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Sap Business Objects Consultant Resume

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New, YorK


  • Over 7+ years of total experience in Information Technology Industry predominantly on Business Intelligence Reporting and Data warehousing - working with Business Objects 4.0/XI 3.1/3.0/XIR2/R1/6.x (CMC, CMS, CCM, Info View, Launch Pad 4.0, Designer, IDT 4.0, Desktop Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Import Wizard, Xcelsius, Dashboard Design 4.0, QAaWS, Live Office and Crystal Reports, Explorer).
  • Working experience in SAP BI 4.0(SAP BI Launch Pad, SAP Web Intelligence, SAP IDT, SAP Dashboard Design).
  • Worked on different phases and aspects like Planning, Designing, Developing, Distributing and maintaining Universes with SAP BI/BW as a data source.
  • Hands on experiences with BW/BOBJ Integration.
  • Technical proficiency in creating interactive dashboards and scorecards using Xcelsius 4.5/2008.
  • Used Live Office and QaaWS (Query as a Web Service) to feed live data into Xcelsius.
  • Created complex Xcelsius dashboards by using different data sources like Crystal Reports and XML files.
  • Proficient in full-client (DESK I) and web-based (WEBI) reports development and universe design, installation and server administration, troubleshooting, scheduling, publishing and security
  • Experience in deployment of reports using various data sources like Oracle, MS SQL Server and MS-Access, DB2, Teradata.
  • Efficient in optimizing and writing SQL queries.
  • Excellent track record of proactive communication and collaboration with external and internal customers to analyze BI needs and functional requirements and deliver the following artifacts as needed: sub-reports, parameter based reports, graphical reports, formula based, well-formatted reports, drilling reports, analysis reports, data reports.
  • Expertise in functionalities like Queries, Slice and Dice, Drill down, @Functions, Custom sorts, Cross Tab, Master Detail, Formulas, Drilling methodology, Filters, Ranking, Sections, Graphs and Breaks.
  • Expertise in by Text-Enhance">backupand recovery of business object environment using BIAR file.
  • Expertise in Designing, Developing and managing the complex universes. Highly skilled in creating Adhoc/Canned Reports, Complex Reports using predefined conditions.
  • Very good experience in data cleansing using ETL Tools and data loading from flat files
  • Excellent knowledge on data warehousing concepts - Star schema, Snow-flake Schema and worked on both OLAP and OLTP databases
  • Experience in creating Repositories, Folders, Groups, Users, assigning privileges to users and maintaining the repository
  • Extensively Used CMC (Central Management Console) for user management, content management, and server management tasks and CCM (Central Configuration Manager) to manage local and remote servers Analysis to design the Universes and Business Objects Reports to support the user requirements.
  • Hands on experience in writing, testing and implementation of the PL/SQL triggers, stored procedures, functions, packages.
  • Good experience in Unix, shell scripting and PL/SQL
  • Strong Integration skills between External Portals with SDK and Xcelsius Dashboards.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to work effectively in a team as well as individually.


Reporting Tools: Business Objects 4.0/3.1/XIR2/6.5/5.1(Reporter, Designer, Supervisor, Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence, Broadcast Agent Server, Central Management Console, BO SDK, Bex Query Designer, Bex Analyzer, Query As A Web Service (QaaWS),Crystal Reports, Xcelsius)

Dashboard & Performance Tools: Business Objects Dashboards and Performance Manager, Crystal Xcelsius 2008/4.5.

Databases: Oracle 10g/9i/8i/8.0/7.x, Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 , DB2, Teradata and MS Access.

Languages: PL SQ L/ MS SQL, C#, Asp. Net, JavaScript, Shell Scripting.

ETL: Informatica

Operating Systems: Windows Servers 2003/2008, Vista, XP, UNIX.


Confidential - New York

SAP Business Objects Consultant


  • Interacted with business users, business owners to know their business views in developing and modifying universes and reports accordingly.
  • Created Web Intelligence Ad-hoc and canned reports.
  • Createdtwo complex dashboardswhich uses live office to feed the data into xcelsius from the source webi reports
  • Created Web Intelligence reports using Multiple Data Providers, Prompts, break, filter, rank, alerters, Slice& Dice and Drill up/down, Cross Tab, Master Detail and Formulae's etc
  • Formattedwebi reportsandscheduledthem to be bursted as pdf to thereport to web server.
  • Modified existinguniversesand implemented new universes according the reporting needs by detectingcardinalities, resolving trapsand usingcontextsand also developedhierarchies and derived tables.
  • Resolved Chasm, Fan traps and Loop problems using aliases and contexts in the universe and exported to repository.
  • Created complex reports using cascading prompts.
  • Created Dynamic Filters and Dynamic Conditions in universe level as per Business rules.
  • Improved the performance and reduced the coding with the use of @functions like @Prompt (for user defined queries), @Where (for creating conditional filters), and @Select to create duplicate objects in the process of building the Universes.
  • Created custom List of Values (LOVs) for better understanding of prompts by the end users.
  • Created users in Central Management Console (CMC) and allocating rights to them.
  • Enabled/Disabled different servers in Central Configuration Manager and Central Management Console.
  • Performed Server Management Tasks, using Central Configuration Manager (CCM) and Central Management Console (CMC)
  • Deployed Business Objects Reports in a Secure Environment from One Server to Other Servers using Import Wizard.
  • Developed various Charts and Graphs like Bar Chart (Side by Side, Stacked), Line graphs, Pie Charts etc by using Chart expert of Crystal Reports 2008.
  • Modified existingcrystal reportsand created new reports withcross tabs and sub reportsbased on the client requirements usingCrystal Reports 2008.
  • Tested reports before posting them to the repository (query optimization & performance).
  • Involved in writing Stored Procedures and functions in Oracle PLSQL.
  • Actively involved inknowledge sharing, documentation and troubleshootingany SAP business objects related problems.

Environment: Business Objects XI 3.1, Web Intelligence, DESKI, BO Designer, CMC, Publishing Wizard, Import Wizard, Crystal Reports 2008, Xcelsius 2008, Info view, Windows, Toad, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2008.

Confidential - New York

SAP Business Objects Consultant


  • Worked with Business Managers, Architects and End users in documenting requirements, providing estimates, creating High Level Design and Detail design specifications.
  • Worked with the PM group to identify the priorities, to know the Business Critical and complex universes and reports
  • Installed and Configured Business Objects products on the Windows environment.
  • Responsible for the Designing the universes by creating the joins, setting up the cardinalities.
  • Resolved complex looping issues by creating multiple contexts and aliases to remove cyclic dependencies for the universes which were built from the underlying Databases.
  • Created complex Condition Objects for easy reporting, Aggregate-Aware objects for better performance.
  • Created objects like Dimensions, Details and Measures, which are logically grouped into Classes as per business requirements.
  • Created pre defined filters and cascading prompts in Universe level.
  • Implemented ROW Level security and Object Level Security in the Universe to protect client information from other client Agents.
  • Developed .unx file using 3 layer architecture (.cns, .dfx, .blx) stored in Project with SAP IDT 4.0 tool.
  • Created Secured (.cnx) connection in SAP IDT(Information Design Tool)
  • Designed Data Foundation (.dfx) using multiple data sources using IDT.
  • Worked extensively with @Functions (@Select, @prompt, @Where) to filter the data.
  • Developed Web Intelligence reports using multiple data providers, which were coming from different databases. Created various kinds of graphs, Charts, Scatter plot. Analyzed the data in charts using slice/dice, drill up/drill down.
  • Wide usage of Drill mode and Slice and Dice techniques to modify the reports in accordance with the user's analysis needs.
  • Developed various Charts and Graphs like Bar Chart (Side by Side, Stacked), Line graphs, Pie Charts etc by using Chart expert of Crystal Reports 2008
  • Developed Xcelsius 2008 Dashboards on top of QaaWS and Live Office connections.
  • Created Dashboards specifically for using different analytics like Speedometer, Interactive Charts with alerts and goals.
  • Used dynamic visibility and Excel functions to control and manipulate the data.
  • Involved in Debugging and testing SQL queries in Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Provided training to end users to use various functionalities of Business Objects.
  • Provided technical assistance/support to analysts, business community and responded to inquiries regarding errors, problems, or questions with programs/interfaces.

Environment: Business Objects XI 3.1/4.0, Crystal Reports 2008, Xcelsius 2008, Windows 2k3/2k, BO Designer, Web Intelligence, Publishing Wizard, Import Wizard, Launch Pad 4.0, IDT 4.0, Dashboard Design 4.0, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2008 and Teradata.

Confidential - New York

Business Objects Developer


  • Created prototypes of the reports for user presentation in the process of requirements gathering.
  • Installing, upgrading and troubleshooting the Business Objects Enterprise.
  • Created new users in XI 3.0 using Central Management Console and set restrictions, assign privileges based on their profiles.
  • Interacted with Business community to gather and analyze the Business Requirements in developing and modifying Universes and building the reports.
  • Resolved Chasm traps, Fan Traps & Loop problems by using contexts and aliases to reduce the complexity of the universes.
  • Extensively used the @functions, worked on back end functions, procedures, tables, views required by the business objects universes
  • Created Dynamic Filters and Dynamic Conditions in universe level as per Business rules.
  • Improved the performance and reduced the coding with the use of @functions like @Prompt (for user defined queries), @Where (for creating conditional filters), and @Select to create duplicate objects in the process of building the Universes.
  • Created custom List of Values (LOVs) for better understanding of prompts by the end users.
  • Defined Customized Hierarchies in Universe level.
  • Applied User and Group Restrictions in selected objects in universe level based on User and Group.
  • Designed and Developed WEBI reports, created charts and graphs for quick analysis.
  • Created Report Level Variables, Objects and Formula to create new columns based on the result set.
  • Preparation of Critical, Master Detail, Sub Reports, Cross Tab and Summary reports using Crystal Reports, features includes functions, running totals, parameters and conditional formats.
  • Created Dashboards using Crystal Xcelsius for senior management for business decision making.
  • Developed Dashboards and Scoreboards for detailed analysis using Xcelsius.
  • Provided user support and training in using Report Designer for creating Adhoc reports.
  • Involved in writing Stored Procedures and functions in Oracle PLSQL.

Environment: Business Objects XI R3.1, CMC, Designer, Info view, Crystal Reports, Xcelsius, Toad, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g,WebLogic 10.3g, SQL Server, Windows NT .

Confidential, Rockville- MD

SAP Business Objects Developer


  • Involved in Full life cycle design and development of Business Objects reporting Applications.
  • Interacted with end users regularly for initial requirements gathering.
  • Presentation of the advanced features of Business Objects to end-users to enable them to develop queries and reports easily.
  • Involved in the development and implementation of ad-hoc reporting system using Business Objects.
  • Tasks involved were report development, modifying Universes to suit the Business Requirements.
  • Applied security features of Business Objects like row level, report level & object level security in the universe so as to make the sensitive data secure.
  • Designed and created Universes using Designer module. Created Contexts and Aliases for resolving Loops in the Universes.
  • Generated number of reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis using Business Objects Report module.
  • The reports were generated using Business Objects functionality such as Slice and Dice, Drill Down Master/detail, Prompts and Formulas
  • Extensively used Calculations, Variables, Breaks, Sorting, and Alerts for creating Business Objects reports.
  • Implemented various @Functions like @Prompt (for user defined queries), @Where (For creating conditional filters), and @Select.
  • Generated and published web reports in Info View using Web Intelligence and scheduled Business Objects Reports through Broad Cast Agent.
  • Worked along with the testing team to derive test cases for efficient Data reporting.

Environment: Business Objects XI 3.1/R2, WEBI, DESKI, Designer, Info view, Xcelsius, crystal reports, SQL, Oracle10,Tera data and Windows 2003.

Confidential, IL

SAP Business Objects Developer


  • Interacted with Business Users and Business Owners to know their Business views in developing and modifying Universes and Reports accordingly
  • Involved in gathering, analyzing, and documenting business requirements, functional requirements and data specifications for Business Objects Universes and Reports
  • Design and Development of Business Objects Universes, which suits the standard, analytical and ad-hoc reporting requirements of the Business Objects users
  • Upgraded Business Objects universes and reports from version 6.5.1 to version XI R2.
  • Involved in the designing and Building of Universes, Classes, Objects and Condition Objects from the analysis database.
  • Created cascading prompts and also customized the prompts by adding ‘ALL’ to the prompts which would be easier for the end user in the process of selection criteria.
  • Involved in the troubleshooting of universe schema with loops, chasm and fan traps, and cardinality problems.
  • Worked on the Master, Kernel and Component approach during the linking of universes.
  • Created and tested classes and objects to organize the universe.
  • Created prototypes of the canned reports for end user presentation and acceptance.
  • Updated the Universe as per the changes of the Database table structure and notified the users about changes made to the Universe.
  • Exported the universes to the Repository to make resources available to the users
  • Created the reports using Business Objects functionalities like Queries, Slice and Dice, Drill Down, @Functions, Cross tab, Master-Detail and Formulas etc.
  • Created reports for various Portfolios using the various data Providers like Free Hand SQL, Stored Procedures, and VB procedures.
  • Created the reports using Business Objects functionality's like Queries, Slice and Dice, Drill Down, Cross Tab, Master Detail and Formulae's etc
  • Created Schedulers to monitor Broadcast Agent
  • Built full client and WEBI reports.
  • Set up groups and users for Business Objects deployment in CMC. Managed user profiles using Supervisor
  • Designed, developed and tested the reports based upon data generated by enterprise transaction, financial, and customer information systems using Business Objects XI connected to Oracle data source
  • Developed dashboards using Xcelsius.
  • When the source tables are very huge, developed PL/SQL procedures using Oracle to load the data into fact tables and used them in the universe.
  • Published and scheduled Business Objects Reports to users using Scheduling method when working in 6.5.

Environment: Business Objects XI R2/ 6.5.1 (Supervisor, Designer, and Reporter) Web I, BCA, Xcelsius, crystal reports, Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server 2000, Toad 7.4, PL/SQL and Excel, Windows 2012 Server.


SQL Developer / Report Designer


  • Requirement study, review of specifications.
  • Creation of different types of reports, such as; Master/Detail, Cross Tab and Chart (for trend analysis).
  • Using - filters, conditions, calculations, etc.
  • Creation of schema object like triggers, views and synonyms.
  • Extensive coding using PL/SQL.
  • Analysis of input/output flow.
  • Report Generation using Reports2.5.
  • System Documentation.

Environment: Microsoft SQL SERVER 2000, Business Objects 6.5.1 (Designer, Reports, Supervisor), Web Intelligence, PL/SQL, MS Access 2000, Windows 2000 Server.

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