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Sap Hana Developer Resume

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  • 5+ years of hands - on IT experience including Sap Hana development and consulting experience, committed to maintaining cutting edge technical skills and up-to-date industry knowledge
  • Experience in Full life-cycle HANA implementation in Native HANA (HANA studio) and Business Objects Data Services (BODS) implementation.
  • Diverse experience includes involvement in all aspects of SAP implementation process from project conception through to complete System Configuration in compliance to ASAP Methodology
  • SAP Native HANA Expertise Summary (4+ Years)
  • Strong experience in Requirements gathering from Business combined with Design experience using HANA following ASAP Methodology and process.
  • Extensive knowledge of different Hana project phases including Planning, design, implementation and support of Hana based solutions
  • In depth knowledge of Sap Hana information modeling with Graphical, SQl script, Stored Procedures, Designing tables
  • Good experience in Hana Live Concepts for predefined data models
  • Experience with SAP HANA upgrade projects and migration activities from SAP ECC to suite on HANA
  • Hands on experience with Hana information modeling and views creation with Attribute Views, Analytic Views and Calculation Views.
  • Developing in restricted and calculated measures, creating hierarchies, variables and input parameters, joining the Master data Tables and its texts in Attribute Views.
  • Hands on experience with Hana Security activities like User Management, Assigning roles to user and develop Analytical privileges (both classical and SQL based Analytical Privilege)
  • Knowledge of Transport Hana objects from Development, Testing to Production environment using Delivery units
  • Competent with Data Modeling techniques such as Attribute view, Analytical view and Calculation views(Both SQL Script and CE functions)
  • Strong knowledge on row and column store, Time Dimensions, Decision tables, performance tuning and troubleshooting Hana views.
  • Exposure to Creating and consuming of Stored Procedures for Analytics on Hana Views
  • Pre-migration and Post-migration house-keeping activities for Development, Quality and Production systems
  • Good understanding of the Hana Persistence Layer and Hana as an ACID-Compliant database
  • Good Knowledge of Currency conversions for Sales data using Analytical Views
  • Experience with capturing of completed and tested Views in DU to import to different landscape.
  • Integrated SAP HANA with BOBI reporting tools
  • Knowledge of standard business processes in SAP ECC BW and SD with HANA.
  • Strong Experience in Performance Tuning and Query Optimization
  • HANA development best practices and do Performance Tuning of the modeling views and procedures and Query Optimization
  • Handled responsibilities of Application Design, Development and Implementation, Production Support, Integration, Data mapping & migration and testing of ECC to Hana data
  • Overall Experience in creation and designing and active optimization of Business Data using Sap Hana
  • SAP BODS Summary (4 Years)
  • Good knowledge of extracting data from Legacy system by creating data stores using ODBC connection.
  • Hands on experience with Data warehouse and Analytic usingSAP Business Objects Data Services/ Data Integrator.
  • Assisted in complexJobs, Work Flows, Data Flows, and Job Scriptsusing variousTransforms (Integrator, Quality and Platform) to successfully load data from multiple sources into a desired target.
  • Ability to create Jobs Scripting and Scheduling.
  • Strong experience in usingBODSas an external system for ETL betweenECCandHANA.
  • Hands on experience with Configuring the SLT Landscape transformation in HANA Studio
  • Good experience in BODS integration withSAP modulesandNon-SAP data sources.
  • Extensive knowledge of Importing Stored Procedures from the database into Datastore and using that stored procedures in jobs to be executed.
  • Good experience in cleansing the data usingData Qualitytransforms.
  • Functional data knowledge of SAP components such as: Sales and Distribution (SD),
  • ETL Performance tuning
  • Strong communication skills,Highly organized and ability to effectively prioritize complex bodies of work


Data Modeling: Dimensional Data Modeling, Star Schema Modeling and Snow-Flake Modeling, FACT and Dimension Tables, Physical and Logical Data Modeling

Platforms: Windows NT, 2000, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, MAC OS, Virtual Platforms Parallels

Database: SAP ECC 6.0; SAP BO;SAP HANA, SQL, Data Service 4.0+

Project Management Skills: Blueprinting, Requirements Analysis,Developments,Enhancements,Unit & Integration Testing


Confidential, NY

Sap Hana Developer


  • Planing and support of ongoing Hana projects following business blueprints and modeling techniques as per client requirement
  • Involved in extensive interaction with Business Users, Business Owners to know their Business views in developing and modifying Universes and Reports accordingly.
  • Created Technical specifications and standard modeling documents for HANA
  • Creation of required Hana Systems in Hana studio as required
  • Creation of Schemas and packages to develop the necessary views including Export & Import of Packages
  • Developed & designed Attribute views, Analytic views, and Calculation views using both graphical and SQL script
  • Created Analytic Privileges, Setup data level authorization and privileges at SAP HANA Database, Creating User, Roles & assigning the respective Privileges
  • Provided input and participated in building several Views for the KPIs using Hana models to meet required business specification
  • Involved working with content models, attributes and measures, hierarchies.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting data loads.
  • Created Object and Analytic privileges to ensure user security consistency
  • Migrated HANA content from development, testing environment to Production environment using delivery units
  • Created repositories, batch jobs, Workflows, Dataflows and query transformation in Data Services using object library and tool palette to execute data flows
  • Published batch jobs between local to local or local to central repository
  • Involved in replication process by extracting transforming and loading data from Sap ECC to Hana using Data Service Designer
  • Created and executed Data Service Jobs to Populate HANA
  • Performed various replication techniques using The SLT configuration using the load, resume, replicate and suspend options as require
  • Data Service Job Scripting to schedule and trigger Batch Jobs conditionally to trigger success or error codes on multiple Workflows.
  • Worked on Data transforms using Data integration transforms such as Data quality, Address Cleansing and Data transfer
  • Experience in debugging execution errors usingData Services logs (trace, statistics and error) and by examining the target data
  • Performed various transforms using Data Service Integrator to ensure data quality to load data to target
  • Involved in created & designing Universe for reporting from Information model using Information Design Tool
  • Developed Sales and Invoice reports using complex modeling techniques from using Hana modeling and BO reports
  • Created necessary connection to load universe to crystal reports to create and display reports based on client desired report requirements
  • Assisted in various reporting techniques using Crystal Reports and Dashboard
  • Worked in master data for customer master, material master, and customer material info record.
  • Provided technical level SAP Hana support to business users by resolving. Involved in 24×7 production support.


SAP Hana Developer


  • Involved in Pre-migration and Post-migration house-keeping activities for Development, Quality and Production systems
  • Understanding the KPIs required in the workshops.
  • Analyze on how to build Views for the KPIs in HANA with the functional specs provided
  • Creation of Attribute Views, Time based Attribute views, Analytical view and Calculated views with necessary join and validation method
  • Designed and Developed complex SQL scripts in Calculation views
  • Error debugging for Hana models using the Job and error logs to analyze information on non activated models and recommending solutions
  • Created Decision Tables with Return Values using Input parameters
  • Created Decision Tables to update values on root tables in that database
  • Using SQL to call function and procedures for data consumption
  • Developed different views for data related to YTD, Current Year, Current Quarters
  • Joining the Master data Tables and its texts in Attribute Views.
  • Importing, Exporting and Transporting the HANA Models from Development System to Quality Assurance and Production systems
  • Imported Objects with Mass Copy
  • Performed Translation of Information Models using the Repository Translation Tool
  • Created Users, Roles, Privileges for Packages, Schemas as part of HANA Security and Development
  • Performed migration of Analytic privileges
  • Created and ensures various assignments and roles to users
  • Worked on Synonyms, Triggers and Sequences in HANA
  • Transported models from one Hana system to another.
  • Involved in migrating HANA models from development, testing environment to Production environment using delivery units
  • Performed Backup and recovery maintenance of Hana system
  • Created Projects, Relational connections, Data Foundation and Business Layer configuration in the Information Design Tool to load model data from Hana systems
  • Worked on create a universe on HANA table and views using IDT
  • Generate a dash board report on HANA views with IDT universe.
  • Extract data from RDBMS data base into HANA data base with Data services.
  • Extract the data from SAP ECC system into HANA data base with SLT.
  • Involved in Information Design Tool Creation of Data Foundation, Universe for HANA reporting.
  • Performed advanced modeling information techniques with Restricted, calculated columns, Filters, Variables, Input parameters and Hierarchies on various Hana views for reporting
  • Created Universes on top ofHANA calculation viewsand developed the Crystal reports and dashboards usingIDT(Information design tool).
  • Worked on Attribute Views with Restricted and calculated columns
  • Created Prompts and Input parameters

Confidential, CA

SAP Hana BODS Developer


  • Involved in different phases of business blueprint. Analyzing the business process, interacting with end user, key persons identifying their reporting needs
  • Helped experienced SAP Hana consultants with performing simple SAP Hana support activities.
  • Involved in Modeling Row store and Column store Tables
  • Created Schemas, Synonyms, Sequences and Triggers
  • Worked on standard and derived Attributed views
  • Created Hierarchies for Attribute views
  • Created Restricted and Calculated columns in Attribute views
  • Developed Analytic views with Attribute views
  • Designed Calculation views with variables, filters and Input Parameters
  • Created Decision Tables
  • Involved in creation Analytic Privileges and Authentication methods
  • Was exposed and involved in DS data extraction for ETL
  • Was exposed and participated in creation of SLT data extraction
  • Working on HANA - BO reporting using Crystal reports
  • Strong Understanding of Data warehousing concepts and data modeling.
  • Involved in 24×7 production support Languages
  • English: Excellent in speaking and writing
  • French: Excellent in speaking and writing
  • Spanish: Basic Understanding

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