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Hybris Consultant Resume


  • Over 11+ years of IT Industry experience in SAP Hybris / E - Commerce / Omni Commerce / B2B / SAP WCEM / ECC / SAP CRM / IPC / B2C / ECC / Integration Specialist.


Key Skills: SAP Hybris, Data Hub, SAP WCEM, Web Channel, Ecommerce, JAVA, B2B, B2C, SAP ISA, Integration

SAP Hybris: Hybris Ecommerce multichannel framework, PCM, CMS, Accelerator, ImpEx, cronjobs, Admin console, data modelling, SOLR, Hybris-SAP Integration

Java, Web Technologies: JSF, Struts, Servlets, JSP, Java Beans, Java Script, EJB, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, Java Mail, JTA, JTS, XML Deployment Descriptors, NWDS, Eclipse.

SAP E-Commerce: Product Catalogs, Catalog views, Configured CRM Web Transactions, Web channel builder, User Management, Wishlist, checkout profiles, XCM configuration.

SAP MDM, TREX: MDM Data Manager, Import Manager, Syndication, material master download from ECC and CRM, field mapping, MDM repository setup, MDM installation, TREX index generation.

SAP CRM, ECC: CRM Lead to Order process, Opportunity and Lead Management, Quotaitons/Contracts, Account Management, ECC OTC.

Functional Skills: Project preparation, Business Blue print, Requirements Gathering, Fit- Gap Analysis, Functional & Configuration Design, Production support.

Integration (external systems): SAP JCo, Webservices, Middleware, SSO.



Hybris Consultant


  • Involved in the Requirements Analysis, Design and Development of Application
  • Developed and published eCommerce web stores using hybris, Tomcat, JSP, JSTL, Spring MVC, Spring, jQuery and MySQL
  • Created custom hybris store facades and extensions using modulegen and extgen
  • Customized and extended hybris Service Layer functionality by creating new Services, Adapters, Providers, and Strategies to implement customized behavior
  • Customized hybris front end by extending hybris taglibs to provided added functionality
  • Customized eCommerce store search facets using Apache Solr search
  • Executed project based on Java/J2EE development and SDLC best practices including source code management, automated builds, unit testing, static code analysis tools, Agile/Scrum methodology
  • Worked on developing integrations between hybris and the enterprise portal.
  • Created SOAP and Rest webservices with apache CXF
  • Loaded product catalog data into the hybris PCM using hybris ImpEx tooling
  • Involved in SAP hybris and ERP Integration as part of SAP-ERP Backend Integration with Realtime data exchange
  • Maintained the Set up System Connections for hybris-SAP Solution Integration, Configure Basic Settings on SAP ERP for Asynchronous Data Replication to DataHub Synchronize Common Data between SAP ERP and hybris
  • Configured the SAP ERP settings on RFC Connections, Port Maintenance, Partner Profile and Distribution Model
  • Data Replication from SAP ERP to hybris on Customer Master B2B Unit & Customer

Environment: Java1.6, Eclipse, Maven, SOAP, restful, Hybris 5.6, AJAX, XML, HTML 5, web 2.0, JSON, JQuery, Spring, Apache Solr, Oracle 11g, Dom4j, Tomcat, SAP ECC 6.0, JCo, Datahub.

Confidential, NY

Hybris developer


  • Completed Development Environment Setup by installing hybris multichannel suite, configuring build framework and initializing sample data.
  • Worked on developing integrations between hybris and the enterprise portal.
  • Configured hybris using hybris Administration Console, hybris Management Console (hmc), hybris Product Cockpit, hybris CMS cockpit, hybris Multi-Channel Cockpit, etc.
  • Wrote Impex scripts and worked on ETL process to import hybris Type system.
  • Developed customizations to interface with legacy applications and DB including Sharepoint, AS/400 and webservices as part of the import process.
  • Developed hybris custom web services and exposed them through RESTful Webservices API
  • Modeled and developed custom actions in Order Processing Workflow
  • Extended hybris data models and developed interceptors for model life cycle management
  • Customized and extended hybris Service Layer functionality by creating new Services, Adapters, Populators, and Strategies to implement customized behavior
  • Customized Customer Registration process to allow new user registration form
  • Designed and prototyped accelerator storefront responsive UI using JSP, velocity templates integration, JSTL, HTML and CSS.

Environment: Java1.6, J2EE, Hybris 5.2, JDBC, Struts, HTML 5, Hybris, JSR 168, Oracle 10g, Eclipse, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, putty, SAX Parser, ANT, Maven, Weblogic.


SAP ECommerce Architect


  • Architect, expand, design and develop SAP CRM Web Channel Experience Management(Web channel Builder) Portal to provide real time Access product information, find the right material for your application, Place and revise orders, Check the status of your orders, Review order status and summary of purchases, Track package and railcar shipments and Obtain up-to-the-minute shipment order.
  • Implemented IPC userexits for pricing on CRM
  • Designed look and feel of a B2B/B2C site, corporate logos, layouts, Themes and Branding using style sheets and customized Login Page and developed iViews, Worksets and Roles within SAP Portal.
  • Develop and customizations to the Commerce Server subsystems like Orders, Profiles, Catalog, Inventory, and extend them based on business requirements.
  • Support of ongoing web store developments, pricing and configuration (IPC), branding practices and upgrades relates to Order to Cash for Contracts, Sales Order Processing, Pricing and Invoicing.
  • Configured webchannel builder, Shop setup and Catalog Management to access B2B / B2C Web application, Web components and Web Users.
  • Developed custom Java Business Objects using JSP, Struts, Java / Portal Components for SAP NetWeaver Portal (EP) 7.0 using Java, JSP, JavaScript, JCA, POI, NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS)
  • Experience with SAP Netweaver Portal security, administration and business packages.
  • Configured NWDI (DTR, CBS, CMS) for B2B/B2C business Packages and responsible for transports packages to Dev/QA/Prod environments.
  • Performed detailed analysis on various SSO approaches including Logon Tickets (MYSAPSSO2), SAML 2.0, X.590 Certificates, Kerberos Authentication and provided a detailed report including the recommened approach for the client scenario.
  • Implemented SSO with WCEM from a Sharepoint portal.
  • SiteMinder was used for user logon onto a pre existing Sharepoint portal. SSO was implemented with WCEM using SiteMinder SAP WebAgent
  • Worked with the networking team to configure the Apache proxy server, web agent
  • Coordinated with the security team to implement the changes for the SiteMinder policy server.
  • Installed and configured the SiteMinder SAP WebAgent on Netweaver 7.3
  • Deployed and configured the SiteMinder logon module on NW 7.3
  • Setup the authentication templates on NWA
  • Configured WCEM web channel builder to use the SSO authentication template
  • Customized WCEM code to handle additional changes for the during logon
  • Additionally, Implemented SSO from Sharepoint portal onto SAP CRM Web UI using SAP Netweaver 7.3 as relay. Developed a web app that generates the SSO tickets and then acts as a redirect on Netweaver.
  • Working on extending the SSO model from Shapoint portal on custom ECC BSP pages for Vistex project.

Confidential, IL

SAP ISA/IPC Consultant


  • Customization and integration of SAP ISA 5.0, IPC for BOB scenario on ECC 6.
  • Configured and managed XCM scenarios and Webshops.
  • Provided support for Catalog maintenance and replication.
  • Updated Java, JSP, HTML, CSS, property files for customizing SAP ISA 5.0.
  • Used NetWeaver Developer Studio for development and customization.
  • Configured NWDI for development activities, created CBS tracks for ISA, debugging broken DC's.
  • Installed SAP J2EE engine 7.0
  • Supported the business-on-behalf (BOB) scenario.
  • Extensively used the Visual Administrator for managing the SAP J2EE server/applications.
  • Provided Sales representatives access to sales orders and order tracking via ecommerce website by configuring a new XCM scenario, new Webshops and custom development.
  • Provided functional support for the same. Created userid’s to test the functionality. Worked with Basis team to configure the web dispatcher for the ‘salesrep’ functionality.
  • Developed and tested an enhancement to suppress the list prices within basket and catalog.
  • Excel Upload functionality to mass upload sales orders via ISA.

Environment: SAP J2EE 7.0, SAP ISA 5.0, IPC 5.0, TREX 7.0, NWDS, NWDI, SAP Web Dispatcher.

Confidential, CT

E-commerce ISA B2B R/3


  • Confuguring and developing the ecommerce modules for Residential & Commercial business in ISA.
  • Multiple doctypes for Residential, Commercial, Internal and Export Orders, quotations.
  • Interactive product configuration - Internet and Pricing Configuration.
  • Intelligent product configuration - alternative of manually configuring a product. Used a custom java webservice that performs the ‘rebuild’. Created a standalone proxy for the rebuild webservice to be used in ISA
  • Sales of material variants, intelligent part numbers, made to stock, made to order, engineered to order products, and subitems.
  • Capabilties to upload and download configurable material configuration.
  • TREX Search and Classifications - product search and ISA replication.
  • Extended Search capabilities in ISA for product and document search.
  • Order/Quote Templates, Adding capabilities in ISA to support creation of very large orders/quotes using aysnchronous mode of submitting document as a batch through ISA
  • Recovery of configured items or complete shopping basket.
  • Create orders with reference to quotes/templates, predecessor documents - SAP Copy control.
  • Adding support for online return of orders (RMAD)
  • Developed a webservice for Single sign-on to sync ISA userid’s with Carrier’s HvacPartners portal. Used JCo to connect to R/3 backend and manage SU05 users.
  • Configured, Administered, performance-tuned SAP Web Application Server (WAS)
  • Configured Webshops and User Management through XCM.
  • Installed, configured and managed IPC 4.0 SP12 on multiple development machines. Troubleshooted multiple issues with KMAT’s in IPC
  • Configured and managed the IPC Dataloader. Setup condition and KB filters.
  • Managed TREX configuration, performed catalog index replication and provided support for catalog publishing errors, TREX indexing errors, etc
  • Developed build scripts using SAPTelnet to automate deployments to development servers.
  • Gathered and analyzed end user requirements and produced technical documentation
  • Responsible for requirement gathering and creating functional specifications.
  • Coordinated with the SD, VC, MM, pricing analysts and ABAP for various requirements

Environment: SAP J2EE 6.40, SAP ISA B2B, IPC 4.0 SP12, TREX 6.1, Eclipse, Netweaver developer studio, Oracle 9i, Microsoft SQL server, SVN.

Confidential, CT

E-commerce ISA B2B R/3


  • Replicated ABAP rebuild by designing/developing the same in Java
  • Java rebuild webservice reduced the processing time of the rebuild by 75-90 %
  • Used the IPC jar files from IPC standalone installation, to connect to IPC from the webservice
  • The metadata required for the rebuild was setup into four different variant tables which were made available to IPC by creating a dummy KMAT which includes the four VC tables
  • Created a standalone proxy webservice for the client to be used within ISA
  • Developed a test scenario to ensure integrity of the Java rebuild with the ABAP rebuild and to compare the executions times of the same
  • Coordinated with the VC team to debug issues

Environment: SAP WebAS 6.40, IPC 4.0 SP12, Java, JCo, Netweaver developer studio, Webservices, SVN.

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