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Sap Basis And Hana Consultant Resume

Shelton, ConnecticuT


  • Customer - focused senior Software professional having 18 years of overall IT experience, with 10* years experience in SAP Basis, HANA, Oracle Administration with security administration for large/complex SAP and HANA landscapes. Seeking a challenging role where my skills are utilized for profit of the organization, enabling me to hone my technical and interpersonal skills.
  • Highly competent SAP Basis Consultant with extensive hands on experience in Installation and configuration, administration and support of in SAP SAP Netweaver 7.5, SAP Retail 7.5, SAP GRC (7.4), Portal 7.5, SAP CRM 7.5, SAP Business Intelligence(BI) 7.4, SAP APO 7.4, SAP EM 7.5, SAP XI 7.5, SAP Solution Manager 7.2, SAP NF-E 7.5, SAP TM(7.5), SAP GTS(7.5), SAP Business Warehouse (BW)/HANA 7.4, SAP S/4 1709, SAP Fiori NW AS ABAP 7.52 and BPC on Windows Servers, VM Ware, SUSE Linux and AIX platforms with HANA1.0/2.0 , Oracle and MS SQL database.
  • Extensive experience on all aspects of SAP Basis Administration including Client Copy/Export/Import, System Copy/Refresh, Support Packs , Kernel Upgrades , Add-on installations, applying OSS Notes , Spool Administration, Background jobs, Workload Analysis, SAP workplace monitoring using CCMS, Backup/Recovery, System Monitoring/Maintenance. STMS, Remote and Local client copies and Performance Tuning/Analysis.
  • Experienced in SAP HANA Database installations, configuration and monitoring, B OBJ and HANA Upgrades . HANA Cockpit Installation and upgradation, Integration of ECC with HANA Database using the SLT Replication Servers or services. HANA Bounces, HANA backups, restore and recovery, performance tuning, memory and alert management and troubleshooting
  • Went through full life cycle implementations of SAP OS, DB, SAP and Post Installation, System landscape design and load balancing, provide production support and project support on multiple platforms. AS Java and oracle administration.
  • Hands on experience with VM Ware ESXi 6.7 Virtualization and Cloud Computing software along with knowledge of AWS and GCP Cloud computing .
  • Articulate communicator who can fluently speak the language of both people and technology, blending technical expertise with interpersonal skills with proven ability to interact with the cross-functional teams, customers and clients
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills in complex multi-tiered environments adhering to process with proven track record of working under high-pressure resolving critical issues. Able to thrive in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment.


ERP Environments: SAP R/3 4.6B, 4.6C, 4.7 EE, ECC 5.0, ECC6.0, NW 2004s, S/4 HANA 1709, Fiori/ NW AS ABAP 7.52, GTS 11/NW 7.5, SCM 7.13/EWM 9.1/NW7.4, TM 9.5 / NW 7.5, Solman 7.2, PI/XI NW 7.2, SAP ECC 7.5, SAP Retail 7.5, SAP GRC (7.4), Portal 7.5, SAP CRM 7.5, SAP APO 7.4, SAP EM 7.5, CUA/NW AS ABAP 7.52, SAP GTS 11(NW 7.5), SAP BW/NW 7.5, B0 4.2, DataServices 4.2 SP14, ITS 6.20, WAS 6.20/6.40/7.00 , SRM 5.0, SAP NF-E 7.5

Operating Systems: AIX, Windows server NT/2008/2012/XP R2, Mac OS High Sierra (version 10.13.6), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15.

Databases: Oracle , Oracle 10g/9i/12, MSSQL 2008/2005, DB2HANA 1.0 / 1.0 SP04

SAP Tools: SAP TMS Revtrac 3rd party tool

Ticketing Tools: Remedy, Compucom, Central Station, Radar,Espresso, service now

Wily Interscope Wily Monitoring Tool: BR*Tools, Putty, JDBC, LSC, FSShadow, DBShadow

Languages Technologies: C, C++, JAVA and HTML

Others: SCM 7.13/EWM 9.1/NW7.4, TM 9.5 / NW 7.5, Solman 7.2, PI/XI NW 7.2, SAP ECC 7.5, SAP Retail 7.5, SAP GRC (7.4), Portal 7.5, SAP CRM 7, MS Office, Office 365, Citrix, Clarify, Lotus Notes

Middleware: EAI, Webmethods, SSP/Stratos

Non: SAP Products Vertex 5.0/6.0, PBS 1610, VSCAN, AEM, ADS NW JAVA 7.5, Hybris, Stibo 8.2, OnBase, Power BI Service version 13.0.13960.55 , Kinaxis, Hyperion, Cransoft BackofficeKepware V5, Kagool 19.10.005, Connectship 18.0.2, Taulia 300

Seeberger BIS 65: 2 SP77, Zilliant 8.0, Personas 3.0, WinShuttle FM 66C v. 11.4.1, Swift 1.2

Knowledge of Cloud Computing: VM Ware ESXi 6.7 Update2 (VM version 15) Virtualization and Cloud Computing software, AWS and GCP


Confidential, Shelton, Connecticut

SAP Basis and HANA Consultant

Environment: SAP S/4 HANA 1709, SAP Fiori, SAP SCM, SAP TM, SAP Solution Manager, SAP GTS, SAP Portal7.5, SAP SCM, SAP CUA, SAP XI, SAP TMS, BW HANA and BO 4.1 and Hyperion servers. Windows server 2008/2012, ESXi 6.7 Update2 (VM version 15), SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 and Other Non-SAP server environment: Seal Systems, Kinaxis, OnBase, servers, Hyperion Servers, PIM Stibo, Kepware servers, PBS Content Link Servers, Attunity Servers, Hybris Servers, Cransoft, ConnectShip 6.5, Seeberger, Zilliant Price Evaluation Tools: Kagool, BO. Databases: HANA 2.0 SP4


  • Basis Administration support for all SAP and Non-SAP Products.
  • Managed system configuration of all ABAP and web dispatcher systems in the landscape.
  • HANA 2.0 Installation, Upgradation to HANA and client upgradation.
  • System refresh/Clone from production for synchronizing landscape, Okta configuration
  • Alert management for memory, CPU and Disk Utilization of all servers in landscape.
  • Monitor HANA DB growth, higher memory utilization and setup global allocation limits setup and modify cronjobs for housekeeping jobs scheduling
  • HANA backup, restore, recovery including point in time recovery, HANA bounces.
  • Troubleshoot HANA space issues, IDOC issues
  • EWA report analysis, take appropriate actions and improve overall ratings.
  • BOBJ and HANA Upgrades throughout the landscape.
  • SAP Job Scheduling, NTT OPAS tickets and transport management system.
  • Administration of JSPM, SDM, Visual admin tools.
  • Printer administration and troubleshoot IP address, Network, firewalls and formats issues
  • Perform Version and SP upgrades, ST-A/PI and kernel upgrades for SAP systems
  • Apply kernel patches and implement SAP Notes with manual corrections
  • Vertex user management and monthly updates for Sales Tax Q Series and Taxability Mapping Tool and ECM Updates.
  • Installed diagnostics agents DAA on all the managed systems in the SLD.
  • Update JAVA patches by SUM, JAVA JVM notes and JAVA Upgrades
  • License Management in all landscapes. Run SAP archiving. Resolve vulnerability issues.
  • SNC Configuration, Business Key Figures implementation and Client build from production.
  • VMWare maintenance, creating new VMs and deploy VM’s targeted to Greenville and Plano locations.
  • Restoring VM using Veeam backups. Veeam scripts and backup management.
  • Monthly maintenance, Therapeutic Reboots and maintenance of Windows servers
  • Handle critical P1 issues and provide solutions and root cause analysis.
  • DR drill restoring production Plano datacenter servers to the Greenville Datacenter location, restoring all in-scope servers to the recovery area with RTO of 24 hours
  • Maintain Linux and windows file system space, Volume resizing in Linux, adding space to directories, hard disks in windows and Linux,
  • Batch job reconciliation in all the SAP systems in all the landscapes.
  • SAP Business Objects (BOBJ) and SAP HANA Upgrades for the entire BI environment.
  • Built new regressions system with GTS and HANA 2.0 database. Okta configuration.
  • Linux to AD Integration and migrate all the accounts to AD environment.

Confidential, California

SAP Basis and HANA Administrator

Environment: SAP R/3 7.4, SAP Retail 7.4, SAP GRC (7.0), Portal 7.4, SAP CRM 7.0, SAP TM 7.4, SAP BI 7.3, SAP APO 7.4, SAP Netweaver 7.4, SAP EM 7.3, SAP PI 7.4, SAP Solution Manager 7.0, SAP RMCA 7.0, SAP NF-E 7.0, SAP SLT, SAP BI/HANA 7.4, AIX, Oracle , Espresso, Central station. SAP HANA 2.0, HANA studio 2.2.12


  • Performed SAP for HANA Installation, configuration and Monitoring.
  • SAP HANA Database backup and recovery. Manual execution as required
  • SAP HANA System Refresh and Data export/import. HANA Bounces
  • Planning and execution of HANA Database upgrade
  • SAP HANA troubleshooting, analyses of trace, alerts, crash dumps and MVCC blockers
  • LOAD and run Expensive SQL statements, DU activation and file system administration.
  • Day to day Monitoring and Administration of SAP HANA system (SAP BW on HANA). e.g. memory consumption, CPU utilization, long running thread and SLT replication.
  • HANA User Administration, roles and privileges maintenance and HANA security activities.
  • HANA Cockpit installation and Cockpit upgradation .
  • Registering HANA DB Resources in HANA Cockpit
  • SAP NetWeaver installation on HANA DB with Linux
  • Acquainted with SAP S/4 HANA Cloud and SAP Fiori .
  • Quarterly ABAP and JAVA refresh activity of UT, IT, RA and QA systems from Production Systems data using LSC tool.
  • Alert Management for Oracle errors filesystem fill, SMQ1 sysfile status, tablespace extention, spool issues, system not up, diagnostic agent, high number of ABAP dumps, SAP Transport Management System(STMS) queue issues, SMQ2 entries validation, /usr/sap/ fill up, high CPU usage, Services status, Database Host Status, Database service unavailable, missing redologs, PI Channel Status, ABAP instance unavailable, detected HANA logging tables, RFC Unavailable, Dialog process changing to PRIV mode.
  • Configuration and support of Vertex, TREX Administration .
  • NF-e Batch monitoring, troubleshooting, reprocessing stuck batches. NFE Document Issues.
  • SOA Manager configuration and administration
  • Profile parameter management, STMS and Rev-Trac , content server and client administration.
  • SAP systems scheduled bounces and database maintenance and troubleshoot.
  • NWDI - Syncing up NWDI tracks and create software components,
  • Configuration and administration of SAP Portal , web dispatcher administration, Portal. epa transport imports, ear file deployments, Portal RFC creation, maintenance, JAVA application restarts and SSO Configurations .
  • Scheduling online/offline backups, backup and restore, archiving redologs using Brtools, Redolog shipping.
  • Error Analysis on system trace, ABAP dumps, locked tables, Spool issues and Cancelled jobs.
  • Print queue configuration, troubleshooting, creation/deletion of printers.
  • Configuration and administration of Stonehenge,
  • SSL ID creation and importing PSE s for ABAP and JAVA.
  • Administration of interfaces, ACL’s, Kerberos, Archiving, LiveCache and VSCAN.
  • Administration of SAP Disaster Recovery and DR drill.
  • Configure and Monitor SAP Router and SAP OSS connectivity . SMP and OSS connections
  • Administration of middleware: EAI, web methods and SSP Stratos.
  • Java license requirements, Timeout issues, Tomcat administration, webcycle issues, IMS and batch job issues and data/files movement at OS level.
  • Variant movement across landscape, Stats generation/copy and Table maintenance
  • Significant hands on knowledge of system management toolsets including Solution Manager, CTS, NWDI, Early Watch, WILY, SMD, CCMS
  • Solutions for critical tickets (P1, P2, P3) raised in ticketing tools and meet the SLA's
  • Delivered SAP basis services and support to Production (250) and non-production(87) servers and production(76) and non-production(179) DB’s in multiple landscapes for Confidential Inc, US.
  • Ability to participate across various teams, cultures, geographies and time zones.
  • SAP Netweaver 7.5 (ABAP/JAVA) and Enterprise portal 7.5 installation.
  • SAP Netweaver installation on HANA database.
  • Apply patches and notes in SAP System and using SUM (SAP Update Manager).
  • Excellent documentation writer providing solution documents for system configuration, and guidelines for usage. Maintains records of changes to system software or computer resources.

Confidential, Irving, Texas

Computer System Analyst

Environment: SAP ECC, SAP SRM, SAP CRM, Portal with Windows and UNIX operating systems on Oracle database.


  • STMS configuration and transports movement across the landscape
  • SSO configuration between portal and SAP SRM system
  • Installation and configuration of SAP Net Weaver systems
  • Provide support for SAP production and non-production systems on ad-hoc basis.
  • Open OSS connection and provide SAP license keys for components requested.
  • Performance tuning and optimization as required by EWA reports.


ERP Implementation Consultant

Environment: SAGE X3, MS SQL server 2008, Mobile Data Force (Point Sync Pro), Windows 2008 R2, MADCAP, MEX, MYOB, HR3.


  • Discuss and collect all the requirements for necessary information needed to design and configure new systems.
  • Performed sage ERP X3 sizing and designed server architecture for installation and setup of the Sage ERP server
  • Mobile Dataforce application, pointsyn professional installation, server setup and maintenance with database management and network management.
  • Google migration from exchange server and integration with configuration of google mail into Sage ERP X3.
  • Day to day support of IT issues with various applications like MADCAP, Mex, MYOB, Inventory Manager, Microsoft Outlook and Sage ERP X3 application.
  • Delivered Sage ERP X3 implementation services and support to Confidential food park.
  • Customization of inventory management and importing the data into Sage ERP X3
  • MS SQL server maintenance for Point Sync professional from mobile data force.


SAP Basis and security Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC 5.0/WAS 6.40, BI 7.0, XI, SRM 7.1, Solution Manager 4.0/7.0, EP 6.0 EHP 5, IS-Oil, Windows 2000/2003/2008 , UNIX, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server 2005, putty, remedy, Clarify, Citrix


  • SAP system maintenance for best performance, analyze and provide solution for issues.
  • Quarterly System Refresh activity and Password management. Logon failures.
  • Database space monitoring, tablespace management, performance tuning and SAP Bounces.
  • Applying support packages using SPAM and add-ons using SAINT. Software patching
  • RFC connections, Client Export/Import, deletion, creation, client open/close and client refresh
  • Implementation of VIM (Vendor Invoice Management) and monitor SAP batch jobs
  • SAN space management, data retention administration, scheduled reboots, planned and unplanned outages, monitor events and system performance using solution manager.
  • Online/offline backups in DB13 database and in Brtools. Restore and recover using BRtools.
  • Import portal s, OSS connections and SAP router administration
  • Analyzing Early Watch Report for all the dev, QA and PRD systems. Parameter management.
  • DR test, daily DR server monitoring using data guard and archive log gap monitoring.
  • System health checks and proactive maintenance
  • Integrate SAP 4.6c and XI systems. SAP Basis Go-Live support.
  • System and database monitoring, health checks for production and non-production systems on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Monthly performance reports for production systems.
  • Maintenance of workload distribution, response time, DB load, CPU & memory utilization.
  • SAP job scheduling, setup operation modes and maintain logon groups.
  • Transport Management via SAP and OS level. Importing XI transports manually.
  • Analyzing ABAP dump, locked tables, Spool issues and Cancelled jobs.
  • SAP User management, roles administration and all the security activities.
  • Incident management for archive job failures, backup job failures, brconnect job failures, CCMS agents not running, SAPOSCOL not running, file system fill level status, missing database statistics, tablespace issues, Java high CPU, SAP system availability and DR log shipping
  • Develop, maintain, and manage internal and external client relationships
  • Developed solutions for time critical ticket s raised by systems and users in ticketing tools.
  • SAP Basis support to approximately 500 systems in multiple landscapes for Confidential, UK
  • Transitioned project with DD, GP, AP, PP phases with successful Go-Live from Accenture.
  • Upgrades of SAP R/3 4.6C to ECC6.0.


SAP Basis / Security Administrator

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC 5.0/6.0, WAS 6.40, BI 7.0, PI, CRM 5.2, APO 5.0, EP 7.0, XI 7.0, Solution Manager 4.0, APO, SRM, CRM, SCM, Virsa, Windows 2000/2003AIX Server and Oracle


  • Two ends to end Implementation, installation and configuration multiple SAP components with Win 2000/2003 and MS SQL Server 2005. Primary resource for all phases of the project. Performed sizing for different landscapes.
  • EP Administration and BI Administration and integration with ECC 6.0.
  • Upgrade ECC 6.0 EHP to EHP 5. SP upgrade, kernel upgrade, notes, add-ons and plug-ins.
  • Configuration and administration of STMS, Backups, Logon groups and SAP help library.
  • Administration and configuration of Client, Profile parameters, work process distribution, background jobs,
  • User and role administration and Security, creation/deletion/locking/modifying users. Configure and developed security roles and objects for different consultant as per requirement using standard procedure and also templates.
  • Missing authorization, super user privilege management and Single Sign-On Configuration.
  • Generate reports using SUIM and SE16. Troubleshoot Analyzing BI authorization issues.
  • Restriction of org and non-org authorization values in master and derived roles
  • Installation and deployment of CUA and user administration using CUA
  • Identify user and role level SOD conflicts in SAP GRC. Proposals in rule set and role changes to minimize risks.
  • Basis security Administration using VIRSA compliance calibrator
  • Carried Mitigation control through VIRSA tool.
  • Troubleshooting J2EE patch related problems, J2EE start/stop problem troubleshooting, J2EE memory management.

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