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Sap Basis Administrator Resume



  • Over 7+ years of strong experience in SAP BASIS/NETWEAVER Administration, including Full Life Cycle Implementations, SAP system Upgrades and Production Support for core, SAP Business Suite and Netweaver Components in order to support large scale customers.
  • Involved in 2 complete project lifecycle implementations, from Project Preparation, Blueprint all through Go - Live and Post-Production support.
  • Performed SAP System upgrades and patched SAP software products including R/3 4.6c, 4.7 Enterprise, ECC 6.0, NetWeaver2004s, NetWeaver7.0, Java Portal 640 to java 7.00, PI 7 to 7.10, LDAP, APO, BW 3.3/3.5, GRC 5.3 and involved in Shakeout activities/ Post upgrade support.
  • Configured and executed SAP change control functions including the transport management system (TMS), Setting up of Transport Routes, Configured Transport Domain Controller and customize Workbench Organizer.
  • Expert in Client Administration, Client Creation, Client copy, Client export, Remote Client Copy, Client Deletion, Securing Clients and Assigning Logical System to client.
  • Expertise in Tuning the Performance (performance tuning) of SAP systems.
  • Expert in performing Work Load Analysis for SAP systems.
  • Experience in installation and administration of systems in High Availability environment (Service Guard).
  • Maintained and created JCO Destinations for SAP ECC systems to communicate with J2EE engine.
  • Security Administration: Create user Roles, Maintain user Roles and Authorization profiles (PFCG), maintaining users in central system by using Central User Administration (CUA), monitoring user logins, user sessions, restricting default login in instance parameter file, trouble shooting user level problems to properly access the servers.
  • Implemented SSO with SAP Logon tickets.
  • Expert in day-to-day monitoring of the SAP systems and troubleshooting the Issues.
  • Hands on experience in performing database backups (Online & Offline) and restoring of database.
  • Involved in creation of Database Backup & Restore Strategy.
  • Experienced with Spool Administration like configuring printers and trouble-shooting spool request, deleting old spool jobs and working with TemSe objects.
  • SQL level tracing of expensive transactions, analyzing SQL traces and identifying ABAP/4 programs causing high database fetch times.
  • Involved in PI/XI integration with external SAP System’s and third party applications.
  • Experience in working with Portal Frame work, Content Management, Administration of Portal and User Mappings.
  • Created the procedures for system daily health checks, Weekly production support statues and Monthly system performance metrics.
  • Good knowledge in networking concepts like Tunnels, Network protocols TXP/IP, SMTP, Telnet, gateway monitoring, port configuration conflict check, proxy servers IIS proxy, Virtual Hosts, Subnet Mask.
  • Configuration and maintenance of SAP Router.
  • Performed System Sizing of R/3, BW and SCM using SAP Quick Seizer tool.
  • Performed monitoring of the APO landscape, including LiveCache monitoring, LiveCache management and updates of APO support packages.
  • Installed Solution manager 4/7 and activated SDCCN, Setup EWA (Early Watch Alerts)for different Satellite systems. Setup and Configured of Service Level Reporting. Setup and Configured CEN, Solution Manager Diagnostics. Setup System Monitoring through Solution Manager. Configured and Setup Service Desk, CHARM, Maintenance optimizer, CTS + automation.
  • Strong hands on experience in SAP Basis administration and technical core competencies tasks including installation of SAP System, upgrade, applying Support Pack, Enhancement packs EHP, installation of add-on software components and profile parameter changes for both ABAP and Java.


Network OS: Windows Servers 2003/ 2000/NT 4.0 Standard/ Web Server/Enterprise Editions, Windows XP/NT 4.0,Windows Clustering-Network load balancing, IBM RS/6000, HP-UX 9000,TSM.

Web Servers: WAS 6.2, HTTP, IIS, and SSL security. Digital certificates, Apache server.

Mail Servers: Exchange Server /5.5, POP3, SMTP, IMS, IMAP, Outlook Web Access X.400, Protocols MX Records, Routing Groups, Connectors

Languages: C/C++ and JAVA.

ERP: SAP R/ 3 4.5/4.6/4.7 Enterprise edition, ECC 5.0/6.0, Net Weaver 2004/2004s, BW 3.1/3.5, BI 7.0, FI/CO, SD, MM, SCM, XI, EP, CRM and Solution manager.

Tools: Database: Tivoli Workload Scheduler, Redwood Cronacle, Quick Sizer, VERITAS, BR*Tools, Vertex and Load Runner Oracle (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g), SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000 (T-SQL), MS-Access.


Confidential, Illinois

SAP Basis Administrator


  • Successfully provided support for Client Instance Landscape for Sandbox, DEV, QAS and PRD Landscape of ECC 6, BI 7.3, CRM 7.0, MDM 7.1, PI 7.1 and EP 7 systems.
  • Successfully applied Add-on from EHP5 of ECC6 SP10 to EHP6 SP7.
  • Applied Support Packages, Kernel Upgrades/Patches, OSS notes, upgrades and Add-on’s on various SAP System/Components.
  • Portal landscape Add-on from EHP1 of Portal 7.00 to EHP2 starting from Sandbox, Dev, QA and Production.
  • Configured Portal to talk to NWDI system to be able to use CBS, DTR and CMS services.
  • Added Java Server Nodes for higher availability and better performance.
  • Day to day monitoring of SAP logs and proactively fix errors for SAP Netweaver Portal.
  • Configured SLD, Solution optimizer and created JCO destinations
  • Scheduled jobs via SAP CPS Central Process Scheduling in Solman 7.1 for identifying the critical jobs in Production environment and intercepting the job definition in SAP and redefined them through CPS.
  • Configured Logical spool servers to increase the availability of spool service by setting up multiple spool servers and implemented load balancing for spool servers, so the print jobs could be handled by primary or alternative server. Monitored spool Queue in Transaction RZ20 (MTEs) and clear or deleted stuck print queue at SAP/OS system level.
  • Provided SAP Security using Profile generator (PFCG) for creating and modifying, single/composite roles.
  • Used Transport Management System to import Change requests (CRs) and BC set from initial rollout Solution Package into DEV to make local adjustments according to local customization adjustment and capture them in Local Change Requests (LCRs), released and export the LCRs.
  • Monitored daily activities like analyzing JAVA/ABAP short dumps, Alert Monitoring, Update Monitoring, system log and lock entries.
  • Performed local and remote Client copies and exporting and importing clients for development and testing systems.
  • Configured/Installed SAP router to connect to SAP support in order to use SAP service offering such as SAPNet-R/3 Frontend, Earlywatch and remote consulting.
  • Provided Project Team Support during the Project initiation and Realization phase.
  • System monitoring and performance tuning on daily basis through the use of CCMS, ensuring systems are functioning at peak service levels. Provided 7x24 on-call supports via pagers so issues can get escalated to level II or level III help desk support.
  • Worked with DBA’s and administered SAP Oracle database using BRTOOLS for table space management by extending table space, adding new file to avoid table space overflow and resized data file to provide more space for critical objects. Monitored database on daily basis using DBACOCKPIT for performance and tuning.
  • Taking full Offline/Online Database backups of Production server on tape drive, archiving of Redo logs, deleting old DBA logs through SAP DBA PLANNING CALANDER.
  • Designed and built solution strategy to avoid single point of failure, suggested Database replication using cluster environment, Enqueue replication service, SCS/ASCS and other services to attain High Availability.

Environment: ECC 6, BI 7.3, CRM 7.0, Solman 7.1, PI 7.1, EP7, Oracle 11.2/10.2, RHEL 6/5

Confidential, New Jersey

SAP Basis Administrator


  • Installed and configured Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1, monitored all SAP systems through it by implementing CUA, configured EWA, SLD, alert monitoring in Solution Manager, defined auto reaction methods, tied email and paging to events, defined thresholds and occurrence escalation using CCMS and System Administration Assist
  • Member of the team, which developed the System Landscape Architecture Design
  • Performed NW 04 SR1 BI 7.0 upgrade from BW 3.5
  • Applied SAP Hot/Support Packages and OSS Messages when available from SAP for relevant release and assisted implementation team with testing
  • Installed ECC 6.0 and BW 7.0 on Sandbox for Testing and Development
  • Performed system refreshes and client copies as per the requirements
  • Performed local and remote client copies and exporting and importing clients for the development and testing systems
  • Monitoring system for Background job processing, Spool jobs, Spool and Queue administration in ECC and CRM systems
  • Conducted extensive performance and stress testing to determine bottlenecks and simulate OLTP, Batch, Reporting, and Interface Volumes using Loadrunner and Introscope
  • Worked with Change and Transportation Management System (TMS), releasing every day change requests to both Quality Assurance and Production systems
  • Monitored Data loads and R3 queue, over view of mobile sales, basic navigation of MSA, supported the production system remotely
  • Performed security activities such as maintaining roles, profiles, authorizations and troubleshooting and fixing issues
  • Implemented load balancing of application servers using Logon Groups
  • Performed SAP, Database and OS monitoring and performance tuning using a combination of tools like CCMS, DBACOCKPIT, ABAP/System traces and lock entries.
  • Performed day-to-day performance turning like Workload Analysis, Transaction Response Time Analysis, RFC queue monitoring, Expensive SQL statement tuning, Database Growth and Index Analysis, Infocube and Data Load Analysis and Design
  • Created and maintained installation documents
  • Provided 24 hour round the clock on call support

Environment: R/3 6.0 Ext. 2.00, SCM 4.0/7.0, SAP ECC 6.0, CRM 4.0/7.0,PI 7.0, EP 6.0 SR1 SPS 12/7.0, MDM 5.5/7.1, BW 3.0/3.5/7.0, Solution Manager 3.2/7.0 EhP 1, Windows 2008 Server, MSSQL Server 2003/2008

Confidential, Illinois.

SAP BASIS/Netweaver Administrator


  • Involved in installation of PI7.1 and configured the PI system running the Configuration wizard.
  • Configure and execute SAP change control functions including the Transport Management System (TMS), setting up Transport Routes, Configure Transport Domain Controller and customize Workbench Organizer.
  • Performed Client copies Client Administration like creating Clients, Client copy (Local and Remote), deleting clients and assigning logical systems to clients.
  • Rescheduled background jobs which were suspended for upgrade.
  • Responsible for providing production support to SAP HR system (Sap HCM) includes ESS/MSS.
  • Involved in Applying java patches through JSPM.
  • Performed day-to-day monitoring of SAP systems in the Landscape. Responsible for Add-ons installation and applied Hot Patches (SPAM/SAINT).
  • Managing SAP servers, Create and Maintain user Roles and Authorization profiles (PFCG), Monitoring user logins, user sessions, restricting default logins in instance parameter file, trouble shooting user level problems to properly access the servers and maintaining security throughout the SAP landscapes.
  • Hands on experience on the activities like ALE connections, Single Sign On (SSO), LDAP using SSL, Setting up SAP router and configuration, SAP Router tab entry IDOC and EDI, Configuration CUA, Identity Management IDM.
  • Created the procedures for system daily health checks, Weekly production support statues and Monthly system performance metrics.
  • Database Backup / recovery, Monitoring, trouble shooting the Backup problems by investigating the cause like due to media failure or due to system failure or some other reasons.
  • Daily activities include administration of SAP EP 7.0.
  • Excellent in monitoring Batch/Background Jobs, Checking the status of Background Jobs and Scheduling Background Jobs.
  • Configured CCMS alerts integrating with Solution Manager and Maintained Central Monitoring system with automatic e-mail forwarding.
  • Expert in monitoring the SAP systems using Solution Manager and Resolving the Alerts.
  • Used CHARM to create change request in SOLMAN to record, control & track all the changes and java tools like Wily Introscope, Solution Manager Diagnostics.
  • Experience in performing the Load Balancing of the SAP Application Server.
  • Performed system monitoring of the APO landscape, including LiveCache monitoring, LiveCache management and updates of APO support packages.
  • Fine-tuned Instance profiles parameters for performance improvement.
  • Experienced in creation of CATT scripts for User deletion, role deletion, User creation and assigning roles to users .
  • Monitoring of initialization parameters that determine the behavior of the Database Server.
  • Monitoring the alert log file to see the major changes, events and errors that occur during the running of the Database instance.
  • Managing Archive Logs. Monitoring Systems for its database growth, memory utilization, doing SAP health checks daily for its better performance.
  • Spool Administration like configuring printers and troubleshooting spool request, deleting old spool jobs if >25000 jobs, working with temse objects.
  • Configuring Operation Modes, Managing Instance Profile, managing Logon Groups for load balancing.
  • Created R/3 Transactional views on SAP Portal, Configured Single Sign on login Integrated R/3 Security work with Portal Security. .
  • Hands on Experience with J2EE Admin tools, SDM, Visual Admin, Config Tool, NWA and JSPM.
  • Strong experience in Performance Tuning of SAP servers. SAP router monitoring and configuration.
  • Installation and configuration of SAP BW3.5, Create and Managing Info Cubes, Info Objects, Source Systems, Update Rules and Check performance in Debug mode with options Aggregates.
  • 24X7 Production Support.

Environment: ECC 6.0, Netweaver 7.0, BW3.5 & BI 7.0, SAP CRM 7.0, SAP SCM, EP 7.0, PI 7.1, TSM, APO, HR, DB2, Live Cache, J2EE Engine, Java Clusters, Solution Manager, GTS, Business -Packages, EMC Symmetric Storage, Solaris, Windows7, HP-UX 11.

Confidential, Pennsylvania

SAP BASIS/Netweaver Administrator


  • Security Administration like Creating profiles and Roles, Assigning profiles and user login trouble shootings.
  • Keeping track of Custom Authorization Objects and Adding custom reports to user profiles.
  • Setup ALE environment for CUA.
  • Designed the system landscape and Transport Management System and Performed sizing requirements using SAP Quick Sizer tool.
  • Expert in day-to-day monitoring of the SAP systems in the Landscape and troubleshooting the Issues.
  • For Background Processing, assigning background jobs class to prioritize jobs. Defined, monitored and scheduled background jobs.
  • Performed extensively tasks such as Reorganization of table spaces, creating indexes, maintaining data dictionary objects to suit various requirements of users in different environments
  • Defined and maintained the instance definition for OP Modes/Servers, Switching, Scheduling, and Work Process distribution.
  • Maintained the Profiles, fine-tuned Instance profiles parameters for performance improvement and Logon load balancing (SMLG).
  • Responsible Homogeneous System Copy, Add-on & Support Package Applications Plug-Ins and Kernel Upgrades.
  • Spool Administration like configuring printers and trouble-shooting spool request, deleting old spool jobs and working with TemSe objects.
  • Troubleshooting system problems by analyzing system log update monitoring and lock entries and configured Alert Monitor for System monitoring.
  • Created the procedures for system daily health checks, Weekly production support statues and Monthly system performance metrics.
  • Established Storage Management and Backup / Recovery procedures, Monitored the software for performance, system failures, failed updates, and runtime errors.
  • Created data dictionary tables, views, maintenance dialogs, and customizing data in the IMG.
  • Identified custom objects that were obsolete in the system. Documented all programs and configuration in the technology area of the software. Improved system performance by modifying custom code.
  • Configured new clients and client copies as per business requirements.
  • Installed and configured Vertex software interface with SAP R/3 for TAX computations.
  • For printers, define output devices for local, remote and front-end printing. Define a logical spool server and use it on an output device. Manage spool and output requests, analyze and solve simple printing errors.
  • Installed and setup a BW 3.0 landscape which includes Sandbox, development, test and production servers.
  • Installed SAP Notes Assistant across all systems. Implemented the SAP Solution Manager instance to collect and analyze all system monitoring data for recommendations and problem analysis.
  • 24x7 Production Support.

Environment: ECC 6.0, Netweaver 2004s, EP 7.0,BW, BI 3.0, XI/PI 3.0,CRM 4.0,SCM 4/APO, Solution Manager 4.0,GTS, DB28.1, AIX 5,HP-UX, 11, Windows Sever 2008 R2.

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