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Senior Sap Basis Consultant And Hana Dba Resume

St, LuiS


  • Totally 26 consecutive years SAP basis experience in many quaint - essential Fortune 100 companies .
  • Totally 9 years SAP Hana DBA experience.
  • 24 consecutive years of Oracle DBA including Oracle11g/12c, 10 years of DB2(UDB) DBA, 7 years SQLServer DBA.
  • Available for 24x7 ON-SITE support.


SAP installation

500 (e.g. S/4Hana, ERP6. Solman, PI/PO, BOBJ, SRM, CRM, Hana, Sybae ASE, SCM etc.)

SAP Hana

SAP system upgrade

SAP enhp upgrade (enhancement packs)



XI/PI/PO basis

Dual Stack split

SAP Enterprise Portal

ILM archiving with IXOS(now OPENTEXT)


Homogeneous database copy(migration)

Heterogeneous database copy (migration)

Oracle DBA (including 11g and 12c)


MS SQL server


UP-UX (up to 11-23)


SAP TMS (Transport management system)

SAP MI (Mobile Infrastructure)




6 years


SCM APO LiveCache









Solution Manager 7.1

SAP BW/BI basis






Confidential, St. Luis

Senior SAP basis consultant and Hana DBA


  • Daily ECC, Portal(JAVA), BW(ABAP+Java), GRC, SLT, SOLMAN7.2/CTS and BOBJ/BODS administration routine, upgrade front-end Fiori using Maintenance Planner. Massive Fiori configuration on SAP gateway. Massive Fiori trouble-shooting for SOLMAN7.2.
  • Extensive Hana DB administration work such as DR/HA test, performance tuning, security setup for Hana users including script-based roles, extensive Hana system replication and takeover tests. Extensive 3rd party integration with BW on Hana, e.g. MS Office Analyzer for BPC on Hana, Postgres DB/Oracle DB for Hana SDA/SDI.
  • Upgrade Hana from Hana1SP12 to Hana2SP3. Proven expertise in upgrade terabit DB with zero downtime in a system replication environment.
  • Extensive BI/BPC administration: upgrade BI/BPC using Maintenance Planner and SUM, configure SSL for BPC application, reconfigure BPC after OSDB migration and Hana DB refresh.
  • Extensive LTS data provisioning in a side car scenario. Proven expertise on LTS setup, scheduling, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Extensive Solman7.2(ABAP+Java) configuration for technical monitoring, CHARM, EWA report, User Experience monitoring, Solman documentation, Wily Introscope for Java monitoring, etc.
  • Support BOBJ/BODS4.2 in a distributed environment. Daily support for job server, file repositories, profiler repositories and local repositories. Full user security administration on BOBJ/BODS. Install and support BOBJ information steward. Connect BODS to different systems such as Hana, SQLserver, Oracle,etc. Upgrade BODS/BOBJ.
  • Periodic Hana DB refresh for QAS and sandbox ECC using PRD DB, extensive use of post-copy automation (PCA) for Hana DB fresh.


Senior SAP basis consultant and Hana DBA


  • Perform OSDB migration to secured military zones for defense contractors.
  • Extensive PO/PI configuration.
  • Configure CHARM for ECC transport.
  • Daily Hana DBA routines including capacity planning, Hana installation/upgrade, different Hana
  • DB tracing, Hana user/role administration, Hana DB backup/restore based system refresh, 3-tier Hana system replication, SDA/SDI configuration, SLT real time replication for tables, etc.

Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP basis consultant


  • SAP/S4Hana and SAP/Hana(Azure) systems in the areas such as upgrade using SUM, software patching, security setting, monitoring, etc. for SRM, S4HANA, BW(ABAP+JAVA), BI/BPC, CRM, FIORI, Solution Manager7.2(CHARM), BOBJ/BODS4.2 etc.
  • Extensive Solution Manager 7.2 Maintenance Planner configuration/troubleshooting for SUM used in upgrade.
  • Especially focused on Fiori update using Maintenance Planner.
  • Extensive use of SAP Landscape Management3.0 (i.e. LaMa, previously known as LVM) for SAP systems on Hana DB, UDB/DB2 as well as Hana sidecar scenarios. Extensive setup of SAP LaMa3.0 SP05 for all SAP products on Hana, e.g. ERP6(S4HANA)/IS-Utility, BW, EWM, BPC, PI/PO, sidecar, etc. and define their dependency for provisioning. Proven expertise on define custom operation/hook/service for provisioning. Install/upgrade Lama components using Solman maintenance planner and SUM. Use templates to schedule jobs. Massive SAP host agent install/upgrade on all kinds of servers, e.g. AIX, Linux (Hana appliance), RHEL6, cloud, windows, etc. to facilitate SAP LaMa provisioning.

Confidential, Downingtown, PA

SAP Hana administrator


  • Configure CHARM for ECC transport;
  • Support Hana Smart Data Access for remote 3rd party databases, e.g. Oracle/JDEdward, etc.;
  • Implement Vertex Cloud on S4Hana systems and trouble - shoot from Hana DB side;
  • Implement Hybris Commence Cloud Platform with PI/PO(Sybase/ASE15) for Hana based systems and trouble shoot from Hana DB side;
  • Extensive Fiori and S4HANA update activities using SUM and Maintenance Planner.
  • Extensive S4Hana front-end and back-end administration.

Confidential, Denver, CO


  • Extensive SAP Hana implementation includes: create S/4HANA database and landscape, proven Hana DBA expertise on troubleshooting on S4Hana, Fiori, Gateway and backend connection. Daily DBA routines in Hana environment as well as Database infrastructure software/tools management . implementation of NW7.5 as the SAP Hana SLT servers (DB Oracle) landscape, perform extensive Hana DBA duties such as install, patching, trouble-shooting and tuning.
  • Daily routine Hana DBA activities on SLT server including trouble-shooting, replication setup, performance tuning, Hana SID rename, extensive Unix scripting, etc.
  • Massive OSDB Hana migration for SAP HR/ERP6(ABAP+JAVA) landscape to higher release and new HW.
  • Proven ability for capacity planning and trouble-shooting in complicated environment.
  • Proven ability on 3rd party integration such as Vertex configuration for SAP HCM, PI integration for vendors.


Senior SAP basis consultant


  • Install Hana DB1.0 revision SP102 with hdblcm on Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC);
  • Extensive S4Hana administration;
  • Migrating Business Suite (NW7.4) including ERP6, BW,BOBJ/BODS, etc. to Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC) on SUSE Linux with multiprocessors (from 4 CPUs to 60 CPUs);
  • Scale out above systems by adding multiple additional application servers on SUSE Linux;
  • Various post-install configuration and activities including CHARM setup, RFC setup, etc. in a cloud (HEC) environment;
  • Document all above procedures for client’s Hana administrators.
  • Routine Hana and Sybase administrator activities (e.g. DB autospace management, ID/role security management, backup/DR, etc.) to facilitate the migration project.
  • Solution Manager7.1 (Solman) MOPZ and Maintenance Planner are constantly used to calculate support package/add-on queues for SUM to apply EHP7 or patches on Java and ABAP. Documented entire SUM procedure.
  • Proven expertise on administrating SUSE Linux file systems in a distributed environment, e.g. NFS export file systems, NFS mount file systems, Linux ID/group, file system security permission, Unix scripting, etc.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Senior SAP basis consultant


  • Massive data center migration including the landscapes for SAP NetWeaver, ECC(hana), BW, BOBJ/BODS(V4.1 clustered), GRC, CRM, SAP PORTAL, Solution Manager7.1(CHARM, N+1 LANDSCAPE), SAP process integration, ILM,SRM, REDWOOD, PI/PO(JAVA), BI/BO4.1, etc.
  • Proven Oracle RAC DBA expertise on migration and troubleshooting.
  • OSDB Migration in a HANA shop with BI/BPC, BOBJ/BODS4.1, PI/PO, SRM, EP, ERP6(HR), TDMS, CRM, IDM, Solman7.1 etc.
  • Proven Hana DBA expertise. Extensive CHARM setup for ECC transport.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior SAP basis consultant


  • Extensive SAP BW system migration from DB2/ZOS to Hana/Linux using SWPM/ Post - Copy Automation (PCA);
  • Comprehensive migration rehearsals by cloning production to sandbox for precisely deciding resource requirements, downtime, trouble-shooting, etc.
  • PCA is extensively used to handle delta queues during BW Hana migration therefore delta is seamlessly transferred to the migrated system.
  • The migration includes Unicode conversionNW7.01->7.4 upgradeBPC upgrade to BPC10HA cluster setup and DR/HA.
  • Proven expertise at handling huge DB (bigger than 15 terabytes) in various migration steps.
  • Proven ability on minimizing migration downtime.
  • Proven Hana DBA expertise on user management, role management, backup/recovery, etc.
  • Solution Manager is constantly used to manage the project.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

Senior SAP basis consultant


  • Participate a large SAP Hana migration/upgrade project.
  • Use Database Migration Option (DMO) of SUM to migrate six AIX/DB2 based NW7.x to LINUX/HANA based NW7.4.
  • The migrated SAP systems are 15 TB.
  • Numerous DMO performance tuning tips/tricks are applied to reduce the down time for the 15 TB databases.

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