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Sap Native Hana/ Sap Bw/bi/bo Consultant Resume

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Chicago, IL


  • Over 8+ years of experience in SAP with 4+ years of experience in SAP Native HANA, 8+ years in SAP BI/BW 3.5/7.0/ BI.7.3/7.4 and SAP BO 4.1, 4.0 XI 3.1 & 4.0 for more than 5 years.
  • Involved in 3 full - life cycles implementations of SAP BW that involved requirement gathering, Data extraction, Data loading (Full / Delta up-load), Data Modeling, Business Explorer Query Analytics and Reporting Design.
  • Involved in all phases of ASAP methodologies, project planning, Business Blue printing, Realization, Final Preparations, Go-Live and Support.
  • Experience on SCRUM/AGILE development methodologies
  • Proficient in SAP HANA implementation including data replication, data modeling, SQL scripting, Store procedures, optimization of information models, security designing and application administration.
  • Deep knowledge on Attribute View, Analytic View, Calculation View, adding a system, creating schemas, Importing table definitions, adding connections setting preferences for the modeler, replication of data using SLT and BODS
  • Experienced in Extractions, Transformations & Loading (ETL). Extracted data from Logistics (SD, MM, IM, PUR), HCM, COPA, PM, Generic data sources, FI, finance modules (non SAP R/3) and Flat File source system. Very good functional Knowledge in FI/CO, RAR, SD, MM, SRM and HCM modules.
  • SAP BI/BW: Data Modeling in BW included extracting data from SAP and non SAP source system, designing DSOs, Info cube, Infosets, Multi Provider, Data source /info source Design, unit of measure and currency conversion, revenue and cost of goods sold (COGS) calculation, data validation and error handling, start routine, end routine, update rules, transfer rues, performance tuning, Data marts, transformations, Complex Query designing, use of Business Content Objects, Analysis Process Designer, and Web Dynpro ABAP.
  • Set up DB connects and UD connect for data extraction from non-SAP (Oracle, ODBC, and VSAM) systems.
  • Open Hub interface to transfer data from BI to Flat Files to load to an external system.
  • Customizations - Enhanced the Business Content Objects data structures of Logistics Cockpit configuration and customization; Material classification configuration, update/transfer rules creation.
  • Performance Tuning, - Evaluated statistical performance and suggested recommendations to basis support for optimization. Improved data load and query performance by doing compression, aggregates, and partitioning.
  • Reporting: Webi Reports with Charts (bar chart, Pie chart...etc), cross tabs and sub reports, BEx-Analyzer, Condition reporting, Exception highlighting, restricted key figures, and calculated key figures, Variables, Filter, Free Characteristics, Variants, Structures and RRI (Report to Report Interface). Also have experience in Deski, Xcelcius and Crystal Reports, SAP Lumira, Tableau.
  • Worked on Web Application Designer (WAD) and published reports, workbooks and using Excel/macros.


  • SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 5.0 4.7E/4.6C/3.1C/3.1i
  • SAP Net weaver 2004s
  • HANA 1.83
  • BI 7.4/7.3/7.0
  • BW 3.5
  • Solution Manager
  • FI/CO
  • AR
  • AA
  • AP
  • GL
  • SL
  • MM
  • RAR
  • QM
  • SD
  • IM
  • CO-PA
  • PP-PI
  • PM
  • PS
  • P2P
  • APO
  • SCM
  • AFS
  • FSCM
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Windows 2000/2003 Server
  • MS-DOS
  • UNIX
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Swift
  • SQL scripting
  • ABAP
  • JavaScripts


Confidential, Chicago,IL

SAP Native HANA/ SAP BW/BI/BO Consultant


  • Worked on fixing post system refresh issues in HANA DEV and QA.
  • Involved in mass replicating all tables from source system ECC to Hana using SLT through Solution Manager (SOLMAN) and creating Attribute, Analytical & Calculation Views.
  • Activated and replicated Business Content Data Extractors 2LIS 12 VCITM (Item) for Delivery Item data used in Demand Planning reports in APO.
  • Worked Closely with APO team and involved in preparing WEBI reports like Demand Supply inventory, Forecast Accuracy report and Deployment Planning Inventory reports using BEx queries for APO Cubes.
  • Involved in extracting COPA data from standard data sources like 1 CO PA A000, 0 CO PC PCP 03 to BPC BW Cubes and Multi Providers.
  • Worked on creating Business Layer, Data foundations in Information Design Tool (IDT) for HANA Calculation views.
  • Involved in preparing HANA live reports like Daily Finance report, Daily Sales Report, Purchase Price Variance report, Customer Service Intelligence report using WEBI and Analysis for Microsoft Excel.
  • Involved in migrating views from DEV to QA and QA to PROD using developer mode and delivery units in HANA Studio.
  • Involved in moving WEBI reports, Business Layers (Universe) and BICS Connections Query from DEV to QA & Prod environment using Central Management Console (CMC).
  • Collecting requirements from user and Help Offshore Team by creating Functional & Technical design documents for Data modeling.
  • Involved in creating Audit report to analyze the usage of reports on BI Launch pad by creating Auditing Universe in IDT.
  • Worked on creating workbooks using Analysis for office and trained and helped users in running Reports using Analysis for Office
  • Created Process chains and Meta chains to automate APO cube loads.
  • Knowledge of creating calculation views on SAP HANA XS.

Environment: SAP HANA, SAP APO, SAP BPC, SAP BW 7.4,SAP R/3 ECC 6.0, FI, SD, CO-PA, PP,MM and Business Object 4.1.

Confidential, Harrisburg,PA

SAP Native HANA/ BO Consultant


  • Involved in requirement gathering from the business users, converting functional requirements into technical, develop a flow & process design document.
  • Data modeling in Hana included creating packages, Schemas, Attribute View, Analytical View, Calculation view and data provisioning from both SAP and non-SAP source systems.
  • Worked on replicating data and filtering data using SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation) and BODS.
  • Involved in creating tables, loading data into table definitions, suspending data loads and resuming data loads.
  • Designing with SAP HANA Administration including managing schemas, data model objects.
  • Experience in creating calculated columns, restricted columns, filters, managing attribute mappings, creating analytic privileges, package privileges, object privileges, variables, input parameters and using system-generating joins.
  • Responsible for creating complex SQL Script based calculation views and stored procedures for various requirements.
  • Responsible in optimizing the data load process to minimize load time and fix the causes of load failures.
  • Experience in creating users, roles and data level security using Analytical privileges
  • Involved in performance tuning of information views and BO reports.
  • Involved in developing and conducting extensive unit testing, Integration testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing and documenting the tests and results.
  • Involved in creating Tableau reports and dashboards based on Native HANA views to meet user requirements.
  • Worked in creating various charts and graphs by creating filters, sets, groups, pages, calculated fields, sorting data, ranking, hierarchies, gauges for business KPI’s and grouping data by using Tableau desktop.
  • Created Business Layer using IDT for reporting purpose on relational connection to HANA database.
  • Extensively Worked on Creating WEBI reports using Business Layer in BI 4.1 and created ad-hoc reports using Analysis for office.

Environment: SAP HANA 1.83, SAP R/3 ECC 6.0, FI, SD, CO-PA and Business Object 4.1.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

SAP HANA/ SAP BI/BW Consultant


  • Involved in complete life cycle that included Gap Analysis, Requirements gathering, Blue printing, Development, Testing, Reporting, Go-live and support.
  • Involved in understanding business challenges and translating them to requirements and developed reports accordingly.
  • Responsible for Data designing and Data modeling using Hana Studios.
  • Extracted master data and transactional data using BODS and SLT (SAP HANA as a side car approach) into Hana database. Used Smart Data Access to access data from remote database.
  • Involved in creating virtual tables while extracting data from different source systems like Teradata using Smart data access (SDA).
  • Created Attribute views, Analytical views, calculations views and analytical privileges to limit data and establish data security.
  • Involved in writing many complex SQL queries such as Teradata joins, stored procedures, Macros to meet the client’s requirements.
  • Created calculation views both graphically and using SQL scripts.
  • Experience in creating privileges for schemas, packages and views to limit the access and to maintain data and object level security.
  • Created Users, Roles, Privileges, Packages, Schemas as part of HANA Security and Development.
  • Used LO extractor for extracting sales order, delivery and billing and created generic data sources to loaded data into info provider.
  • Added additional fields and customized extract structure and worked on corresponding user exits to populate those fields.
  • Developed several workflows and data flows to extract data from the source system that includes SQL server 2008 and SAP ECC 6.0.
  • Experience in creating Info packages, Transformations, Process Chains, Infocubes, Open Hub service.
  • Worked on designing BEX Query by adding filters, free characteristics, restricted key Figures and variables, conditions, Calculated key Figures and exceptions.
  • Responsible for creating test cases for Unit testing, Integration testing of BI reports.
  • Helped end client understand Business Intelligence (BI) system and also to gather requirements.
  • Created universes based on Hana information models using IDT.
  • Used BI 4.0 to create WEBI, SAP Lumira and Crystal Reports against native HANA data models.

Environment: SAP HANA 1.8, SAP BW7.3, SAP R/3 ECC 6.0, FI, SD, CO-PA and Business Object 4.1.

Confidential, Dallas, TX



  • Extensively worked on Native SAP HANA, SAP BW.
  • Replicated/loaded data from ECC to Hana using SLT and BODS (ETL Tool) data provisioning techniques.
  • Responsible for extracting data from BW to Hana using DXC and created various information views in HANA.
  • Loading data into table definitions, suspending data loads, resuming data loads, validating data in the reports and vs. ECC, report layout validations also includes Report Unit testing, integration and system testing.
  • Involved in data modeling in SAP HANA using actual data and forecast data.
  • Created information models like attribute, analytical and calculation views using SAP HANA SP 10 and created analytical privileges, hierarchies, calculated columns, restricted columns based on the requirement.
  • Experience in creating calculation views using graphical and SQL scripts options, creating stored procedures and using CE functions.
  • Involved in adding a system, creating Schemas, packages, attributes and measures, input parameters, variables, constant columns, currency conversions, validating and activating information objects, and debugging stored procedures.
  • Extensively worked on migrating BW infocubes/ DSO’s to HANA optimized models.
  • Responsible for identifying and resolving performance related issues in HANA modeling.
  • Involved in creating virtual tables while extracting data from different source system using Smart data access (SDA).
  • Worked with SAP HANA administration team in configuration and setting up HANA SLT replication server.
  • Involved in creating transit providers, advanced DSO’s, virtual providers, Open ODS views and composite providers using BW tool in Hana studios.
  • Involved in creating universe on information view using Information Design Tool (IDT).
  • Experienced in creating Web intelligence report using filters, variables Created Report Level Variables, Objects and Formula to create new columns based on the result set.
  • Responsible for trouble shooting universes, reports and dashboards. Fix the errors and make them work as per the business requirement.

Environment: SAP HANA 1.3, SAP BW7.3, SAP R/3 ECC 6.0, BODS and Business Object 4.0.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

SAP BI/BW/BOBJ Consultant


  • Involved in analyzing and designing the data flow from ECC 6.0 to BW 7.3 and responsible for the deployment solutions for FI-AP, GL, SL.
  • Extensively worked with General ledger, Accounts payable data sources for extraction and loading of data from FI to BW.
  • Involved in the implementation of FI, MM Info cubes to extract the data from R/3 system and transporting into BW and monitoring them.
  • Created generic extraction by using Function Modules, Views and Infoset Query to extract data from ECC to BW.
  • Enhanced standard data sources, customized start routines and end routines.
  • Created Generic data sources with delta enabled for extracting Withholding tax data from tables WITH ITEM and BKPF.
  • Created Function Modules on the tables COSS, COEP to extract data in to BW.
  • Created Info packages for full, Initial, and delta loads for both master data and transaction data.
  • Created necessary Data Transfer Processes (DTP) for the existing targets. Loaded Full & Delta loads from SAP and Non SAP systems and modified the existing process chains as necessary to include the new DTPs in BI 7 environment.
  • Worked on Extracting Data from FI sources like Accounts Payable (AP), General Ledger (GL), Special Ledger (SL) Extractor and enhanced standard data sources like 0FI GL 4, 0FI AP 4, 3FI SL Z1 SI to meet the client’s requirement.
  • Worked on Extracting data from SAP CRM from Service Contract Header (0crm srv contract h) and Item (0crm sales contr i) Extractors in to BW.
  • Extracted Data by creating view on tables CRMM BUT MKTPERM, BUT000.
  • Created Function Module Extractors on data coming from tables CRMD MKTTG TG O, CRMD MKTTG TG H & BUT000.
  • Created Semantically Partitioned DSO for loading data by Fiscal year.
  • Created data sources for Flat file data load and loaded flat files using Info packages and DTP.
  • Created Field routines, Start Routines and End Routines for the fields coming from different Info providers.
  • Actively involved in creating Process Chains and Meta-Chains for periodic upload of Text data, Master data and Transactional data, and Monitored data loads with full update and delta mechanisms.
  • Created Hierarchies for COORDER, Cost Center and Cost Element.
  • Installed BW Statistics to monitor the daily loads and query performance on cubes and enhanced the performance by building aggregates on required objects.
  • Worked on Query Design including Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Conditions, Exceptions, and Variables. Worked with query monitor for query repairs in multi cube, Involved in modifying various queries.
  • Created Report to Report Interface on the BEx Reports.
  • Data Load and Regression Testing on reports for Master data like Campaign Element (0CRM MKT ELM), Business Partner(0BPARTNER), Z METER(Meter), ZSERVICE (Service point) and ZPREM (Premise Location) and Transaction Data for Service Contract Item.
  • Created APD’s for extracting data into Flat files and in to Direct update DSO.
  • Worked on creating different Webi Reports on multiple universes by merging dimensions for the SocalGas Project.
  • Created Webi reports directly on the BEx reports by creating Connections through BICS in Information Design Tool.
  • Provided production support, knowledge transfer and end user training.

Environment: SAP BW BI 7.3, SAP R/3 ECC 6.0, CRM 7.0,FI, MM, BEx Explorer 7.3, Business Object 4.0.

Confidential, TX

SAP BI/BW/BOBJ Consultant


  • Responsible for the design, development and extraction of data from ECC source system into BI from SD, PP and MM using LO Cockpit extraction methods.
  • Created generic extractors by using View & Function Modules to extract data from SAP ECC to BW and used user exits to populate data& customized delta built up for the data sources.
  • Enhanced standard data sources, customized start routines and end routines.
  • Worked on Extracting Data from FI sources like Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), General Ledger (GL) and enhanced standard data sources like 0FI GL 4, 0FI AP 4, 0FI AR 4 to meet the client’s requirement.
  • Performed setup table runs for the LO-Cockpit extraction, performing V3 update using LBWE to get the data from the outbound queue of the ECC system to the delta queue of the BI system.
  • Used the Business Content Data Extractors such as 2LIS 11 VAHDR (Header), 2LIS 11 VAITM (Item) and 2LIS 11 VASCL for Sales Orders for extracting data to BI system.
  • Worked on extracting data from Inventory(Material Management) sources like 2LIS 03 BF and 2LIS 03 UM and 2LIS 01 s507 and 2LIS 01 S813.
  • Created custom InfoObjects, DSO, InfoCubes, Multiproviders, InfoPackages and DTP.
  • Actively involved in creating Process Chains and Meta-Chains for periodic upload of Text data, Master data and Transactional data, and Monitored data loads with full update and delta mechanisms.
  • Installed BW Statistics to monitor the daily loads and query performance on cubes and enhanced the performance by building aggregates on required objects.
  • Implemented Performance tuning techniques like Compression, Partitions for improving the query response time and proposed archiving strategy for future based on the Time characteristics.
  • Designed and developed BEx reports on reportable Multiproviders, Info Cubes and DSO’s.
  • Used Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Conditions, Exceptions, Filters and Variables etc to get the required Functionality.
  • Migrated Business Objects XIR3 to Business Objects XI4.0.
  • Worked extensively on SAP Business Objects by developing Multidimensional Universe using Universe Designer and created reports using Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, and Crystal Reports.
  • Worked on a 2nd level escalation with off shore Production Support team to solve issues like failure due to invalid characters, data inconsistency, job failures.
  • Actively generated Documents and involved in training and workshops for the end users.

Environment: SAP BW BI 7.3, SAP R/3 ECC 6.0, FI, SD, MM, PP, BEx Explorer 7.X/3.X, Business Object 4.0, Universe Designer, ABAP.

Confidential, MI

SAP BI/BW/ BOBJ/Crystal reports Developer


  • Involved in all phases of ASAP methodologies, project planning, Business Blue printing, Realization, Final Preparations, Go-Live and Support.
  • Analysis of data requirements and translation of these requirements into dimensional data models using star-schema and extended star-schema data modeling techniques, with an emphasis on actual implementation in BW.
  • Generated reports like Plan/Actual comparison, Open Sales Orders and Incoming Sales orders using Sales Planning.
  • Developed a custom Infocubes for material movement (quantity and value) like Goods receipts, returns and consignment stocks (vendor managed inventories and customer managed inventories) based on plant, storage location, material, material group, vendor and customer.
  • Designed and implemented a reporting solution for web reporting, information broadcasting, pre-calculated web templates and background scheduling.
  • Redesigned and indexed existing info cubes and ODS for better performance of the data loads and reporting.
  • Created Aggregates on the info cubes and compressed them to improve the report execution time.
  • Created documentation and implemented necessary authorizations and securities for the end user reports.
  • Involved in developing complex reports with multiple grouping, drilldown, formulas and conditions using Crystal Reports.
  • Developed dashboard reports, cross-tabs, conditional, Top N, Summary
  • Worked on the creation of roles, Custom authorization objects on hierarchies.
  • Error Debugging and rectification, solving issues, problems faced during data upload.
  • Involved actively in supporting the various issues addressed by the Users from the client side and providing them with required solutions.

Environment: SAP BW 7.0, SAP R/3, SD, FI/CO, SAP RAR, SAP APO, MM.


Jr. SAP Developer


  • Involved in extraction of data from source system, configuration and construction of Data targets.
  • Involved in requirement gathering and analysis, modeling, Business Content Activation, Front-end design, Data load scheduling.
  • Created Webi Reports with various filters, formulas and restrictions and variables.
  • Involved in debugging ABAP reports.
  • Enhanced the Data Sources & Info Sources for additional business requirements, used Customer Exit Variables, Formulas and Filters for the client business requirement.
  • Involved in Query Definition, Query Presentation - Bex Analyzer.
  • Scheduling of Daily, Weekly and Monthly Data Target loads using Process Chain and Event Controller.

Environment: SAP R/3 5.0, BW 7.0, ABAP/4, and BEx Analyzer.

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