP BASIS training & Mentoring to Junior or less experienced Administrators.
  • Planned, developed and implemented Data Encryption and Scrambling for FI module for very critical and sensitive data with restrictive user access.

Confidential, Waukegan, IL

Basis Team Lead

Environment: SUN E25K, 4800, HP –Blade Servers, Linux Servers – SUSE.

SAP Landscape: R/3, BW 3.5, XI 3.0, SEM, CPCC, SCM 4.1, AII, HR, Solution Manager, CCMS


  • Planning, Designing the SAP Landscape Architecture for the new dimensional My SAP.
  • Defining the SAP Landscape in conjunction with the SAP Application teams for Sandbox, Development, Quality, Staging, Training, N+1 and Production systems.
  • Implementing the SAP Best Practices for System Landscapes and deploying or incorporating the standards and procedures into the Landscape Definition and setup.
  • As Team Lead, maintained a onshore and offshore team of 8 basis members covering 24/7.
  • Planning, configuring and implementing Global Code migration to different SAP landscapes.
  • Communicating with application teams, meetings, providing solutions for upcoming projects, system architecture documentation and technical documentation, mentoring junior administrators, providing technical support for 3rd party interfaces and integration to SAP R/3.
  • Work with upper management in terms of (Un) planned outages, Resource allocations.
  • Knowledge Transfer for offshore team in terms of Confidential procedures, policies and protocols.
  • Defining SLA, Project scopes, timelines in coordination with management teams.
  • Coordinating with other Infrastructure teams like Network, PC, Unix, DBA, tools.
  • Assigning Basis/DAB related activities for load balancing to the offshore Basis team.
  • X1 Upgraded to SP Stack19 having interface issues with Web Methods and Web Sphere.
  • Solution Manager Upgrade from 3.2 to 4.0 and configuring and implementing Service Desk, TMS, IMG components.
  • BW migration from SUN to HP using SAP Migration Tool Kit and then Upgrade it to BI 7.0.
  • Involved in the planning phase of ECC 5.0 upgrade from SAP R/3 4.6C.

Confidential, Naperville, IL

Senior Basis Admin

Environment: HP Super Dome, HP N-class, L-Class servers.

SAP Landscape: BW, XI 3.1, MDM 5.5, Portals 6.0, CRM 4.1, SCM 4.1


  • All the responsibilities of Basis starting from Installations, Migrations, Upgrades, Trouble Shooting, Performance Tuning (OS, Database, R/3), Third Party Interfaces.
  • Sizing the hardware, Installing, configuring and implementing CRM, SRM, PLM and SCM to interface with Net Weaver components like XI, MDM, Portals, and BW with base being WEBAS 6.40 kernel. Configuring SCM, CRM to XI and BW connectivity.
  • Doing production refreshes for both ABAP+JAVA stacks to test and training systems using backup, restore and re-configuring Java stack and also using Jload to export and import the database schema’s for Abap and Java.
  • Involved in building SCM, CRM, SRM, PLM, MDM landscapes which includes Sandbox, Dev, Test, Prod and Training systems.
  • Involved in setting up policies and procedures of Sarbanes Oxley for all SAP and interfaces to SAP landscapes.
  • Installation, Configuration and troubleshooting ITS 2.0, 6.20. 6.40 for different landscapes.
  • Involved in setting up, configuring and implementation of High-Availability, Disaster Recovery for all SAP systems using HP Service Guard.
  • Planning, Implementing and Going Live with Quote to Cash for 14 different countries on 7 system landscapes covering different modules and markets.
  • Co-ordination and consolidation of moving data centers from Denver and Town and Country to Lisle for all SAP servers for 7 landscapes.
  • Plan, Install and configure BW landscape Dev, Test, Production and Sandbox.
  • Performance and monitoring of Query and Web performance, Extraction, Upload Monitoring (RSMO), Aggregates, Dimension and Fact tables. Running Sap Infocube Designs report to see Info Cube tables, no. of records and the ratio of dimension to fact tables.
  • Developed, Tested and maintained a good Backup and Restore strategy, Production refreshes for the BW landscape using Split-mirror, Tape and File Systems backups.
  • Designed and developed Transport Management strategy for the BW landscape.
  • Involved in architecture of new Dimension products for the future implementation of NetWeaver Technical platform components MDM 5.5 .
  • Troubleshoot issues related to IDoc’s, XI connectivity and RFC connections and Repositories.
  • Installing MDM Client components MDM Import Manager, Syndicate Manager, MDM Data Manager, MDM Connector.
  • Installed, configured and implemented technical configuration set up for XI 3.0.
  • Technical configuration of Integration Builder, Repository, Directory and Integration server.
  • Installed, configured SLD, UME, Adapter Engine with IDOC, RFC and Standalone adaptors.
  • Performance and Tuning of XI Java VM tuning, Application and Database level tunings.
  • Installing, configuring SAP Enterprise Portals 5.0 which includes Portal Framework (Portal Runtime which has Unification Server, Connection Framework).
  • Initial sizing of SAP Portal Landscape, Technical Infrastructure and develop High-Availability.
  • Installed Knowledge Management components Content Management and TREX.
  • Installation, configuration and implementation of J2EE Engine for a clustered Portal.
  • Creating, configuring and administering iViews, PCD (Portal Content Directory).
  • Performance and tuning of J2EE engine in terms of TCP/IP, Thread management, HTTP service compression, PCD Config. PRT Config. Using Config tool and related file properties.
  • Sizing, Installation, configuration and implementation of SCM 4.1 APO, EM, ICH.
  • Installed the technical components SCM Server 5.0, Web Communication Layer EM, Live Cache 7.5.0, Optimizer Server 4.1, Internet Graphics Server 7.0, and XI Content for ICH, EM, Portal Content Business Package, BI CONT, and SAP BW 6.40.
  • Configuration of APO 4.1 to Live Cache Kernel 7.5.0 and also using LCAPPS for ECC and CRM communication. Monitoring and performance tuning of APO server, Live Cache server.
  • Technical installation, configuring and implementation of EM on a separate server.
  • Installing, configuring, implementing SAP AII 4.0 for RFID bar-coding for Event Management.
  • CRM technical components installation, configuration and of CRM-Channel Management, Field Applications, Service, Sales and Marketing.
  • Technical configuration and set up for Interaction Center, Internet and Mobile Clients.
  • Installing CRM Enterprise Server, Middleware and the adapters to enable communications for Mobile clients, Handhelds, Internet, Telephones and Email.
  • Installing People-Centric CRM for the Portal connectivity, Business Productivity Package.
  • Implementing Central Standalone servers for CUA, Solution Manager, SLD and TMS and CMS for different landscapes


Sr. Basis/Oracle DBA

Environment: HP 9000 servers, HP L-Class servers, Windows, Oracle, SQL Server.


  • Planning and implementation of upgrades to R/3 system landscape from 3.1H to 4.6C.
  • Solving Disk I/O problems by changing the EMC disk configuration from 36gig to 18gig drives.
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks and implementing database reorgs, rebuilding indexes during planned outage for production systems.
  • SAP R/3 Administration (SAP Kernel 4.6D, R/3 4.6C)
  • Performance monitoring of production, test and development servers.
  • Tuning R/3 buffers, database buffers and operating system shared memory parameters.
  • Monitoring R/3 buffers, updates and system logs, background jobs, operation modes etc. Workload analysis, application modules like FI/CO, MM, PP, SD and monitoring.
  • Installation, configuration and implementation of BW system landscape.
  • Connectivity or interfacing of SAP BW landscape to SAP core R/3 landscape.
  • Performance, tuning of BW systems in terms of buffers, info cubes, aggregates etc.
  • Optimizing data loads based on performance factors like loading master data first, loading data into ODS/PSA and then into Info cubes, Rebuild indexes on the facts tables, Update database statistics for query optimizer, Buffering of Number Range Objects, IDOC related parameters, load data in parallel.
  • Upgrade of BW from 2.x to 3.x and 3.0A to 3.0B.
  • Web Server & Database Server Administration
  • Planning, hardware sizing and capacity planning for dev test and prod landscape for SAP and DataStream ERP systems. Installing Oracle, Oracle 9i Apps. Server & Data stream 7i.
  • Physical layout of dev, test and production databases for SAP and Datastream using Seagate Xiotech disk storage.
  • Database performance tuning in regards to application, sql, buffers, table scans etc.
  • Restoring, repairing, trouble-shooting database related problems.
  • Storage management and monitoring critical table spaces like Oracle table spaces, Basis table spaces, application table spaces etc. for extent overflow, table space overflow and free space.

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