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Sap Bw/hana Senior Consultant Resume

St Louis, MO


  • Over 12 years of experience in IT Industry wif over 9 years SAP BI/BW, BOBJ &HANA, Solution Manager, BODS consultant, which includes experience in Business Intelligence and Business Objects as a technical and functional consultant playing various key roles in Design, development, Production support and reporting techniques across modules including FI/CO, HR, SD, PM, MM.
  • Expertise in teh functional and technical areas of SAP BW 7.4 wif full cycle implementations using ASAP methodology.
  • Experience in Information Technology industry wif SAP BW (BW 7.4, BW 7.3, BI 7.0, BW 3.5), SAP BO (4.0, 3.1), SAP ABAP, SAP HANA (SPS 09,10), BODS.
  • Experience in working wif all integration scenarios of BW and HANA. Migration of HANA views to BW (Transient Provider)and import of BW Info providers to SAP HANA and providing teh best modelling solution.
  • Worked extensively on various Business functional Areas like SD, FI, MM, PP, SD, PM, Procurement, QM, CFM and HR - Payroll modules related to SAP BW and HANA Reports implementation.
  • Expert in designing and developing standard and custom Info cube, DSO objects, info objects (Characteristics, Key figures), Master Data Objects (attributes, text and hierarchies), Transformation, Info package, DTP, Data source, Multiproviders, Business content Installations, WODSO (Write Optimized), Process chains, Semantically Partitioned Objects, Composite Providers, Open Hub Destinations and Data Flows.
  • Experienced in converting Standard DSO into Hana Optimized DSO and Standard Infocube into Hana Optimized Infocube and experienced in setting up secondary indexes on DSOs.
  • Experienced in writing BI - ABAP all sort of Routines, Exits and in teh creation of Function Modules, User exits and BADI.
  • Proficient in writing ABAPUser exits for transaction data and ABAP for start routine, end routine and expert routines.
  • Experience in SAP ABAP customizations for SAP BW Standard datasource enhancements, Function module based Generic Datasource developments for complex data extractions.
  • Extensively involved in SAP BI-BW Production Support in handling daily batch jobs, load failures, delta failures, Performance issues, BWA issues, System issues, reporting issues, locking issues, resource bottleneck issues.
  • Extensively involved in Data load & Report Performancetuning Techniques (Partitioning, Parallelization, Aggregates, CubeCompression, Line Item Dimension, and Indexing).
  • Expertise wif SAP HANA Studio wif Modelling and Administration Perspectives.
  • Expertise in creating various Information Models like Attribute, Analytic and Calculation Views, and exposure to Procedures decision tables and calculated columns.
  • Good exposure and hands on experience wif Data Replication scenarios of SAP HANA which include SLT, BODS (ETL Extraction),DXC and Flat files and created Procedures in HANA.
  • Expertise on HANA Administration areas eg Authentications, security management, backup and recovery, Persistency layer management user & role creation and assigning analytic privileges and creation of Schemas and Packages.
  • Involved in Information Design Tool Creation of Data Foundation, Universe for HANA reporting.
  • Good exposure to SAP BI tools and SAP HANA integration wif BI tools like Crystal reports, Lumira, Dashboards, Webi, Information Designer, Explorer and Analysis editions.
  • Hands on experience and Knowledge in Business Objects and Business Planning and Consolidation.
  • Experience in automating Data loads using process chains and Meta chains for BW.
  • Worked extensively on Business Explorer Suite tools. BEx Query Designer, BEx Web Application Designer, BExAnalyzer&BEx Web Analyzer.
  • Excellent skill set in building queries using Reusable structures, variables, RRI (Jump Reports), filters, Global and Local Restricted and Calculated Key Figures, formulas, conditions, Exceptionaggregation,CelldefinitionsandFormulas and exceptions.
  • Proficient in extracting teh data from SAP R/3 system. Expert in LO Cockpit & Generic Extraction.
  • Involved in managing of Info cube, which involves Info cube contents, performance issues like Indexes, partition, Aggregates, Line item Dimension, compression of Info cube and rolling up teh data to teh aggregates.
  • Good Understanding on ABAP development related to transformations and enhancements.
  • Good understanding and experience wif Business Objects, report creation and development using tools like Crystal reports, webi and Universe designer.
  • Worked on extraction from both SAP and non-SAP source systems like Flat file and DB connect and using SAP BODS and good knowledge on SAP BODS connectivity’s, extractions and loading into HANA Database and BODS core functionalities like Jobs creation and data transfer methodologies and Repository managements.
  • Strongknowledgein setting up Delta, replication of extractors and creation of Delta Queue andDataExtraction,(Full/Delta)Dataloads.
  • Setting up of Number Range Objects for InfoObjects and Infocubes, masking PSA table data for test scenarios, conversion of Key Figure based model to accounting model (wide to long format) using Transformation Rule Group.
  • ExpertiseinbuildingGenericextractorbasedonTables,Views, Classic InfosetsandFunctionModules,workingwifExtractstructureandtestinganddebuggingofdatainextractionchecker.
  • Hands on experience on setting up transport for BW models and conversion of logical systems across various landscapes and adding users in an individual transport request or setting up a consolidated transport.
  • Capable of working in teams as well as independently wif good communication, interpersonal and analytical skills and proven ability to quickly master new concepts and technologies.


SAP Tools: SAP BW 3.5, BI 7.0, BW 7.3, BW 7.4, SAP BO4.0, SAP HANA SPS09, SAP S/4 HANA.

ERP Integration: SD/MM/New FI-GL, AP, AR/CO/PP/QM/PM/HR Payroll modules

Reporting Tools: BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, Crystal Reports 2008 and Business Objects 4.0/ XI 3.1, WAD

Testing Tool: HP Quality Center & Tools - Packages - MS Visio, MS-Office

Databases: Oracle 9i/10g, Oracle 11g, HANA, DB2 and MS Access

Others: Outlook, Proficient in MS Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), MS Visio and MS Project

Programming Language: ABAP/4, C, C++, Java, J2EE, PL/SQL


Confidential, St. Louis, MO

SAP BW/HANA Senior Consultant

Environment: SAP BW (7.4), ECC 6.0, SAP HANA(SP09), SAP S/4 HANA, Solution Manager, SAP BEX Query Designer & BEX Analyzer, SAP BODS


  • Worked in complete BW flows for master and transactional data consisting of various SAP Modules like FI, MM, SD, LO cockpit.
  • Performed datamodeling and developed Analytical views for teh transactional data, Attribute views for teh master data, and teh calculation views as final model in HANA Studio.
  • Worked extensively on LO Cockpit. Loaded teh data from R/3 to BW and used Initialization wif Delta Update and Full Update methods.
  • Involved in development of Attribute views, Analytical Views & Calculation Views in HANA studio.
  • Generic Extraction, Enhancement of standard data sources and setting up delta, replication of extractors in BW and creating Delta queues for extraction from R/3 to BW.
  • Created, activated and worked on a daily basis wif Info sources, Info packages, Info objects, DSOs, Info cubes, SPOs, Queries, Variables, Calculated & Restricted Key Figures.
  • Extensively involved in Activating Business Content for Standard Infocubes, InfoSources&InfoObjects as per teh Client Requirements.
  • Involved in User Exits and Enhancements.
  • Used Delta Initialization, Full and Delta mechanisms for uploading data in BW.
  • Designed and created Process Chains for master and transaction data loading from flat files to info providers. Also scheduled them to run Confidential regular intervals. Monitored and analyzed teh runs.
  • Worked on BEx reports and its Analysis through teh use of Filters, Variables, Conditions, Exceptions, Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key figures, Customer Exits and Replacement Paths.
  • Writing ABAP codes for Function Module based extractors, Start/End routines and BADIs.
  • Understood teh Client requirement, prepared teh technical specification of teh report requirements.
  • Performed Unit testing and Performance testing for all new developments.
  • Constant interaction wif teh Client team Confidential all stages - Requirement gathering, design and development.
  • Created ODS, Infocubes, Multi-providers and Infosets and extracted SD data (Data sources Like 2LIS 11 VAHDR, 2LIS 11 VAITM, 2LIS 11 VASCL) of SAP R3 into SAP BW using LO Cockpit(LBWE) extraction.
  • Handled performance tuning of query response time by building aggregates and indexing on InfoCubes, InfoCube compression, worked on InfoSet queries.
  • Created documentation to facilitate teh knowledge transfer during teh go-live.
  • Setup Number Range Objects for InfoObject and InfoCube before loading teh data.
  • Transported BW objects to QA & Production system

Confidential, New York, NY

SAP BW/HANA Senior Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BW 7.3, SAP HANA (SP07),SAP S/4 HANA, Solution Manager, SAP BEX Query Designer & BEX Analyzer, SAP BO, SAP BODS


  • Created attribute, analytic and calculation views for Sales and Procurement modules as part of teh current POC.
  • Data Provisioning and replicating data from source system to HANA Database using SLT and Business Objects Data Services (BODS).
  • Replication of teh selected tables of SD from ECC to SAP HANA. Performed transformations during teh replication process.
  • Created HANA modelling scenarios and activities such as adding a system, creating schemas and content models, attributes and measures, hierarchies.
  • Monitoring teh replication process using SAP HANA studio and SAP LT replication server for transactional integrity.
  • Experience in Importing meta data, Table definitions, Performing initial load and Replication, Resuming and Suspending data loads using SAP HANA IMCE(In memory calculation Engine) studio.
  • Performed data modelling and developed Analytical views for teh transactional data, Attribute views for teh master data, and teh calculation views as final model in HANA Studio.
  • Migrating standard Infocubes to In-memory optimized Infocubes.
  • Migrating standard DSO’s to In-memory optimized DSO’s.
  • Importing teh BW Models into HANA using HANA Studio.
  • Consuming teh HANA Models in BW by creating teh Transient Providers.
  • Involved in submitting teh Ticket Status (open/close) report. Maintain Work History for all teh Tickets until it is closed down.
  • Developing custom data model using InfoObjects, InfoCubes, Standard and Write- Optimized DSOs, InfoSets and Multiproviders.
  • Used Delta Init, Full and Delta mechanisms for uploading data in BW.
  • Automated loading of data using Process chains which has Meta chains.
  • Actively and regularly involved in Load Monitoring of Daily, weekly, and Monthly, Data Loads using Process Chains.
  • Worked on activating teh Standard Business Content object like Info Cubes, ODS Objects, Info Objects etc.
  • Writing ABAP codes for Function Module based extractors, Start/End routines and BADIs.
  • Performed Unit testing and Performance testing for all new developments.
  • Constant interaction wif teh onsite team on all teh requirements, Issues, changes and status updates.

Confidential, Brentwood, TN

SAP BW/HANASenior Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BW 7.3, SAP HANA (SPS06),SAP BEX Query Designer & BEX Analyzer, SAP BO, SAP BODS


  • Started as BW consultant halping in BW and BOBJ and subsequently moved into HANA pilot project.
  • Involved in Implementation of SAP BW/Hana Side car project for reporting Terminal activity which gets data from different source systems.
  • Participated in requirements gathering works/hops and halped in gap analysis.
  • Provided SAP BW knowledge as SME while formulating teh HANA modeling scenarios.
  • Used BODS, SLT Data provisioning methods to bring data from source systems.
  • Created Analytical views and calculations views and generated reports using OLAP Analysis.
  • Analyzed teh Technical Design and activated teh business content following SAP best practice.
  • Activated business content for project systems, overhead projects (controlling), Fi-Gl (old) in SAP BW.
  • Created custom Info Cubes and DSOs in FI-GL which gets data from 0FI GL 4.
  • Involved in BW 7.3 system sizing, naming standards for project IDOL, Development Standards for project IDOL.
  • Involved in researching simplified reporting (EHP1, EHP2, EHP3, EHP4, and EHP5) and activating teh content and used direct cubes to get real time data.
  • Created Technical Design Documents for Plant Maintenance and Inventory Management based on 7.3 SAP business content.
  • Worked on Inventory Management activation in sap BW 7.3, Activated 2LIS 03 BX and 2LIS 03 BF to load teh data in Material Stocks/Movements and Material Stocks/Movements - Line item in 7.3.
  • Worked on collecting and importing teh transports across teh landscape.
  • Created Process chains for master data and transactional data and halped scheduling them in back ground in production environment.
  • Fine-tuned queries and implemented aggregates, compressions for performance improvement.
  • Created multiple dashboards on different modules Inventory, Sales, Terminal Activity, and Profitability connecting to Query Browser.
  • Helped in activating business content and configuring BI Admin Cockpit.
  • Trained end users/power users on technical and functional enhancement wif latest and greatest.
  • Created several reports for inventory, sales, finance, using Advanced OLAP analysis reporting tool.
  • Created a portal role for finance and created workbook and iView's to populate teh queries in portal.
  • Involved in Production support for Sales Marketing cube which gets data from flat file.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Sr. IT Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BW 7.1, SAP BEX Query Designer & BEX Analyzer


  • Involved in determining teh data flow for teh business requirements extraction and reporting, and translated these requirements into Dimensional Data Models in BW for Warehouse Implementation.
  • Performed Data Extraction for master data (attributes, texts and hierarchies) and transactional data from CRM system.
  • Scheduled and automated data loads from R/3 to BW, 3rd party systems to BW and also from flat files to BW and optimized teh load performance by data selections and number of Info Packages.
  • Created various queries and extensively worked on Query Builder objects viz. filters, Structures, Exceptions, Free Characteristics, Restricted Key Figures, calculated key figures, Variables, Offsets and Query Variants.
  • Extensively worked on Web Application Designer (WAD) to develop teh templates to meet teh business requirements.
  • Full Implementation of BW which includes data modelling, Extraction, LO Cockpit, DSO/Cubes, BEx Queries and Work Books.
  • Worked wif Report to Report Interface (RRI) to drill down from Info Cube to DSO item and schedule line level information.
  • Worked on design and development of Data Model, which includes General Ledger (GL), Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP).
  • Development of Process Chains for Automated Scheduling of all Data Loading Jobs
  • Participating in requirements gathering, design, configuration and testing activities for SAP BI and SAP Net weaver environments.
  • Responsible creating teh transport requests and moving teh same to Quality Environment.
  • Systematically accommodated complex business rules for pulling SAP R/3 data for MM purchasing.
  • As a part of teh BW implementation team, involved in gathering user requirements and data modeling using star schema concepts.
  • SAP BW delta load, Info package creation, transformations and DTP creation.
  • Worked extensively on BEx analyzer and BEx browser. Developed flexible queries using filters navigational attributes in BEx analyzer to facilitate data analysis in a drill down or summarized way to give detailed levels of information.
  • Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) from SAP R/3 system to SAP BW.


SAP BI Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BI 7.0, BEX Query Designer & Analyzer


  • Installed Business Content Objects as and when required
  • Extensively involved in setting up teh procedures for extracting teh data from ECC by using teh LO COCKPIT and GENERIC extractions
  • Created Generic Data sources using Tables and Views for extracting Master and Text Data.
  • Uploaded master and transaction data from flat files
  • Collected, released and imported teh BI Objects from Development to Acceptance to Quality boxes.
  • Direct interaction wif teh business users.
  • Created and maintained of Info Objects, DSO, WODSO, Cubes, Transformations, DTPs, Data Sources.
  • Created and maintained queries in BEx Query Designer and BEx Web Application Designer for analysis and web reporting respectively which are published in Enterprise Portal.
  • Developed Custom Generic Data Sources through Views.
  • Involved in escalating prioritized tickets regarding extractions, performance issues and load failures. Analyzed and corrected production problems as they occur in teh SAP BI.
  • Successfully scheduled repair full loads for master data attributes and master data texts whenever new attributes or texts enhanced.
  • Fine tuning of teh performance issues by handling teh indexes, aggregates and compression.
  • Interaction wif users to resolve BI reporting issues.
  • In case of data load failures, involved in analyzing teh errors, and took corrective actions.
  • PSA Data Deletion on weekly and monthly basis.
  • Involved in submitting teh Ticket Status (Open/Close) report.
  • Involved in Validated data consistency in reporting wif Data Target against PSA after loading them to data targets.
  • Installed Business Content Objects when required.
  • Shared knowledge to team members for different objects and maintained healthy people relationship management, to maintain teamwork
  • Attending day by day meetings like Internal Review Meeting, Quality status and Client Review Meetings.

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