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Sap Sd/cpm Senior Consultant Resume

Nashville, TN


  • Over fourteen years of experience in IT with extensive experience in SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution module and integration with FI, MM, WM and AFS modules and interfaces with external system like 3PL.
  • Involved in Four Full Life Cycle Implementations using the ASAP Methodology.
  • Experience working in various Industries like Navy, Aerospace & Defense, IT, Utilities, Beverage, Public Sector, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Automotive, etc.
  • Order Management: Expertise in configuring Basic Functions including Text Management, Output determination, Revenue Account assignment, partner determination, and copy controls, Pricing Procedure (condition types, access sequence and pricing procedure determination), Variant Configuration and Global Trade Compliance.
  • Experience in the ASAP methodology, involving all phases of project lifecycle from initial project planning and scoping through gap analysis, customizations, testing, go - live, production support, user and documentation.
  • Extensive working knowledge of ABAP with respect to debugging, coding, LSMW, user exits, BDC BADIs, BAPIs, ALE and EDI.
  • Organization Structure: Defining and Assigning Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division, Sales Area, Sales offices, Sales groups, Plant, Storage Location, Shipping / Loading Point.
  • Master Data: Experience in configuring Master Data, Document Types (Sales Order Types, Delivery Documents, Billing Documents, Credit and debit memo, rebate processing, etc.) including special order types (Third Party Processing, Consignment Processing, Inter-company billing and inter-company stock transfers), ATP, Credit Management, Material Listing/Exclusion, Rebate processing, Contracts, Deliveries, Picking, Packing and Shipping, Sales Information Structures.
  • Logistics Execution: Shipping Point determination, Route determination, Availability Check and TOR, Material Listing/Exclusion, Picking, Packaging and Handling Units, Transportation, etc.
  • Experience creating basic reports in ABAP for data loads and working on User Exits, interfaces, RFCs.
  • Prepared user manuals, documents, test scripts for system, integration and validation testing. Have been involved in the complete testing cycle and bug fixing.
  • Provided post-implementation support and end-user .
  • Excellent communication skills and a team player.


SAP SD/CPM Senior Consultant

Confidential, Nashville, TN


  • Worked on CPM (Commercial Project Management) and its integration with SAP SD (Contracts, Condition Records, Sales Document Types, Item Categories, etc) on SAP S/4 HANA.
  • Involved in multiple CRs including Products, Resale and Assets where my role was to ensure all the scenarios for Deloitte business like Consulting, Audit, Advisory and Tax are working as expected.
  • End to end testing to create a Master Engagement, Financial Plan with EPF app as well as in CP3 system which integrates with CPM. An Engagement is created for the Financial Plan and upon approval of Engagement resulting in a Contract with the required Condition types like ZDSR, ZESU, ZRBR and ZFBG. In the EPF app downloaded the IPW (Integrated Pricing Workbook) and added multiple resources based on the requirement.
  • Prepared numerous test documents working with the Business and UAT teams to gather requirements related to IPW and process and how the data flows back and forth between EPF, CP3 and ERF. Ensure the appropriate rates are picked from Bill Rates and Cost Rates tables and the Engagement KPIs in IPW are working as expected.
  • Worked on Contract Types like Fixed Fee, SBR and RBR for US, APC and NWE member firms.
  • Worked on Agile Methodology with scrum master where-in I have to provide daily updates including co-ordinating with offshore team on a daily basis for hand-off at the end of the day.

SAP SD Solution Architect

Confidential, Richardson, TX


  • Involved in upgrade project where ADP division of Confidential was on Release 4.6C and upgraded to ECC 6.0.
  • Extensive testing of all the order types from Standard Order ZAOR , Promo Order ZAPO , Sample order ZASO , Credits, Debits, Returns, etc which included performing the EWM activities used to perform Goods Issue on Outbound Delivery and Returns Delivery.
  • Loaded over 30,000+ pricing condition records for various condition types like ZABP, ZACP and PB00 in Production system using LSMW.
  • Performed the Open Sales order Migration process during the go-live and as a part of cut-over activities and working with the business to ensure the delivery due list job is stopped and other scenarios like credit and debits are taken into consideration.
  • Testing the EDI process included updating the EDPAR and EDSDC entries in P00 and partner profiles. Tested the 850, 855 and 810 customers/scenarios.
  • Resolved numerous production issues including updating the Pricing procedure where required for freight conditions and credit, debits and returns process.
  • Tested end to end for the change to the incoterms and depending on the carrier and inco-terms the appropriate condition type will be applied on the invoice or sales order. For example in the case of a UPS order the Condition Type ZAEF will only apply on the invoiced based on a UPS entry in a custom table. Incoterms created for this were ZLA, ZPA, ZTC, ZPF and ZCL .
  • Responsible for all the custom reports that were ported from the existing production system into the new system and working with the CSS team to ensure the reports output is as per the requirements
  • Extensive production support working with the Business and the CSS team on all the areas of SD like Item Categories, Sample Orders, Outputs, Text determination, Pricing , etc.

SAP SD Architect

Confidential, Neenah, WI


  • Joined Contract to Cash Phase 2 project at the Requirements Gathering phase and involved in extensive discussions on requirements and implementation best practices for the Drivers and Trucks related data. These discussions were highly techinical in nature including the optimum process like Sales Order or Contracts implementation per Business Process.
  • Set up the Item Categories , Item Category Determination , Value Contracts , Set status on the Quotation to process the Contract only when the Quote is in Released/Completed status , set up new partners like ZM (Employee Responsible), ZQ (Credit Representative), Copy Controls from Quote to Contract, Contract to Release Order and Release Order to Invoice.
  • Set up the end to end process including Quotations ( ZSVQ ), Contracts (Value Contracts - ZMSV ), Release Order ( ZMSR ) and Invoicing. The Contracts also have the Down Payment process in which case the Invoice was FAZ ( Down Payment Invoice ) instead of the standard F2 Invoice.
  • Set up the Pricing Process which required new pricing procedure ZC2CM1 and additional Condition Types like ZPR0 (Price), ZPR1 (Price Override), ZPR3 (MS Cust Price 1) and ZPR4 (MS Cust Price 2) depending if the price is per piece or if there is scaling involved. Other condition types added to the pricing procedure are ZMSC (MS Reseller Rebate) and ZMSS (MS Reseller Statistical).
  • Set up the Down Payment Process end to end including Billing Plan Types (Milestone Billing), Date Descriptions, Assign Billing Plan types to Sales Document Types and Item Categories, etc.
  • Demo the process end to end to the entire team including Project Manager , team leads and team members.
  • Set up LSMW for ZPR0, ZPR3 and ZPR4 to upload prices for customer and material combinations.
  • Involved in Production support to resolve day to day issues in Contracts, Release Orders and Pricing related changes.

SAP SD Architect

Confidential, Gastonia, NC


  • Involved in all areas of Full Life Cycle Implementation including gathering requirements from the Business regarding the existing Baan system.
  • Worked in all areas of SD like Sales Area set up, Item Categories , Schedule Lines , Availability Check , Routing, Customer material info records , Material Determination , Outputs, Pricing , Customer Master set up, Customer Hierarchy , Material master SD views, Sales orders, Deliveries, Shipments, Invoicing , etc
  • Presented the SAP Best Practices to the Core Team which included various scenarios like Sales order process from Stock, Cross-Company Sales Order Processing, Third party process , Returns, Scheduling Agreements , Credit and Debit memo Process, Individual Purchase Order scenario, etc.
  • Prepared a Pricing schema for US, Canada and Mexico to display the applicable Prices and Discounts and promotions and set up the Promotions via VB31 and Sales Deals via VB21 and assigned the sales deal to the promotions. Set up the condition records.
  • Assisted in set up the Sales Orders for MDC (US) and for Ayr (Canada) and Mexico. Included all types of orders like Rush Order, Emergency Order ( ZEXP ), Normal Order, DDL or Third Party Order using Order Type ZTAS , Cross Dock DDL Orders and Pedimento process for Mexico.
  • For the Validation test in Ludwigsburg, DE presented the various scenarios and documented the steps to be used for Issue resolution.
  • Prepared documents for Key user and End user including the fundamentals of SAP with the login screens and navigating the Easy access screen for Sale orders and Deliveries, Shipments and Invoices.
  • During integration testing in the Test box covered all the scenarios end to end with the cross-module integration process involving creating or adding stock, creating PR and PO and MIRO and then Customer Invoice for Third party process. Including the picking and packing and TO creation and confirmation and using the RF transactions for the RF scanners.
  • Continuously working with the business and helped understand how each of the processes like how the data from Customer master, Material Master, Sales Doc Types and Item Categories and Schedule Lines flows into the Sales order and org elements like Shipping Point and it configuration, etc.
  • Preparing Functional and technical specifications and sent them to the developer.

Sr. SAP SD EDI Analyst

Confidential, Renton, WA


  • Worked on implementation on the SAP SD and EDI set up which included setting up Partner Profiles, Condition Records for Order Confirmation, ASN and Invoice , 866 Inbound JITs, 850 and 855 IDOC set up for Confidential Parts and 856 and 810 for all plants.
  • Setting up the Partner Profiles along with the Inbound and Outbound parameters and assigning the Ports and Outputs for Message Type SHPMNT, INVOIC and ORDRSP for Outbound and Message Type SEQJIT, ORDERS with Process Code SJCL and ORDE for Inbound process.
  • Set up of Output Condition Records included set up the Order Confirmation ZC00 for Parts and ASN Output ZCLA for NA Truck Plants, Parts and KenMex and the Invoice Output ZCBL for NA Truck Plants, KenMex and Parts.
  • Monitor the IDOCs and Reprocess them via BD87 and IDOC Processing to test via WE19 . Worked on multiple issues with incorrect data field on the Segment fields like PO Number in wrong field, sequence number, JIT Call no., Customer number ending in X1 instead of 90, etc.
  • Involved in multiple test passes (3 test passes) and cut-over activities to test in the Development environment DE1, Test System QE1 and the Integration Testing in QEC test box before doing the cut-over for Production and provide on call support to the end users.
  • During support worked on issues like KenMex sending Old E4s on the Inbound 866s and the PO number issue where instead of sending Blanket PO number MPAJ730890 the 866s from MCDB were receiving Duplicate PO number MPAJXXXXXX, during regression testing SI was not receiving 856 and 810 IDOCs being sent from SAP. Worked with the SI team in testing ASNs and Invoices.

Sr. SAP SD AFS Support Analyst

Confidential, Irving, TX


  • Production Support involving all areas of Sales and Distribution and other modules like MM, WM, IM and EDI .
  • In AFS worked on the allocating the stock for a particular order using J3AT and allocation type Bike/Snow based on the Sales Order Type and Sales Document
  • Looking at the AFS Stock requirements where needed via /AFS/MD04 and looking at the MRP list via /AFS/MD06 .
  • Per standard SAP logic the Payment Terms are picked from the Sold-to Party on the AFS Header Data tab but I worked with an ABAPer to change the Payment Terms to be pick from the Ship-to and if they are unavailable in Ship-to them pick from Sold-to Party by making changes in the ZZSD MV45AFZZ SAVE user exit.
  • Another change on the AFS Header Data tab was upon user request where if the Standard Order ZSO had PO Type B2B and the Sales Org was 1000 and Dist Chl 11 and the Cust Grp 9 on the Ship-to was Snow (SN) if the total quantity of all the line items on the order was greater than 20 then change Payment Terms from Z300 (30 days) to Z600 (60 days).
  • In the case of Multi and Single store order types the process was to create a ZMSO Order and then run AFS t-code /AFS/MSOEX which explodes the ZMSO Order and creates multiple and separate ZMSS orders for each store with store number and address.
  • Created an LSMW from scratch to convert the one series Ship-to’s to two series Ship-to’s for Bell orders. This involved looking at the customer master records and using tables like KNA1, KNVV and ADRC for address related information.
  • Resolved numerous issues like Invoice not generated on a Sales Order which has Delivery which has PGI’ed and Commercial Invoice created but no regular invoice.
  • Order in Incompletion Status with Pricing Error on all the line items due to incorrect tax jurisdiction code on the customer master record.
  • In Pricing, added Condition Table 557 for Sales Org/Dist. Chl/Ship-to/Material to access sequence ZA05 and Z904 in the ZEBSRD Pricing Procedure for Margin Builder customers.
  • Changed the Sales Doc Type ZOR to update the Pricing Date on the Sales Order based on the Requested Delivery Date from the Header. With this change the Pricing will be picked from the condition records valid on the same date as the requested delivery date.
  • Worked in Variant Configuration with regards to Class (C FB HELMET) with Characteristics of Helmets (Shell Color, size, strap lock, Helmet area 1 paint type, face guard color, decals, etc), Confguration Profiles , Pre-Conditions , Object Dependencies , Routings , Dependency Nets , etc.
  • In Variant configuration analyzed the Object Dependencies and Variant Conditions for the Item Category TAC and the set the material in the material master to be configurable
  • Used Condition types VA00 and VA01 in the Pricing procedure when setting up the Variant Pricing.
  • Set up the Condition Records for VA00 in VK11 and stored combinations of values for different characteristics (CT04) in a Class (CL01) in table created via t-code CU62 .
  • Used Material Variants in the Sales Order for line items with Item Category changed to TAN based on the Make to Stock product.
  • Worked with Users on a daily basis to provide support and perform UAT and Integration Testing along with provided required documentation on new processes.

Sr. SAP SD/MM Analyst

Confidential, Redmond, WA


  • Worked extensively with the Service Operations team which is responsible to resolve the Level 3 tickets which have been passed on from the offshore L1 and L2 teams.
  • Involved and participated in meetings with L1/L2 and Users where the Delivery Orders or PO’s had issues with regards to Customer Block, Incorrect Ship-to/Sold-to, Invoice documents with issues when releasing to accounting, Item Category related issues, Pricing , etc
  • The MSCIT team was responsible for support of the MS Store Online and physical orders where when the Customer places an order, the order goes from Digital River CBS BizTalk SAP BizTalk CBS Digital River. The SAP Sales Order is created via IDOCs. Looked at the Message Type, Partner Profile, Process Code, Function Module, etc.
  • Worked on the Confidential fiscal year end (June 30 th 2015) with resolving Vertex, Customer Block, Delivery Block, Order and Invoice related issues.
  • I was tasked to look at all the Incident Management tickets that were raised over the last couple of weeks of June and provide an assessment as to where I thought the majority of issues lie, as in User related tickets, basic issues which could have been resolved by L1 and L2 have been escalated to L3 and where there was no resolution provided by the L3 resource in the ITSM Tool, to log tickets.

Sr. SAP SD/EDI Configurator

Confidential, Topeka, KS


  • Worked in various modules like WM, IM, LE, QM and PP during the sprint testing to create production orders, transfer orders, and Quality Inspection for the orders along with finding or adding the required stock in Pallets to move from Plant to Warehouse to Customer.
  • Set up six plants/warehouses end to end including the Sales Orgs, Purchasing orgs, Shipping Points, assignments including LE configuration like Routes and Stages , Route Determination , Transportation Planning and linking to the STO to define Shipping data for Plants and assigning the delivery type and checking rule , etc.
  • Worked on over 30 scenarios involving the various 3PL processes where we create the STO and send the stock from Morristown, TN plant (US56) to the mother warehouse (US49) and the buffer (USC9) for COP related products. Tested the 943, 944, 940 and 945 Idocs to ensure the data was being populated and sent to the 3PL. Our 3PLs included NFI, APL, Schenker, Rock Tenn, etc.
  • When shipping from the Warehouse USC9 to the Customer I had to test for Sales Orders , Deliveries and Billing including looking at the pricing, item categories, schedule line categories, partner determination, transportation zone, shipping conditions , availability check , accounting docs, etc.
  • Added the CHEP and GMA Pallets on the Delivery and for this setup the required output types like ZCHP, Z201, Z943 and ZW40, at the delivery and shipment level based on the business requirement. Since we have Transportation Management Shipments were not required in some scenarios.
  • Tested the Marietta scenario which covers a STO/PO to move from Plant to Co-Man and then a sub-contracting PO to send the B-Code to the vendor and the vendor makes the Finished Goods and sends it to the Co-Man and then another STO to move stock from Co-Man to the COP warehouse USC9. Looked at the IDOCs during each STO and Delivery and Shipment creation step.
  • Extended the SKUs where need and looked at the Handling Units in HUMO when required with status “09” since we were Batch managed at plant US56 and for this we had to the RF transactions like LM00 and LX02 . In LM00 looked at the Finished Goods Receipt for the Production Order , and picked the Handling Units from CO03 into Pallets to do the Transfers.
  • Worked extensively in modules like MM, WM (Moving stock from one storage location to another or MI10 to clear stock MD04 for stock requirements), EDI (943, 944, 940, 945 and 947 Idocs) , SD (Sales orders when shipping from Warehouse to Customer ), QM (stock posts to QI and then did 321 movement to move stock from QI to Unrestricted ) and Global Trade Compliance.

Sr. SAP SD Solution Architect

Confidential, Irving, TX


  • Extensive production support of the nSAP system which is a separate system compared to vSAP which was deployed in August 2013.
  • Involved in vSAP implementation for the P LLC project by creating an end to end document and in configuring the Charge-to-stock transport order with Account Assignment “P” and testing for commitments via t-code CJI5.
  • Also for P LLC created Intra-Company STO with no account assignment to move inventory from General Merchandise to MSOLV. The Charge to STO and the intra-company STO will be updated with each other’s PO number.
  • Performed Good Receipt to move the inventory from unrestricted use into project stock with movement type 412 where movement types 412 and 411 post to G/L account 3950000.
  • Check for the batch managed materials and the serial numbers assigned to the materials during the creation of the STOs.
  • Created the process flow for the P LLC and presented it to the business and also the tax department for any FI related implications.
  • As a part of nSAP, the existing production system within Project Systems created projects via CJ20N and assigning networks and activities to the project. This project’s WBS is assigned on the contract ( VA43 ) and a DIP profile (ZLABOR or ZEXPENSE) along with the Item Categories like ZPER (Periodic), ZMIL (Milestone), ZT&M (Time and Material) and a Billing Material with the Cap hours to determine how many hours and the hourly rate for the Delivery Consultant, Project Manager, etc.
  • Currently testing for the interfaces with Domestic ( IBRS ) and International systems ( Prime Biller ), both the outbound and inbound interfaces.
  • Prepared numerous step by step test documents with screenshots which were then sent to another team to do the UAT in QA.
  • Still support the EMEA and APAC teams via screen share to show contract creation, billing request (Sales Order) and Billing Document creation.
  • Created/Tested the pricing process for a new condition type ZSCL (Graduated Scaling) and the pricing procedure as a part of the nSAP solution. The testing also included for Condition Exclusion Groups and Condition Supplements .
  • Supporting the LeaseCo CRM month-end activities every month by running programs in background to create the Contracts for the existing assets and then to run the Asset upgrade and downgrade program and also Billing Payable Documents restarted via t-code SMQ1 to move the Billing Document stuck in ECC into CRM. During test created the assets via AS01, AS21 and add asset value via ABZON and test with contract creation via program and then run Asset upgrade/downgrade program (custom program).

Sr. SAP SD/CRM Consultant

Confidential, Everett, WA


  • Testing all the existing functional specifications from end-to-end.
  • Perform unit test, regression and integration cases for the various scenarios at SnoPUD like Moving out Customer with Deposit Refund using Business Partners in SAP CRM .
  • Testing functionality for Periodic and Control Meter Readings with Notifications to the customer using t-code IW51 or using WEB IC to create notifications
  • Testing the Dunning for up to five levels where the customer has a medical/life condition. Used t-code FPM3 for dunning history to search for accounts with DP5.
  • Assisted during the go-live with user and preparing user documents and working with non-SAP employees to show how order to cash, delivery, picking, packing, billing, pricing, etc work.
  • Support post-production activities by re-creating severity level issues in Dev and testing in both Dev and QA prior to moving to Production.

Sr. SAP SD Configurator

Confidential, Bellevue, WA


  • Working with various team on developing the process flows for Prepaid process at Confidential for coupons. The Coupon clearing enhancement covered various types of Prepaid coupon processes like Vesta, Common Replenishment, Swipe, EPINs, E-Coupon, Activation Kits, Hard Cards, etc. I had to prepare ARIS process flows gathering information from various sources.
  • Prepared Process Design Document (PDD) which covers the various systems involved as part of the Handset Order Status/Account Activity Log project. The project was implemented to reduce the number of calls received by Care and Streamline for TOM and HSO systems. As part of PDD prepared ARIS flows covering the SAP SD specific system changes and various systems in general.
  • Performed the role of a facilitator during the PDD and design discussions to ensure the timely resolution of issues and preparation of process documentation for review and approval by business users and SMEs.
  • Created Security Enhancements for various t-codes like ZTSD96, ZTSDE01, ZTSDPBR01 and ZTSDPBR02 using the correct user groups and roles that need to be assigned to these t-codes to ensure the right team and users are assigned in the production system.
  • Assisted in creating test scripts and UAT test cases for Spreadsheet Loader and MKB Phase II and working directly with the UAT and QAT teams in covering these scenarios assisting the users in navigating through t-codes and screens in SAP.
  • Working directly on a daily basis with teams like Business Users, SMEs, process team, SAP SD functional and technical team, UAT and QAT teams during the course of the project and providing a weekly one-on-one to my manager on the status of the projects and course of action.

SAP SD Business Process Consultant

Confidential, Annapolis, MD


  • As part of Financial Extension team the deliverable was to simplify the process for commands to go-live so we can deploy to them more rapidly. My task was to take the existing process flow diagrams and make them more user-friendly, higher level models for the new commands.
  • Work consisted of participating in workshops with SMEs, Government Leads, Maga Design team and Modeller’s proficient with System Architect and convert the existing Aris models to Systems Architect with Swim lanes showing the roles for each business process.
  • Providing the business know-how and knowledge to the Systems Architect Modeller’s so as to design the process flows and provide the process definitions which included the process descriptions and how it affects the future upgrades at NavyERP .
  • I was assigned to work on Post to Report Scenario which constitutes the month-end and year-end process. For this I had to prepare the high-level business process (HLBP), Scenario Summary Views, Process Definitions and Level 4s (including process t-codes) which would be used for users and future NavyERP employees.
  • Month-End flows include processes like Reimbursable Billing Monitor , GPR accrual amounts , Open and Close periods in FM, MM , FI , Reconciliation and Reconstruction of PR, PO and Earmarked funds in FM, Moving costs from Capital Project to AUC, Perform Depreciation Posting Run , Monthly Revenue reports and Monthly Accounting Reports.
  • Year-End flows include processes like Commitment and Obligation closeouts, Asset year Change and Close, Sales Order Roll over closeout, Open and Close periods , Trial balance pre-close and close, Carry Forward AR, AP, FI and Special Ledger and Year-end reports.

Sr. SAP SD Architect

Confidential, Memphis, CA

SAP Version: ECC 6.0


  • Extensive production support to resolve day-to-day production issues that are created as Altiris tickets by the users and involving extensive user interaction on a regular basis to explain the process and resolve SD, MM, WM, IM and LE related issues.
  • Created Condition table, access sequence, condition type ZCOS and added it to the pricing procedure ZALL01 as part of zero cost inventory process . ZCOS condition type was a copy of VPRS and code in 901 copying requirements to copy ZCOS from VPRS only for item categories YTAN and ZTAN .
  • Created functional specifications for placing a Reason for rejection on ZRE (Open Return Orders) older than 60 days. Couple of other functional specifications to resolve issues in production for mass change of data to update tables VBUP and VBUK in production as part of Zero Cost Inventory move to production.
  • Undo configuration on BCR (Business Change Request) to not include Item Category Group ZORM for the entire consignment process which includes the Consignment Fill-up, Issue, Returns and Consignment Pick-up. Involved looking into the materials and item category groups and item category assignment configuration.
  • For message failures worked with the technical team to resolve issues and also used BD87 to resolve issues and worked on t-codes like WE02 and WE05 to look up Idocs with issues and reprocess them after making the correction.
  • Created Copy Control from Sales Document (ZKR) to Billing Document (ZF2) for cases where there is a consignment related material on a Charge Sheet Order (ZCSO) and it needs to be returned via a consignment return sales doc type (ZKR) and ensure the ZKR has a Del. Blk. Worked on Copy Requirements, Data Transfers routines, Item Category Assignment, Schedule line category assignments, sales document types, etc.
  • Testing and documenting for the entire text determination process from Sales Order Delivery Billing and the respective output type . As part of project Phoenix I had to test for each Text ID and the output type it is assigned to and prepare a matrix so each Text ID is accounted for and if a user wants a text id to be displayed on a different output type then it would be convenient to refer to the matrix.
  • Configured Batch Split process for various sales doc types like ZSTK, ZKB, ZKA, ZRE, etc by taking into account Delivery Type, Item Category Group, Usage (CHSP) and Item Category based on the business requirement. The Batch Split would occur at the delivery level and as batch no.s would be available as a drop down to the main item.

SAP SD Analyst

Confidential, Mission Viejo, CA

SAP Version: ECC 5.0


  • Created Copy Control from Billing Documents ZTPD (Third Party Distribution) to Sales Document ZTDR (Transfers, Diversion and Direct Return) and from Billing Document ZTPR (Third Party Distribution Return) to Sales Document ZTD (Transfers, Diversions and Direct Order)
  • Created Enhancement to change the Horizon period in credit management screen OVA8 to only check for Risk Categories for the last two weeks instead of the defaulted Months options by SAP also tried using SIS .
  • Part of configuration team for a pilot project for Lowe’s where JH ships all materials from its DC in Florida to final Lowe’s stores in east zone for LTTL order which is currently not the case. This is achieved when an EDI PO received from final Lowe’s store has the DC address and store address in Customer master and the DC number is populated in Purchase order no . field in Order data tab and the store number is store in Train Station field in Customer Master .
  • Various custom enhancements to the Sales Order Additional Data B tab to account for the interface with Manugistics which provides the pickup no.s and the shipment information for ASN .
  • Sending multiple ASNs to email addresses provided in General Data section in Address tab based on output type ZESN and Delivery type ZLF and created Order, Delivery and Shipments ( VT01N ), in Shipment completed Planning, Check-in, Loading Start, Loading End and Shipment Completion after which viewing the transmission requests via t-code SOSB .
  • Enhancement for hard error message if the PO no. pre-exists on an order within 365 days for the particular Ship-to . Display a W type message if the PO# exists greater than 365 days for a particular Ship-to. If the order is a Third Party Return Order then ignore existing orders that are Third Party Purchase Orders.

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