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Sap Bi/bw/badi Consultant Resume


  • SAP BPC - Business Planning and Consolidation with SAP BPC (7.0, 7.5, 10.0) versions subject matter expert with over 13 years of consulting experience focused on Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), and Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC). Focused and expert on both Consolidations and Planning.
  • Has led or been part of a team to analyze, design and develop budgeting, forecasting, and financial consolidation and analysis systems at over thirty clients.
  • Participated in multiple SAP BPC projects working several Project Team Roles such as Solution Architect, Lead Consultant, Application Consultant, Technical Consultant, SAP BI/BW/BADI Consultant, SAP BO Consultant, Project Manager, and Trainer.
  • Implemented and tested customer solution and Technical support for SAP BPC Customized Application Solution. Principal consultant in designing and implementing solutions for key, large customers in the US.
  • Field advisor and consultant on solutions to pre-sales and consultants to maximize customer success.
  • Designed, implemented and tested SAP RDS (Rapid Development Solutions) for Sales and Operations Planning (SA SOP)
  • Designed, Implemented, managed and tested Excel and BPC server-side applications


Industries: Retail, Finance, Banking, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Private Equity, Information Technology, Supply Chain Logistics, Hotels & Restaurants, Movies & Entertainment, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Transportation, Medical, Food & Beverages

Functional Areas: Financial business processes include Monthly Financial and Management Reporting, Annual AOP/Planning, Monthly Planning & Forecasting, Rolling Forecasts, Management & Legal Consolidations. Intercompany and Ownership Eliminations, Currency Translations, Account Reclassifications, Detailed Automatic Adjustments, allocations.


Application Development Tools: SAP BI/BW Workbench, SAP ECC, SAP BO, MS Office Suite - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), SQL Server (SS) Management Studio, Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Sharepoint Server, Oracle Database Development Studio, Hyperion Applications Development Tools

Application Package: 7 years - Outlooksoft BPC, 6 years - SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), 5 years - SAP BPC Custom programming

Databases / DB Tools: SAP BI/BW Workbench, SQL Server, MS Analysis Services, SSIS, SSRS, Oracle

Operating Systems: Windows Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,8, UNIX

Programming Languages: VB, VB.Net, C#, C++, ASP, ASP.Net, Excel add-in, BPC Script Logic, SQL, MDX, XML, SSIS custom script, ABAP/BADIS


Confidential, Boston

Project Solution Lead Architect/Developer


  • Provided the required understanding on how the current BPC environment is set up so that to replicate the BPC 10 NW system set up in a SQL database via construction of stored procedures, common table expressions, SQL functions, and front end application to Microsoft Excel and SQL Reporting Services.
  • Provided the know - how on BPC to create profitability reports on SAP BW 7.5 SP3.
  • Identified all the tables in BPC which store the required data.
  • Mapped the data elements in BPC to the required elements in BW 7.5 SP3
  • Defined any conversions that must occur to translate values in BPC 10 NW to BW 7.5 SP3
  • Defined how the BPC functions like EVGTS can be replicated in BW 7.5 SP3
  • Defined the key members for each dimension in SAP BPC 10 NW that will drive the data extraction
  • Designed and document methods that will allow ModusLink users to manage the ongoing mapping of data in SAP BPC 10 NW to BW 7.5 SP3
  • Documented the formulas to create key statistical data such as REVENUE, VAR, Contribution Margin, %age of Revenue, Gross Margin, GM% and Operating Income
  • Designed and document the technical elements that will need to be created to produce the data each month to be loaded to BW 7.5 SP3
  • Provided technical design document to SAP BW 7.5 SP3 and SQL Server Team to replicate SAP BPC 10 NW functionality in SAP BW 7.5 SP3.

Confidential, Arizona

Senior SAP EPM 10 - BPC 10 NW Project Solution Lead Architect/Developer


  • Operating expense planning and budgeting for the annual budget and multi-year plan
  • Capital planning and budgeting for the annual budget and multi-year plan
  • Development of the key management multi-year reporting package including: Cost Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows Statement (called Master Financial Plan) along with monthly Cash Forecasts
  • Operating expense, capital, and financial forecasting for a 24-month horizon
  • Business process changes; validation processes
  • Installation and configuration of SAP BPC 10 NW on Development environment
  • Design phase::developed all required RICEFW documents and objects to support the development of 4 SAP BPC 10 models, Finance, Capex, HCM and Revenue. Develop SAP BI Process Chains to interface ECC-BI and BPC for SAP FI/CO, COPA, IM, PS and SRM.

Confidential, Dallas, Texas

SAP BI/BW/BADI Consultant


  • Develop BRD (Business Requirements document) and TRD (Technical requirements document).
  • Scope project in phases, resources and timeline and post production tasks and maintenance document.
  • Also, developed SAP BO FIM apps to integrate source applications such as SAP ECC and SAP EPM BO Suite of application (XI 3.1-3.2) such as SAP BO BPC (Business planning and consolidation), SAP BO PCM(Profitability and Cost Management), SAP BO Sales and operations planning, etc.
  • We used SAP BO FIM which uses SAP BO DataServices as the ETL tool to move Source data to Target data using mapping tables.
  • Also developing SAP BO FIM jobs that loaded data from SAP dataSources to Target.
  • Developed Xcelsius dashboards using data from SAP BO EPM applications via the SAP BPC connector via Excel Add-in Extended Analytics Analyzer that allows connecting SAP BO EPM Applications and feed data into Xcelsius cockpits and dashboards.
  • Managed and Developed SAP BPC-EPM 7.0 Microsoft built 7.0112 (ex Outlooksoft) in a dev server and then Developed/migrate in SAP BPC-EPM 7.0 NetWeaver built 7.5 (ex Outlooksoft) Budget Process, planning and reporting.
  • Allow the input of multiple activity types for a cost center prior to refreshing and sending data to the database.
  • Developed advanced script logic for moving data from cube to cube.
  • Allow the input of multiple activity types for a cost center prior to refreshing and sending data to the database.
  • Display both labor hours and dollars on the labor worksheet in the capex template.
  • Allow the input of multiple activity types for a cost center prior to refreshing and sending data to the database.
  • Display both labor hours and dollars on the labor worksheet in the capex template.
  • Managed and Developed SAP BPC-EPM 7.0 built 7.0113 SP1 Eh3 (ex Outlooksoft) Capital Planning application, to address the following planning areas:
  • Updates the template so that once all input are completed, overheads are calculated and the project manager reviews fully loaded project costs (direct inputs plus overheads).
  • Overheads include payroll overheads (taxes, non-productive and vehicles), AFUDC, and Capital overheads. Different projects are subject to different overheads.
  • Calculated overheads by project need to write back to the cap ex database.
  • Compare the total overheads calculated in the Capex application to the total overheads calculated via logic in the Finance application, and put difference to CWIP in Finance application. See “Capex Overhead Reconciliation” for more detailed requirements.
  • At the end of the reconciliation, the fixed rate overheads calculated in the Capex template will become the “official budgeted” overheads.
  • Monthly Officer-Sr. Leader Meetings beginning April 2010 for accountability
  • Good EPS visibility and accuracy throughout the year by quarter
  • Know where / why variances to budget are occurring; whether they are expected to continue, what the future quarterly impact will be

Confidential, Plano, Texas

SAP BPC-EPM 7.0 SP3 lead developer


  • Designed Microsoft SSIS packages to support the data load from FMS (system that holds data for software and capital expenses), Teradata, Oracle Project Accounting (system that holds data for software in an expense basis), and Microsoft Project Server which holds data for hours and rates for contractors, consultants and associates.
  • Develop several journal entries templates, intercompany elimination schedules, and allocation logic to manage the consolidations across projects.
  • The ERP data source for this application is JD Edwards/PeopleSoft, Khalix, Oracle Project Accounting and FMS. Developed JC Penney Directors project detail forecast, reports and MDX calculations as well as logic to load data via SQL server Integration Services Packages (SSIS).
  • Develop SAP BW info packages to load transactional data, master data including SAP BPC-EPM characteristics, Attributes and text into SAP BW PSA and then develop the DTP (Data Transfer Processes) to load into SAP BPC-EPM NetWeaver InfoCubes. Develop the process chain to schedule the data loads into the BPC-EPM NetWeaver infocubes.
  • Integrate Data Extraction using Teradata nodes to import Master data and data into SAP BPC for planning, consolidations and monthly forecast.
  • Worked on a proof of concept to show SAP BPC-EPM features to MGM senior management. In the proof of concept I developed a cube based on actual data provided by MGM.
  • The model was based on MGM key performance indicators and its concept of MGM media ultimates calculations and its corporate planning.
  • The proof of concept model consisted of following dimensions . The proof of concept also required to develop the input templates, reports and calculations.

Confidential, San Jose- California

SAP BPC-EPM Outlooksoft 5.1 SP 03 (Build 5.502) technical-functional lead developer.


  • Developing planning application for the financial planning department to manage Human Resources Expenditures, Operating Expenses, and Capital Expenditures by account, functional department, division and legal entities.
  • The application supports monthly annual forecasts by functional departments.
  • The application set was migrated from Hyperion Planning 9.1 database and converted into SAP BPC-EPM 5.1 application set.
  • Currency translation was also implemented to support the foreign divisions.
  • Develop the data architecture environment to extract data from SAP BI into SAP BPC-EPM fact tables.
  • Project also required developing Bapi object to retract data into SAP BI from SAP BPC-EPM.
  • Develop several SQL classes and visual basic routines to accomplish the drill-down logic for the input templates based on the location, legal entity and cost centers dimension intersections.
  • Designed and migrated Hyperion System 9 application Link processes into Data integration Management (DIM).
  • Design Hyperion Server infrastructure for Hyperion planning, HFM. Built CAPEX planning cubes, design ETL routines from different data sources.
  • Design, develop Workforce planning application for human resources planning and impact analysis on income statement applications.
  • Technologies used Hyperion System suite of products. Develop HAL process for project generation and GL account mapping.
  • Design a Microsoft ASP page to allow users to enter projects description remotely. This ASP page will integrate with HAL executable in order to move project and GL numbers to Hyperion System 9 planning and Analytical Administration Services. Designed Hyperion System 9 planning web forms, business rules, and MAXL and ESSCMD scripts. Developed reports using Hyperion System Web Analysis, Financial Reporting and Interactive Reporting.

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