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Managing Consultant - Sap Bw Bpc Resume

Washington, DC


  • Confidential is Enterprise Data Warehouse Architect working in SAP BW service line for more than eleven years of combined IT experience serving Manufacturing, Chemical, Finance, Utilities, and Engineering industries.
  • His tenure in the industry delivering SAP BW/BI service has afforded him involvement in several full life cycle SAP implementations.
  • He has conducted GAP analysis workshops, finalize requirements, planning, implementation & hyper - care support.
  • He also mentored, trained junior colleagues of the team
  • He worked in BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reports and Dashboards.
  • He has experience in HANA SPS09, BPC 10.0, IP (Integrated Planning), SEM-BPS.
  • Confidential ’s SAP BW/BI expertise includes extraction, logistic cockpit, modeling, reporting and data integration.
  • He is having good functional knowledge in FI, SD, MM, PP. Blueprinting, Handling workshops,
  • Record to report initiatives, ad-hoc reporting, complex modeling, activating and enhancing business content, implementing end to end BW/BOBJ solutions are included in his practical experience.
  • Used query monitor, aggregates, BW statistics for performance needs.
  • Used queries, workbooks, roles and proactively monitored BW system with above capabilities.
  • He is capable of handling complex ABAP, BADI in ETL, Modeling & Reporting layers.


SAP BW: BW 7.4, BW 7.0, BW 3.5, ECC 6.0, BWA, FI, CO, MM, SD, PP, CRM 5.0, TM 9.0, SRM, xEM, EWM, GTS, HANA SP09, SAP Data Services, SLT, Lumira, BPC 7.5, SEM-BPS, BW Reports, LSA++, HybridProvider, RDA, SPO, InfoCube, InfoSource, InfoObject, DSO, InfoSet, DataMart, OHS, Transformations, Update & Transfer rules, Aggregation Level, AO 2.2, BEx-Analyzer, BEx-Browser, Jump query (RRI), RKF, CKF, Workbook, BI Portal, Web Application Designer, Snapshot reporting, LO Cockpit, COPA Datasource, Generic, Business Content, DataSource Enhancement, User-Exit

Application: Process Designer (APD), APO Process Chain, Data load management, Event processing, Reporting agent, BW Statistics, DDIC, Functional Module, Reports, BADI, ABAP, CMOD

BW BPC 10.1: ScriptLogic, BADI, Input Forms, Security, Data Access, Task Profiles, Data Manager.

BusinessObjects XI 3.1/4.1: Web Intelligence, Relational Universe, Dashboards, QAAWS, Crystal Reports. Tableau Desktop.


Managing Consultant - SAP BW BPC

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Worked on designing SAP BW Capital Investment Planning data Flows (DSOs, Transformation, and DTPs) on the BW on HANA database Scenarios and imported them to the HANA studio tool.
  • Developed various HANA Models/Views, using non SAP Source system for real time data reporting requirement in Plan Vs Actual reporting.
  • Design, build and deploy the provisioning of SAP data into SAP HANA platform to support real time report replacing BW extractors to support real time Plan data acquisition.
  • Design, build and maintain virtual data model (SAP HANA views) using SAP HANA Studio.
  • Developed Virtual Provider with BW objects upon HANA Models to use Navigational attributes and Master data related to BW Objects.
  • Responsible for building different Data Models (Attributes, Analytical and Calculation Views) in SAP HANA extracting data from multiple sources.
  • Assessed and created HANA models (exposing BW DSO's to Native HANA) in HANA studio and applied the HANA security (Analytic Privileges) to these views to expose out to Tableau for creating dashboards. Involved in tracing HANA SQL statements, Expensive SQL statements, and Performance tracing to improve modelling and execution of SQL statements.
  • Utilizing Smart Data Integration (SDI), Smart Data Quality (SDQ) for Realtime Data Provisioning and Cleansing to HANA.
  • Developed Composite Provider to combine both data from BW & HANA and designed BEx queries upon these Composite Provider. Transported various HANA views to higher landscapes. Worked on Performance Optimizations by using Input Parameters to avoid the performance breakdowns.
  • Implemented SAP Asset Accounting BW as part of staging information for Capital Expenditure planning. Implemented Projected and Posted Depreciation BW starting from scratch including Customization and Business content installation on BW on HANA.
  • Investment Management BW is implemented to augment closed loop planning solution starting from Investment creation in BPC, tagging WBS in ECC that comes in with Actuals, Commitments and Released Budget into BW. IM tree hierarchy, Investment Program creation in BW is carried out.
  • Responsible for real - time integration between SAP BPC and SQL Server through MuleSoft ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). Lead the team that includes experts from ESB, SQL Server, ABAP, BPC and BW to accomplish the task of integrating BPC in real-time with third-party SQL Server.
  • Responsible for invoking BPC Input form in real-time from a Web page through SSO. SiteMinder was used to generate cookie containing logon credential information that acts as an agent for enabling Single Sign-on.
  • Confidential consists of three main entities, IBRD, MIGA, IFC that takes part in this BPC Implementation scope.
  • Implementation Landscape comprises of BPC 10.1, Classic, EPM Add-in, BW 7.4, HANA, AO 2.2.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Architect



  • Implemented Overdue Analysis in SAP BW on HANA (BoH) successfully.
  • Switched on the Business Function (SFW5) after completing all prerequisites in BW HANA system.
  • Activated SAP HANA Optimized Business Content by turning on the Switch, /IMO/BW CONTENT.
  • Defined Schema Mapping, Replicated BKPF, BSAD, BSID tables into HANA for delta replication. Activated BW & HANA Information Models.
  • Composite InfoProvider, /IMO/V FIAR01 was activated that pulls data from Staged BW on HANA as well as Real-Time SAP HANA data by executing HANA Information Models.
  • Used RKF, CKF in BEx to avoid double counting Customer line items.
  • Used Advanced DSO, /IMO/D FIAR30 (Customer Line Items) to bring data for Composite Provider and /IMO/CMFIAR30 to stage into Corporate Memory.
  • Business Finance executes this Overdue Report to adjust Customer credits based on their Overdue and Outstanding payments.
  • Open and Cleared Customer Line items based on Key date can split into freely selectable Aging Buckets.
  • As this driver report delivers Account KPIs in Realtime (Business Data as it happens), business can pivot their business strategy in Realtime.
  • Gap Analysis, functional and technical feasibility analysis, Business content study and existing design analysis for ‘Activity, Yield and Hours by Resource’ project was taken care of.
  • This project entails resource wide reporting such as Process Order, Operation/Phase, Scheduled and Actual dates with quantities as per the date range, BOM In & Out weights, Batch, MRP Controller, Material, Product Hierarchy, et al.
  • It provides business to gauge performance of Resource/Work center to assess its optimal performance.
  • Costs associated with manufacturing Titanium Billets in these resources are listed out based on the reports mentioned above.
  • Asset Accounting reports were affected apart from the hard coded ABAP logic in BW that specifies the fiscal year. ABAP logic used in the data loading, report variables were affected due to this fiscal year change.
  • Studied the entire system thoroughly and created a detailed project plan to address each issue.
  • All the BW & BOBJ reports are stable now.
  • PCC required Restricted Access Resources and its access lists in TIMET’s sites for audit efforts associated with Segregation of Duties (SoD) and excessive access.
  • Access control reporting solution was implemented that enables PCC to conduct mandatory SoD checks.
  • It lists the Controls, transactions/devices along with roles and their associated users. BW as an Enterprise Analytics Solution staged the information from various source systems such as ERP, HR and reported out using BusinessObjects Business Intelligence. One another Use case of this project is the proof of concept for analyzing HR information through BW landscape, as it was not a quite successful venture when tried before in TIMET.
  • Entire solution that deals with ECC, HR, ABAP, BW and SAP Security was architected and executed from idea to consumption.
  • This BusinessObjects Webi solution replaced spreadsheet based dead data reporting that might be not accurate at the time of using when compared to at the time of generating.
  • It is prone to error as it is manual generation.
  • This solution saved thousands of dollars for TIMET in terms of valuable person hours of Business Relationship Manager who generates this spreadsheet containing 10s of tabs. It was delivered on time and under budget.
  • BW environment is upgraded from 7.0 to 7.31 successfully. Spearheaded in devising the upgrade plan, path and resources.
  • Handed out and explained the detailed project plan steps to the project members. Created checklist of pre and post steps that needs to be done while upgrading BW environment.
  • Created a list of SAP notes needed to be implemented in post upgrade scenario to get rid of various issues that will appear. Analyzed the security aspects of TIMET BW landscape to study the prerequisite fitness for 7.31 upgrade. Assisted the security team in understanding the Analysis Authorization concept being used in 7.0 environments.
  • On time shipments, BW extract job failed in R/3 continuously quite lot many times resulted in OTD data loss in BW. Investigated the issue and found that the ABAP program, ZPVR0027 contains a logical syntax error that dumped the job altogether. Logic used the function module that does not support handling the 12 AM (00:00:00) time. Since the job started at 12 AM at times, it is failed. After this fix, this job is not failing anymore.

The technical environment is: SAP BW 7.31, 7.0, BW 3.5, ECC 6.0, Tableau, BusinessObjects 3.1.

Systems Specialist

Confidential, Springfield, MA


  • Business process flows have been readjusted and remodified.
  • HR Compensation Analysis business content has been analysed after the Gap analysis study with the HR team.
  • Content has been enhanced as per the existing practice and implemented.
  • Course of actions in the HR was modified according to best practices suggested by SAP to accommodate the newly implemented Compensation Analysis.
  • Datasource, 0HR PA CM 2 was implemented and enhanced to get to the to-be stage from as-is.
  • RSU5 BADI was used to enhance the datasource with course type.
  • Enhanced Accounts Payable datasource 0FI AP 4 for document status and value date.
  • Datasource and extraction structure changes have been carried out.
  • Infocube, DSOs are modeled according to the datasource changes.
  • Data reload in Prod have been with delta init and proper cutover strategy.
  • Modeled the BW objects to access the query statistics from standard BW infocubes and RS tables.
  • A database view was created in BW that acted as a base for Generic datasource that pulled necessary information to the enhanced DSOs, InfoCubes.
  • Financial Asset Management Module was implemented in R/3 and the respective data flow to BW was implemented. Function module based Generic datasource and its corresponding staging and consolidated layer DSOs, InfoCubes, MultiProviders, Process chains have been modeled.
  • Used RSDD TREX INDEX DELETE to drop BIA indexes, RSDDV and process type in process chains to initial fill and build BWA indexes.
  • Production issues for the applications running in the daily schedule is being provided. Issues pertaining to the data load and availability of the business critical systems are ensured.

The technical environment comprised of: SAP BW 7.0, BPS, BW 3.5, DB Connect.

Senior Application Consultant

Confidential, Allentown, PA


  • Logistics cockpit datasources involving in stock initialization and material movements have been enhanced. Historical data was effected with the datasource enhancement changes by not through the traditional setup table init. Production database box was queried by T - SQL and then the result set was fed to the Inventory cube through flat file datasource. Written 100 lines of T-SQL that query Shipment Tables, VTTK, VTTP.
  • Plant Maintenance BW reports were installed from business content and customized reports were created to cater the business requirements.
  • Damage analysis notifications bring about the damage codes and the frequency they were occurred.
  • Analysis of causes can be viewed in the above query too. QM Infocube, 0QM C09 that fed the data from three Datasources, 2LIS 05 ITEM, 2LIS 17 ITEM, 2LIS 18 ITEM was used to refresh data in the above BW reports.
  • The above reports were fed to Web Intellingence, Xcelsius reports through Unvierses for interactive and dashboard reports. Query as a web service (QAAWS) was used to feed the Xcelsius through Universes from SAP BW queries.
  • BW variables were used in QAAWS/Universe to minimize the XcelSius resultset to boost the runtime performance.
  • Created BPS variables as a regular routine year start task.
  • These variables have been transported and deployed in Prod for the regular use. Infocube load behavior has been modified to accommodate the planners with more time to do plan and avoid locking the cubes while actuals loaded from R/3.
  • Dropped and rebuild BWA indexes during production move.

The technical environment comprised of: SAP BW 7.0, CRM 5.0, SEM-BPS, BusinessObjects XI 3.1 with ECC 6.0.

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