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Sr.sap Basis Administrator Resume

Winston Salem, NC


  • SAP Basis & security Consultant with 8+ years of total IT experience in SAP Basis & Security Implementation and support in SAP R/3, my SAP, Net Weaver 2004 / 2004s and System Administration.
  • SAP Basis experience in different platforms like UNIX, HP - UX, Linux, SUN-Solaris and Windows with Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server databases as RDBMS.
  • Expertise in the installation of SAP ERP 2004s,SAP CRM 5.0 .SAP CRM 2007,SAP CRM 7.0, SAP ERP ISU,SAP SRM, SAP BI, SAP PI 7.0, Netweaver 7.0, SAP EP 6.0, SAP EP 7.0, GRC, SAP Solution Manager, SAP CPS.
  • Security Administration: Managing SAP servers security like creating users, deleting users, creating profiles using profile generator (PFCG), creating roles, assigning profiles, creating authorizations, assigning roles, using SAP default templates for users, maintaining users in Central System by using Central User Administration (CUA), monitoring user logins, user sessions, restricting default logins in instance parameter file, trouble shooting user level problems to properly access the servers and maintaining security throughout the SAP landscapes.
  • Expertise handling SAP Security/ GRC internal and external audit.
  • Knowledge of Risk Management and Process Control through GRC.
  • Worked extensively on Transport Management System (TMS) including performing transports both using STMS, troubleshoot transport problems, create transports etc.
  • Client Administration and handled client copy/export/import and client deletions.
  • Experience in Spool Administration including Setting up printers, Printing and Displaying Spool Requests, Remote Printing & Frontend Printing, Temse Administration.
  • Performed various Database Administration activities - Scheduling Backups, Increasing the DB data/ Table spaces and log files accordingly, Disaster Recovery, Restore Strategy, Consistency Check, System copy and Refresh activities with Oracle(BR*Tools).
  • Expertise in OS administration, performing Kernel upgrades, Applying patches to the system, Applying OSS Notes, Spool Administration.
  • Experienced in installing enhancement packs (EHP), support packs/stacks OSS notes, patches and add-ons.
  • Strong Knowledge on Service market Place to Download the Various Support Packages, Reporting error messages to SAP, Generating License Keys etc.
  • Performed Charm Configuration for Systems like SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), SAP Product and Profile Management system(PPM) on SOLMAN 7.1
  • Working Experience on Different Third party Monitoring Ticketing tools like Remedy, HP Service Desk, Service Now etc.
  • Knowledgeable Control-M(BMC) and Unicenter (CA) scheduling software.
  • Troubleshoot via SUIM, su24- authorization Objects, SU53, ST05, ST01- System Trace.
  • Hands on and day-to-day experience in GRC modules i.e. RAR, CUP, ERM.
  • An effective communication with excellent relationship, interpersonal skills, strong analytical problem solving and organizational abilities.


SAP: SAP R/3 ECC6.0, ECC5.0, 4.7 EE, 4.6c, CRM, Solution Manager 4.0/7.0, Net weaver 04, 2004s WAS 700/640, XI7.0, EP6, EP7, UCES, BI, NWDI, GRC, GTS, xRPM, SCM, SRM.

Operating Systems: HP UNIX, Linux, AIX, Solaris, Windows

Databases: Oracle 10g & 9i, SQL SERVER 2005, DB2

Ticket Tools: HP Service Desk, Remedy.

Hardware: HP, Sun, IBM.

Languages: C, C++, JAVA.


Confidential, Winston Salem, NC

Sr.SAP Basis Administrator


  • Performed trouble shooting on R/3 security problems by using system traces. Plan and execute transports with Performed basis activities monitoring all systems of clients, resolving issues in the system which includes printer issues, system dumps, intermittent connection between systems RFC, transport management etc.
  • Analysis and troubleshooting of short dumps, managing lock entries and reporting of update errors.
  • Perform SAP client administration (create client, copy client, delete client, export/import client) as required.
  • Starting /Stopping SAP instance and troubleshooting startup problems.
  • Sap Printer configuration & Troubleshooting.
  • Setup SAP router and Connectivity to SAP.
  • Configuration and administration of Transport Management Systems (TMS).
  • Performing various SAP Market place activities like software downloads, connection maintenance, and coordination with SAP for resolving issues.
  • SAP Language Package importing.
  • Responsible for creation, modifying maintenance of roles (Single, composite and derived roles) using the Profile Generator(PFCG).
  • Utilize Control-M BMC software for interface scheduling.
  • Requesting and applying SAP license keys.
  • Manage SAP ERP System landscape (DEV, QAS and PRD).
  • Installation of ERP Sandbox systems and performing post installation activities.
  • Installation and post installation of Solution Manager 7.1
  • Releasing/Importing request transports between ERP system landscape(DEV, QAS and PRD).
  • Installing and administration SAP GUI.
  • Maintaining the RFC connections between different SAP systems.
  • Spool Administration and monitoring spool request.
  • Applying support package, support patches, snotes, and installation of add-on software components and performing kernel upgrade.
  • Configured parameters for default & instance profiles.
  • Execute an authorization matrix of all modules on the system.
  • Monitored SAP buffers using ST02 analyzed workload of SAP (ST03) and scheduled background jobs through Control-M.
  • Manage SAP users, authorization, and profiles using Profile Generator(PFCG).
  • Troubleshooting and handling user authorization issues by using SU53, ST01 and SUIM.
  • Responsible for testing and transporting the roles across landscape.
  • Upload and download the roles during system landscape (DEV, QAS and PRD) and create transport request for roles transportation.
  • Handle User Management tasks which include Creation/Modification/deletion of user IDs, Assign/revoke role to the user IDs, User group management, Mass lock/unlock/modify the user

Environment: SAP ERP 7.0, Net weaver 7.31, SAP BI 7.0, BMC Control-M, SAP SCM, SAP BOBJ 3.1, SAP EP 7.0, SAP NWDI, SAP solution manager 7.0, Database: Oracle and MS SQL server, Platform: - LINUX and Windows server

Confidential, Marysville, Ohio

Sr. SAP Basis Consultant


  • Monitor all SAP systems(work processes, users, system logs, short dumps, locks, developer traces, disk space, etc.).
  • Testing the installation process and constitution of SAP products using installation tools SAPINST.
  • Testing the usability and performance and function of the installed products and involved in activities of system administration.
  • Execution system copies using method homogenous system copy.
  • Performed daily system checks, verifying the database and archive log backup and monitored the client landscapes and alert monitoring.
  • Performance tuning of the systems and database in the landscape.
  • SPOOL administration like printer configuration, solving printer errors, cleaning the old spool requests by running appropriate reports.
  • Responsible for user creation/deletion/locking/restriction and user roles and authorizations.
  • Involved in setting up the Transport Management System (TMS) and assist in troubleshooting the technical issues with transport.
  • Involved in CCMS monitoring for preventive check / maintenance of the production and development system.
  • Responsible for database tuning and maintenance including planning and execution of system maintenance tasks, transportations of developments between environments.
  • User maintenance, creating roles, adding authorizations to users upon client requests.
  • Background job maintenance, finding the reasons of failure and finding the appropriate solution to solve them and making sure SAP standard jobs running fine and operation modes maintenance and changing the profile parameters according to the requirement.
  • Monitoring RFC connections, client administration including client creation, local client copy, remote client copy, client export/ import and deleting client.
  • Database administration such as table space administration, adding data files if required using SAPDBA.
  • Applied OSS notes manually as well as using Note Assistant (SNOTE).
  • Analyzing startup problems (Database R/3 and Additional instances).
  • Created Clients defined settings and performed client copies like Local and Remote client copy.
  • Handling End-user related problems, Created Users and User groups. Providing Authorizations to the users using Activity Groups. Generated user related reports and submitted them to the management.
  • Installation of configuration of SAPGUI, and resolved the GUI problems and backed up SAPGUI initialization files during down times and while performing backups.
  • Prepared a plan for Disaster Recovery.
  • Displaying and monitoring the system work processes. Performed daily checklist as per the Company norms.

Environment: EHP7 for ERP 6.0/ EHP1 for NW 7.0, PI 7.1, Solution Manager 7.0, SCM 7.0, NW EP 7.01, BW 7.3, Oracle 10G/11G RDBMS on Unix/Linux.

Confidential, Canonsburg, PA

Sr.SAP Basis Admin


  • Performed Dual stack split and Homogeneous system copies on ABAP, JAVA and Dual stack systems using SAPINST (export/import using Database independent/dependent methods)
  • Experienced with SAP Migration tools SUIM (DMO), SWPM/SAPINST, MIGMON, and MIGTIME.
  • Handled parallel export/import, table and package splitting.
  • Optimize and monitor table/partitions distribution across multiple nodes in scale out system to ensure good performance on query execution.
  • Implementation and support of SAP ECC6.0, Portal 7.3, BI 7.3,PI 7.3, Solution manager 7.1 and NWDI systems.
  • Involved in SAP BPC implementation, Configuration, and upgrade. Worked on activation, global parameters maintenance and backup/restore environment shell.
  • Implemented ChaRM and integrated ABAP and Java systems into the landscape, creation of projects and worked/assisted users on urgent and general Change request.
  • Configuration and administration of CTS+ for non- ABAP and PI systems to move Design and Configuration objects between PI systems and non- ABAP content between portal systems.
  • Plan, manage & support the SAP Kernel upgrades, SAP Technical Upgrades and applying support packages for both ABAP & Java systems using SPAM/SAINT and JSPM/SUM
  • Extensive experience on install, configure and administration on portal 7.3 systems that includes troubleshooting and performance tuning.
  • Configuring E2E monitoring setup for entire landscape with Solution Manager. This involves installing & configuring Netweaver Administration (NWA), post Installation of Solution Manager Diagnostics (SMD) agents on satellite systems, System Landscape Directory (SLD) and Installing Wily Introscope and performing all the technical steps required for monitoring entire landscape.
  • Carried out the Configuration and administration of TMS Configuration, Export/Import and troubleshooting both ABAP and non- ABAP requests, Configuring of CTS+ & MWDI.
  • Configuring FPN connection between Consumer and producer portal system and also SSO configuration between ABAP-JAVA systems, Configuring SSL, Installation and Configuring of web dispatchers and troubleshooting issues coming out of it.
  • Creating & enhancing the custom scripts for database monitoring/administration and troubleshooting the related issues.
  • Installations and Scheduling jobs with external job monitoring tool Autosys and troubleshooting the issues that come out of it.
  • Performed system refresh and client copy activities for BI, ECC and BPC systems.
  • Extensive experience on installation, Configuration and troubleshooting PI 7.3 and integration of third party systems.
  • Participate hardware sizing of SAP landscape, Planning and implementation of backup/recovery strategies.
  • Plan and execute Disaster recovery test activities
  • Documentation of quality processes for all deliverables and ensure all the team members follow the same.

Environment: SAP ECC6.0, Portal 7.3, Solution manager 7.1, PI 7.3, and BI 7.3, Oracle 11g, AIX, Solaris .


SAP Basis/Security Consultant


  • Supported SAP GRC in Planning, Managing, Customized enhancement and configuration.
  • Experienced with security, analysis, configuration, compliance and implementation.
  • Worked with users to provide access using roles across all systems using CUA, SOD conflict resolution and providing both business and technical documentation.
  • Analysis security issues using SUIM, ST01, SU53 and SU56 and familiar with all relevant security tables.
  • Created and maintained Rule, Risk and Functions in GRC. Administrated the Access Control Owners and requests, FF manual assignment and Risk Batch jobs.
  • Successfully upgraded GRC from version GRC 5.3 to GRC 10 and to GRC 10.1, allowing business security team to have better Segregation Of Duty (SOD) reports and procedures.
  • Successfully delivered security solutions for ECC upgrade involving SU25 tool.
  • Change control management (CHARM) (Customizing request for change/change transaction/web UI/multilevel category/ maintenance and project cycle/action/status/workflow, IBASE and transport management/roles and profiles)
  • Done Early Watch Alert configuration on ERP 6.0 landscape
  • Applied latest Java and ABAP patches
  • Configured system monitoring and EWA
  • Configured CCMS alerts integrating with SOLMAN with automatic e-mail forwarding
  • Setup of Early Watch Alert Reports, Service Level Reports, Central System Administration, System Monitoring, Service Desk on Solution Manager
  • Setup and configuration of Solution Manger Diagnostics for E2E Diagnostics
  • Configured CHARM for their ongoing implementation & maintenance projects.
  • Conducted knowledge sessions on Solution Manager Functionality.
  • Installation and configuration of wily Introscope with standard Monitoring Modules.

Environment: SAP ERP 6.0, SAP BI 7.0, SAP CRM, SAP EP 7.0, BOBJ, SAP solution manager 7.0, Solution manager CHaRM, SAP GUI 720, GRC 10.x&5.3, Ticketing tools (BMC Remedy).

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

SAP Basis Consultant


  • As a junior Basis consultant, I involved in the implementation project in the following activities:
  • ECC installation, post installation and RDS activation.
  • Solution Manager Installation, configuration and administration.
  • Portal ESS/MSS installation, configuration and RDS activation.
  • Bobj installation and RDS activation.
  • PI installation and RDS activation.
  • SLT installation and configuration.
  • BPC installation and Configuration.
  • HANA configuration.
  • SAP router installation.
  • SAP Business Objects integration with ERP and HANA.
  • Starting / Stopping SAP instance and troubleshooting startup problems.
  • Investigation and research of issues and resolution using SAP Service Market Place and other resources.
  • Monitor R/3 System Landscape, which includes Technical Sandbox, Training Development, Quality Assurance and Production environments.
  • System memory and performance monitoring/tuning using CCMS (including alerts).
  • Troubleshooting day-to-day problems, Verification of ABAP Short Dumps and System logs.
  • Configuration and Managing Transport Management System (TMS).
  • Maintaining Profile parameters.
  • Performed request transports between ERP System landscape (DEV, QAS and PRD).
  • Client administration activities (Client Creation, Local/Remote client copy, Client Export/Import, Client deletion).
  • Identifying the performance problems proactively and resolving them on daily basis.
  • Performed various SAP Market Place activities like software downloads, connection maintenance, and license keys generation.
  • Provided SAP Basis administration Support, Performance monitoring, Troubleshooting and tuning.
  • Problem analysis and resolving.
  • Monitoring and SAP System for health and performance issues.
  • Check all lock table and failed updates.
  • Check all the work processes and Background jobs status.
  • Monitoring tools CPU/Memory monitoring, response times, locks, update errors, dumps.
  • Daily activities such as checking System logs, Update errors, and ABAP Dump errors.
  • Coordination with functional team members regarding security activities.
  • Execute an authorization matrix of all modules on the system.
  • Implementation and ongoing support of security roles and profiles at user transaction level.
  • Provide day-to-day support of SAP applications for the users on already live systems and project members on current implementation projects.
  • SAP GUI: Coordination of the roll-out of new SAP GUI versions and patch levels.
  • SAP Language Package installation.
  • Maintaining the RFC connections between different SAP systems using SM59.

Environment: SAP ERP 6.0, SAP BI 7.0, SAP CRM, SAP EP 7.0, BOBJ, SAP solution manager 7.0, XI/PI, UCES 6.2, Database: Oracle, DB2, MS SQL server, Platform: -Linux, IBM mainframe, Windows

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