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Hris And Analytics Manager Resume

Houston, TexaS


  • Highly accomplished and technically sophisticated professional offering exceptional quantitative and qualitative analytical abilities and proven track record aligning technical solutions with business needs.
  • Adept at cultivating relationships with key stakeholders, executives, and business users across all business areas to determine high - level requirements; accurately distill information for technical development.
  • Experienced in full lifecycle system development processes; business process documentation and analysis; and delivering enterprise solutions to support the business.
  • Demonstrated success working with private corporations, and contractors / subcontractors to support system integration, development, and implementation projects to capitalize on cutting-edge technologies. Consistently maintains the highest security and confidentiality standards.
  • SAP HCM Certified with good understanding of all aspects of the Human Resource’s business process and translation of business requirements into SAP solutions in the cost effective and client-servicing manner.
  • Participated in implementation/rollout, up gradation, “post-go live” support and as a production support engagements.
  • In-depth functional knowledge of HR Concepts and possesses a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Human Resource business process, comprising the life cycle of an employee including hiring, employee maintenance, Organizational Management and benefits.
  • Extensive experience in the functional configuration of SAP HR module using ASAP methodology with emphasis on Personnel Administration (PA), Organization Management (OM), Benefits Management, Time Management (TM) and CATS, Payroll configuration and support (PY) ESS, MSS and Ad Hoq Reporting and Spinflex Reporting .
  • Strong analytical skills - independent problem solving.
  • Strong communication skill (written and verbal).


HRIS and Analytics Manager

Confidential, Houston, Texas


  • Analyze and defines and SAP HR functions and business processes for the SAP HR modules including: Organizational Management (OM), Personnel Administration (PA), ESS/ MSS, Time and Payroll according to operational and business needs.
  • Support weekly and biweekly payroll, with issue resolution during time evaluation and pay simulation processing for smooth processing. Configure Payroll wage types, garnishments, tax authorities and pay structure as per the business need.
  • Configure work schedules and created holiday calendar and regenerated work schedules, created ne time types for both US and Canadian business.
  • Resolve position and work schedule related issues.
  • Redesigned vacation quota to limit loss of revenue due to incorrect calculations and over payments of vacation quotas.
  • Development of assigned project deliverables and coordinate with team members and other stakeholders, as necessary, to complete the deliverables.
  • Assists with all project-related activities across all phases of the project (requirements gathering through deployment; Unit testing documenting and .
  • Manage offshore and onshore technical development resources. Provide guidance on issue resolution as per analyses and user feedback.
  • Worked on Success factor implementation project and created functional specification for interface and master data mapping for applicant tracking and performance management modules from for successful implementation.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Sr. Business Analyst


  • Identify and analyze business needs and provide innovative recommendations for technology solutions. Developed and manage requirements specifications, business process, process modeling, data modeling, and conversion and configuration requirements.
  • Translated the business specifications into technical terms and promoted the business objectives within the technical teams.
  • Support payroll and resolve issue during payroll run, Created new wage types, change Cost Center mapping to GL accounts. Create new pay scale levels as per requirements. Update tax authorities etc.
  • Work with Basis to who apply SAP notes and support packs, tested impact and functionality.
  • Solve time related issues and defined new break schedules, period work schedule and created new work schedules to make sure all schedules are available for accurate time entry for accurate payroll processing.
  • Created new CATS Profiles and resolved issue relating to CATS time entry and approval.
  • Updated new Salary ranges for Salary planning process.
  • Resolved OM and PA related issue and trained business users on creation of new org structures.
  • Work with Benefits to resolve benefits related issue and create functional specifications for interface changes, created new benefits group and new plans for a new company acquired which had different 401k matching.
  • Testing for Open enrolment and Updating benefits plans and cost structure.
  • Created new cost group with new 401k plan with new contribution limit for employer.
  • Update health rates and created new cost structure for various benefit plans for open enrolment.
  • Support ESS and MSS related issue adding links to Portal etc.
  • Worked on system improvement issues not configured correctly in the initial roll out and enhancements.
  • Worked on all HR related configurations for acquisition of a new plant.
  • Managed and worked on a divestment project for one of the companies for a smooth transition.

Confidential, Fort Worth, TX

Sr. Business Analyst, SAP HCM


  • HR team lead responsible for complete interaction with client on business requirements.
  • Complete interaction with offshore team and managing end to end delivery
  • Provide guidance and support on SAP business processes for improved functionality Business process owners and senior management.
  • Supported weekly and biweekly pay roll. Created new wage types. Identified and rectified data discrepancies that caused issues during payroll. Configured tax authorities and resolved payroll calculation related issue.
  • Created SAP note for system related issues that required SAP support and worked with SAP for resolving payroll related issues.
  • Handled scope change requests due to business needs.
  • Preparation of Functional specifications for technical development of changes and interphase files.
  • Reviewed Technical specifications to make sure the enhancements are as per the requirements.
  • Created unit test plans for new functionality and completed user functional acceptance testing.
  • Gathered requirements for Success factors and work with HR team through implementation and testing to deploy Success factors implementation project for applicant tracking system.
  • Worked on requirement gathering and roadmap with business to map the workflow process and our implementation design for Success factors implementation.
  • Worked on employee Profile data interface for success factors and created test pan for unit testing.
  • Created new Organizational structures, positions, Worksites and all the related information for plant acquisitions.
  • Worked with HR business partners to create Structural Hierarchy which should reflect our actual reporting structure in the company to facilitate ESS and MSS implementation.
  • Worked towards creating a position controlled structure.
  • Work with field staff to resolve time entry issue and created new work schedules as per requirements.
  • Worked on year end testing for SAP support pack using Panay tool.
  • Updated 2013 tax limits tested, Performed testing for BSI update and tubs for payroll.
  • Worked with Benefits to update new cost structure for benefits.

Confidential, Framingham, MA

SAP HCM Analyst


  • Responsibilities include new development and support.
  • Responsible for resolving time recording and time evaluation issues.
  • Supported payroll for both weekly and Bi-weekly run. Resolving issues during processing and configuring new functionalities as per the business requirements.
  • Resolve Time recording issues in Cats.
  • Created new Org structures(OM), positions and CATS profile for our Canadian Employees, so that they can enter their Exceptional time into CATS.
  • Maintain quota and make quota corrections.
  • Created new Enterprise structure (OM) and Actions for importing data. for our international employees in Dubai and India into SAP.
  • Super User using fire fighter tools for immediate resolutions of issues in Production.
  • Define Work Schedules as per requirements, conduct testing Using HP QC, and maintain documentation.
  • Create reports for HR Business Users using SAP query and AD Hoc Reports.
  • Remedy ticketing system user.

Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP HR Functional


  • Responsible for resolving issues in Time Management.
  • Check the allocation of Quota Records RPTQUATA CHECK.
  • Errors with entering absences
  • Fast Entry of Time Data PA71.
  • Payroll support and HR data related issue resolution.

Confidential, St. Paul, MN

SAP HR functional Consultant


  • Defined various work schedules like daily, period and monthly work schedules.
  • Defined attendance and absences, as per the client requirements.
  • Defined public holiday calendar for personnel sub areas.
  • Configured work schedules of daily work schedule with break schedule and period work schedule.
  • Defined selection rules for day types.
  • Defined public holidays and assigned them to public holiday calendar.
  • Defined absence and attendance types for different personal sub-area groupings.
  • Work schedule rules, absence and attendance counting rule.
  • Define absences and attendance quotas.
  • Set Base entitlement and deduction rules.
  • Created wage types and Pay structure, and tax authorities.
  • Created testing and documents for business users.
  • Gathered and analyzed business requirements from the client that had over 10K+ active employees and retirees.
  • Created and walked through functional design documents with the client and development team.
  • Designed, configured, and documented Health Plans, Insurance Plans, Flexible Spending Accounts, Evidence of Insurability, and Adjustment Reasons
  • Provide long distance to the new users when new configurations came into effect.
  • Updated existing manuals that explained the inputs into CATS.
  • Used Slide shows, Screen shots and other materials to explain the hiring process of an employee.
  • Trained users in creating custom variants and showed them how to use reports to create different Absence quotas.
  • Created and Maintained the Organizational Structure Objects, Organizational Unit, Jobs, and Positions.
  • Configured and maintained the master using the transactions PA20, PA30 and PA40

Confidential, CA

SAP HR Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0


  • Maintain Personal Data and Pay scale Structure
  • Worked on the integration of OM and PA modules.
  • Maintain Dynamic Actions and Personnel Administration info types.
  • Used Feature NUMKR for maintaining the Number Ranges.
  • Configured the Info groups. Customized the New Hire Actions as per business requirement
  • Created and Maintained the Organizational Structure Objects, Organizational Unit, Jobs, and Positions.
  • Created and Maintained Organizational and Staffing Hierarchy through Transaction Codes PPOCE and PPOME.
  • Created plans that enable you to Access Companies current Organizational situation, analyze companies’ historical records and plan future scenarios.
  • Setting up the structural authorizations profiles and activating the switch.
  • Maintained the number ranges for organizational objects.
  • Maintain Organizational Management info types.

Confidential, Rochester, NY

SAP HCM Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0


  • Maintained Employee master data.
  • Documented the process, reviewed, and of end-users.
  • Maintained personal data, organizational data, basic settings, PA40 for hiring of employees.
  • Responsible for hiring actions, creating new personal actions, and personal data org- assignment, planned working time and basic pay.
  • Worked on Employee master data and maintaining number ranges for personnel numbers.

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