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Sap Open Text Vim Solution Architect Resume

Houston, TX


  • More than 10 Years of progressive functional experience in configuration, customization, development, integration, and testing of Open Text applications with focus on Accounts Payables module with Open Text’s Vendor Invoice Management (VIM), along with integration with OCR solutions such as Open Text ICC . Actively involved in decision making for re - structuring and re-ordering AP processes in order to best suit to shared service center model as well as a Business Process Outsourcing model.
  • Worked on latest versions of VIM 16.3.1 with SAP S/4 HANA, along with Open Text Business Center Suite.
  • Four full life cycle implementations at a Senior Consultant / solution Architect level which include three roll out projects and one bid-to-complete project.
  • Expertise in implementation and support of SAP AP Automation and Workflow environment such as Open Text Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) for SAP accounting Solutions to streamline accounts payable operations by optimizing and simplifying the process of creating, managing, monitoring and routing purchase order based ( MM invoices ) and non-purchase order based ( FI invoices ) for AP personnel, buyers and other concerned parties such as Tax experts, including the suppliers/vendors. Supervised AP team for post go-live stabilization and re-structuring of AP processes for both shared service centers and BPO’s.
  • Extensive experience in VIM customization . Worked on all latest versions of VIM including VIM 16.3.1. Strong configuration skills in invoicing (using VIM) . Configured anywhere from 22 to 37 VIM invoice exception handling scenarios - including standard out of the box and custom exceptions - both for PO and non-PO DP ( VIM Document Processing) Document types . Configured various Archiving nodes to reflect the regular and rush scanning options (with and without OCR’ing). Experienced in identifying VIM related ABAP objects (Function Modules and Classes ). Accommodated complex non-PO invoice approval requirements by modifying the NEXT method in the standard VIM Class for Non-PO invoice approvals.
  • Configured and installed plug-ins for various ICC (Invoice Capture Center) Applications - the Open Text’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. Created custom fields in ICC Configuration client and trained several invoices, and exported the ICC application along with learning data to SAP for ICC Validation at the end users’ machines.
  • Extensive experience in the entire Procure to Pay process including Purchasing, and Invoice Verification, along with EDI interface such as ARIBA. Strong understanding of LIV 3-way PO matching of invoices containing multi-line items. Adept at understanding the MRM ASSIGNMENT logic for the standard MIRO transaction. Involved in customization of the Function Module MRM ASSIGNMENT to suit to different Freight Invoicing processes for various clients.
  • Strong technical and functional skills in building iDoc structures for EDI 810 (external vendor invoices) and EDI 210 (Freight Forwarder invoices) and mapping them to VIM indexing fields. Designed and configured the wrapper function module that sits on top of the VIM Pre-Process Exit, to channelize the incoming EDI invoices, among other needs. Devised several user exits for mapping incoming iDoc fields with VIM DP document fields. Experience in reading, understanding and debugging Out of the box and custom ABAP codes.
  • Created multiple Functional Design/Functional Specification documents for VIM related WRICEF objects. Experienced in creating design specifications and developing pseudo-codes (algorithms) to be used by ABAP developers. Used VIM portal such as Invoice approval portal (IAP) Netweaver portal NWP 7.4.
  • Extensive experience in VIM 5.2, 6.0, 7.0 SP4, and 7.5 SP2, and upgrades from previous versions. Well versed with custom repairs and their implications on SPAU adjustments, along with reviewing logs for activation of BC sets.
  • Skilled in unsderstanding existing businesses processes and translate them into SAP solution. Possesses strong analytical skills especially in Reporting. Ability to work well in a team; takes ownership of problems and works proactively under pressure. Proven experience working on cross-functional Global project teams, handling multiple tasks at a time.
  • Endowed with excellent interpersonal skills; Communicates articulately and honestly with peers, managers, and customers. Strong written and oral communication and organizational skills.


SAP ERP Packages: S/4 HANA 1709, SAP R/3 4.6C, 4.7 and SAP ECC 6.0

VIM Versions: VIM 16.3.1, VIM 7.5 SP2, 7.5 SP3, 7.0 SP4, 7.0 SP3 and lower, VIM 6.0 and VIM 5.2

Non-PO Invoice Approval Portal: NWP 7.4 and lower

OCR tools: ICC (Invoice Capture Center) 7.0 SP3 and lower versions, Kofax & Readsoft, IBM DataCap

Other Open Text tools: Archive Server 10.5 Document Pipeline, Enterprise Scan

SAP Modules: SAP IM (aka Open Text VIM), MM, FI, and ARIBA

Programming Languages: C, Visual Basic, exposure to ABAP (can de-bug)

ECC bolt-on Applications: Open Text Vendor Invoice Management (VIM), and ARIBA

Reporting Tools: VIM Analytics, KPI, KPA reports, Training tools such as RWD uPERFORM, and SAP Workforce Performance Builder

Testing tools: HP Quick test pro, HP Quality Center (HP ALM)


Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP Open Text VIM Solution Architect


  • Involved in Blue-printing sessions to gather requirements across various business units in Confidential (Hydro-Carbon Value Chain, Marketing, Foundations, etc), and steered the discussions in a way, business requirements can be easily formulated in a such away Fit and Gap analysis can be performed just by looking at the Requirements Traceability Matrix.
  • Liaised between the implementation partner (Accenture) and the client ( Confidential ) in several key decisions for transforming the existing e-payables (electronic invoices) and i-payables (paper invoices and email attachments).
  • Involved in all negotiations with the OCR service provider (IBM’s preferred vendor Magic Lamp Software) for implementing IBM DataCap at Confidential . Designed the interface between IBM DataCap and VIM (for back-and forth flows).
  • Identified Critical WRICEFs without which Release-1 cannot be possible in the Accounts Payable area.
  • Re-designed the out-of-the box VIM BDC’s and BAPI’s to potentially automate the invoices for handling secondary cost invoices, PO based invoices, and Non-PO invoices.
  • Made Key decisions integrating the highly complex SAP’s Global Trade Management (GTM) module with VIM for handling secondary cost invoices for Hydro-Carbon Value Chain.
  • Configured close to 63 VIM exceptions (23 PO DP document type, 19 non-PO document type, and 21 GTM VBD document type) in VIM 16.3.1 with SAP S/4 HANA and SIMPLE FINANCE, out of which 17 custom exceptions were created with custom function modules.
  • Completely replaced the existing custom solutions of E-payables and i-payables with VIM, as a one-stop place for all vendor invoice processing.
  • Worked closely with the in-house as wells as external developers to accommodate for the complex order of calls that have to be made to Confidential ’s external tax calculation engine ( Thomson & Reuter’s ONE SOURCE ) in order to calculate the indirect tax on vendor invoices.
  • Heavily involved in meeting the existing deliverables (various WRICEF functional documents, configuration documents, Process design documents), along with making key decisions on the ever-evolving GTM-VIM integration.

Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP Open Text VIM Solution Architect


  • Provided full life-cycle (starting from Blue print sessions to post-production) support as Open Text VIM solution architect/Manager, for Confidential ’s SAP pilot implementation project for their Ecuador business entity, Part of NAM and the on-going remaining NAM and Canada implementations.
  • Liaised between the implementation partner (IBM) and the client ( Confidential ) in several key decisions for transforming Confidential ’s Accounts Payable practice.
  • Configured close to 27 VIM exceptions (18 PO DP document type and 9 non-PO document type) in VIM 7.5 SP2 with SAP S/4 HANA and SIMPLE FINANCE, out of which 5 custom exceptions were created with custom function modules.
  • Designed the entire architecture of Invoice Receipt (in the P2P cycle) starting from Scanning, Archiving, Indexing with OCR extraction, DP document enrichment, Business Rules-VIM Workflow, all the way to document posting in SAP.
  • Involved in the creation of ICC application for Ecuador and customizing few ICC fields to cater to the local requirements (capturing SRI number, Service Liquidation number) etc.
  • Integrated Confidential ’s OTM (Oracle Transportation Management system) with VIM to enable smooth processing (and potential automation) of invoices from freight carriers, since Confidential retained the legacy system for freight planning.
  • Worked closely with the in-house as wells as external developers to accommodate for the complex order of calls that have to be made to Confidential ’s external tax calculation engine ( Thomson & Reuter’s ONE SOURCE ) in order to calculate the indirect tax on vendor invoices. Also, rectified the out-of-the box VIM’s BDC limitation on the auto-scroll down on the Withholding Tax window.
  • Re-designed the out-of-the box VIM BDC’s and BAPI’s to potentially automate the invoices from freight carriers, all the way from identification of the shipment number on the freight invoice to auto-proposing the freight conditions on the inter-related PO conditions (updated by OTM) and eventually posting the invoice to ECC.
  • Completely customized the “NEXT” method in the Out-of-the-box VIM level-based approval class to accommodate the complex non-PO approval scenarios (such as Dual approval, parallel approval, leap from approval & combinations) at Confidential .
  • Worked closely with Basis to rectify several basic workflow trigger issues caused by the immature status of the newly released VIM version.
  • Worked on attending to all post-production tickets to meet the SLA’s on their closure. Had few conversations with the Open Text support on OSS notes .
  • Reviewed the readiness and feasibility of the version upgrade from VIM 7.5 SP2 to VIM 7.5 SP4.
  • Made sure to establish Client and the Implementation Partner’s faith in utilization and robustness of the existing solution in applying for the future releases of the transformation project for other countries.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

SAP Open Text VIM Solution Architect


  • Transformed the existing Accounts Payable process using 3 rd party software (CapGemini’s BPOpen) to SAP using Open Text Vendor Invoice Management. Set up an in-house mail room and established best practices starting from scanning to payment run.
  • Performed VIM IMG configuration in VIM SPRO to utilize 28 of the standard out of the box VIM exceptions for PO invoices and 25 standard exceptions for non-PO invoices. Configured special combinations for suspected duplicates. Created several special exceptions to cater to Cott’s business practices.
  • Utilized the VIM 7.0 SP4 feature for SRM integration for service based PO invoices. Modified the “SRM Confirmation required” exception for a smooth flow of Service based invoices with SRM integration.
  • Created a separate document type for freight invoices and developed special exceptions for both inbound and outbound freight invoices to work in tandem with the SAP Transportation Management (TM) module.
  • Designed and configured the end-to-end process of Scanning, Indexing by using Open Text ICC (Invoice Capture Center) using OCR and Bar coding.
  • Created several custom fields in Open Text’s OCR tool ICC to cater to the business needs. Converted all the custom fields into trainable fields and performed invoice training for high volume vendor invoices.
  • Configured the VIM pre-process exit to identify the incoming document channel ( paper, EDI 810, EDI 210, excel upload ) and classify the VIM DP document accordingly.
  • Utilizing the basic concepts of Open Text Archiving, ICC validation and VIM system installation, developed functional specification that meet Cott’s business requirements.
  • Worked closely with the developers on ABAP development objects . Completed 15 different WRICEFs including the VIM’s Pre-process exit . Assisted the VIM ABAP developer in identifying the proposed WRICEFs as objects or classes . Completed all 15 functional specification documents and provided the pseudo-code to be used by the ABAP developer .
  • Debugged the custom ABAP codes, as a part of TUT. Worked closely with the developer in finishing the TUT.
  • Assisted the developer in using/reading ABAP and SQL traces to investigate and identify performance issues such as clock of DP documents upon clicking the “Simulate Rules” button.
  • Involved in the design, configuration and testing of Cott’s STP sub-process through SAP’s AP (Accounts Payable) module
  • Liaised between Confidential and Open Text for all installation, and BASIS issues throughout the implementation.
  • Worked closely with Basis to set up VIM Invoice approval portal on Netweaver portal (NWP 7.4).
  • Involved in all phases of Functional Testing, Regression testing, System Testing, User Acceptance and Integration Testing, Training, Documentation and Production support.
  • Worked with both the Business Team and the developers on fixing defects during the Integration and User Acceptance testing phases for all the 15 WRICEFs.
  • Evaluated and monitored custom coding and modification of the Open Text VIM Workflow to meet Cott’s business requirements.
  • Represented the Cott’s Source to Pay Accounts Payable sub-process team in all phases of PIT (Performance Integration Test) Testing. In addition to Functional Specifications, created test scripts for Functional Unit Testing and provided Test Cases for effective testing using HP QC (ALM).

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