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Sap Mm Functional Consultant Resume

Alexandria, VA


  • Confidential has more than 12 years of extensive functional experience in multiple process areas including Order Fulfilment, Procurement, Tech Quality and Finance.
  • She possesses good working knowledge of ABAP, user exits, routines, ALE I - Doc, BAPI and ABAP Queries.
  • Confidential is well-versed in ASAP and Agile methodologies, project management and project planning.
  • She possesses extensive experience in configuring SAP-IMG to meet business requirements.
  • She has been involved in all phases of the implementation process including business process analysis, requirements gathering, design, complete system configuration, testing, end-user training, and production support.
  • Confidential is proficient in conducting interviews with users to gather requirements and to understand the workflow of the As-Is system, performed GAP analysis and successfully designed and mapped the To-Be system.
  • Confidential exhibits excellent communication skills and leadership qualities.
  • She applies a systematic approach and demonstrates a good ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Confidential is an effective resource as part of a team or can work well independently.
  • She has good organizational skills and is detail oriented.


SAP MM Functional Consultant

Confidential, Alexandria, VA


  • As part of the delivery of these RFC requests, Confidential was actively involved in the development and execution of all stages of testing including, the writing of Functional Specifications in RICEF format and Test Plans. All documentation was maintained within EBS Workbench.
  • She executed all required system, functional, regression, performance, and integration tests where necessary across multiple cross-process areas including Procurement, Order Fulfilment, Inventory Management and Finance.
  • The design, build and testing of the RFCs developed within this team relied heavily on DLMS transactions, including but not limited to:
  • Confidential worked extensively on the automation of the DLA Logistics Reassignment (LR) process, including the creation of multiple custom interfaces and extensions utilizing IDOCs. These interfaces made updates to material master data to bring into or remove from DLA inventory, as well as created pricing records and HERS records as necessary.
  • In the process of deploying the updated LR process, conversion and clean-up of all pre-existing data was executed to bring all materials up to current standard and ensure all new data elements were populated or updated as necessary based on the new requirements
  • Once the LR process went live, Confidential was part of the team that monitored monthly the LR updates and reviewed any material discrepancies as well as investigated any failures to correct them.
  • Confidential has worked from requirements gathering through post production support on the integration of the Federal Logistics Information System Portfolio Data Warehouse (FLIS FPDW) Subscription List into a useable interface which allowed end users to maintain, and single and mass query the subscription list directly through EBS.
  • Confidential assisted in the build and test of new FPDW change notice interfaces, which made updates to DLA managed materials as necessary
  • DLA utilizes HERS materials records for DLA managed materials and their vendor/manufacturer part number relationships and this functionality was also desired for Local Stock Numbers (LSNs) which the Navy maintains. Confidential assisted in the creation of these Navy HERS records, with a new material type.
  • She executed all relevant conversion of existing Navy vendor/manufacturer part number relationships, as well as testing all relevant IDOCs, interfaces, extensions and reports with the newly created master data records
  • Confidential assisted in the design, build and test of the initiative to bring Small Arms & Light Weapons into DLA management. This included the creation of a new material type to track these items, as well updates to existing interfaces to allow for processing of these new materials.
  • The DoD has utilized the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) Shared Data Warehouse (SDW) as a tool to identify obsolete part numbers within DLA and Confidential was part of the team that designed this tool to manage these resources
  • Confidential assisted the team in design and test of the DMS SDW solution, including notice and case creation, as well as touch points of this functionality with FPDW FLIS
  • Moreover, she has provided post production supports for many RFCs such as - DLA adoption of Uniform Procurement Instrument Identification (PIID), DOD agency Updates to Disposition Services (DS) materials, Logistics Reassignment (LR) related pre-transfer preparation, cleanup, updates of materials, Enhancement of SAP Quality Notifications (QN) to handle Supply Discrepancy Reporting (SDR) and Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR).
  • While working on various RFCs, Confidential also assisted with ad-hoc trouble tickets that were generated by end users across all DLA Tech Quality functionality and supported any solutions that were needed for confirmed incidents.

SAP FI Functional Consultant

Confidential, Alexandria, VA


  • In support of the Financial Audit Readiness team, Confidential gathered and reviewed pre-existing financial system requirements and test documentation
  • She helped determine gaps in audit documentation, and developed new test scrips to capture missing audit documentation regarding GL Account reconciliation
  • Confidential developed new test plans based on updated client requirements
  • She created and set up data to assist team during the test execution phase
  • Confidential successfully executed test plans and verified all new requirements were captured within EBS Workbench

SAP PR Functional Consultant

Confidential, Columbus, OH


  • Confidential supported migration of DLA procurement solution from ECC to SRM
  • She worked extensively testing within SRM, as well as interfaces between ECC and external government systems, such as Confidential and Confidential
  • In the design and testing phase Confidential helped develop, configure and test Local Purchase solution which utilized multiple custom extensions for awarding PRs, including emergency parameters table, potential source holding table, DoDAAC PGC lookup table and forward buyer notification via email
  • She developed, configured and tested strategy for dual channel solution. Solution allowed for selected third party managed materials to be stocked in and bought from DLA depots seamlessly without any change in the PO vendor received. Solution utilized include/exclude tables on Outline Agreements, as well as custom extensions to populate custom fields on PRs that were copied to POs
  • Confidential managed the trouble ticket database for the team, and issued daily reports on metrics
  • Confidential researched trouble tickets, and worked with developers and end users to resolve issues


SAP OF/PR Functional Consultant


  • She worked extensively on definition and conversion of custom SD master data objects such as Customer Master and Pricing Records
  • Confidential designed custom Pricing Procedure Determination (specifically condition tables and condition types), Access Sequences and Pricing by Item Category for retail customers
  • Configuration was done by Confidential for Enterprise Structure and Sales Documents including Document Type, Item Categories, Copy Control, and Free Goods to client specifications
  • Custom solutions with Purchasing Master Data including Vendor Master, Material Master, Vendor Info Records, and Source List were maintained by Confidential during various points within the deployments
  • She helped create and maintain many user tables, exits and reports for custom sourcing solutions, which utilized global ATP processing procedures for item category determination
  • Confidential was responsible for various MM EDI development and testing, including custom DLA purchase order outputs
  • Functional specification for RICEF objects were developed by Confidential from Air Force and Navy detailed requirements. These objects were primarily comprised of various interfaces and extensions supporting the processing of DLMS transactions
  • She has done extensive SAP-ECC development of interfaces for IDOC based DLMS transactions including, but not limited to:
  • Confidential was the owner of multiple DLMS interfaces across design, build, and test, and was responsible for their successful execution during deployment
  • She created and executed test plans for in the above scenarios during System, Regression and Integrated Test, across two full cycle implementations with the Air Force and Navy
  • End to end design and testing done by Confidential includes order and inventory management, sales order, purchase requisition and purchase order creation, receipt processing, returns, invoicing and account reconciliation
  • During build, test and deployment Confidential worked heavily with partner systems including DLATS, ICAN, JDA, DSS, FLIS and EMALL.
  • Confidential participated in multiple go-lives and post-production support. PPS included travelling to multiple Air Force and Navy sites to assist with troubleshooting as well as training and end user support
  • She was part of PPS team which designed and gathered metrics to assess health of newly implanted functionality. Reports used to gather metrics were created and then taught to end users to continue after end of PPS
  • Confidential was also responsible for knowledge transfer
  • Confidential maintained and supported system documentation during all phases within EBS Workbench

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