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Sap Technical Consultant Resume

Manchester, CT


  • Over 8+ years of professional experience in development and implementation of Business Applications across Retail, Pharmaceutical, mechanical, chemical and Food industries.
  • 4Full life cycle implementation experience and Good exposure to functional areas in SD, MM, PP, PM, WM, QM & FI/CO modules.
  • Expertise in ABAP/4, includes Data Dictionary, ABAP Workbench
  • Reports (Classical and Interactive Report), OOALV, Dialog Programming (Dynpro, Screen Painter).
  • Interfaces - ALE/EDI, IDOC generation, Extension of the existing IDOC types to create New IDOC types, written several Function Modules, customize ALE/EDI process.
  • Conversions: LSMWs using all methods (Standard method, BAPI, ALE IDocs, Recording.
  • Enhancements: User Exits, Customer Exits, BADI, Implicit and explicit.
  • Forms: SAP Scripts, Smart Forms, Adobe forms.
  • Extensive Experience in Object-Oriented Programming, Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting and debugging.
  • Adept with programming, batch Jobs, ABAP/4 Queries, testing of programs, preparing program specification and documentation, report generation, function modules, subroutines & screens.
  • Extensively worked on Order to Cash with Inquiry, Quotation, Delivery, Sales Order and Billing.
  • Experience in providing Web services (XML) using RFC function modules to the third party to connect with SAP and perform transactions.
  • Designed and developed Web Dynpro applications in various modules and WEBDYNPRO components.
  • Expertise in developing in NetWeaver Gateway Services(SEGW).
  • Went through the Functional Business cycle in MM, PP, OTC, PTP, PS, SD and FICO.
  • Extensive experience in Production Support, Data loads, Validation and troubleshooting of Transaction Data and Master Data, Transport Management, Roles & Security, System Checks, Performance tuning and Process Chains.
  • Involved in analysis and providing quick solutions for tickets and Service requests, as a part of AMS (Application Maintenance and Support) team.
  • Successfully trained in SAPUI5, Fiori and new UX.
  • Well versed with MVC concept for SAP UI5/Fiori Apps.
  • Worked in designing Charts, Chart Frames and Geo Graphics, XML Views with Smart Forms, Forms and Responsive Layouts with Filters and designing List, Responsive Table and Smart Table.
  • Worked on developing controllers with Events, Functions and Data Models. Well versed with developing reusable UI’s like Fragments and Dialogs.
  • Well versioned with using Resource Model for translations and implementing Routing concepts along with data transport.
  • Experience in review of functional specifications and converting them to technical specifications, coordinating with offshore teams and providing different levels of support (L1, L2, L3, and L4).
  • Excellent business communication, presentation, documentation, leadership, management skills.
  • Positive work attitude and self-motivated to work independently as well as in a team.


ERP: SAP R/3 4.7, ECC 6.0 Ehp6, SAP IS-Retail.

Domain Knowledge: SD, MM, FI/CO, PP, PM, QM, WM, CRM.

Languages: ABAP/4, OO ABAP, C++, C, HTML.

Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows NT/9x/2000/XP and Linux.


Confidential, Manchester, CT

SAP Technical Consultant


  • Created a Custom Interactive report which displays non-reconciled transactions so that end business user can select particular transaction and send a batch file to First Data for resubmission or pass them for G/L posting.
  • Developed Interface for on-demand Material Master Data from external system - HYBRIS, which is the system of record for all Materials. Used MATMASIDocs for material interface.
  • Developed a Data Conversion Transform Program that transforms the Legacy System (CBPR) data to files, which can be used by the load program to load the Open Sales Orders. All the transformation is done within this program and any errors/warnings are also captured and Excel files are downloaded which can be reviewed and corrected for any errors/missing data.
  • Populated Purchase Order & Purchase Requisition Document number (MM) in a custom Z table each time created through ME21N&ME51N by using ME PURCHDOC POSTED&ME REQ POSTED.
  • Developed a Data Conversion Load Program to load the Open Sales Orders into SAP. Used the ‘BAPI SALESORDER CREATEFROMDAT2’ BAPI to load the orders. Extensions are also handled. Also the log with the success/failure messages is also downloaded for further analysis.
  • Developed the Function Module for Inbound Processing of SHPSTAT IDoc. The steps involved are validating the IDoc data, reading the Shipment data and update the Shipment.
  • Developed complex editable OOPS ALV transaction to maintain authorizations and update PS master data. Involved in End-to-End testing team i.e. from Point of sale(POS) to G/L posting.
  • Coded interface using ABAP Objects with customized INDX type data cluster along with associated development objects to ensure consistent update of PS data.
  • Worked on USER-EXIT’s EXIT SAPLIEDP 902 and EXIT RFFOEXIT 103 in payment program RFFOEDI1 and RFFOUS T to trigger invoice reduction report for payment types T, K, B, F, U and E.
  • Created a custom report which will generate invoice reductions per vendor for document types RE, KG and SA based on Industry codes ‘Z15’ and ‘Z16’.
  • Worked on Order to Cash Process (OTC) involving Sales order, Delivery, Billing documents.
  • Expertise in developing in NetWeaver Gateway Services(SEGW).
  • Work on the SAP Netweaver Gateway requirements to ensure that the communication between backend and the UI5 occurs without any disruptions.
  • Developed Adobe forms to display output of various sap standard reports where we had to use only table display.
  • Modify, Approve Timesheets and My Leave Requests to Customer Scenario.
  • User Eclipse Toolkit to extend Fiori Apps.
  • Worked on Data binding to the UI5 controls from OData Services also designed UI5 applications using various layout and controllers like UX3, split controllers and simple controllers.
  • Add custom field to SAP Fiori using OData Extensibility methodology by utilizing transaction code SEGW to extend the OData Service via Redefine Approach.
  • Modify the Fiori apps User Experience look and feel by using the transaction code /UI5/THEME DESIGNER (theme designer) to customize background colors for branding, fonts and load background image and company logo.
  • Batch job scheduling tools for high volume data processing
  • Involved in active support in 2 stage mock test for US stores.
  • Maintained technical documentation and was involved in active production support.

Confidential, Memphis, TN

SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Responsible for the Data load of Promotions from Legacy System into SAP. Each document in the Legacy had to be transformed to Promotions, Sales Deals and Condition records in SAP, based on numerous conditions. The Data was loaded into SAP using BDC’s. All the error handling was also incorporated in the Data Load Program and hence saves a lot of time for the Business in ironing the issues out.
  • Designed and developed a new custom Open Order report for Warehouse use to facilitate pre-picking in Warehouse Management area. The report output is developed using REUSE ALV HIERSEQ LIST DISPLAY, which has all the drill down functionalities. Selected Orders can be printed along with Barcode, by calling a Smartform. The report also highlights the orders that have undergone any changes from the previous runtime.
  • Developed a transaction for Auto Creation of Customers, also called Customer E-Forms. In this transaction developed using classical Dynpro (Dialog Programming) the requestor can create a request for the CDA’s to Create/Change/Extend customers in SAP. All the appropriate data has to be entered in the various screens/subscreens developed. Once the request is submitted, the CDA can review the request and can Approve/Reject and Request more information. Once Approved, the CDA runs the auto create process which then creates the customer in SAP using all the info provided by the requestor. The notifications are handled through Workflow and external emails can also be sent based on the status set by the CDA.
  • Created picking list using message type PICKSD and corresponding IDOC type SDPIODO1 is used for sending information to warehouse management system.Developed interface by creating RFC for sending out customer detail information and partner information to B2C website developed in Adobe Cold Fusion Web Development Platform.
  • Developed interface for sending out order list and order detail information including customer notes, order notes, ship to notes, order header, line items, billing information, tracking information to B2C website by testing it in CF2SAP middleware.
  • Worked on data loads for Open/Service/Limit PO’s, STO’s, Functional Locations, Functional Task List, Equipment’s, Equipment BOM’s, Inspection Plans, Inspection Lots, Simple/Characteristic results for inspection lots and Material specific texts.
  • Worked on Data Archiving part using SARA transaction for archiving/deleting PM/QM historical data such as Equipment BOM’s, Equipment’s, Functional Task List, Functional Locations and Inspection Lots etc.
  • Enhanced function module IDOC INPUT DELVRY for programming custom segments as per the business requirement.
  • Implemented interface for updating sales order by posting IDOC’s of type ORDERS05 using ORDC process code and FM IDOC INPUT ORDCHG.
  • Configured inbound orders IDOC mapped from an existing outbound INVOIC leading to a successful 810 translation.
  • Developed interface for Goods Movement in WM using the IDOC WMMBID02 and message type WMMBXY.
  • Modified the User Exit MBCF0006 in Retail to update the customer function for the WBS element.
  • Worked on consumingWeb Servicewith WDSL file for sending mail to external system through BSP.

Confidential, Denison TX

SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Developed Custom Labels using SAPScripts, which contain the Barcode for Material, Material Number, Warehouse information, PGI Date, Old Material Number on a 2X2, label for the Transfer Order Items in WM that are printed on Zebra Printers.
  • Developed a RF Bin-Bin Transfer Transaction in WM for transferring material from one bin to another. All the checks in LT01 are implemented in this program. BAPI L TO CREATE SINGLE and L TO CONFIRM are used for creating and confirming the Transfer Orders.
  • Implemented Transportation Cross-Docking in SAP EWM. For this the BAdI/SPE/BADI DETERMINE CD PLANT is implemented which is in the Enhancement Spot /SPE/DETERMINE CD PLANT.
  • Worked on the BAdI /SCWM/IF EX DLV OFFICE DET which is used to determine the shipping office address.
  • Worked on 4X4 labels using SAPScripts that has barcodes for Material, Transfer Order and Quantity, which will be used extensively in the warehouse for the Handling Units that are printed on both Zebra Label Printers and also mobile RF Printers.
  • Changes made to the standard RF Transaction screens to remove add certain fields.
  • Developed reprint label transaction in WM, since standard reprint transaction must have the Warehouse Orders, which is not possible when shipping small materials.
  • When scanning Old Material Barcode in WM Screens, the barcode should be internally transformed to the New Material Barcode. Change was made in the user exit that is called in all barcode-scanning programs.
  • Developed Packing Slip and Bill of lading using Smartforms in SAP.
  • Change made to the standard LM12 RF Transaction to default the storage type.

Confidential, Oxnard, CA

Sr. SAP Technical Consultant


  • Configured ALE interface for migrating Customer master, Vendor master, Material Master Data, info records and pricing condition.
  • Worked on Exception Handling with OOABAP Reporting using custom classes and Methods.
  • Developed Web based ALV report which displays the stock Availability information based on Sales Organization & plant.
  • UsedBAPI MATERIAL SAVEDto copy the material from one plant to other plant where the change of material text is also made possible according to client requirements where the material determination is also considered.
  • Established ALE and IDoc setup for Material Master (MATMAS) and Customer Master (DEBMAS) distribution. Used Change Pointers technology for regular update of master data. Testing of inbound and outbound process while dispatching IDoc’s from one system to another system.
  • Creation of PA & payroll reports on Smart forms and ALV Grid.
  • Used IDoc type FIDICC2 and standard function FI IDOC CREATE FIDCC2 to generate an IDoc each type an FI document is created in FB01.
  • Developed interface program to upload timesheets for various employee groups in various countries.
  • Enhanced include in the customer function in BAPI REQUISITION CREATE to consider the external line item numbers.
  • Developed new Smart Forms and print programs for Packing Labels, Shipping Labels and Drop Ship Labels.
  • Design and development of outbound and inbound interface programs to third party systems using Intermediate Documents (IDoc) and Application link Enabling (ALE) tools. Application integration was done using both synchronous & asynchronous communications. Implemented distributed Scenario in ALE.
  • Implemented workflows related to Purchase Order approval, MM invoice approval, Goods Issue notification, Free Goods, HR business processes.
  • Runtime analysis to analyze the processing of reports. Based on the estimated time for each action, modified queries to ease the database interaction.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Worked on reading Planning Book, updating planning book for specific keys, Safety stock calculation based on planning book data.
  • Implemented the Function Module Exit EXIT SAPMMDUSER 006 to modify the SNP PPM data.
  • Worked on the Interface program like /SAPAPO/MD74 for deleting transactional data for obsolete products and forecast from APO.
  • Worked on Pricing and Availability check interface, check the availability of the item in SAP with details passed from proxy and write back the parts count and possible ship-to-date.
  • Worked with WM functional team in developing Module pool screens for configuring mobile data entry in warehouses for RF Gun.
  • Developed the Interface named ‘Initial Inventory Upload WM’ used for extracted existing inventory from a Legacy System and created material batches in SAP through MB1C transaction and placed these batches into respective warehouse bins using transaction LT01.
  • Developed ALV Report for invoice list display with FI documents and GL Accounts based on the Billing document.
  • Developed a Smartform for displaying serial no list daily after shipment has been placed and worked on Glazers bar code label.
  • Used BAPI SALESORDER CHANGE for removing the billing block at item level in sales order.
  • Uploaded Asset master data from Legacy System to SAP using LSMW tool.
  • Created Custom RFC/BAPI to get the ship to party for the sold to party and for respective sales areas.
  • Developed a Wrapper for BAPI to cancel the PO Line items and Schedule line/Delivery Schedules.
  • Setting up Partner Profiles, Ports and RFC Destinations, for business partners And configure Distribution model view for distribution of IDOC’s for both ALE and EDI mediums.
  • Configured EDI Outbound for purchase Order (850).
  • Developed workflow for PO release strategy and triggering a Workflow whenever a PO is changed.
  • Did Runtime Analysis by analyzing the performance of various Transactions, Programs and Function modules created in ABAP Workbench.
  • Developed a custom report for SAP GUI Script Recording and Playback in ABAP for transaction IW37N.
  • Designed and developed a portal web page for Uploading POD images in ECC and storing in Filenet.
  • Developed a WebDynpro Application to send outlook mail with attachments.
  • Used Dynamic Programming to initialize node and attribute and generate a form with push buttons at runtime.


SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Working with the FI/CO/SD/MM/PM Supply Chain/Basis Teams for the module related upgrade from 4.6C to ECC 5.0.
  • Worked with ECC 5.0 Object-Oriented and Unicode Compliant code vs. the needed custom logic in the old 4.6C non-OO and non-Unicode compliant programs.
  • Re-applied 4.6C Mod changes into new SAP ECC 5.0 programs and applied ECC 5.0 Notes if needed. Verified the new ECC 5.0 program flows worked as expected. If not, analyzed and resolved program type calls/scoping issues with nested program calls that ECC 5.0 introduced and then modified ECC 5.0 core programs.
  • Fixed any custom programs and/or custom logic added to core programs that now encountered Unicode Syntax Errors in ECC 5.0.
  • Created BDC Report which uploads data from legacy system to SAP Developed an Interface Program that uploads Daily Collection Records from legacy system to SAP.
  • Migrated data from Legacy System to the R/3 System using LSMW tools for various Master Records like Material Master.
  • Designed and Developed Batch Input Programs for loading Customer master data from Legacy system through Flat File.
  • Developed an Outbound Interface to send purchase order data. Configured ALE components like distribution model, setup ports, and generated partner profile.
  • Involved in configuration of SAP Outbound ALE messages for Customer Master.
  • Extended basic IDOC type DELVRY01 and added new custom segments.
  • Worked on modification adjustments related with SPAU and SPDD objects for the upgrade.
  • Solved bugs during different billing scenarios.
  • Developed a program that was used during the conversion, and this converted the inbound IDOC to outbound IDOC, which were processed on the mirror production server. A generic program was developed to achieve this for the sales order and goods issue processing.
  • Created mapping documents for SAP for EDI Transaction using XI 2.0 as middleware.

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