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Sap Resume Profile


  • Can blend Agile Development Methodologies and User Stories with traditional builds to ensure the overall effort integrates versus silo User Story builds use MS Project and Rally .
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and expert with developing KPIs and data models that run in Big Data environments. Can exploit process-based metrics that exist in databases.
  • 16 years of Business Intelligence/Analytic engagements leading, hands-on and problem solver .
  • Understands all aspects of Business and Technical Analytic Solutions Visuals to Databases .
  • Currently working in Hadoop, Java and R for Big Data Analytics.
  • Recently build an advanced tile style dashboard for CEO to Retail Store users and all levels of management between. Considered the crown jewel of the company for communicating KPIs internally and externally to partners.
  • In-depth understanding of In-memory and Massively Parallel Processing MPP databases HANA, Actian/ParAccel, and Teradata . Now learning effective uses with a Hadoop data foundation.
  • Recently proved that a new design in HANA can provide accurate results with greatly improved user response times for Design Studio dashboards and supporting reports.
  • Extensive experience architecting Advanced Data Models, Universes, Dashboards, BI Reports and Statistical Analysis.
  • Speaker 2011 SAP Business Objects User Conferences in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange Counties early adopter of BI 4 : - SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 Enterprise System - Moving from Xcelsius to BI 4.0 Dashboard Design
  • Has worked with Dashboard Design Xcelsius since 2006 Business Objects expert training on Xcelsius and QaaWS on initial rollout .

Experience Confidential

SAP Business Objects BI 4.1 and HANA

  • SAP Business Objects, Process and Data Model project expert. Working with Agile methodology and User Stories. Embedded in a large Accenture/Phillips66 team. Quickly produced a KPI Tile style Design Studio Dashboard for Big Data with drill-down that was adopted as the dashboard for Internal and External Users 7,000 Users .
  • Agile Development Methodologies and User Stories Rally .
  • Business Objects Platform: Expert working with P66 team and SAP to provide external company access for Design Studio Dashboards.
  • Design Studio: KPI Template provided with Design Studio had a number of limitations. Built a new KPI Dashboard design with drill-down for trend analysis. This design was adopted by the Company because it brings visibility to many KPI across the organization and at all management levels as well as retail sites.
  • HANA Information Views and Tables: Introduced advanced analytics that required unique HANA Information Views techniques used for years . Brought response times from 30 seconds and even minutes to a few user seconds milliseconds in HANA . Proved that a new data model design in HANA greatly reduced user query times.
  • Performance Tests: Led performance testing for HANA and the Business Objects Server. Load Runner and HANA SQL Logs were used to establish and conduct performance/load tests.
  • Data Science/Customer Segmentation: Worked closely with a Phillips66 and Accenture Data Scientists visualizing Customer Segmentation analytics for fuel station operations. Recommended a new segmentation approach which was adopted by Executive Management.
  • Tools: Business Objects Platform, SAP Design Studio, Analysis for OLAP, Web Intelligence, Lumira/Predictive Analysis, IDT, HANA Studio and Oracle. Confidential

SAP Business Objects BI 4.1 Expert

Leading implementation efforts for the new BI 4.1 SAP Business Objects systems for SAP BW and other data sources. Brought in by CIO to provide a system strategy and best practices for the company and to bring the existing SAP BW/BI team up-to-speed on the new platform. This involved BEx queries for Integrating POS with BW data with initial reporting areas for Executive Dashboards, Daily Sales and Supply Chain reporting. Reporting tools are Dashboard Design, Web Intelligence, Analysis for Office OLAP.


SAP Business Objects BI 4.1 Expert, HANA View Quality and KPI Architect Project

This is a strategic project involving SAP HANA and a new hardware platform. Worked closely with key business and technical associates to define KPI requirements for their Supply Chain initial KPIs: Inventory Turns, Excess Obsolete, Vendor On-time Performance and Days in Inventory . This involved 30 Oracle ERP tables that were extracted using Data Services and loaded to HANA with minimal transforms. Numerous SAP HANA Studio Attribute, Calculation and Analytic models were used to construct virtual models which were used directly and with Universes. Reporting tools were Web Intelligence Universe and Lumira directly on HANA.


Senior/Lead Consultant Global Procurement Spend Project

  • Agile Development Methodologies and User Stories.
  • Led onsite activates for a Global Procurement Spend BW/BI Team and worked with users, IT analysts, business analysts, buyers, managers and executives to consolidate fragmented business requirements and translate all those requirements into technical specifications.
  • Extensively analyzed Procurement Policies Procedures, SAP ERP/ECC MM and SAP SRM Screens, Tables and Extractors.
  • This is a large Global Project integrating five SAP ERP/ECC systems in a Global BW/HANA.

Quickly produced the Procurement Conceptual Data Model that leveraged numeric and process times across the Procurement Process supply need or Requisition to Supplier Payment .

  • Included BEx Queries, L3 Composite Providers, L2 Reporting Models, SAP ECC Source System Compounding, L1 DSOs, Extractors, RFC, SAP Source Tables ECC, SRM , SPIKE, ARIBA, D B, and UNSPSC Taxonomy data elements.
  • Tools are MS Analysis Excel and OLAP, Design Studio, Web Intelligence, Lumira, Tableau, BEx Queries.


SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 Solution Architect Project

  • New SAP ERP ECC system with a SAP BI 4.0 SP5 POC. Architected, installed and configured the Business Objects environments and interfaced with SAP Basis/BW engineer and SAP ECC team.
  • Using BICS/BEx and Business Objects Multi-source Universes on BW 7.3 :
  • Financials: Income Statement P L , General Ledger, Chart of Accounts and Balance Sheet in Web Intelligence Regular and Flat Hierarchies and Analysis for Microsoft Excel.
  • Logistics: Purchase Order and Inventory Management Ad-hoc Reporting in Web Intelligence and Analysis for Microsoft Excel.
  • Analyzed Store Front Orders by Minute, Average Cart Page Creation Time, Email Click Through, and CPU Utilization.


SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 Solution Architect/Lead Consultant SAP client Project

  • Led onsite activities for this Platform, Dashboard and Web Intelligence related project. Included Project Plan, Scope Document, Blueprinting, System Architecture, and overseeing daily development activities using ASAP methodology.
  • Included top-level dashboards and drill-down Web Intelligence reports used by the CEO, executives, managers and analysts.
  • He initially worked with management and senior analysts to blueprint all dashboards in preparation for development.
  • The project relates to outages, resource allocation and workload management.
  • This was an existing SAP BW/BIA customer requiring a new installation of SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 and knowledge transfer for an existing SAP BW team.


SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 Solution Architect SAP client Project

  • Reviewed the current XI 3.1 system and made performance improvement recommendations to scale the current system for more capacity.
  • Found existing performance problems in the Oracle database and provided recommendations.
  • This was a short-term engagement which resulted in best practices for the XI 3.1 system and a Roadmap and System Architecture for a distributed SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 platform system.


Senior Consultant, SAP Business Objects and Teradata Project Duration: 6 months

  • Contracted to determine the root cause for performance issues slowness with a large enterprise SAP Business Objects XI R2 system.
  • Quickly determined the root cause was a database capacity constraint with Teradata.
  • Managed activities and coordinated with supplier Teradata's management team, onsite Project Manager and Multiple Solution Architects to add additional capacity to Teradata and to make performance improvement recommendations.

Extensive hands-on SQL queries on the Teradata data warehouse and the Teradata Database Repository.

  • Coordinated Teradata Best Practices for Business Objects Universes and Data Modeling.
  • Structured Workload Management Activities for the Enterprise Data Warehouse scheduled reports, ETL loads, backups and other DBA activities .
  • As part of his assessment, he also worked with team members and recommended an SAP BI 4.0 implementation approach.


Senior Consultant, SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 Project

  • This was a large international SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 Ramp-up Project.
  • He worked closely with the top Technical Team and interfaced with the SAP Business Objects Development Team to work through early product issues.
  • Reporting areas included Master Data, Demand Supply Planning, Finance Controlling FICO , Order-to-Cash OTC , and Requisition-to-Cash RTC .
  • Key focus areas were the BI 4.0 Enterprise Platform, Information Design Tool IDT , Web Intelligence Desktop and Web, Lifecycle Management Tool LMT , BICS Connections, BEx Queries, Translation Management Tool TMT , Crystal Reports and Explorer.
  • Teradata and BW planning


Senior Consultant, SAP Business Objects Project Duration: 3 months

  • Provided senior consulting support for a large sales force dashboard and reporting project.
  • The project had a large external service partner team and was behind schedule on delivery.
  • This system utilized XI 3.1, Xcelsius, Web Intelligence and Teradata.
  • This project originally had numerous dashboards and supporting reports planned.
  • Customer had a Non-SAP software purchase decision that took months to evaluate with no outcome. Jerry provided expert advice and conducted tests to determine the performance capability, which helped the Customer avoid an additional licensing cost of 500K by utilizing the existing SAP Business Objects capability. This also changed the direction of the project.
  • Provided recommendations for the Teradata data model which provided 20X faster speeds with enhanced drill-down capabilities horizontal structure .

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