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Sr. Sap Bobj/hana Lead Resume

Denver, CO


  • Over 12+ years of USA experience in the field of Software design, development and implementation of Enterprise Business and BI Analytics applications. Requirements gathering, implementation, testing and developing solutions for leading clients.
  • Expert in SAP BI Suite of Tools (WEBI, SAP Lumira 2.0, SAP Design Studio, Crystal Reports Designer, Crystal Reports Enterprise, BO Explorer and Xcelsius), Administration (CMC and CCM), Information Design Studio and Universe Designer, and BI Launch Pad and Infoview
  • SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA 1.0
  • SAP HANA 1.0,2.0 Data Modelling, HANA Scripting, HANA SDI(Create and execute Flow Graphs), HANA SDA (for Real Time Data Replication) and SAP Cloud, S/4 Hana, SAP CDS views
  • SAP HANA SLT Configuration, Hadoop Integration Eco System, SAP Vora, Dynamic Tiering, SAP HANA Live, SAP HANA Live Browser
  • Worked on Multimillion projects and responsible for budgeting, resourcing and time line/delivery of the projects.
  • Worked with Global companies and expertise in Managing and Leading large teams both onsite and offshore.
  • Worked on many number of RFP's and POC's in the area of SAP BI Suit of products which includes Data Visualization/Analytics/Reporting/DataModelling/DataMigrations/Architecture and Landscape Migrations/System Upgrades.
  • Good knowledge of SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA for developing Predictive and Machine learning models using SAP HANA Predictive Analytics Libraries (PAL), Python and Tensor-Flow
  • Knowledge of BOBJ Digital Board Room and emerging technologies like IoT and AI
  • Used SAP Data Services as an ETL tool between SAP, Non SAP and BI applications for data extraction, data profiling, data conversion, cleansing the data using the platform, Data integration and Data Quality
  • Hands on experience in Installation of Business Objects Suite of Products 4.2, 4.1, BODS 3.x and 4.2, Information Stewart and SAP Integration Kit, Configuration of Single Sign On and SNC
  • Experience with SAP BI 7.0, 7.4,7.5 and BW/4 HANA BEx Tools, Data Extraction, Data Modeling and Data Flow
  • Hands on experience of PL/ SQL on Sql Server and also on SAP HANA as a Database.
  • Experience in Tableau 10.x reporting - Live and Extract data
  • Experience in SAP S/4 HANA, SAP ECC Functional SD, FICO, MM,WM,PP and SAP CRM and SAP Technical ABAP workbench, LSMW, BAPI’s and other concepts
  • BW Reporting: Expertise in BEx Analyzer, Query Designer, Web Application Designer, Info-Set queries, Jump Analysis using RRI, Information Broadcaster
  • Experience with Financial Statements such as Balance Sheet, Income statement, Trial balance
  • Strong analytical skills and in depth experience in Business Process analysis coupled with interpersonal communication, documentation and self organizing skills.
  • Effective in communicating complex technical information to both top-level management and end-users. Flexible and resourceful, applying strong organizational, time-management and planning skills to deliver projects on time/budget, in pressure and aggressive timelines.
  • Excellent Project Management skills. Can work Onsite and Offshore model projects.


Reporting: BOBJ 4.2, 4.1, 3.x, Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports 2013 and 2008, SAP Lumira, BO Explorer, Design Studio and Dashboards, Xcelsius2008, Tableau 10.x

Administration: SAP Integration Kit, SNC, BOBJ CCM, CMC (Central Management Console), SAP HANA Administration

ERP - Technologies: SAP BW, SAP ECC6.0 EHP 6.0, SAP CRM

ETL: SAP HANA 1.0, 2.0, SDI, SDA, SLT, SAP BODS 4.2, 4.0, 3.2

Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/2003 Server, 98/XP, UNIX, DOS.

Database: Oracle 8.x/9.x, SQL Server 7.0/2000,PL/SQL, MS Access.


Confidential, Denver, CO


Environment: SAP Business Objects 4.1 SP5 Patch 7, XI 3.1 SP3 and FP3.3, SAP IK XI 3.1 SP3 and FP 3.3, SAP BW 7.4, 7.1, SAP EHP 6.0, ECC 6.0, Crystal Reports 2013 and 2008, Crystal Reports Enterprise 4.1, SAP Lumira 2.0, SAP Design Studio, Dashboard and Xcelsius 2008, Qaaws, SQL Server, Micro Soft CRM, SAP BODS 4.2, 4.0, Tableau 10.x, Microsoft SQL Server


  • Worked with SAP Functional and SAP BI team in requirement gathering from Business Community
  • Implemented BI Solution for SAP IS-Media Module and Integration with Microsoft CRM
  • Implemented SAP Native HANA Data Models, Calculation Views, SLT, SAP HANA SQL scripting for Procedures, Views, Custom Functions, etc.
  • Created SAP HANA information models such as Procedure and Hana Views (Attribute, Analytics and Calculation views) with graphical and SQL Scripting, SDA (Smart Data Access), SAP HANA Live (Analytics)
  • Experience with SAP HANA migration & Optimization - HANA Sizing and performance tuning
  • Configured SAP SLT, Hadoop Integration ecosystem and Spark
  • Developed packages using SAP Hana using BODS, SDI, SDA and SDQ in SAP And Non SAP Data Sources
  • Worked on SAP HANA for its interfaces with SAP BW and SAP BO.
  • Worked on SAP HANA Web IDE, Hana Cloud Platform and HCI
  • Developed SAP Hana models on real time replicated data from SAP ECC and CRM systems.
  • Table functions as data sources replacing scripted calculation views
  • Migrated Scripted Calculation view to Graphical calculations views
  • Developed and designed various BODS jobs to extract data from flat files to data base staging tables and scheduled jobs in management console.
  • Used the BODS case, validation, merge transforms and lookup function to validate the Customer Masterbasic data.
  • Developed SAP BW queries for different functional areas
  • Developed BW data marts for different functional areas such as Sales and CRM using standard extractors and generic extractors.Reporting and Dashboard Visualization Activities:
  • Designed and developed reporting for various functional areas like Sales and Distribution which includes Subscriptions, Accounts Receivable and Accounts payable and FSCM and CRM
  • Developed different Web Intelligence reports such as Summary and Detail reports, Cross Tabs with multiple tabs and charts, drill down functionality and also calculating complex variables like dynamic rolling forward months and so on
  • Developed Complex Crystal reports with lot of variables to calculate YTD and MTD matrix like Beginning Balance, New balance, Change and etc. on top of SAP BICS, SAP BW MDX query and ECC tables
  • Created dashboards onDesign Studio1.6 version for Annualized revenue analysis for Leadership team- using GEO maps, Cross Tabs, Script editor, score cards on different data sources such as SAP HANA, SAP BOE and SAP BW
  • Created various SAP Lumira 2.0 discovery and designer - stories/Dashboards on top of different data sources and published them to SAP BI platform, to manage security and to provide access to users
  • DevelopedSAP Lumiradataset, acquired data, prepare data; cleanse data, created Story and visualization by usingSAP Lumira.
  • Used Information Design Tool to design Universes for HCM reporting
  • Used Universe Designer to design and develop Relational Universes on SQL for Product Usage
  • Developed OLAP Universes for on top of SAP BW queries
  • Enabled Auditing Service on all relevant Servers in CMC and created audit reportsUpgrade Experience:
  • Installed and Configured SAP BI 4.1 and Upgraded to SP05 and Patch 7 across the landscape on Windows
  • Configured Single Sign On (SSO), Security Token Service (STS- to leverage BICS Connectivity) and SNC between SAP BW and Windows AD systems using Kerberos
  • Migrated Business Objects 3.1 Content (Webi and Crystal Reports and Universes) to SAP BI 4.1 using Upgrade Management Tool.
  • SAP Lumira Connectivity issues and Design Studio fixes.
  • Configured Data Service Job Servers and Central Repository.Administration Activities:
  • Configured BOBJ Enterprise and SAP Integration Kit on BOBJ Dev, QA, Stage and PRD systems.
  • Implemented SSO and SNC between SAP and BOBJ systems to bypass username and password using Windows AD groups
  • Configured SNC setup and Single Sign for the users in SAP and BOBJ systems so that they can login to Infoview portal bypassing username and password
  • Worked on BOBJ CMC in Servers management, Events Handling and Security of Users, Groups and Folder Access management
  • Configuration ofBODS, Repository creation and server management administration.
  • Central Repository configuration and best practices for version control
  • Scheduling the jobs and User Management in Management Console
  • SAP HANA Security, which includes User Management & Security, designing Roles & Analytical Privileges. Also, worked on Tools for Performance Analysis, monitoring and performing Root Cause Analysis.

Confidential, Enid, Ok

SAP BO Architect

Environment:Business Objects XI 3.1 SP2 and FP2.5, SAP IK XI 3.1 SP2 and FP 2.5, SAP BODS SAP BI 7.0,SAP BPC, SAP ECC 6.0,Crystal Reports, Xcelsius 2008, QaaWS, Live Office


  • Worked with SAP BI team in requirement gathering from business users
  • Built reports that have multiple displays of objects on a single layout (Tables and Charts) in Web Intelligence for user friendly analysis of data.
  • In WEBI used Calculations, Variables, Breaks, Sorting, Alerts, Prompts, slice and dice, and Drill down/up functionality for creating Master-Detail reports, Cross-tab reports related to the company’s Accounting and Financial Planning.
  • Developed Crystal Reports on top of ECC Tables, SAP Query AND Functional Modules of PM,FICO and MM modules
  • Created Crystal Reports with Standard, Summary, Cross Tabs, SQL, Command Objects, Selection Criteria, grouping, sub reports etc
  • Configured QAAWS and Live office to Dash boards using Xcelsius
  • Developed Executive dashboards using Xcelsius such as Net Sales, Revenue and Marketing
  • Developed Bex Queries on top of Info cubes for Financial statements
  • Worked on bex query restrictions, created Characteristic KF’S, Restricted KF’S and structures and also Selection variables.
  • Developed and Tested BODS Jobs to extract, transform and load jobs for different source systems like CSV files to various target systems like SQL Server, CSV files.
  • Worked in the integration of BODS with SAP modules and Non-SAP data sources.
  • Used various BODI transforms like Query, Table comparison, Sql, History preserving
  • Developed OLAP Universes on top the bex queries and applied MDX code on some objects.
  • Developed Relational data base Universes and resolved issues related to Loops, Chasm and Fan traps by using alias and context, optimized universe performance and also set up of security at universe level.
  • As part of Universe development, created Classes, different kind of Objects, Cardinalities, and Strategies.
  • Check the Integrity of the Universes.
  • Good experience in using RSRT and MDXTEST to run queries and resolve issues related to queries
  • Creation of generic Data sources in ECC, custom objects in BW/BI (Multiproviders, Infocubes, Datastore Objects/ ODS’, Info Objects, Transformations, Queries, DTP’s, etc)
  • Involved in creating Queries in Bex using calculated key figures, restricted key figures, Virtual Key Figures, Virtual Characteristics, Structures, Variables, Conditions.
  • Created and enhance BI objects such as Info Objects, Info Cubes, and Info sets, Info Sources/Data Sources, Master Data, Transactional Data, Transformations and Transfer Rules, ODS, Process Chains, BEx Query, and BEx Analyser.
  • Error handling built into the Process Chains by using the error DTP’s to mitigate the risk of reports going offline due to failed data loads
  • Installed BOBJ Enterprise XI 3.1 SP2 and Fix pack 2.5 and SAP Integration Kit SP2 and Fix pack 2.5 on BOBJ Dev, QA and PRD systems.
  • Configured the Data services to connect to theSAP ECC and BW
  • Scheduled the jobs, managed users and repositories in Management Console.
  • Worked on SAP Authentication in BOBJ CMC to add Multiple SAP Systems
  • Worked on BOBJ CMC in Servers management, Events Handling and Security of Users, Groups and Folder Access management
  • Worked on Performance tuning on BOBJ and SAP BI 7.0.
  • Prepared training documents and provided end user training.

Confidential, Utah/Boston

SAP BO/BI Lead Resource

Environment:Business Objects XI 3.1 SP2, SAP BI 7.0, SAP CRM,SAP BODS 3.2, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, Info view, CMC, Crystal Reports, QaaWS, Live Office


  • Involved in requirements gathering and KPI’S from Business users and prepared Functional and technical specification documents.
  • Designed Confidential Standard Report templates for Summary and Detailed reports and Executive Dashboards
  • Setting up of Business Objects XI stack and SAP Integration Kit in development, Quality and Production environments.
  • Developed SAP BI Master Queries from SAP CRM infoproviders (Multiproviers, Infosets and Infocubes) using Bex query designer, applied various functions like filters and conditions.
  • Developed Core Universes based on the BEX queries and implemented MDX code
  • Developed Summary and detailed reports and Charts based on SAP CRM Leads, Opportunities, and Service Contracts queries using Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports and also Bex Analyser.
  • Created parameterized Crystal reports and customized existing reports for presentations using Cross-Tab reports, sub-reports, Running Totals, Sorting, Alerting, Visual Basic syntax to create formulas for the reports using SAP BI/R3.
  • Extracted Data fromSAP ECC and loaded intoBW.
  • Developed BODS Jobs, Work Flows, Data Flows, and Scripts using various Transformations to successfully load data from multiple sources into a target.
  • Worked on various Data sources like SAP systems, BW source, Oracle, Sql Server, Flat files
  • Developed Xcelsius Dashboards using variety of components such as Charts, Selectors and Containers
  • Involved in optimizing the queries and created reports using BEx Analyzer and Web Application Designer to develop Web Reports
  • Worked on BOBJ CMC in setting up users/groups and also setting up user preferences using Script.
  • Resolved Issues related to BI/BO integration by creating OSS notes
  • Use of RRI feature to provide detailed information from the summary report. The reports were deployed and made accessible to the end-users from the Enterprise Portal
  • Created custom DSOs, InfoCubes, MultiProviders and Infosets based on SAP CRM Leads, Opportunities and Activities.
  • Involved in testing and training of end users.

Confidential, MI

Sr.SAP BOBJ Consultant

Environment:Business Objects XI R3, SAP BI 7.0, ECC 6.0, Desktop Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, Crystal Xcelsius Engage, QaaWS, Live Office


  • Involved in requirements gathering, filling Gap Analysis on the requirement. Done configuration of Business Objects XI Suite. Hands on experience in setting up Testing, QA and Production Servers Environment. Worked on Pre Migration Assessment.
  • Coordinated with business to understand the requirements and modifying universe, report specifications. Involved in creating users/user groups in CMC (Administration module). Good experience in trouble shootings issues.
  • Created web intelligence reports, graphs and charts facilitating drill down. Created, modified/maintained Universe. Created Hierarchies to facilitate drill down. Worked on Adding/creating complex objects to the universe to enhance the report functionality.
  • Created interactive Executive Dashboards, Charts and Graphs using Xcelsius.
  • Created Reports based on Universe created by BEX Queries.
  • Designed and developed several BI queries using BEx (Business Explorer)
  • Developed Sales Audit reports, ship budget reports.
  • Developed Creditor, Debitor and Vendor performance reports.
  • Developed weekly sales performance reports, planning reports for the stock allocation.
  • Created Aggregates on infoCubes in order to generate reports and improve query performance. RSRT for Query monitoring.
  • Involved in Change Management meetings and Production meetings

Confidential, MI

Sr.BO Developer/Administrator

Environments:Business Objects XI, Business Objects 6.5, Informatica,Broadcast Agent, Web I XIr2, Info view, ZABO, Crystal Reports XI/10, SDK, Sybase11.9, Oracle 9i/10g, VB6.0, PL/SQL, ASP, MS Excel, UNIX, Linux, WindowsNT/2000.


  • Interacted with the users for changes or improvement they need in existing reports and modified the reports to satisfy their needs and requirements. Migrated reports from 6.5/to BO XIR2. Recreated Security from Scratch. Implemented different security across Folder, Report, and Universe and in Group level.
  • Installed BO XI in Development, UAT and Production environment. Installed service pack from SP1 to SP3. Deployed .war files to web sphere after every Service pack installation. Configured BO Servers as per client’s requirement. Setup the production server with Cluster environment for fault tolerance.
  • Created Reports based on the information provided by the Data Ware house team like Sales of Product by Region, Reports Based on time like Year, Quarter, Month Date, Sort by Part description reports and Comparative reports.
  • Developed BO Universes using Designer and Business Objects for the reporting solution for Operational reporting System. Created Cardinalities, contexts, Joins and Aliases to resolve Loops and checked the integrity of Universes.
  • Developed Balance sheet, Buying Analysis reports.
  • Developed Backlog reports, Scheduling Compliance reports for the business users using Web intelligence
  • Worked on purchase orders, inventory procurement reports with different options like drill down analysis, filters and conditions
  • Worked on Informatica Power Center tool - Source Analyzer, warehouse designer, Mapping Designer, Server Manager, Mapplets, and Reusable Transformations.
  • Worked on Informatica Power center to map the source data into the target star schema.

Confidential, MI

BO Developer/Administrator


  • Involved in Requirements gathering, Testing and Training. Installed and configured Business Objects XI Suite. Worked on Adding/creating complex objects to the universe to enhance the report functionality. Created, modified/maintained Products Universe.
  • Created and maintained Business Objects & web Intelligence reports. Built Cross -Tab reports. Added/created complex objects to the universe to enhance the report functionality. Created report templates to maintain same standards across all the reports.
  • Involved in documenting the changes to the universe and reports functionality. Migrating BO 6.5 version report to BO XI R2. Migrating Crystal Reports to BO XI R2. Involved in preparation of user’s guide and fine-tuning the specification.
  • Documented the deviations from the original specification. Interacted with business to understand the requirements and modifying universe, report specifications. Optimized the usage of user objects, conditions and universe level filters. Extensively used multiple data providers for building reports.
  • Created users/user groups in CMC (Administration module). Involved in Metadata tuning. Expert in trouble shootings issues. Took charge of the complete design and development of universe, reports and dashboards. Defined production support strategy for the reporting issues.
  • Trained developers, end- users in the usage of Business Objects. Developed test strategies to verify the reports based on stored procedure testing/query testing and verifying the report format.

Environment:Business Objects XI R1, Desktop Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Info view, CMC, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, .NET, Oracle 10g, DB2.

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