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Sap Is-retail Resume

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Sr Sap Pricing Otc Edi Techno-functional Consultant Parma, OH


  • Sr. SAP OTC Functional Consultant wif 28 years of Business and 17 years of software development expertise to support all aspects of order - to-cash flow, wif specific emphasis on SAP applications functionality/configuration of SD/IM/WM/LE modules to meet the business requirements and to troubleshoot production problems.
  • Broad SD Configuration Experience including implementation and production support (requirement analysis, gap analysis, planning, de-bugging/configuration, system testing, transport approval, end user training, post-implementation support, and documentation) process.
  • Facilitated as liaison between business community and IT development as an active participant to identify and recommend improved business processes through configuration/enhancement solutions.
  • Guide development of interfaces and the distribution of data to/from external systems.
  • Leveraged Onshore/Offshore resource staffing.
  • Superior verbal/written communications, team interaction/leadership skills and analytical/problem solving abilities.
  • Experienced in implementation, customization and production support of:
  • SAP ERP SD/STP module: ECC 6.4, DIMP 6.4, iPPE 4.4, SCM 7.0, eWM 7.0, BI 7.4
  • SAP ERP IS-U/CCS module: ECC 4.6c (Billing, De-reg., Device, Front-Office)


Confidential, Parma, OH

Sr SAP Pricing/OTC/EDI Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Documentation/Training/Testing:
  • Pricing Procedure and Interfaces
  • Panaya test scripts and JIRA
  • Interface - EDI/BAPI/RFC:
  • ORDERS05 IDoc for Quotation and Orders 850 via EDI
  • Enabling Online SAP Pricing Procedure using RFC (Bapi SalesOrder Simulate)
  • Enabling Offline SAP Pricing Procedure via RFC call
  • Pricing Interface between SAP and Handhelds via RFC call
  • Pricing Procedure, account determination and Routines
  • Sales Bill-of-materials (BOM)
  • SD & FI - G/L account posting, credit check
  • SD & MM - Availability check, Inventory

Confidential, Auburn, IN

Sr. SAP OTC/EDI/Pricing Techno-Functional Consultant


  • OTC process - Confidential Localization:
  • Confidential NFe 3.1 Tax, Pricing and Rounding Issue
  • Sales Documents, copy control, pricing, packing Instructions, Handling Units, Invoice Split, Re-print of HU Labels at Delivery, Sequenced JIT Calls, JIT re-organization, Cumulative Quantity adjustments
  • Consignment process and special Month-end Consignment process for Brazil
  • Executed all of the OTC Test scenarios for the Brazilian localization including NFe Returns
  • Panaya test scripts
  • Enhancement:
  • Confidential new BADI implementation and new screen layouts
  • Enhanced ASN to include NFe Invoice data
  • ACS ASN Monitor configuration and setup (Status, Technical Advice 997, Application Advice 824 & GR confirmation 861 IDocs) via UserExit and Custom Tables
  • ACS Goods Receipt (GR) Monitor for Consignment configuration and setup (Consignment Fill-up, GR Confirmation, Wifdrawal & Stock Overview EDLNOT IDocs) via UserExit and Custom Tables
  • Interface - EDI/RFC:
  • EDI integration wif SINTEL and Mastersaf via RFC
  • Delivery Forecast RND 001, Shipping Schedule/Firm Order RND 012, Billing Authorization RND 022, Invoice RND 004, ASN 856, Stock Position RND 025,
  • Configuration:
  • Confidential Time Zone setup to adjust for Carnival Daylight Savings Time
  • Automotive Consulting Solutions (ACS) Good Receipt (GR) monitor for Consignment - automatic PGI ED Orders, ASN Monitor
  • EDI configuration, processing & Support
  • Integration:
  • SD & FI - G/L account posting, credit check, Tax Determination
  • SD & MM - Availability check, Inventory
  • Data Migration:
  • LSMW - Packing Instruction

Confidential, Renton, WA

Lead SAP OTC/JIS/Pricing Techno-Functional ConsultantSAP IS-Automotive


  • OTC process - Brazil/Renton Truck Plant, Confidential Parts Division & Columbus Engine Plant:
  • Validated and updated the Configuration including the Nota Fisca Electronica (NFe)
  • Validated and updated all of the OTC Test scenarios for the Brazilian implementation
  • Integration:
  • ECC & eWM - Tested the eWM (SCM Box) process of creating Delivery Order, Warehouse (WH) Order, confirmation of WH Task to create WH Material document, assign Delivery and PGI.
  • ECC & NFe 10.0 - Tested the NFe process including NFe Returns
  • SD & FI - G/L account posting, credit check, Tax Determination
  • SD & MM - Inventory
  • Configuration:
  • JIS Solution implemented on ECC wifout APO.
  • The SeqJIT’s from the Production Order to be sent out to the Vendors indicating when and at which Production Supply Area the product has to be received.
  • The ASN to contain the sequential information to create the Inbound Delivery & Goods Receipt.
  • Interface - EDI/RFC:
  • Utilizing, the forecast SeqJIT from Customers, to create a JIT Call (JC) to follow through the FLEXIS Production process wif RFC’s to call Actions for the planning, Sequencing and production process.
  • Utilizing, the Firm SeqJIT from Customers to create a Shipment JC.
  • An automated Shipping process to include creating a Shipping Schedule, proposing and assigning serial numbers (FIFO), picking, creating and assigning Deliveries to Shipments & PGI – via JIT Calls

Confidential, Menlo Park, CA

Lead SAP OTC/Pricing Functional ConsultantSAP IS-High Tech


  • Analysis/Documentation/Recommendation:
  • Reviewed existing processes and provided recommendation on process improvements.
  • Conducted discussions wif Business.
  • Implementation:
  • Consolidation of Order Types (Quotations & Contracts)
  • Revenue Recognition wif Billing Plan
  • Credit Management, Pricing procedure, Advance Payment, ATP & Transfer of Requirements
  • Revenue Account Determination, Tax Determination, Route Determination
  • Consignment process for spare parts
  • Integration:
  • SD & FI – G/L account posting, credit check, Tax Determination
  • SD & MM – Availability check, Inventory
  • SD & PP – Schedule Line Category, Requirement Class determination, MM MRP Strategy Group
  • SD & PS – Item category, WBS element

Confidential -Davidson, York, PA

Lead SAP STP-JIS Techno-Functional ConsultantSAP IS-Automotive


  • Detailed Process Design documentation for the Just-In-Sequence Business processes.
  • Conducted User acceptance testing wif Business.
  • End user training.
  • Implementation:
  • Preparation for Confidential -Davidson’s GME Implementation of the York plant.
  • Event triggered Batch jobs for JIS calls
  • Configuration:
  • SCM-APO: Order Sequence time profile, Propagation Range, Heuristic - settings /profile, job variants
  • ECC-JIS: JITOHD/IT number ranges, JIS Call Profile, Call control, interlinked actions, process code, movement type, variants for Sequence Call messages, item category, Delivery type & copy control for Inbound Delivery (IBD)
  • ECC-iPPE:APO material type
  • Interface - EDI:
  • IDoc, Partner Profiles, Customized SEQJIT 866 (ZHDI JITO SEQJIT) and ASN 856 (DELVRY06)
  • JITOM for Sequenced JIS calls, EMASN error messages
  • External Procurement & Stock Transfer Strategy & processes
  • BORGR for goods receipt from Inbound Delivery (IBD) via Mobile Data Entry (MDE)
  • Determination:
  • Outbound JIS Call determination, IBD item category determination
  • Integration:
  • Integration wif ECC, APO, ME & iPPE.
  • Planned Order Management, JIS Outbound Monitor, Kanban cycles, Line Balance Components
  • Material Master CIF to APO, Production Supply Area CIF to APO
  • Conversion:
  • Component Group Master, Open Purchasing Scheduling Agreements, Material Master for JIS relevant flags, iPPE Production Supply Areas

Confidential, Dayton, Ohio

Lead SAP OTC Techno-Functional ConsultantSAP IS-Automotive


  • Post-production support for the OTC Business processes
  • Ticket resolution and documentation
  • Documentation/Training:
  • Detailed Process Design documentation for the OTC Business processes.
  • WRICEF documentation and testing.
  • Conducted User acceptance testing wif Business.
  • End user training.
  • Implementation:
  • SAP's Order-To-Cash (OTC) Implementation of the North America (USA & Mexico) in Jan 2011, UK in Feb 2011, Poland in Apr 2011 and Shanghai in July 2011.
  • Implementation of business processes involving Scheduling Agreements wif Delivery (Planning, Forecast & JIT) Schedules, Summarized/Sequenced JIT, Consignment, External Service Agent & Stock Transport Scheduling Agreement and EDI.
  • Sales Order, Shipping (Inbound & Outbound Deliveries), Transportation (Shipments), Billing & Returns.
  • Packing Instruction, Returnable Packaging and Mobile Data Entry (MDE).
  • Implemented the Credit Management, Foreign Trade, Plants Abroad & Self Billing functionality.
  • Stock Transfer Scheduling Agreement (STSA) for Inter-company, Subcontracting, Return-To-Vendor processes and Gloden Tax for China.
  • Configuration:
  • Plant, Sales Area, Shipping points, Storage Locations (SLoc), Transportation Planning Point
  • Document Types, Item/Schedule Line categories, copy controls, number ranges
  • Packaging, Returnable Packaging and Customer Material Info Record (CMIR
  • EDI:
  • IDoc, Partner Profiles, Customized ED Order and Delivery Interval
  • JITK for Summarized JITs, EMFOR/EMJIT/EMASN error messages
  • Determination:
  • Partner, Output, Text, Pricing, Revenue Account, Tax, Packing Instruction, Shipping point, SLoc & Route
  • Integration:
  • SD & MM: Materials extended to Sales Areas, Account assignment group, MRP related data, movement types, Availability check and Shipping point determination for IBD’s.
  • SD & FICO: G/L account postings wif reference to Billing documents, Pricing procedure Condition type account keys, Tax determination and credit checks
  • SD & PP – Schedule Line Category, Requirement Class determination, MM MRP Strategy Group
  • Data Migration:
  • Customer Master, Open Sales Documents, Packing Instruction, Pricing and Output conditions.

Confidential Honea Path, SC

Lead SAP SD Functional ConsultantSAP


  • Conducted the user acceptance testing (UAT) and was responsible for the approval of UAT test results prior to migration into Production.
  • End user training
  • Batch Determination, Route, Route Schedule, Multi-level & Mixed Packing Instruction
  • In 2010, SAP’s OTC implementation of the Inventory-managed South Carolina plant.
  • Validated and managed Master data load.
  • Configured and tested the Mobile Data Entry (MDE) process.
  • Provided the business wif post-implementation support.
  • Implemented the Physical Inventory (IM managed and HUM) inventory for the year-end PI.
  • SD & MM: Materials extended to Sales Areas, MRP related data, movement types & Shipping point determination.
  • SD & FI: G/L Account, Inventory valuation

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