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Sap Bw/hana Developer Resume


  • Certified Information technology professional with diverse and extensive experience focusing on systems analysis and design, training, documentation and systems migration.
  • Experienced in SAP HANA implementation, SAP BW 7.4 BWMT (BW Modeling Tool) which is combination of HANA Studio and BW, SAP HANA data modeling using Attribute View, Analytic View and Calculation Views.
  • Replicated data in real - time (SLT Replication) from SAP source systems and non-SAP source systems to an SAP HANA environment using the option Full Load, Replicate, Stop Replication, Suspend, Resume.
  • Knowledge in SAP HANA 1.0 and 2.0.
  • Understanding of SAP In-Memory Computing Architecture, Column store, Row store tables in SAP HANA studio, Privileges and roles.
  • Strong Knowledge in SAP HANA and SAP BW.
  • Underwent complete life cycle Implementation of BW which includes Data-Modeling, Data Extraction, Generic Extraction, Data Loading, report creation.
  • Knowledge of Info Objects, Info-Cubes, DSO’s, ADSO’s, Calculation Views, ODS views, CDS views, Analytical Views, Attribute Views, Info Packages, Transformations and DTPs, and BEx Query
  • Performed worked SAP R/3 LO-Extractions, Generic Extractions, Business Content and addotion od SAP Notes.
  • Comprehensive knowledge using SAP methodologies in Business Information Warehouse.
  • Understanding Business Objects Web Intelligence (WEBI).
  • Working Knowledge of SDLC, including testing (Unit, Integration, UAT, FUT)
  • Strong Leadership skills, Communication, Verbal, Written, Reading, Analytical, Multi-tasking, Attention to Detail and Problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment as well in a fast-paced environment.


Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse: SAP BW7.0/7.3/7.4, SAP ECC 6.0, SAP HANA 1.0. SP08/09/10, HANA 2.0, SAP Data Services 4.0/4.2

Reporting Tools: BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, SAP Business Objects Suite

RDBMS/Databases: Oracle, SQL Server 2000/2005, Sybase, DB2, MS Access

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/2007/8/10/ Linux

Languages: SQL

Testing Tools: HP Quality Center, Quick Test Professional (QTP)



SAP BW/HANA Developer


  • Worked with Business Owners in the Management, Analyzing, Refining, Estimating Efforts and understanding functional requirements and translating them in technical requirements.
  • Worked on BWMT 7.4 (BW Modeling Tool) Data Warehouse Workbench and customized info objects, ADSOs, Data Sources, Info Packages to move data from Data Sources to staging area PSA, DTPs to transfer data from PSA to Info Provider like ADSO or Info Cube.
  • Created Transformations to map data fields from PSA, or source Info Provider to End Target and also manipulate data to meet business rules using ABAP.
  • Utilized Composite Providers in to combine one or more Info Providers for final exposure of the data to reporting tools like Bex, IDT, Webi, Bex Query.
  • Exposed Bex Queries to webi by enabling ‘Allow External Access to this Query’ option in Bex and using BICS connection.
  • Installed and created Business Content objects like Info Objects, ADSOs, and Data Sources, Data Source enhancement and created Hybrid modeling with Native HANA views.
  • Created Info Packages, DTP, Transformations with ABAP for complex Transformations, Info Objects, Info Cubes and ADSOs.
  • Data Source Enhancement according to meet customer requirement.
  • Worked on LO Extractions and performing necessary procedures like setting up of update Mode, deleting set up tables, filling up of set up tables and loaded data from ECC to BW system, Process Chain Monitoring.
  • Employed Data Sources worked on 2LIS 03 BX, 2LIS 03 BF, 2LIS 03 UM for Material Inventory Management, 2LIS 05 Q0NOTIF, 2LIS 05 Q0ITEM, 2LIS 05 Q0CAUSE for Quality Management 0CRM SRV PROCESS I, 0CRM COMPLAINTS I, 0CRM SRV CONFIRM I for Service Orders in relation to Quality Management, 2LIS 11 VADHR, 2LIS 11 ITEM, 2LIS 11 VASCL for Sales Orders.
  • Created Dimension Calculated views for master data depending on requirements
  • Created Calculation View or Calculation view with Data Category Cube for complex reporting to combine one or more Analytical views.
  • Calculated columns and variables for added information not available in the source system.
  • Hierarchies for hierarchical reporting, Stored Procedures and variables.
  • Designed Universes in IDT and created reports on these Universes in Webi for On-Time Delivery, Inventory management, Sales Orders, Quality Reports .
  • Provided end users with Production Support with webi and Bex navigation and issues with reports.


Systems Analyst


  • Participated in project planning sessions with Business owners, Project Managers, Business Analysts and Data Architects to analyze business requirements and outline the proposed solution.
  • Managed and Designed the Universes using Information Design Tool (IDT) and exposed the final data to the Users utilizing Webi.
  • Liaison between End users, Report Developers and the Data Modeling Team.
  • Created universes, based on SAP HANA data models like Calculation Views and Analytical Views and defining the necessary connections.
  • Created BO reports using functionalities like Calculations, Variables, Breaks, Sections, Ranking, Sorting, Drill down.
  • Implemented the Object-Level Security and Row-level security in Universe.
  • Designed and developed reports utilizing IDT, Webi.
  • Assisted with Production Support.

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