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Product Owner, Architect Resume


  • 15+ years of SAP Experience that includes multiple Implementations, Product development with SAP Labs, Support, Upgrade and Global projects. Provided custom solutions for sectors; Financials, agrochemical, Biotech, Insurance, FMCG, Beverages, Utilities, Retail, Pharma and Manufacturing.
  • A Self - motivated, detailed and team oriented, Solution Architect, Lead and Product Owner with both Functional and technical expertise in SAP CRM and ECC modules with Configuration, Customization, Fiori/UI5, S/4 HANA, ABAP, Integration, Data Migration and Data Archiving.
  • Extensive Techno-functional expertise in SAP CRM and Sales with Configuration Customization WRICEF development with SAP Fiori UI5, S/4 HANA, WebUI, WebDynpro, PCUI and GUI.
  • SAP Solution Provider Expertise - Architecture and Deployment of complex solutions for ever changing business, technology and regulations. Empower business with SAP solutions, Change Review, Governance, risk, and compliance in Global projects and Onsite-Offshore delivery model.
  • Project Delivery Skills- Initiation, Requirement Finalization, Scoping, Planning; Estimate, Schedule, Delivery, Milestones, Quality, Risk, KPI monitoring, communicate stakeholders and Execution Control in Agile, Sprint, Waterfall and project delivery methodologies along with ASAP.
  • Change and Support Management- Proficient in Change Review Management to adopt changing dynamics, Change Requests, GAP and Impact Analysis, Standardized Support and Change process.
  • Team Player - Enforces Team Performance and Excellence with Collaborative Skills. Fast Learner, Analytical, problem solving, decision making, and interpersonal skills to achieve team goals.
  • Lead own teams and cross-functional teams to ensure delivery on time with planned metrics (quality, performance, set standards) with planning, organizing, controlling and and best practices.


  • Proficient in SAP CRM and ECC - Architecture, Solution design and Implementation with CRM CRM7.0 EHP3, CRM2007 and lower versions, UI development, Fiori/UI5 and S4HANA.
  • Translating business process into SAP solutions, SAP best practices in SDLC, Blueprint, requirement and GAP analysis, Functional and technical Docs, coding, testing and live support.
  • Expertise with CRM streams;Marketing, Sales, Service, E-Commerce-B2b, B2C,TPM, TCM, TFM, Accounts, Contracts, Activities, Mobile Apps, Middleware and ECC- SD, MM, PP, PI and FI/CO.
  • Expertise in CRM Web UI, Enhancement framework, CRM Adaptors, BTEs, OO ABAP, PCUI, IC, Groupware integration, BDocs, Component workbench -all layers: Presentation, GenIL, BOL, APIs.
  • Expert of CRM One Order framework, CRM and ECC Data model, Order-to-Cash, Internet sales/ICSS ERMS. HANA data migration, SLT, BW, APO,SD, MM,FI, SCM, PI and MDM.
  • SAP WRICEF-Reports, BDC, Scripts, Smart forms, Dialog, DDIC, LSMW, ALV, BAPI, BADIs, User exits, API, RFC, ALE, IDoc, EDI, BSP, MVC, WebDynpro, Web Services, and Workflow.
  • Experienced with SAP Fiori Web Apps and SAP S/4 HANA - Architecture, App Development, configuration, customization, OData Services, Data Exchange, Publish, troubleshoot and debugging.
  • Tailor-made Fiori Apps with LaunchPad, UI5 (Web IDE, Eclipse) on S/4 HANA and ABAP.
  • Expertise in SAP UI5, SAP FIORI/UX, OData, S4 HANA, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, JSON, XML, Node.JS, REST, GIT and NW Gateway Service Builder.
  • Experienced with SAP product development,BSPs, HTML5, Core Java, JavaScript, C, HTML, Service Now, ITIL, BMC Remedy, HPQC, Change Management, ASAP and Agile Methodology.



Product Owner, Architect

Environment: SAP NW 7.02, CRM 7.0-EHP2 and ECC 7.0


  • Design, development, tracking, testing, delivery, documention, supportand maximize system runtime.
  • Responsible for gathering requirements, scoping, planning, budgeting, tracking and delivering solutions for CRM, ECC SD streams; Account, marketing, Opportunity, Sales Order, Pricing and Invoicing of KPMG’s custom process, Integration of SAP and non-SAP custom global systems which includes configuration, customization and maintenance of master, customizing and transactional data.
  • SPOC for CRM and ECC Sales streams like Accounts, Contacts, activities, Leads, Opportunities, Marketing tools and sales orders/engagements(Order-to-Cash activities) for support and enhancements.
  • Being a Techno-functional, SME, Established Coding and Fiori UI5 development standards, performce guide lines, developed prototypes, coordinated team with Onsite-Offshore and delivered with quality.
  • Designed, built and deployed various Fiori Apps for CRM, Sales and HR that involves work with Fiori Development tools, Controllers, Custom Views, Navigations, OData service with CRUD operations. It involves usage of custom themes, Internationalizing (i18n), Aggregations Responsive Designs (Desktop/Mobile/) using HTML5, CSS3, Spilt Controllers, Routings, and Extension of custom Apps.
  • Delivered Fiori Launchpad that includes creation of Roles, Catalogs, groups, Tiles and assignment. Fixed issues with debugging UI5 screens, OData, NWG Services, SICF services of OLM & HR Apps.
  • Delivered S4HANA solutions for CRM, Sales and HCM using ABAP on HANA, ADT, AMDPs, Native SQL, ABAP Core data Services(CDS), DataBase Procedures, Text Search and got approval from stakeholders for budgets and responsible for delivery and oversee of S/4HANA solutions.
  • Successfully Completed CRM, ECC Data Migration (both Legacy and S4/HANA) and Reconciliation.
  • Data Synchronization with CRM-ECC and between SAP and non-SAP Custom Application systems.
  • Delivered projects like ECT, OPTT interfaces that includes all SDLC activities in CRM and ECC.
  • Responsible for design, development and delivery of SAP CRM publishes with subscribers and integrations with non-SAP systems like NGGCEAC, Sentinel and CLEAS using Webservices.
  • Worked business leads and teams to execute CRM Data Archiving and successfully completed with data consistency across transactions and connected systems like ECC, mobile and global systems.
  • Completed Data archiving in CRM, ECC activities to accommodate different needs of multiple countries which includes business Objects of Contacts, Activities and Opportunities as planned.
  • Delivered custom Integrations of SAP with non-SAP applications using WebServices that includes working with non-SAP teas and different countries BPLs, end-users, developing prototypes, workarounds, resolve incidents, RCAs and delivered change requests timely to make sure the backlogs.
  • Worked and oversighted integration of multiple third party applications like Market Edge, Exact target, Eloqua, KPET, D&B BPH, CEVENT and Marketing-MPT and took care of data consistency and issues.
  • Involved in Analysis of existing technology vs. upcoming SAP technology road map to meet stake holder's expectations and to empower dynamic business process with long vision and commitment.
  • Provided permanent solutions for issues raised during cutover releases in OTC (CRM,ECC-SD & FI).
  • Worked closely with other teams, lead team members, quided, brain stormed for solution excellency and helped business with seamless experience with On time delivery and functioning well.
  • Established and Improved post go-live support process, enhancements (CRs) post go-live effectively.

Confidential, St Louis, MO

Product Owner, Architect


  • Responsible for Complete development activities, requirement gathering, solution design, coding, testing, documentation for SAP CRM WebUI for CIC, Marketing, Sales, and Master Data.
  • Responsible for CRM Techno-functional Solution provider and Architecture that involves Analysis of business requirements, bridge the gap between business problems/needs, developing a solution prototype, Tracking solution development, and supporting the project management team.
  • Responsible for Functional and Technical Solutions for CRM. Worked with development and enhancements related to several Web UI components for CRM streams: CIC, Sales, Marketing, E-Commerce, Events, and master data. Work involved in all layers of Web UI architecture.
  • Performed Functional configuration, customization and execution of the solution proposed for E-Commerce includes B2B and B2C scenarios to support Dealers and end customers from any where.
  • Worked on Functional design of change Management process. Configuring Enterprise Structure and assignment of organizational elements. Configured Internet transaction type, Status Profiles, Internet user Management. Configuring web shop, Product Catalogs, Product Hierarchy, Product Master etc
  • Responsible for design and developed B2B and B2C portals. Custom reports, integration with BI. Configuration of Product substitute, Listing and exclusion etc. Configured service through email.
  • Worked on Configuration and customization of Agent Inbox, Interaction Record, CIC Web client
  • Resolved many Post-Upgrade issues and made the CIC system ready for timely go-live.
  • Worked with Admin Console, DIMA, BDoc enhancements, filters, subscriptions, mapping modules.
  • Delivered Web UI Search, Search result, OView pages, Table views, DD views, work centers, Basic Settings related to BOL, GenIL and design Layer, Transaction Launcher, Navigational bars.
  • Enhanced user interface with ET and EEWB and provided essential features for many UI Objects.
  • Costomized SPRO settings related to Web UI and Middleware. Responsible for maintaining enhancement sets as required. Development work in Campaigns, Leads, Opportunities, and Surveys.

Confidential, Overland Park, KS

Product Owner, Architect


  • Responsible for requirement finalization and analysis, base configuration and customization of Activity management, Leads, Opportunities, Partners, Contacts in CRM and Sales in ECC.
  • Responsible for ABAP development activities with timely delivery that includes WebUI changes, enhancements, Configuration and customization of views, logical links, and navigation bar, workgroups, direct links, business roles, profiles and Data migration and Synchroniczation.
  • Worked with multiple change requests to support ongoing business needs of CRM and ECC modules.
  • Provided activity creation links in the activity work center and also taken care required navigational links both at first and second levels. Worked with Button handling, setting field properties, creation of new views, component usages, and provided drop-downs, value helps, hyperlinks, and actions.
  • Delivered custom validations with enahncement implementions using BADIs in ECC sales & invoice
  • Enhanced all necessary components related to Activity home screen, search screen, overview pages.
  • Enhanced Busines partner, contact search, Activity related views, and customized multiple assignment blocks that includes variouf field level and table levl changes.
  • Responsible for base configuration, customization of CRM Service streams that includes Servcie requests, Contracts, rebates, Bill Plan, WebUI, Middleware, design and deliver of work shop outputs.
  • Deliverables includes working with customization and enhancement of WebUI components in Account Identification, new view for SR Product search facility and suppressed the Instal base view.
  • Enhanced Components to provide search help (F4) and advanced search help functionality for required fields in Trade Promotion creation views and changed field characteristics as needed.
  • Delivered several BADI enahncements related to Marketing, TPM, TCM, and CRM Middleware for providing additional features required validations needed as demanded by the business process.
  • Enhanced component to provide the functionality of Hierarchical overlap check for trade promotions, development involved work in layers (Web UI, BOL, GenIL, and API).
  • Worked on several MKT related components like, component MPLAS ADVSEARCH (Marketing plan) to default number search result records and to add new attribute.
  • Customized CRM middleware enhanced BDocs and used BADIs as required to support CRM sync.
  • Resolved issues related to Web UI, middleware, and supported both CRM and ECC after go-live.
  • Responsible for base configuration, customization of CRM Service streams like Servcie requests, Contracts, rebates, Bill Plan, marketing, WebUI, Middleware, design and delivery of solutions.
  • Deliverables includes working with customization and enhancement of webUI component in Account Identification, created new view for SR Product search facility and suppressed the Instal base view.
  • Developed new UI solution to provide Web UI transaction to maintain EPA mapping data in new Z-table and Auto default the product type into SR category1 in RMA Service Request creation.
  • Enhanced agent inbox search with EEWB. Enhanced BOL structure and modified UI layer to display it in the drop down using BADI and marketing plan to default number of search results, to auto set the SR status to agent action when email is received for an existing SR and not closed.
  • Designed custom solution to provide the Rebate control feature for CRM Service stream in a way that it is in sync and useful in Bill plan as well and it helped AMD’s Rebate control calculation process.
  • Worked with enhancement for providing additional four fields in Agent Inbox search view and enhanced the service contract related components as required.
  • Enhanced middleware using BADI CRM EQUI LOAD to assign serial number field into identification field of IBase component and Enhanced Internet Customer Self Service (ICSS) features by customizing created new views, provided search help for fields in Service Request.
  • Worked with groupware configuration to integrate MS outlook with SAP CRM contacts and Personalized eReport Centre used in sales department of AMD Portal.
  • Worked with E-Commerce customer creation based on client’s website web form and email received from ICSS, Extended internet user’s role and used ERMS inputs. Worked with Email verification of internet customer based on email received by ERMS system.

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