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Sap Sd/le Functional Consultant Resume

Irvine, CA


  • Around 9 years of experience in SAPImplementation, Support, Enhancements, Testing and Roll - out roles in SDand LE with requirements gathering, business process study, planning, gap analysis, creating functional specifications and post go-live support in various industrial environments.
  • Extensive experience in SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module with integration of SD with Finance (FI/CO), Production Planning (PP), Customer Service (CS), MM (Materials Management) & Warehouse Management (WM) modules as a functional consultant.
  • Experience in multiple full life cycle implementations in including Business Blueprinting, Design, Development, Realization, Unit testing, Integration testing, Training documentation and End user training, Final Preparation, Go-Live and post Go-Live Support.
  • Excellent understanding of all aspects of the supply chain business process with experience in gathering and analyzing business requirements for conceptual design.
  • Hands on experience in designing and configuration of Pricing, Credit Management and Revenue Account determination.
  • Configuration experience in SD: Master Data such as customer master data, material master data & conditional master data, enterprise structure definition & assignment, Order to Cash (OTC) cycle such as order management, delivery, shipping and billing.
  • Configuration experience in MM: Enterprise structure definition and assignments, procure to Pay Cycle and Stock transport orders.
  • Solid experience in processing Sales Quotations, Customer Order, Prices and Conditions, Bonus and Commissions, Customer Delivery Schedule, Service and Rentals, Customer Returns, and Tax Management.
  • Hands on experience in configuration and IMG settings, design and development of multiple SAP functional modules and its business process, gathering business requirements and design, development of functional specifications for WRICEF's.
  • Expertise in working with copy controls routines and pricing routines.
  • Hands on with data migration and conversion through LSMW and BDC.
  • Involved in Billing: Configuration of Billing Documents, Billing Document Types, Billing Processing, Integration with Accounting
  • Expertise in Logistics Execution (LE): Inbound and Outbound Delivery Processing, Picking and interface with warehouse management, packing and goods issue, scheduling, Routing and Route Determination, controlling transportation processing, Bill of Lading and Warehouse Management and worked on Material Listing and Transfer of Requirement, Availability Check.
  • Understanding & Analyzing customer’s ‘AS-IS’ Business Processes and mapping ‘TO-BE’ processes.
  • Good Knowledge on ABAP/4 Programming, Reports, User Exits, ABAP Queries, ALE/ EDI, IDOC.
  • Experience on Change Management Process involving test plan, change plan, test scripts, unit testing, integration testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Worked extensively on SAPlayouts, smart forms and debugging of ABAP codes.
  • Effective team player with excellent work/time management skills and cross-functional awareness. Demonstrated strength in handling functional and technical issues and strong communication and writing skills.


Programming Language: C, C++, PL - SQL, VISUAL BASIC, HTML

ERP Packages: SAP R/3 4.6C, 4.7, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0, SAP XI/PI

Operating Systems: UNIX, Win XP/ 2000/2003/2010


Productivity Tools: Microsoft Office with Access, MS Excel.

Methodology: Agile


Confidential, Irvine, CA

SAP SD/LE Functional Consultant


  • Customize the module to meet the required functionality and to map the Master Data from legacy system.
  • Develop various scenarios replicating actual business processes and Conduct integration testing in multi-plant environment.
  • Configure Customer Order Management, ATP, Shipping, Pricing, Billing and Credit Management.
  • Configure bulk maintenance of sales orders enabling the customer service department to make mass changes in sales orders.
  • Streamline the output determination procedures and resolved multiple issues related to outputs.
  • Rebate Processing - Configuration and design of rebate processing and sales deals, pricing procedures, account assignment, accruals and payment and settlement procedures.
  • Credit Management - Automatic credit management definition, design and enhancements.
  • Configured Delivery Scheduling and transportation scheduling. Configured output determination and control for sales order documents order acknowledgment, pick list, shipping note, bill of lading, pro forma invoice, invoice etc.
  • Worked on smart forms for BOL and packing slips. Developed new tab strips and fields for customs fields in and validation screens for inbound and outbound transactions.
  • Configured the Transportation zones, Transportation groups and maintenance of Country and Transportation zones for the shipping points
  • Configured the Storage Types, Picking areas, Storage conditions and the Picking Location assignments
  • Enhanced the business functionality by incorporating and configuring new BADIs.
  • Configured the Transfer of Requirements (TOR), Availability Check (ATP) through Checking Groups, Controlling the Availability check.
  • Customized the Billing plan by changing the billing dates for milestone billing and periodic billing.
  • Worked with the Technical team to identify the User Exits/Functional modules to send data across the legacy system using EDIs and prepare technical specification
  • Highly experienced in identifying the issues related to the IDOC processing, monitoring the IDOCs, solving the issues related to the IDOCs and posting the IDOCs.
  • Worked in the Production Support team during the Go-Live fixing various issues at the Client’s Plants

Confidential, Deerfield, IL

SAP SD Functional Consultant


  • Responsible for implementation including order management (sales and pricing), shipping, billing, transportation and inventory management.
  • Customization of enterprise structure involves defining sales organization, distribution channel, division and business areas and assigning for business area determination.
  • Good knowledge of third party sales, returns and scheduling agreements.
  • Configuration of customer master data and defining account groups for partner functions and customers.
  • Studied on item proposal, number ranges and material determination.
  • Implemented pricing procedure with rebates surcharges and discounts using condition types, condition tables, pricing procedure and access sequence.
  • Worked along with FI and MM consultants on third party order processing and revenue account.
  • Involved in Various SD Functionalities like Output Determination, Text Determination, Availability Check, Account Determination and Designing New Functionality as per Business Requirements of the Client.
  • Configured the Account Groups, Partner Determination, Material Determination, Output Determination and Text Determination Procedure.
  • Worked on configuring the Shipping Points, Shipping Types, Shipping conditions.
  • Worked on Order to Cash process (OTC) for Inquiry, Quotation, Standard Order, Delivery, Shipping, Post Good Issue and Credit/Debit Memo request.
  • Worked on customer hierarchy to rebate customer’s organization on a level of nationwide or offer special price agreements.
  • Defined sales document types, schedule lines and item category and assigned number ranges to billing types and delivery types.
  • Defined account determination procedures, condition types and account keys.
  • Prepared training material, core team and end user.
  • Interacted with ABAP teams for modifications and changes to report.
  • Configured pricing procedure with associated condition types, condition tables and access sequences for automatic pricing during sales order processing.
  • Included variant pricing condition types for variant configurable materials based on characteristic value assigned for each configurable material.
  • Provided support and solved user issues, ensured configuration changes and ABAP development activities to fulfill the requirements.
  • Worked extensively on Stock Transport Order and Stock Transfer
  • Prepared test scenarios for unit test. Post go live implementation and consulting support.

Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

SAP SD Consultant


  • Responsible for Full life cycle implementation of SAP starting from collecting Business Requirements, Developing Business Process Procedures & Design Specifications, Configurations and Project Planning.
  • Prepared the GAP analysis, AS-IS and TO-BE processes, and flow chart documentation
  • Developed the Enterprise Structure of the company by working in coordination with the staff of MM, PP, WM, FI and CO which included defining the company, creating several company codes, defining Credit control areas, Business areas, Sales organizations, Purchase Organizations, Plants, Storage locations, Warehouses, Distribution Channels, Divisions, setting up Sales areas and making the relevant assignments.
  • Defined and designed Order to Cash inter-company business process
  • Configured and helped in customized Purchasing, Inventory Management (IM), and Physical Inventory, MRP, Valuation and Account Assignment and its functionality as per the business process requirements interfacing with SD Module.
  • Prepared and tested all business scenarios for Order to Cash (OTC), Contracts, Scheduling Agreements, Rush Order, Sales returns, Serialization, Stock Transport Orders (STO), Goods receipts and transfer postings.
  • Configured Incompletion Procedures, Copy Control, availability check, delivery blocks and their status, invoicing, pro forma invoices, debit memos, credit memos, returns processing. Also, configured Credit Management (Credit Control Area, Credit Data and Credit Groups).
  • Worked on complaints like Free of charge delivery, Returns, and Invoice Correction Requests. Blocking and releasing complaints, reason for rejections.
  • Configured the Customer Master Data, Selection of fields applying suppressed, mandatory and optional functions for Customer Master Data and defined Account Groups for Customers, Partner Functions and Partner Determination Procedure for Customer Master.
  • Customizing Alternative Product selection, Material Determination, Material Listing/ Exclusion, Service Contracts, and Free Goods
  • Configured returns processing, delivery processing and described the criteria for Delivery Split and Order Combination.
  • Configured billing procedures- invoices, credit memo, debit memo, Rebates, charge backs, Commissions, individual & collective billing, invoice split, self-billing and retro-active billing.
  • Worked on inter-company sale and inter-company stock transfer order.
  • EDI: mapping Idocs, setting partner profiles, Output processing Fax, Mail comms.
  • Developed several test cases to support all the testing phasesand Involved in all phases of testing which includes Unit Testing, System Integration Testing (SIT), Business Integration Testing (BIT), Stress Testing and Regression Testing.

Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT

SAP SD Functional Consultant


  • Defining and assigning the Enterprise Structure for SD including Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Divisions, Sales Offices, Sales areas.
  • Configuration ofPartner Functions and Partner Determination Procedure for Customer Master
  • Worked on Interfacing with WM for Picking, Blocking, Packing, Shipping, and Posting Goods Issue
  • Configured Pricing Procedures with associated Condition Types, Condition tables and Access Sequences. Created Condition Records.
  • Involved in configuring Logistics Execution shipping module that includes configuration of basic functions like freight, transfer of requirements, route and route scheduling.
  • Good understanding of Transportation Planning, Shipment Execution and Shipment Cost Processing
  • Defined Shipping Points, Shipping Conditions and Loading Groups and Configured delivery blocks and blocking reasons in Shipping.
  • Strong understanding of Warehouse Management, assignment of Storage Types, Storage Sections, Picking Areas, and Storage Bins. Good understanding of Centralized/Decentralized Warehouse Management System, Picking and Packing Processes.
  • Configured the billing documents, billing plan types and billing procedures-individual billing, periodic billing and collective billing.
  • Involved in configuration, testing and data conversion using LSMW.
  • Strong knowledge of user exits in SD and LE domains, also designed functional specifications for system enhancements. Design and prototyping for serialization of the cylinders, skids and pallets
  • Redesigned taxes / surcharges, discount processing to be part of pricing functionality.
  • Testing: Unit, integration, regression, system, user acceptance testing for various BPPs
  • Worked on configuring the Shipping Points, Shipping Types, Shipping conditions
  • Configured the entire Route determination for the Client scenarios by defining the various Routes and maintaining the Stages
  • Configured the Master Data like Customer Master, Material Master and Sales Areas
  • Reports: Designed functional specifications for custom cylinder reports and variants set up.
  • Coordinated with middleware team to download Service Products, Product Hierarchy, and Product Categories from the backend system into the CRM system
  • Involved in Post go-live production support

Confidential, Germantown, MD

SAP SD Functional Consultant


  • Worked in the SD processes such as creating Sales Orders, Inquiry, Quotations, Returns, and Master Data etc.
  • Team Member for Order to Cash (OTC/O2C) team. The team was responsible for implementing business processes encompassing Order receipt to collection of Cash.
  • Designed and developed creative solution to process gaps related to revenue recognition, allocations, order entry, and telephony system integration.
  • Created SD Master Data including Customer master, Materials master, Pricing, ATP scenarios, Credit check, Delivery scheduling etc.
  • Extensively configured Order to cash (OTC/O2C), Sales Documents, Item Categories, and Schedule Line Categories.
  • Created a single bill and statement for all Hughes Networks broadband satellite and telecommunication services including fixed, mobile, broadband and TV
  • Ability to control services and manage balances in real-time including authenticating the subscriber and checking the account balance before service delivery to the end user
  • Attended on-site induction courses conducted for the team members on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI)
  • Developed an Interactive list for plant wise purchase requisitions
  • Hands on Experience in Shipping and Transportation including Delivery Processing, delivery types and item categories, picking and interface with warehouse management, packing and goods issue, scheduling, Routing and Route Determination, controlling transportation processing.
  • Expertise in Estimating freight in sales order, shipment cost calculation (freight pricing), freight settlement for STO, Sales Orders and PO’s.
  • Worked on EDI customization and configuration to interface SAP with Third Party Vendor Software.
  • Completed integration of Availability check and requirements processing including customization of checking groups, checking rules and control parameters through requirement types and requirement classes.
  • Completed the Route Determination, Product Substitution based on availability using Material Determination.
  • Interfacing with Warehouse Management (WM), execution of stock placements and removals using different put away and picking strategies.
  • Configured end to end Business processes with new sales document types, new item categories, new delivery document types and new billing document types including the copy controls and routines to take care of requirements and data transfer routines.
  • Integrated with LE, Configuring Shipping and Transportation functionality as per the Clients business requirements.
  • Configured and utilized movement types, cycle counting in the physical inventory, and posting the cycle count variance.
  • Involved in interfacing and integration of SD with CS, PP, MM, IM, SD, WM and FI/CO modules
  • Prepared contracts, scheduling agreements, quota arrangements, external service management, release procedures and pricing conditions.


SAP SD LE Functional Consultant


  • Implement a three-way match program for freight costing in a “Freight Payment Consolidation” project
  • Requirements gathering: Worked with different teams for creating a roadmap from the AS-IS to their TO-BE process
  • Created Global transportation system process flows and flowcharts to communicate with the business users and the technical team
  • Created a Purchasing Organization for including all freight vendors and configured all the new freight purchase orders to be created for the new purchasing organization, purchasing group
  • Configured the system with the Shipments and the Shipment Cost Documents for creating a direct flow of Shipment - PO - Invoice process
  • Configured the fright pricing condition tables and access sequences, newer shipments to include these pricing for newer rating system.
  • Worked closely with the marketing and account receivable departments along with the ABAP team members to gather and verify requirements for the customer master.
  • Created Customer master data, material master data, and customer-material Information record, vendor master, pricing procedure, contracts, and customer groups
  • Created new customer account groups, Partner types, access sequences and procedures
  • Established links with item category groups and item categories
  • Involved in Customization of Sales and Distribution module and its functionality such as sales order types, pricing, shipping and billing
  • Maintained prices, conversions, surcharges and discounts, defining condition tables, access sequences and condition types for pricing
  • Created Documents for Training and Testing purposes, Training Documentation includes Business Activity Scripts, and Activity Profiles Which Define and Describe in Detail Functionality from Creating a Quotation to Billing

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