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Sap Basis Lead Consultant Resume



Confidential is a SAP BASIS/HANA Certified hands - on technical expert with a deep working knowledge of SAP NetWeaver, SAP HANA, IBMBD2 Databases on UNIX(AIX,Linux) OS platforms with public, Private Cloud environment. Specialized in large complex SAP implementations, landscape conversions, upgrades, SAP systems migrations (OS/DB), SAP Cloud Migrations for large & complex SAP infrastructures, SAP Data Center migrations to AWS and SAP Public/private Cloud. He provides technology & Architectural leadership, strategic direction and long-term vision for the SAP infrastructure and investment.


  • Technology Architecture & Sizing
  • Enhancement & Support Stack Management
  • Landscape/Environment refreshes
  • SAP BIG Bang Upgrades
  • OS/DB & Hardware Migrations
  • SAP Unicode conversions
  • SAP End to end implementation and project support
  • High Availability & SLA management
  • DR & Business Continuity
  • Storage & Array Management for SAP
  • Solution Manager Setup
  • Cloud & Data center migration, consolidation
  • HANA TDI Technologies
  • HANA Installations & Conversions
  • HANA Architecture and Strategy
  • HANA Migrations (DMO/SWPM) & Support
  • MCOD and MDC strategies
  • S4HANA build & Configuration
  • Storage & Array Management.


Confidential, NJ

SAP BASIS Lead Consultant


  • S4HANA sizing for greenfield Implementation including Infrastructure, provisioning for 2 tier Architecture.
  • Fiori Architecture for Central HB requirement including Standard and Custom add-ons.
  • Web Dispatcher and Gateway sizing for Fiori Central HUB
  • Solution Manager MDC architecture with HANA sizing.
  • PO sizing for NW7.5 including SFTP, BPM and message monitoring.
  • HCI Architecture with Master slave configuration for supporting SuccessFactors integration.
  • Landscape Optimization for Tier level sizing environment scope for above components. S4HANA Installation and Configuration:
  • S4HANA Installation 1610/1709 on HANA 2.0 system using Scale-up.
  • Planning and execution of HANA migration.
  • Deployed add-ons (list)
  • Central Fiori 2.0 Installation with corresponding add-ons
  • Installed and Configured Web Dispatcher for Fiori Including SSO/SAML2.0 .
  • Configured Gateway for FIORI installation.
  • Solman 7.2 Upgrade and migration to HANA 2.0 using MDC.
  • Complete Post Installation, Solman Setup and systems integration.

Confidential, MD

SAP BASIS Techarch


  • CAP Planning strategy includes pre-evaluation, scoping, HA and DR enablement with RPO/RTO & SLA’s
  • SAP Archiecture evaluation, Sytem Landscape design, Landscape Optimization
  • HANA sizing, Scope,DMO approach, data migration scenario’s
  • ASIS footprint review, sizing recommendations, Backup approach & configuation
  • SAP Basis Technology review, release & change managent, Upgrade/Conversion Strategies
  • SAP Basis, Solman 7.1/7.2 upgrade & migration on to HANA and post implementation & enhancements,configurations.


HANA Engineer/Architect


  • Technical Planning, Installation, Upgrades with Technical proficiency in Linux Redhat/Suse and Database.
  • Planning strategy includes pre-evaluation, scoping, sizing, HA and DR enablement.
  • Design, Architect and Install HANA TDI Scale-out/Scale-up envirments per customer specific requirements
  • Provide multiple HANA design models to accommodate architecture frame work.
  • Provide guidance and assistance on LOG and DATA management strategies.
  • Installation and configuration of S4HANA 1511/1610 on VBLOCK systems.
  • Advice Customers on Configuration approaches for HANA databases within MCOD and MDC
  • Analyze Data Volume and Load patterns to device Optimal Storage Architecture.


SAP BASIS Technical Architect


  • Amazon AWS S4HANA 1511 deployment strategies, Conversion Options, DMO, Migration approaches & Planning.
  • S4HANA installation and Configuration, BSR review, backup and Restore options.
  • HANA Sizing & Solution application scope validation, SAP infrastructure architecture.
  • Build Scenarios on HANA Scale out/Scale up Installation Options.
  • HCP and HCI evaluation for Public Cloud usign Success Factors and Ariba.

Confidential, New York

Lead - Technical Basis Tech Arch.


  • Implementation of SAP TELESKAR SAP new program at Confidential Group global.
  • Onsite Lead consultant in Support and implementation projects. Liaison with Customer management team, providing thought leadership, strategy and best practice recommendations, based on collaborative
  • Understanding of business processes within the Basis and technology architecture.
  • As a Lead Consultant responsible for problem and change management as well as support of 24/7 on Call for Basis related activities in SAP ERP, SAP HANA/BW, SAP PI, SAP GTS, SAP APO, SOLMAN, and SAP portal systems for the customer. Manage delivery and reporting of SAP Basis/Application performance, resource statistics, and metrics via a system health report on a Monthly schedule .
  • HANA1.0 Installation, Migration including architecture and design review.
  • Installed and configured SAP HANA 1.0 SPS08 with BW standalone, TDI .
  • Successfully migrated BW/NW7.3 Landscape to HANA SPS08 using SUM/DMO with ‘Rapid Upgrade & DB migration target release NW7.4
  • Configure and Test 4 node HANA distributed environment for main BW production system.
  • Configure, Test Hana System replication for production system .
  • Configured HANA Studio & Cockpit.
  • Optimized System configuration parameters as per the Landscape needs.
  • Configured & tested Log and DB backups using Confidential Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • S/4HANA: Install and configure On premise 1511 and configure POC box .
  • New implementation for NA supply, demand & forecasting.
  • Strategized, Build & Configure Infrastructure for Development, Quality and Production environmen using NW 7.3 Platform & integrated with ERP, BI systems.
  • Built, configured CTM, Optimizer and Livecache on Dev, QA and Production environment .
  • As part of implementation/go-live, strategized & meeting the requirements for System refreshes, client copies and consistency check.
  • As Part of Big-Bang upgrade, strategized and upgraded entire APO landscape to 7.4 .
  • Install, configure, Optimize SNC, Live cache, CTM, Optimizer, EM & TM across landscape.
  • Setup & configure test system environment for CIF data Integration and implementation of best test results in production environment.
  • Successfully implemented and executed Upgrade project within the scope of (ECC/Ehp7, PI 7.3/Ehp1, APO/7.3, GTS/10.0, Redhat7.1, DB2 10.X, Solman) using single down time window. This project includes SAP Ehp, DB2, OS upgrades and Cloud Migration on all Prod Landscape systems.
  • Completed 3 cloud migrations on Development, Test and QA & Production environments using parallel split-brain technic with very limited down time.
  • Demand based Activities .
  • Build, Configured, Deployed GTS landscape (Dev, QA, Training, production) integrating with ERP systems.
  • DB2 UDB Database version upgrade from current 9.x to 10.x
  • Assisted on ChaRM implementation project for Release management team
  • System builds/Landscape setup of N+1 and N+2 environments for EMEA & ASIA specific Go live
  • SAP Language implementation for EMEA/ASIA specific region
  • Supported hardware team on High Availability testing for all SAP production systems
  • Supported Landscape Optimization, Landscape consolidation project for SAP systems within the Cost center budgeting initiative
  • Assisted and supported on year end closing for financial and Sales management teams
  • Supported BI team on a initiative to consolidate and optimize BI cube level & DSO data
  • Assisted data conversion team on data mapping/loading and performance tuning exercise
  • Supported DR Drill exercise for SAP production systems including RPO/RTO & SLA validation
  • Supported Proof of concept for OS upgrades & DB2 UDB version enhancements
  • Some of the day to day activities include
  • System Builds, System Refreshes, technical planning and landscape optimization
  • Configure SAP landscape for all SAP systems including SOLMAN
  • Performance tuning and Monitoring via technical Monitor
  • Batch Management and configuration of critical jobs
  • Troubleshoot Printing issues & Spool Management
  • Release management effort via CHaRM and TMS
  • Interface tracking via PO through channel monitoring
  • UNIX/SQL custom scripts as per the environment requirement.

Environment: s in Scope: SAP Components: SAP ECC, SAP BI, SAP GTS,APO,TREX, PORTAL, BOE, SOLMAN,PI, VERTEX, Confidential Express, G RC, SAP Redwood, HANA, VISTEX. Live cache, Optimizers (CTM), SLD, HANA Life Cycle Manager, SUM, Quick Sizer, DMO, GRC, IDM, BIZ TALK, B2B, eCommerce, Blue Sky, Confidential DB2 UDB 9.7/10.x, Oracle, Sybase Linux Red hat 6.x/7.xEnvironments Support : DEV, SBX, QA, PREPRD, PRD, TEST, REG, & Training, N, N+1


Lead Consultant


  • SAP WEB AS Java/SAP NetWeaver landscape seup and maintenace.
  • Upgrade Technology (SPS, Enhp leveles)
  • SAP Unicode Conversion/ Migration of entire landscape.
  • AIX/DB2 Backup Management & Disaster Recovery using Confidential TSM and offsite Confidential disaster recovery site.
  • Confidential AIX/Pseries, Volume Groups, LVM, SAP/DB2 Raw & Jfs File systems sizing &management.
  • SAP & SAN Storage, navigate LUN allocation as per SAP/DB2 needs.
  • SAP CRM, SCM Installed,Configured and managed Java +Abap stack.
  • Solution Manager 4.0 install,configure
  • SAP Security: Implimentation,management, SOX Audit, SAP GRC, License management across landscape.


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