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Sap Fi- Ap/banking Consultant Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • 8 years of working experience in implementing, configuring, integrating, testing and providing user training and support in SAP Financial Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO) modules.
  • Working experience in business processes of industry domains like Retail, Manufacturing,Pharma/Chemical, Finance and Food industries.
  • Three full life cycle implementation using ASAP methodology and SAP best business practices.
  • Solid experience in gathering business requirements, business blue print, mapping business requirements to SAP environment, realization, final preparation, data migration, cut over planning, go live and supporting.
  • Strong functional configuration and implementation of the following SAP R/3 modules: New General Ledger (G/L), FI - General Ledger, FI- Accounts Payable, FI-Automatic Payment Program, FI-Accounts Receivables, FI- Asset Accounting
  • Working experience on functional configuration of Controlling sub-modules: CO- Cost Center Accounting, CO-Cost Element Accounting, CO- Internal Orders, CO- Profit Center Accounting, CO-Product Costing, CO- Profitability Analysis.
  • Working experience with Accounts Payable invoice processing using Esker.
  • Integrating Esker’s order to cash and purchase to pay solutions with SAP business systems for automation.
  • Strong experience with Accounts payable: customizing vendor account and creation of vendor master data, maintain number ranges and invoice processing and posting the transactions.
  • Configuration experience with lockbox, automatic payment program, dunning procedure, credit management.
  • Experience in working with bank modules: foreign currency valuation and Electronic bank statement.
  • Configuration of tax: withholding tax, input tax, output tax in accordance with local and US tax laws.
  • Working experience with Accounts Receivable: customizing customer account groups & creation of customer master data, maintain number ranges and assign number ranges to customer account groups, configuration of document types and document number ranges.
  • Integration experience with material management and sales and distribution for FI-MM and FI-SD.
  • Experience in Unit, integration and user acceptance testing and knowledge on report painter and report writer.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills and ability to work both independently and team environments with problem solving skills.


ERP: SAP R/2, R/3 versions, ECC 5.0, ECC6.0

SAP FI: General Ledger Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting

SAP CO: Cost Element/Cost center Accounting, Profit center Accounting, Internal orders, Profitable analysis, Product Costing


Database: MS Access, Oracle

Tools: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Project, MS Visio, JIRA, QA (HP-ALM)

Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Linux


Confidential - Charlotte, NC

SAP FI- AP/Banking consultant


  • Collected and analyzed user’s business requirements, identified and defined areas for improvements, prepared specifications for development, configured, troubleshooting and supporting for systems users.
  • Analysis of all open items, foreign currency revaluation, reclassification of payable and receivable, clearing of goods receipt/invoice receipt GI/IR accounts, performing reconciliation’s, profitability allocations by business area.
  • Followed ASAP Implementation methodology and designed the business processes, wrote blueprint phase documentation and completed configuration during realization phase.
  • Designed the process of payment proposal approvals for different payment methods like ACH, Wire, Check in A/P.
  • Involved in modeling of invoice processing, check printing and bank reconciliation processes for Accounts Payable (A/P).
  • Worked on cash management in house banks.
  • Completed all daily AP/AR reconciliations utilizing the cash management module in SAP
  • Uploaded bank activity into cash management module in SAP.
  • Eliminated duplicated inter-company AR/AP postings in cross-company sales orders, ensured that SD billing document invoices are posted in FI.
  • Worked on bill of exchange configuration and processing in FI-AR by configuring the reconciliation accounts in the special GL.
  • Worked on customer transactions, Master data, Payment terms, cash application, Lockbox processing, Mapping Bank Lockbox format with Sap lockbox format, customizing payment advice notes on Accounts Receivable (A/R).
  • Worked on Correspondence types on A/R which means different outputs which can be printed and sent to your business partners based around customer G/L information.
  • Responsible for A/R customer transactions, credit management, check printing, payment terms, Cash application, Lockbox processing, Cash receipts, clearing and month end and Year-end activities.
  • Cleaned Legacy Customer Master Data. Reviewed customer address data, Credit limits, Dunning, Line item displays and carry forward balances.
  • Configured Automatic Payment Program for Check, Wire and ACH payments.
  • Worked on Logistics Invoice Verification (LIV or GR-IR verification) in FI-MM (Procure to Pay) integration and configured account determination for FI-SD (Order to Cash) cycles.
  • Created Bank Master data, House banks, EDI, ERS, G/L accounts for each bank account and Reconciliation accounts for vendors, customers and assets.
  • Provided functional assistance in the development of RICEF (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms).
  • Created custom KE31 reports for the management and users in CO-PA.
  • Resolved end-user issues involved in cost roll, WIP calculation, variance calculation and period end settlement in different plants
  • Configured Cost component structure and roll ups, BOM. Set up material cost estimate with quantity structure.

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, Accounts Payable/Banking- payment process (ACH, wire, check), bank reconciliation, invoice verification, credit management, check printing, lockbox processing, CO-PA (profit center analysis).

Confidential - Gurnee, IL

SAP FI/CO consultant


  • Experience working with workshop decks on Accounts Receivable and Vendor Master data.
  • Customized the financial statement versions and assigned it to chart of accounts.
  • Created Master records including general ledger, vendor master record and customer master record etc.
  • Created cost centers, profit centers and completed the account assignment for the cost objects.
  • Configured vendor groups and assigned number ranges to vendor groups and maintained vendor groups field status for general data, company code data and purchasing data that on vendor master record.
  • Created the invoices for customer i.e. tax invoice and recorded them and sent by the vendors.
  • Created end to end over flow with the purchase/sales orders to billing with an accounting document tied to the flow.
  • Defined the account keys for the access sequence and automatic account determinations for the pricing and conditions.
  • Configured the additional depreciation areas and defined depreciation rules.
  • Experience in working with derived depreciation area, screen layouts of fixed assets.
  • Established connection between asset master records and the corresponding accounts in the GL in financial accounting through account determination.
  • Maintained employee tolerance group and customer tolerance group.
  • Configured system settings in FI- General ledger transactions, House Bank, Tax, Automatic payment program, Bank reconciliation, Account receivable- customer credit, credit controls, credit memos, period end closing, EDI and performed dunning.
  • Integrated FI with MM and SD and participated in logistic invoice verification for logistics.
  • Worked on year end activities and transfer of accounts and month end closing activities.

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, Accounts Payable- banking, customer credit, credit memos, EDI, reconciliations, customer master records, vendor master and invoice verification

Confidential - Westbrook, ME

SAP FICO Support consultant


  • Worked on Business blueprints including functional specifications and configuration documents and post go-live support
  • Responsible for conducting workshops with business users, designing, configuring, testing and providing post implementation support.
  • Responsible for configuration of G/L account groups as well as creating and assigning number ranges to G/L Accounts and document types.
  • Worked on Bank master data and processing of incoming and outgoing payments.
  • In Cost Center Accounting (CO-CCA) performed corrections by reposting line items, also checked the results of reposting for cost centers in the current periods through Actual/Plan/Variance reports, and by displaying actual line items for the cost centers in report rows for the cost elements.
  • Configured account assignment categories and requirements classes' in product cost planning.
  • Worked on Procure to pay (PTP) and Order to cash (OTC) processes.
  • Configured Posting period variants, field status groups, field status variants as well as posting keys based on client requirements for different G/L Account transactions.
  • Worked on customer and vendor down payments as well as advance payments.
  • Worked on void reason codes for checks, reversed payment documents related to the checks and re-processed transactions.
  • Generated test scripts and test scenarios.
  • Assisted in user acceptance testing(UAT) and system integration testing(SIT).
  • Worked on testing end to end enterprise and commercial applications.
  • Involved in executing the test cases for positive testing, alternative and negative testing.
  • Developed and executed test scripts, recorded test results and maintained errors and bug reports using HP Quality center (QC).
  • Generated reports using report writer and report printer during data migration processes.

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, Cost center accounting, profit analysis, customer/vendor down payments, variance reports, testing- user acceptance testing (UAT), system integration testing (SIT)

Confidential - Harrisburg, PA

SAP FICO - Asset Accounting consultant


  • Interacted with business partners and end users to identify the business requirements, determined the impact to various business areas and documented the findings.
  • Primary contact and responsible for solving the tickets based on priority and within the project time.
  • Customization settings for asset accounting such as chart of depreciation, account determination, depreciation areas, number ranges, asset classes, GL accounts etc.
  • Based on business requirements provided support on configuration.
  • Solving tickets on various aspects on asset accounting, account receivable, account payable, general ledger and in Controlling module: profitability analysis, profit center accounting including invoice, cash application, lockbox, electronic payments, automatic customer/vendor payment clearing program, settlements, adjustments, credit management, Banking integration.
  • Good knowledge in working with posting validations, substitution rules, forms, interfaces and reporting tools.
  • Determine problems found by the proactive application monitoring being done on regular basis by level 2 support person. Therefore level 3 person also must apply patches, complete performance tuning, re-create tables or indices, etc.
  • System configuration and testing in the areas of FI-General Ledger transactions, configuring adjustment accounts for General Ledger, Account Payable.
  • Configured Check Management and provided training to process and void checks with reason codes, use Check Register program.

Environment: SAP ECC 5.0, cost center accounting, accounts payable, asset accounting, profitability analysis, automatic payment program.

Confidential - Baltimore, MD

SAP FI consultant


  • Core responsibility is to analyze the incidents raised by the business users, in SAP FICO module, and provide satisfactory resolution to the same as per the SLA.
  • Solving production issues in GL-related to line item management, open item management, tax category.
  • Solving production issues in Accounts receivables and Accounts payables-master data, Transaction data and trained business users on the usage of Automatic Payment Program.
  • Analyze errors relating to cost center accounting, profit center accounting, internal order settlement and providing resolution at BPC level.
  • Worked on issues related to 3-way match on purchase order related invoices and FI-MM integration aspects.
  • Worked on issues related to Asset accounting such as Asset under construction (AUC) settlement, depreciation write-off.
  • Creation and using of master data maintenance.
  • Worked on issues related to Internal order settlement, allocation cycle.
  • Providing support for period end operations in FICO (Monthly close process).
  • Designing various test case scenarios for the relevant business process customizations and giving the end users training.
  • Managed the RICEFW tracker and coordinated with the business teams to schedule meetings and update status of development objects

Environment: SAP ECC 5.0, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, cost center accounting, profit center accounting, internal orders and asset accounting, master record, 3-way match, purchase orders and sales orders, FI-MM integration.

Confidential - Chicago

SAP FICO consultant


  • Taken part in Gathering Information on current organization's legacy system, business processes and activities.
  • Defined Account Groups and Tolerance Groups for vendors and customers and documents types.
  • Interacted with client to create and group customer and vendor master data, vendor field status, defined credit control areas and dunning areas.
  • Customized Line Layouts for GL, AP, and AR data entry and Report Displays.
  • Designed and configured vendor master data: vendor group, vendor field status, creating vendor and customer master data and risk categories.
  • Configured outgoing payments, open Item clearing in Accounts Payable.
  • Worked with SD Team for design and configuration of the sales process and integration with FI, Settings for revenue recognition & revenue item category, defined condition tables & account keys.
  • Configured for one-time vendors/customers with a separate screen layouts and customers/vendors who were vendors/customers respectively and trading partners.
  • Customized lockbox, payment requests and interest calculation on account balances and line items.
  • Defined and configured controlling area: assigned company codes and number ranges, operating concern.
  • Analyzed and configured cost element Categories and Imputed Costs; cost center accounting (hierarchy nodes CC categories, time-based fields and analysis period, statistical key figures and activity types, allocation types, assessments, planning setups, auto account assignments).

Environment: SAP ECC 5.0, Accounts receivable, Cost center accounting, Cost element accounting, one-time customers/vendors, customer master record, vendor master record.


SAP FICO consultant


  • Involved in all the phases of ASAP methodology (Accelerated SAP methodology) from gathering functional requirements, AS-IS study, GAP analysis, development of Business Blueprint, configuration, data migration, testing, post implementation support.
  • Defining Vendor master data. Configuring down payments, vendor management inventory (VMI), payment methods, automatic payment program.
  • Configured in interest calculations on items, balance interest calculation, number ranges for forms, account balance calculation on account balances and line items.
  • Configured Dunning program, Dunning level, Dunning areas and dunning forms for each company at company code level.
  • Configured payment terms for dunning, for overdue interest calculations for down payments and automatic clearing of line items.
  • Report specifications to programmers regrading report format, object of report, technical information i.e. tables, fields and testing.
  • Configured with holding tax (TDS) as per country version and configured cost center hierarchy, Cost element accounting, cost center accounting.
  • Creation of internal orders and settlement for external accounts for expenses and assets.
  • Integrated controlling area by implementing: Cost element accounting, cost center accounting, profit center accounting, internal orders, profitability analysis.
  • In Product costing: Secondary cost elements, Activity types, costing variants, costing run.
  • In Profitability Analysis: Created the operating concerns, configured costing-based profitability analysis. Defined and configured the reporting characteristics, value field, profitability segments, used in profitability analysis.
  • Experience in loading the master data and testing the same thing and worked on FI-CO interface to send the data to accounting application component.
  • Analyzing business reporting requirements that could be satisfied by the standard reports and providing specifications to the technical consultant for report modifications.

Environment: SAP ECC 5.0, General ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, asset accounting, cost center accounting, product costing, profit analysis- operating concerns, value field, profitability segments

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