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Lead Otc/ar/pricing Consultant Resume

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Cupertino, CA


  • Over 7 Years of experience in SAP consulting with hands on experience covering Implementation, Enhancements, Support, Testing and providing business solutions in Sales and Distribution/Order to Cash.
  • Experience in multiple full life Implementations including Business Blueprinting, Designing, Developing, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Preparing Documentation, End user .
  • Expertise in providing production support in SD and MM modules.
  • Experience in interface technology through IDoc, Configuration of Partner Profile, IDoc Mappings and SD/MM Output Processing.
  • Experience on Change Management process involving Test plan, Change Plan, Test Scripts, Unit Testing, System Integration Testing (SIT) and Business Signoffs (UAT).
  • Knowledge of cross integration of SD with WM, MM and FI.
  • Configured Logistic Execution (LE) for Delivery, Picking, Packing, shipping points, route determination, Transportation, Shipments, Printing of Shipment docs, Stages and Leg Determination, Pricing and Shipment costing.
  • Configuration of MM, STO transfer process, Replenishment Deliveries, Goods Receipt.
  • Worked on Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order (including sub contracts), Invoice receipts, Inventory Valuation and Accounting for different Movement types.
  • Worked extensively on Order Management and Order to Cash functionalities.
  • Configuration experience in SD: Master Data such as Customer Master Data, Material Master Data & Conditional Master Data, Enterprise Structure Definition & Assignment, Order to Cash Cycle such as Order Management, Delivery, Shipping & Billing, intercompany process.
  • Condition Techniques such as Pricing Procedure, Partner Determination, Text Determination, Material Determination etc., other function such as Credit management, Listing and exclusions, Incompletion procedures, Free Goods, etc.
  • Worked extensively on Pricing (standard and inter - company), Shipping, Master data, Basic functions, Third party sales, Inter Company Sales, Revenue Account determination, Taxes, Sales Documents, Delivery and Billing Documents, Copy Control, Returns Processing, Rebate Agreement Processing, Output Determination, Partner Determination, Contracts, Cash Sales, Credit Management, Account Receivable, Open item analysis and Customer payment..
  • Worked on Batch Management, Handling Unit Management.


Operating Systems: MS-DOS, MS Windows 9X, 2000, XP, NT 4.0, Unix, Linux


Databases: ORACLE 7.x, MS Access

Languages: C, C++, ABAP/4

Management and Project Tools: MS Word, Excel, Project, Visio and Access, SAP Solution Manager, Ultra Edit, BMC Remedy, RWD Uperform


Confidential, Cupertino, CA

Lead OTC/AR/Pricing Consultant


  • Configured cash account determination, Condition table, condition type and access sequences to override the customer posted account/ debit balance by new GL account during billing document.
  • Worked on user exits associated with billing for additional accounting document postings.
  • Prepared functional specification to enhance the structure (KOMKCV) by adding customer field to the field catalog. Enhanced the billing user exit to read the value form the billing table and pass it to the new field that was added to the field catalog.
  • Helped users to create scenarios for the UAT testing. Worked on regressing testing and prepared a cut over plan
  • Responsible for Project warranty support.
  • Rollout and Pricing Enhancements Project
  • Extended existing OTC processes for a new business group acquired by the client. Prepared blue print, received approval from the global team and worked as a lead consultant till project go live. Performed the necessary configuration to implement OTC processes of the new business group in SAP.
  • Enhanced existing pricing procedure for better performance by redesigning the pricing procedure and adjusting existing pricing VOFM routines.
  • Added new condition types for Rebates implementation.
  • SAP SD-EDW (External Data Warehouse) Project.
  • Worked on SAP reports migration to EDW.
  • Provided technical analysis, logicand fields mapping of SAP reports to EDW to be reproduced in EDW.
  • Prepared functional specification for inducting requested SAP tables to EDW via new and existing interfaces.
  • Created table views to allow the interface to induct the data from the tables based on the region or other variants without fetching all the data in the table.
  • Prepared functional specification for adding new fields to existing SAP reports.
  • Scheduled multiple jobs for inducting the tables to EDW via the interface.
  • SAP AR Collection Project
  • Integrated FI-AR Credit management with FSCM.
  • Identified logic to select correct credit control area for customers to determine the total credit limit for all the credit control area.
  • Configured customer master data, and enhanced the customer master user exist and the output routine meet the business requirements.
  • Developed a new interface with home-grown GMACC system to update Customer Master data.
  • Prepared functional specifications to enhance the IDOC by adding new custom segment to trigger the user exit to update the contact person’s email through IDOC.
  • Synchronized customer mater to business partner using MDS LOAD COCKPIT for FSCM collections management and involved in Identifying and resolving issues related to business partner synchronization.
  • Involved in testing with other teams to complete and finish the all the testing phases.
  • Prepared a technical evaluation sheet for technical objects and created test scenarios for the performance testing.
  • Provided support to the project after the go-live.

Confidential, St. Marys, OH

Lead SAP SD Consultant


  • Worked on a full life cycle project.
  • Worked closely with subject matter experts for gathering business requirements and translating them into functional and technical specifications.
  • Designed and configured pricing procedures for USA and Mexico to meet all the pricing requirements. Pricing involved condition exclusions, custom requirements, custom condition value and condition basis formulae, and group conditions.
  • Set up order types, outbound delivery documents and billing documents. Performed all the associated configuration for the documents.
  • Created pricing reports.
  • Created Custom Queries for business reporting purposes.
  • Provided users the ability to mass maintain condition records using SAP standard functionality.
  • Implemented commissions for sales personnel using SAP rebate functionality.
  • Created SECATT scripts to load customers, vendors and products into SAP.
  • Configured credit management. Functionality and established credit control areas and risk categories, set up customer masters for credit processing and developed a comprehensive automated credit checking mechanism.
  • Prepared documentation for end users

Confidential, Allegan, MI

Senior SAP SD/MM Consultant


  • Configured Copy Control procedures for different sales scenarios (Inquiry to Quotation, Quotation to Sales Order, Sales Order to Delivery and Delivery to Billing).
  • Configured Customer Master Data, Material Master Data, Account Determination, other basic functions.
  • Configuration of various Delivery Documents and Billing Documents.
  • Configured Invoice Lists for direct customer sales to minimize printing costs
  • Configured Contracts and Scheduling Agreements.
  • Configured purchasing and sales rebates.
  • Customizing for Special Billing Types like Cancellation, Credit/Debit memos, Invoice Correction Request, Returns, Pro-forma Invoices, and Cash Sales
  • Configured SAP system for shipping - Routes, route determination, delivery types, shipping points and their determination, shipment types, shipment activity profiles, basic shipping functions, picking, packing and goods issue, output determination.
  • Designed and developed a custom interface program for creation of orders from online custom portal and to pass order status, condfirmation details to the portal.
  • Provided post-implementation support.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

SAP SD Functional Analyst


  • Configuration of Pricing procedure determination, Condition tables, Condition type- Definition and control, Access sequences, Condition records, Customer pricing procedure and document pricing procedure.
  • Configured Sales document types, Delivery types, Billing types, Item Categories and Schedule Line Categories as per the business requirements.
  • Delivery types definition and control of item categories. Billing type definition and control, Rebate processing, partial and final settlements. Account Assignment and Credit Management.
  • Configured new output Types/Procedures, Partner Procedure as per requirement
  • Involved in Extensive testing, documentation, user, and process manual and post-implementation support.
  • Worked on ALE/EDI interfaces. Set up partner profiles and required output configuration.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

SAP SD Consultant


  • Responsible for developing functional specifications based on the business requirements and enhancements in business process.
  • Investigation and customizing of client's pricing requirements with maintenance of Condition Types & Tables, Access Sequence, Condition Records, Condition Exclusion.
  • Implemented intercompany sales and billing processes for the company.
  • Worked with Rebate agreements and Contracts according to the client and business requirements.
  • Configured STO and third party sales order processing.
  • Developed test scripts using HP Quality Center.
  • Provided support to the project after the go-live.


SAP SD Functional Analyst


  • Project Scope included implementation of order to cash processes including order management, delivery processing, invoicing, cash application. Responsibilities included SAP SD Configuration, Functional Design, Customization, Reports, and Interfaces & EDI
  • Configured sales areas and business areas and assigned plants to sales organizations and company code.
  • Automated the system for efficient customer order management to a great extent by assigning and processing requisitions based on Info Records, and implementing scheduling agreements.
  • Configured credit management process. Created risk profiles and credit groups and configured dynamic credit check process for distributors.
  • Worked as a production support consultant for SD business processes.

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