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Web Api Developer Resume

Elkridge, MD


  • .Net Developer with 6+ years of experience in Full Stack Development using Microsoft technologies
  • Expert at .Net web technologies such as C#5, ASP.NET 4.5, Web Form Framework, MVC 5.0 and AngularJS
  • Experience in writing Components, Pipes and Services to separate concern and handle different situations by applying Angular 2/4
  • Mastered in Web Service, WCF Service and Web API using SOAP and RESTful Service
  • Worked with Data Adapter, Dataset, and Data Reader as a part of ADO.Net to access and update Database
  • Proficient with database technologies such as Transact - SQL, dynamic stored procedures, triggers logical and physical modeling.
  • Experienced with Oracle Database 10.2 and Oracle Database XE
  • Experienced with various architectural Design Patterns
  • Experienced in Developing User Interface (UI) using Front End/User Interface (UI) Technologies such as HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, JSON, Bootstrap 3.0, Ajax and CSS Frameworks.
  • Experienced in NUnit Testing and Implementation of Client/Server applications using C# and SQL Server with N-tier development environment.
  • Experienced with Code-First and Database-First Entity framework
  • Familiar with LINQ to SQL to query in Data Access Layer
  • Experienced with both MVC Framework and MVVM Framework
  • Familiar with Software Development Life Cycle such as Waterfall, Agile and Prototype and good at SCRUM methodology
  • Experienced with Jasmine framework for testing Angular applications
  • Involved in development of projects using SQL Server Integrated Service(SSIS) and SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS)

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: C# 5.0, C, C++11, Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Bash

Frameworks: AngularJS, Angular 2, jQuery, MVC 6, Web Forms, ADO.NET, Entity Framework 6, LINQ to Objects, Web API, Visual Studio 2015, WCF, Web Service

Databases: MS SQL Server 2012, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS

Operating System: Windows, OSX, Linux

Source Control: GitHub, perforce, TFS, SVN

Methodologies: Agile-Scrum


Web API Developer

Confidential, Elkridge, MD


  • Built SSA CANS Form Project under myDHR Solution and separate project into three different layers
  • Used TFS version control system for code review and data consistency
  • Followed agile development process during the project, including attending daily scrum meeting, sprint planning and review every two weeks and PI Planning every two months
  • Overwrote bootstrap 3.0 to improve the UI and meet qualified page styling
  • Rewrote jQuery-ui.css to meet requirements of application filters
  • Rewrote bootstrap date-picker library to solve leap year and invalid date problem in MM-DD-YYYY format
  • Created Guard Service in Angular 2 to prevent invalid routing address for a better security purpose
  • Used Angular 2 ngModel to achieve two-way binding and ngIf to display validation message and error message
  • Implemented Services to store shared data between sibling Components and inject into it for passing data purpose
  • Managed session storage to store user login information and automatically log out user when session get expired
  • Applied data migration in Code First Entity Framework to maintain consistency between database and DAL Layer model structure
  • Developed WCF Service to send data, validate data and store data to DB2
  • Applied EGOV-NIC Payment WCF Service to complete payment functionality for CSES Application
  • Wrote dynamic store-procedure to implement data-entry-tool feature for myDHR Admin side
  • Created batch to send daily notification email to users in corresponding situation via C# Controller.
  • Applied Data Annotation and bootstrap validation functions to validate the user input
  • Achieved partial view and layout page to provide a unified look and feel to the application
  • Implemented asynchronous programming to complete WEP API call when using API to call services from other projects.
  • Applied Token-Based authentication to manage user login security and different user roles

Environment: Angular 2, .NET C#, DB2 9.7, Visual Studio Professional 2015, Entity Framework6 (EF), SSIS, SSRS, Web API, Bootstrap 3.0, WCF Service, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Agile, Unit Testing

ASP.NET MVC/Web API Developer

Confidential,Edison, NJ


  • Performed Repository Layer with Interface to simplify complex business logic
  • Used TFS version control system for data maintenance
  • Worked with Product Manager to write Proof of Concept and Design Documentations, include Requirement Gathering, ER Diagram and Database Design
  • Applied Dependency Injection Design Pattern and Repository Design Pattern in project
  • Wrote stored procedure in Oracle Database to filter data from database into Repository layer
  • Implemented Model-First Entity Framework to get access to health plan Information and location information inside Repository Layer
  • Used LINQ to create queries to do CRUD operations on data in Oracle Database inside Repository Layer
  • Organized and partitioned the app into separated modules using Areas
  • Organized Unit Testing Layer to test basic C# controllers and action results throughout application development phase
  • Developed RESTful Web API services, using ASP.NET Web API as backend service
  • Applied Attribute Routing on both controller level and action level to define certain URI patterns
  • Implemented Ajax Form to support partially refresh the page
  • Applied Data Annotation and jQuery validation functions to validate the user input
  • Achieved partial view and layout page to provide a unified look and feel to the application
  • Rewrote jQuery-ui.css to meet requirements of healthcare information filters
  • Implemented jQuery Slider to implement range filters inside finding road page
  • Applied Bootstrap Popup Window to display details of the Health Service Information

Environment: .NET C#, Oracle Database 10.2, Visual Studio 2015, Entity Framework6 (EF), SSIS, SSRS, Web API, Bootstrap 3.0, REST, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Agile, Unit Testing

Web API/AngularJS Developer

Confidential - Austin, TX


  • Used GitHub for version control and maintaining the updates time to time
  • Implemented CRUD Functionality with Database-First Entity Framework
  • Took part in a team environment which implements agile, scrum software development approach
  • Applied Bootstrap technologies to improve the UI, includes using Bootstrap Validation to handle agents input validations
  • Designed a Single Page Application (SPA) using Web API with AngularJS to support CRUD Execution
  • Used UI-Router AngularJS library for creating multiple views as well as nested views to navigate through the app
  • Implemented pagination in AngularJS to reduce the page loading time
  • Implemented Client side validation using AngularJS Custom Form Validation with ng-show and ng-message
  • Applied Jasmine unit testing in AngularJS with Jasmine throughout application development phase

Environment: .NET C#, MS SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 2015, Entity Framework6 (EF), Web API, Bootstrap, REST, GitHub, Scrum

MVC Developer

Confidential -Austin, TX


  • Used TFS version control system during the whole project
  • Followed the N-Tier architecture for the application development with DAL, BLL, and UI
  • Implemented Database-First Entity Framework to record Road Information and location information
  • Used SSIS and SSRS to generate excel files about road information and reports of database
  • Applied Bootstrap 3.0 and CSS 5.0 to handle user-friendly UI and achieve the consistency look and feel of the website
  • Created WCF Service to provide data source to jQuery autocomplete
  • Organized unit testing to test basic C# controllers and action results throughout application development phase

Environment: .NET C#, MS SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 2010, Entity Framework6 (EF), WCF Service, Bootstrap, REST, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Agile, SSIS, SSRS

ASP.NET Web Form Developer



  • Applied ADO.NET technologies such as Data Set, Data Table to implement DAL
  • Used Grid View and Custom Paging to display data from data set
  • Applied Ajax Toolkit to show a message box with detail information
  • Implemented GridView to display power plant data
  • Organized Custom Validation and Summary Validation to validate the user input
  • Wrote Web Service to provide plant data to systems

Environment: .NET C#, MS SQL Server 2010, Ajax, Visual Studio 2010, Entity Framework (EF), Web Service, SOAP, Waterfall

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