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Sr. Sap Hr Consultant Resume

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Minnetonka, MN


  • 7+ years of extensive experience in implementation, configuration, customization, maintenance and Support of SAP HR module using ASAP methodology with emphasis on Personnel Administration (PA), Recruitment, Benefits, Organization Management (OM), Time Management (TM), Training & Event Management, Payroll (PY) and HCM - ESS, MSS
  • Worked in two full life cycle implementations employing ASAP methodology with phases like - Project Preparation, Requirements Gathering and Analysis, Business Blue Printing, Realization/Configuration, Testing, Go-Live and Post Go-Live support.
  • Hands-on experience in Time Management module. Configured and maintained Work Schedules, Time Recording, Absences, Absence Counting, Counting Rules, Deduction Rules, Absence Quotas, Overtime, Availability, CATS, Shift Planning, Time Evaluation and Reports.
  • Expertise in US Payroll with experience in configuring Wage Types, Taxes, Processing Classes, Evaluation Classes, Payments and Deductions, Benefits and Payroll Integration, Cumulating and storage, Postings to Accounting,, Processing Time Data and Off-Cycle Processing.
  • Worked on an upgrade project from ECC 4.7 to ECC 6.0.
  • Created Functional Specs, conceptual and detail design documents for ESS, as per business requirements.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal skills and strong ability to understand business process requirements and translate into client specific SAP solutions.
  • Conducted intensive training sessions for end-users along with providing detailed process documents for HR components and user's procedure.
  • Self-motivated to work independently as well as in a team with significant contributions to team-based problem solving.
  • Demonstrated ability to track and prioritize numerous simultaneous tasks.


ERP Applications: SAP HCM/HR 4.6C, 4.7, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0

Database skills: MS Access

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7, Unix

Microsoft Packages: Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Project

Languages: C, C++, SQL

Testing Tools: HP (Mercury) Quality Center


Confidential, Minnetonka MN

Sr. SAP HR Consultant


  • Assigned new holidays to the already existing Holiday calendars for new identified holidays
  • Made changes to the existing Work schedules by using two different daily work schedules with reference to a period work schedule, taking the break schedule into consideration
  • Created absence types and defined rules to count absences and rules to round them
  • Created new evaluation rules and the counting classes to evaluate the absences
  • Maintained the HR master data using some customized Info types related to Leaves and Processing levels
  • Created new Leave Types (customized solution) utilized globally updating the IT 9800
  • Monitored the batch program which run automatically to route the Leave from IT 9800 to IT 2001 requested via portal for the employees
  • Worked with the Workflow team and the translation team to see the levels of leave approval routed properly to the direct manager and upper level managers
  • Modified CATS Profile for the absence type and also Wage type routing to IT 2010 for time entry without clock times and TM04 schema to evaluate the time
  • Modified the existing customized Quota rules and the overtime block rules based on the new enhancement changes
  • Defined deduction rules for absence quotas and assigned these rules to the counting rules
  • Gathered the information on which fields to be provided for the Payroll from SAP
  • Delivered the Leave accrual information based on the FDDS
  • Adjusted the overtime wage types of IT2010 updated from the Interface, maintained the groupings in customized tables
  • Handled integration issues of HR with FICO
  • Created different payroll areas by creating date and period modifiers. Generated payroll periods and their check dates for each payroll area
  • Define TAX ID numbers for the federal/state/local tax authorities and maintain the tax related processing class and group up wage types in tax related wage types
  • Maintained the info regarding different tax departments and maintain these departments and employees info based on different type of taxes
  • Wrote Test Scenarios for UAT and End-to-End, Functional Testing
  • Was involved in testing the integration of the Personnel Administration component to Organization Management.
  • Tested the test data on the PA30, PA40, PP01, and SE16 & SM30
  • Tested customized Personal actions like on boarding employees, Employee movements including Transfer, demotion, promotion and reclassification within and out of organizational unit
  • Created the Master data for HR and employees and validated all the functionality on the Portal
  • Defect tracking and status update through HP Quality center
  • Created custom evaluations using Adobe Smart Forms, sent completed data back to standard SAP appraisal functionality
  • Tested functional modules like OM, PA, Payroll, Benefits and Time Management
  • Tested the Payroll Process for Benefit Integration & checked for accurate calculations

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Sr. SAP HR Consultant


  • Define Pay Roll periods and Pay dates for each Pay Roll accounting area.
  • Defined and maintained Processing classes, Evaluation classes and their specifications for maintaining wage types through logical views.
  • Define entry permissibility per info type and define wage type characteristics.
  • Created wage type and check wage type group for additional payments, and recurring payments and defined their characteristics.
  • Setup the SAP/BSI interface for tax calculations.
  • Define tax companies and assigning them to personnel areas and federal/state/ county employer ID number.
  • Defined tax authority models and taxability models and tax type combinations.
  • Configured adobe forms to generate W-2, W-4, and remuneration statements in PDF file.
  • Customizing payroll analysis reports and payroll summary report.
  • Created number ranges for garnishment transfers and vendor sub groups.
  • Defined remittance rules for garnishments and determined garnishable net for calculation of garnishments.
  • Defined benefit areas (BAREA), benefit providers and the basic settings for the plans.
  • Health Plans - Defined Health plans, Options for Health Plans, Dependant Coverage Options and Cost Formulas and assigning Health Plan Attributes, and Wage Types.
  • Insurance plans -Defined Insurance Plan’s general Data, Coverage Formula and Cost Formulas and assigning Insurance Plan Attributes and Wage Types.
  • Savings Plans - Defined new Savings Plan General Data, Employee Contribution Rules, Employer Contribution Rules, Vesting Rules and Schedules.
  • Reconfigured 401K Plans, non-qualified plans, correcting errors in employee and employer contribution rules, and configuration of the limit.
  • Configure features BAREA, BENGR, BSTAT, CSTV1 and ELIGR
  • Configured Evidence of Insurability (EOI) conditions for health and Insurance plans.
  • Created Organizational structure through expert mode, defined various objects like Org unit, Job, Position, and work center. Also, maintained and created relationships among them.
  • Used feature PLOGI to integrate Organizational Management with Personnel Administration in order to automatically transfer data between modules.
  • Maintained the Check Tables for Info types and specified the entries into IT1006, IT1009, IT1010, IT1011, IT1015 and IT1028.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Sr. SAP HR/Payroll Consultant


  • Analyzed and configured Enterprise Structure, Personnel Structure by defining Personnel Area, Personnel Sub-Area, Employee Groups and Employee Sub-Groups and Pay Scale Structure.
  • Created client specific task catalogs and assigned them to the relevant jobs and positions.
  • Maintained object types, number ranges and info-types in basic settings.
  • Checked and maintained the organizational structure that comprised of different organizational units, jobs, tasks and position by transactions like PO13, PO10, PO14, PO03.
  • Involved in account assigning cost center to positions and organization units.
  • Configured the matrix type for the organization and the working time to generate the work schedules for positions
  • Defined Personnel data and Payroll data for administration and payroll perspective.
  • Defined pay scale types, areas, group levels and salary ranges, setting up of payroll period, defining pay scale reclassification.
  • Worked with payroll schemas and PCRs such as U000 and UBD0.
  • Configuration dealing with third party remittance.
  • Configured eligibility rules for the employees based on their working hours.
  • Defined Date Modifier and Created process model to automate the sequence in which processing steps have to be performed for payroll subsequent activities.
  • Worked on reports related to legal and tax reporting for year-end payroll and Net Payroll for US and Canada related to BSI Tax Factory and also all issues related to Payroll and Time Evaluation programs.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

SAP HR Functional Consultant


  • Configure and define the Public holiday calendar, Daily and Period work schedules, and Work schedule rule and generate the work schedule in order to maintain Infotype 0007 .
  • Worked on time quota rollover scenarios.
  • Time data interfacing using Infotype 2010 via CATS.
  • Created work schedule rules and assigned them to the employees using Infotype 0007.
  • Configured Attendance/Absence Types, Day Types and Time Wage Type generation rules.
  • Configured absence valuation using table T554C.
  • Configured Time wage type valuation and overtime compensation.
  • Maintained Cross Application Time Sheets (CATS) profiles.
  • Maintained absence types applicable for different personnel subarea grouping.
  • Maintained absence quotas for various combinations of personnel subarea groupings and employee subgroup groupings.
  • Worked on modifying the feature QUOMO to handle quota generation specific to combination of employee group and employee subgroup.
  • Evaluated time using time evaluation report RPTIME00 and customized version of time evaluation schemas TM04.
  • Performed post production support, issues resolution, documentation and knowledge transfer.
  • Process time wage types and derive rates in Payroll Schema for the work units supplied by Time team.
  • Wrote custom rules to process quota compensation methods 0416 Infotype to pay sick and vacation balances with different compensation methods loaded according to the quotas and methods available.
  • Customized feature SCHKZ for defaulting work schedule rules for various personnel subgroup groupings and Employee Sub Group Groupings.
  • Worked with CATS, absences and attendances, quota deductions and counting rules.
  • Worked on time evaluation driver RPTIME00.
  • Worked on customized version of Schema TM04.Personnel Management (PA) & Organizational Management (OM)
  • Define Enterprise Structure, Personnel Structure and Organizational structure.
  • Configured Infotypes Menus for HR master data (PA30) as per the client’s requirements.
  • Customized Personnel Actions and Info groups.
  • Configure dynamic employee number range series using the feature NUMKR.
  • Create various report functional specifications to report positions and their funding structures using Infotypes 1018, 1010, 1013, 1007 create & update history in OM.
  • Create data mapping for conversion of district data from legacy systems to SAP.Testing
  • Involved in testing the integration of the Personnel Administration to Organization Management.
  • Created the Master data for HR and Employees and validating all functionality in Portal.
  • Defect tracking and status update through quality center.
  • Testing the test data in the backend for transactions PA30, PA40, PP01, and SE16 & SM30.
  • Writing the Testing Scenario for UAT (User Acceptance Testing), and End to End Functional

Confidential . Tampa, FL

SAP HR Functional Consultant


  • Defined public holiday calendar for personnel subarea groupings.
  • Responsible for setting up work schedule rules and generate monthly work schedules.
  • Defined absence and attendance types for different personal sub-area groupings.
  • Configured wage types for attendance and absence types.
  • Configured the Absence Quota generation through both RPTQTA00 and time evaluation schema.
  • Used feature SCHKZ to default work schedule rules for PS and ES groupings and maintained the quota type selection group using the feature QUOMO.
  • Set up absence evaluation rule in table T554C.
  • Worked on time evaluation driver RPTIME00 and customized time evaluation Schemas.
  • Time Evaluation processing using Schemas TM00 and TM04 along with generating Time Evaluation reports, and updating the Time Management Infotypes.
  • Implemented various user parameters for Time sheet (CATS), customized data entry Screen and customized reports to display Time sheet data.
  • Worked on Time report: PT64: For attendance/Absence data overview.
  • Used Mercury Quality Center for designing and documenting functional and integration test scripts, run tests and document test results.
  • Involved in resolving the tickets and solving the authorization issues.
  • Provided feedback on the business process to the technical team for developing required reports.
  • Prepared job-aids, for the users on their time management activities.
  • Configured the benefit module by setting up of benefit plans such as health plans, insurance plans and COBRA.
  • Defined Evidence of Insurability conditions for health and savings plans.
  • Worked with EE’s during open enrollment and event enrollment.
  • Defined Benefit Areas, Benefit Providers and Plan Attributes with the features BAREA, BENGR, BSTAT.
  • Configured Benefit Plan Types and Benefit Plan Status.
  • Defined dependents and beneficiaries.
  • Defined wage types in table T5UBA WT and integrated benefit and payroll.
  • Implemented and scheduled the dynamic eligibility check report to generate the eligible employees for relative benefit offers.
  • Designed and documented functional and integration test scripts, run tests and document test results.
  • Prepared documentation for end-user training using RWD InfoPak.

Confidential, MA

SAP HR Functional Consultant


  • Implementation and Support of SAP HR Module
  • Involved in data gathering of the business process flows and suggested changes to configuration document
  • Detailed discussion of the current business processes, mapping the existing business process to SAP
  • Involved inCustomizing areas of Personnel Administration, Master data and OM
  • Assisted in configuring the Enterprise structure by defining Personnel areas and Sub areas
  • Configured the Organizational structure by setting up organizational units, jobs, positions, assigning tasks to jobs and positions, and Reporting Structure
  • Defined Attendance, Absences, Substitutions, Overtime and Availability as per the Customer requirements
  • Worked on setting up of the Daily work schedule (DWS), Holiday Calendar, Period work schedule (PWS)
  • Customized the work schedule rules and defaults for PS & ES groupings using feature SCHKZ as per the client requirements
  • Customized Attendance/Absence storing table T554S
  • Worked on payments, basic pay (info type 0008,edited basic pay, pay scale reclassification, Time Management aspects in payroll, Integration with payroll
  • Configured Payroll control record, Payroll status (0003), payroll area, retroactive accounting and Off-cycle work bench
  • Prepared Test Cases for parallel testing and identified problems and resolved issues


SAP HR Trainee


  • Organizational Management: Configured different departments, jobs, positions and reporting structure in organizational management module.
  • Personnel Administration: Configured Personnel Areas, Personnel Sub Areas, Employee Groups Employee Subgroups, Personnel actions (hiring, change in pay, transfer, promotion, Reinstatement, Deputation, Separation etc
  • Compensation management: configured compensation areas, planning period, compensation guidelines.
  • Payroll: Configured wage types for all pay components monthly, annual earnings, reimbursements, and statutory and non statutory deduction types
  • Configured Payroll procedures using IMG by defining the parameters of payroll module payroll periods, Period modifiers, date modifiers and payroll past period etc.
  • Defined Pay scale structure by defining pay scale types, areas and levels.
  • Worked in payroll averages, retroactive accounting, wage type valuation.
  • Configured, maintained features TARIF, LGMST, PINCH, ABKRS, NUMKR.
  • Co-ordinate with technical consultants and core team members in uploading master data.
  • Configured Master Data: forms of address, name affixes, address types, zip codes, Contract types, determined default contract elements, Objects on loan, Grievance types, reasons data for processing grievances.
  • Executed tests using Test Director in various test phases such as Unit Testing, Scenario Testing, and Integration testing and Pre-Go-Live testing..
  • Fixed all defects in unit/integration testing.
  • Assisted in end user training.

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