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Solution Architect Resume


  • Senior SAP Solution Architect and delivery lead with 25 years of hands on implementation experience with 28 clients and 12 full lifecycle implementations in Supply chain and Logistics.
  • SAP S/4 HANA experience for 5 years with 4 clients. SAP S4 2020,1909 FPS01 at AVX and 1809 FPS02 full cycle implementation at Confidential with native and transactional FIORI applications.
  • Excellent integration experience with a suite of Logistics Modules and integration with Finance Modules
  • Excellent experience for 24 years in Data conversion and interfaces - SD/MM/FI
  • Implemented SD / CS Module in 13 clients for 12.5 yrs with ATP, RRB, Inter co drop shipments, SO-PO process, All Sales order types including Rush/Sample/Cust returns/Cr-Db memos/Cust consignment/Third pty/Ind PO, 3PL EDI messages, interfaces with external systems, all basic functions in SD including Pricing /acct/text/partner/material determination. Service orders, service notifications, inspection lots, results recording,service completion confirmation.
  • Implemented LE Module in 10 clients for 8 years with route determination, integration with SAP Transportation module, deliveries and shipments in batch, HUM and WM/ EWM environments, Cross Docking, Serialization, Parcel tracking process, Stock transp orders, Inter company stock transport orders with delivery, delivery pick, shipment and PGI to Rec Val CST - Movement 683. GR (109) in to QI stock, Outbound Sales flow with in transit ownership (687Mvt) and 601 PGI using VLPOD transaction upon customer collecting the product from Notional Warehouse, LE aspects of vendor returns and subcontract orders with delivery and shipments. LE Outputs like delivery pick and BOL. Integration with external shipping system and 3PL LE EDI processes / Automotive EDI 830.
  • Implemented MM Module for 22 clients for 16.5 yrs. Implemented all purchase to pay cycles (GR-LIV / ERS) for stock (incl sales order / project), service and indirect procurement with scheduling agreements, contracts, purchase orders, RFQ / Quotes, Consignment, Subcontracting, Third party, Individual PO. Implemented purchasing functions like Optimized purchasing, pricing, account determination, Input taxes, Outputs, ASN, Release strategy, Vendor evaluation.
  • Implemented WM Module for 9 clients spanning 8 yrs. Configured specific storage locations for WH Management. Configured storage types (mixed and non-mixed), sections, storage bin types stock removals and put away by storage types. Configured Auto TO’s. Outbound processes: Configured Handling unit management. Picking from VL06P and TO confirmation (LT12) - manual and in RF (LM07). Shipment processing (VT01N). Internal Processes: WH to WH transfers using HUMO/VLMOVE and RF transfer to WH (custom RF) and put away using LM02. Inbound processes: GR from PO using MIGO, LT06 and LT12 and RF (custom RF). Pull from manufacturing: Finished goods: Auto TO from IMG for GR from production.LT12 confirm TORF put away by SU for TO confirmation. Back flushed components: MF60 replenishes components, auto TO confirmed by LT12 or LM07 in RF. Issue of spares to maintenance: MIGO 201 - delivery - LT06 and confirmation by LT12 or LM05 in RF. Return of damaged parts from maintenance: MIGO 202 - delivery - LT06 and confirmation by LT12 or LM03 in RF. Return to vendor process: Returns PO – Delivery (VL10B) – LT03 (LM05 in RF). Scrapping process: MIGO Movement 551 – TO create (LT06) – LT12 confirmation or RF LM05. Receipt of refurbished parts in WH: GR against Subcontracting PO’s: LT06-LT12 and custom RF transaction which does a MIGO/LT06 and LT12. Repair process of damaged parts received in WH: Outbound delivery to vendor – create TO LT03 – LT12 or LM05 in RF. Physical inventory processes in IM and WM
  • Implemented Inventory management and Warehouse management, Intra and Inter co stock transports, Integration IM to EWM, Physical inventory under batch / WM / Sr no / HUM/ 3PL managed scenarios and Vendor / Customer returns
  • Implemented PP Module under make to stock, make to order and Assemble to order planning strategies. Additionally, at first solar implemented repetitive manufacturing and process manufacturing. Sales operations planning and transfer to Demand management.


  • Electronics,Automotive,Pharma, Life sciences,Food, Manufacturing, Steel, Wholesale and Retail,High Tech,IT services,Energy, Public sector,Utilities,Defense, Health care,Semi conductor and Media
  • Modular, string, integration, regression, impact and stress / volume testing.
  • Powell, Lear, Briggs, Mallinckrodt, AMNS, Phillip Morris. Agilent, Insight, IID, Curtiss Wright, Carestream, Harland Clarke, IBM, Allergan, Universal studios, Avnet,Brightstar,Compaq, Hoechst
  • Briggs, Mallinckrodt, Nutrisystem, Insight, First solar, IID, Curtiss Wright, AMCC,Maxim,IBM,Avnet,Hoechst



Solution Architect


  • Fit to Std workshops with execution of std process flows in CAL system with activate methodology and Global template for a 35 million dollar project to be run in 5 phases over next 4 years covering Americas, Europe and APAC
  • Global Integration between SD,MM,PP and FICO Modules – 29 countries across EU/Americas and APAC
  • FIORI Analytics Demo for fit to std workshops with activate methodology
  • Organized supply chain and Embedded EWM workshops for the project with 1909 scope ids




  • The client sells products via their website Powell.com. Powell manufactures some of these components while they purchase from vendors and manufacturers the rest of the components.
  • Not all Vendors are Manufacturers but all manufacturers are vendors. Many vendors can sell the same manufactured part. One Vendor can sell parts from different manufacturers. Sales rices, cost, stock and availability is by Vendor, manufacturer and industry part number.This is a cloud implementation.
  • Account groups for sold to/ship to/bill to and payer was set up with relevant field selection.
  • Number ranges assignd was BP for all customers. In cross application components business roles for sold to/ship to/bill to and payer at co code and sales area level was set up copying std roles FLCU00, FLCU01 and BUP001 for contact person .
  • BP groupings were set up with account groups and exclusive internal number ranges (with sold to as std grouping).
  • Contact person as configured with external number range. In Powell business the vendor is also the customer.
  • So the vendor no, customer number and business partner number should be identical. This was achieved in field ssignment for customer integration – number assignment for direction BP to customer.

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