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Sap Pp-pi Consultant Resume


  • SAP PP functional consultant with 9+ years of rich functional experience, inclusive of SAP implementation and Business Users support in PP /PP - PI/MM/QM modules and their integration with other modules across various industries.
  • Involved in two full life cycle implementations of SAP PP/PP-PI modules, detailed understanding of business and two upgradation experiences.
  • SAP implementation exposure in Process Manufacturing, Discrete Manufacturing and Repetitive Manufacturing. Worked on Integration Points of PP with MM, QM modules.
  • Implementation and configuration expertise in PP: Creating and maintaining PP/PP-PI Material Masters, BOM/List of Ingredients, Work centers/Resources, Routings/Master Recipes, Production/Process Orders, Production Version, BackFlush, Shop Floor parameters (Order control, Confirmations and scheduling parameters) etc.
  • Expertise in SOP Flexible Planning, BOM, Demand Planning (MTS, MTO, ATO), Long Term Planning, MRP, MPS, and Capacity Planning and Scheduling, Engineering Change Management, ETO (Engineer to order).
  • Deep knowledge of SAP R/3 Strategies for Complex (ETO/MTS/MTO) Project-based Manufacturing with Milestone and Resource-related Billing and Supply Chain Planning.
  • Excellent understanding of configuration for MRP Run, Stock/Requirements list, Production version, and REM Backflush, Collective Order Processing, Product Costing and Order Settlement by Order/Period.
  • Expertise in configuring Process Management, Process Instructions and Process Messages including Process Order, PI Sheets and SAP PP-PI configuration.
  • Expertise in Data Migration & Interfacing: LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench), BDC (Batch Data Communication), Conceptual knowledge of IDOC (Intermediate Document) and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
  • Expertise in Batch Management: Creation of Batch Class, Characteristics, Batch Management Configuration and Batch Where-Used-List.
  • Proficient in Variant configuration and maintaining Super BOM, routing and object dependencies. Prepared Functional Specifications for RICEF objects.
  • Thorough knowledge of implementing ASAP Methodology including AS IS study, Business Blueprint, Realization, Final preparation, Go Live and Hyper care with continuous improvement.
  • Coordinated and developed test scenarios for unit testing, system integration testing, regression testing, and User Acceptance Testing using HP Quality Center (HPQC) of PP, PP-PI and MM modules.
  • Experience in project Go - live stabilization support including issue resolution and user training using the RWD uPerform tool.
  • Good experience of Product Support, resolving user issues and coordinating user testing, creating change requests, debugging ABAP dump analysis.


ERP: SAP R/3 4.7, ECC 5.0, 6.0

Management Tools: MS Office Word/PowerPoint/Excel/Access/Visio, MS Project

Operating Systems: MS Windows 95/98/NT/00, XP and Windows 7

Testing Tool: HPQC / HP ALM



SAP PP-PI Consultant

Environment: ECC 6.0, PP, PI, QM


  • Closely worked with Process and business owners and involved in SAP and MES integration project implemented in one of the manufacturing plants for the anti-cancer drug.
  • Successfully carried out integration of Production Planning (PP) - Process Industry (PI) with Materials Management (MM), Quality Management (QM) and Warehouse Management (WM) modules.
  • Performed detailed AS-IS analysis through flow charts to map physical flow of manufacturing processes followed by in-depth study of processes designed to develop the To-Be models.
  • Developed Flow Chart documentations including different business scenarios.
  • Actively involved from design phase and closely worked with Technical (ABAP) teams to develop various interfaces like Material Master, Master Recipe, Batch Master, Process Order, Process Order Status Update, Process Order Goods Receipt and Goods Issue, Inventory Transfer, Inventory Adjustment and provided Functional specifications for all interface to fulfill all business requirements with best possible design.
  • Worked with MES team to identify mandatory fields and mapping of these fields to corresponding SAP fields in IDOC structure for different message type supporting different interfaces.
  • Extensively worked on PP-PI business processes and performed configuration in PP-PI areas: New Process Order Type, Order Type Dependent Parameter, Production Scheduling Profile.
  • Configured a new User Status Profile for new order type to make sure of synchronization of order status between SAP and MES.
  • Performed configuration of warehouse management: New Storage Type, Storage Sections, Assignment of Movement Type to Storage Type, Automatic TO creation for certain Movement Type.
  • Extensively worked on Process Order Creation, Release, Availability Check, Process Order Status Update, Confirmation of orders, Goods Receipt and Goods Issue.
  • Designed manufacturing scenarios in PP-PI for Make-To-Stock and Make-To-Order strategies.
  • Implemented collective conversion of planned orders of different material components under MRP area or controller.
  • Extensive work with SOP, demand management, production control and goods movement functionality within SAP.
  • Used the information from the demand program to maintain the master plan for the actual production process.
  • Cleaned and Prepared PP-PI, QM and WM master data including the creation of material master, material class, material characteristics, BOM, resources, master recipes, production version, process orders, batch master, batch characteristics, transfer orders, new storage bins etc.
  • Created new material class for MES classifications and created new MES relevant characteristics and assigned these new characteristics to this new class to separate MES relevant materials from regular materials.
  • Worked on Engineering Change Management and extensively worked on SOLMAN to create change requests to support development work.
  • Involved in all parts of testing phases from developing of different test scenarios to performing Functional Unit Test, System Integration Test, and support to business users during UAT.
  • Extensively worked on HP Quality center (HPQC) or HPALM from authoring of test scripts to execution of corresponding test sets and made sure that all business requirements are met without any defects based on their business process needs by using validated templates.
  • Prepared detailed Functional Design Specifications for PP/QM and PP-PI Manufacturing department as per client’s pre-defined template and routed all documents for approval in client’s documentation tool TruVault.
  • Actively participated in daily scrum meetings to go over with other team members on progress of development work and clear out doubts they are having as per functional perspective.
  • Participated in technology review and design review meetings to accomplish best design to fulfill all business needs and also to clear out any roadblocks of Technical (ABAP) team as per functional perspective.
  • Gave a demo of new development to business users and cleared all doubts of users.
  • Actively participated in team meetings for cutover activities and testing readiness of quality environment as well as cutover activities needed to be performed before production Go live.
  • Involved in go-live, post go-live and hyper care activities.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

SAP PP-PI Consultant

Environment: ECC 6.0, PP, PI, MM


  • Worked as responsible member for SAP PP-PI track in different phases of the project plan beginning from Ideation, Proposal, Design, Development, Validation and Launch of the deployment project.
  • Scoping sessions were conducted in the SOP (Product Hierarchy) Manufacturing Engineering, Materials and Capacity Planning, Production (Time & Attendance).
  • Analyzed the Business process and documenting the AS-IS process, then from the available global template and standard SAP solution is provided in TO-BE process.
  • Documenting and getting sign off the Business Blueprint document by the Process owners.
  • Developed the design phase to design the system at detail levels as per TO-BE process like preparing the Process design for Material master creation, BOM, Resource, Master Recipe, ECN (engineering change number), MRP, consumption based planning, reorder point Planning, safety stock replenishment & Forecast based planning which includes the process description and Process flow chart.
  • Worked on Control Recipes simulation in master recipe, control recipe monitoring, Reporting process messages through PI sheet.
  • Developed Baseline Configuration by MRP Controllers, MRP Areas, storage location MRP per plant, Scope of planning for total planning, Special Procurement type, settings for Material creation, Product Hierarchy and configure settings and validate baseline.
  • Worked on Goods Issue and Receipt Postings, time ticket Confirmation of Phases using Process Messages to the corresponding Message destinations, configured and tested shop floor activities including creation of planned orders, conversion of planned orders, goods movement and order confirmations.
  • Performed System Testing for Order Confirmation, cancellation of Goods Issue & Goods Receipt with MTS, MTO, Process orders, BOM’s, Classes, Characteristics, conversion order creation and release, ECM with BOM, Resource & Master Recipe, Mass Processing, and Production orders/process order.
  • Designed solutions to meet business requirements for Quality Management and cross-functional processes for the business; integration with procurement, production, warehousing, and sales and distribution including Batch Management expertise.
  • Maintained Make-to-Order; Planning with Final Assembly strategy for various products.
  • Configured Plant Parameters for Materials Requirement Planning such as MRP groups, MRP controller, MRP types, Planning Horizon, Lot-sizing Procedure, and availability check for components.
  • Configured and executed the Shop Floor Activities based on User which included release of Production Order and Printing of Shop Floor Documents.
  • Defined Storage Type and assigned Movement Type to Storage Type.
  • Worked on Periodic Data Transfer from Legacy System into SAP R/3 using LSMW Tool; Data transfer included mapping fields, reading the spreadsheet files and converting into the target format.
  • Actively involved in the unit testing, regression testing and end to end testing and provided functional guidance to team to support QM integration within business.
  • Involved in Transition Management activities like preparing training material; prepare trainers (super users).
  • Interacted with technical consultants (ABAP) to prepare custom reports and enhancement.

Confidential, Mason, MI

SAP PP/MM Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 to ECC 6.0, PP, MM, FI


  • Performed AS-IS/TO-BE study with core team members and presented reports after completing GAP analysis .
  • Developed Flow Chart documentations including different business scenarios.
  • Configured Material Master, BOM, Routing and Work Center for the old and new equipment in large volume Discrete Manufacturing environment.
  • Extensively worked on Production Order Creation, Release, Availability Check, Confirmation of orders, Automatic Goods Receipt and Goods Issue.
  • Configured Production Scheduling Profile and Scheduling Parameters for production orders.
  • Defined Control Keys, Confirmation Parameters for various operations and production orders.
  • Maintained Make-to-Order; Planning with Final Assembly strategy for various products.
  • Configured Plant Parameters for Materials Requirement Planning such as MRP groups, MRP controller, MRP types, Planning Horizon, Lot-sizing Procedure, and availability check for components.
  • Configured and executed the Shop Floor Activities based on User which included release of Production Order and Printing of Shop Floor Documents. (Time Ticket/ Pick Ticket).
  • Worked on Display Filters for Stock Requirement List and MRP list.
  • Defined Storage Type and assigned Movement Type to Storage Type.
  • Maintained Control Cycle Record with respect to material, plant and supply area.
  • Configured Material Master to maintain Quality Management View, Inspection Types as per business Inspection Requirements.
  • Assisted in shop floor activities like Capacity Planning and availability check.
  • Configured Inspection Lot, Quality Info Record, Inspection Plan, Master Inspection Characteristic and Sampling Procedure per business requirements.
  • Defined Inspection Checkpoints, Inspection Lots and maintained Inspection results (QM) .
  • Assigned shipping points to plants and determined routes for Leprino Bulk Materials shipping cost calculations in inbound outbound (forward/reverse) logistics process and intercompany vendors.
  • Configured branches and assigned International plants to the Branches to comply with tax reporting and Fiscal reporting.
  • Configured G/L account determination for freight condition by assigning account key and accrual Key in condition type so that client freight cost is posted to separate G/L account for drop ship.
  • Defined copy control routine requirement of SD Billing so that pricing for inter company stock transport order materials is copied properly in intercompany billing.
  • Defined material/product costing structure by configuring the combination of costing keys and assigning them to the right characteristics.
  • Prepared test cases and test scripts so that client can run unit test and integration test based on their business process needs by using validated templates.
  • Configured release procedures for purchase order using one release code for multiple approvers and approval process through iPhone and SAP workbench to support the clients procure to pay process.
  • Trained end users / clients on purchasing (direct and indirect procurement) and on master data objects as the project is rolling (rollout project) simultaneously in different location.

Confidential, Somerset, NJ

SAP PP/QM Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 to ECC 6.0, PP, PI, QM


  • Participated in all the phases of the implementation process for Confidential .
  • Conducted As-Is study in collaboration with the team members & end users and developed a To-Be process according to the company requirements.
  • Developed Business Blueprint and performed Functional Gap analysis.
  • Handled Customization and Configuration of PP-PI Material master.
  • Maintained the MRP, Forecasting, and Work Scheduling views in the material master.
  • Configured strategies such as Make-to-Order and Make-to-Stock.
  • Configured plant parameters for MRP such as MRP group, MRP types, MRP controller, planning calendar, planning horizon, and lot sizing procedures.
  • Created new Batch classes and Characteristics and assigned characteristics to the classes.
  • Created List of Ingredients (BOM) for finished and semi-finished goods as per requirements.
  • Set up Master Recipes to support the requirements of the process.
  • Worked on Flexible Planning - created custom Info Structures, Characteristics, Key Figures and Macros/Planning Type and Planning Hierarchy.
  • Transferred the plan to Demand Management based on Strategy Group Implemented.
  • Maintained Planned Independent Requirements for requirement type/requirement class assigned them to the Strategy Group with Planning Strategies like MTS, MTO, and Planning with final assembly.
  • Configured activities such as creation of orders, conversion of planned orders to process orders/purchase requisition, goods movement, order confirmation.
  • Assigned Process Instructions to the Phases.
  • Developed and customized PI sheets (Both ABAP and Browser based).
  • Worked in unit testing and integration testing phases of the project and created test procedure.
  • Interacted with Technical (ABAP) consultants and developed standard & customized reports.
  • Was involved in training the users extensively and providing Post Implementation Support with Master Data and Process Control System.

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