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Sap Abap Consultant (mm And Sd) Resume

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Nashville, TennesseE


  • I have total seven plus (7+) years of work experience. I have knowledge in the areas mentioned below:
  • Maintained Structures and Tables in Data Dictionary. Created new Domains, Data Elements, fields and transparent tables. Customize/add fields with structures to existing tables. Created elementary/collective search help and search help exits.
  • Experienced in creation and changing of Classical, Interactive and ALV Reports in areas SD, MM, PP, QM, WM and FI/CO.
  • Experienced in Dialog Programming/Module Pool Programming, Screen Painter, Table Control, Tab Strip, Sub - Screen, Custom Screens, Menu Painter and Flow logic PBO, and PAI concepts.
  • Experience in Batch Data Communication using Direct Input Method, Session Method and Call Transaction Method as well as data migration techniques using LSMW.
  • Extensively worked on BAPI, ALE/IDOCs, User-Exits, Work flow and BADI’s.
  • Extensively worked in SAP Script/Smart Forms, which involved design of new forms and modification of existing SAP forms like Invoice, Order and Picking List.
  • Experienced in Creating and Scheduling Batch Jobs and Job Variants.
  • Experienced in CTS (change and transport system).
  • Experienced in coordinating and developing test scenarios for Unit testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Experience in problem solving, performance tuning, debugging and transport management system.
  • Develop integration services (XI) and interfaces between the core SAP application and other SAP, non-SAP systems.
  • Implementation experience in SAP SCM/APO which includes PP, PP-PI, APO & MM modules.
  • Experience in layout design using SAPScripts, SmartForms, and related control programs.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of XI on Integration Repository (IR), integration directory (ID), system landscape directory (SLD) and integration monitoring (Runtime Workbench - RWB).
  • Modified standard BAPIs and included custom fields and enhanced the BAPI according to assignment requirements.
  • Experience in designing technical specifications from functional and business requirement by developing corresponding Detail Design Specifications for Forms, Reports, Interfaces, Conversion and Enhancements (RICEFW) and coordinate with Functional team to ensure proper implementation of such components.
  • Experience of configuring, customizing, post go live support & user in SD, FI and MM.
  • Experience in creating and maintaining SAP standard and Custom Data dictionary objects, Change Transport System (CTS), Classical and Interactive Report writing, and ABAP List Viewer (List & Grid with classes and Functions) reporting.
  • Experience in Dialog Programming by using Screen Painter, Menu Painter and RF Programming
  • Experience in Static and Dynamic Job scheduling
  • Experience in developing data transfer (BDC - Interfaces / Conversions) programs using both Data Transfer Workbench (DXWB - BI session method, call transaction method) and Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW tool) for uploading data to SAP system.
  • Experience in Enhancement of standard SAP functionality using User Exits, Customer Exits, BADI’s and Enhancement-Framework (Implicit / Explicit Enhancement points)
  • Modified layout sets using SAP Scripts and associated driver programs
  • Experience in developing Smart forms, Adobe Forms, and Interactive Adobe Forms, Adobe Interface, Context, Pallets, Properties, Standard Texts, BAS
  • Configured ALE/EDI, IDoc, Bdoc, RFC interface to support distributed processing in Outbound and Inbound Systems
  • Experience in IDoc Monitoring, IDoc Extension and IDoc Programming
  • Experience in Developing custom Segments, Idoctypes, Message types, Process Codes
  • Experience in developing BAPI interfaces, and using standard BAPIs, RFC and XI Proxies
  • Experience in Web services creation and Consume a Web services in ECC 6.0 with using ABAP
  • Experience in Performance analysis, Trouble shooting and tuning using various tools like Run time analysis, SQL Trace and Debugging
  • Experience in Developing WebDynpro components, Interfaces and Applications
  • Experience on custom Workflow development, Business Objects, Events, Business Transaction Events (BTE)


ERP Packages: ECC 6.0, R/3 4.7, SCM 5.1, SCM 7.0


Project Management & Process Designing: MS Project, ASAP Project Methodology.

Databases: SQL Server 2000, MS Access, Oracle 7/8.0/9i

Test Management Tool: Mercury Quality Center

Document Management: SharePoint

Operating Systems: Windows 7/XP/NT/2000/98

Office Software: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access


Confidential, Nashville, Tennessee

SAP ABAP Consultant (MM and SD)

Environment: SAP ECC6.0


  • Implemented an Enhancement point in VA01/VA02 for Program: SAPMV45A, Include: MV45AFZB for line item shipping condition, which populates the header ship condition to all the line items and predetermine the route & shipping point accordingly.
  • Implemented an Enhancement point in VA01/VA02 for automatic creation of Downs Notifications - Whenever a Sales Order Line Item satisfies the requirements/conditions of a Downs order, an automatic Downs Notification is created with to that Sales Order Line Item.
  • Developed Carrier Interface for shipment notification between Bridgestone and its partner company via Web methods. Used Message type: SHPMNT, IDOC type: zavsshp05 (Extended IDOC).
  • Worked closely with the functional consultant in developing and designing the outbound interfaces. The Outbound consists of three outbound interfaces the Expense Reporting tool, Exchange rate and Employee load.
  • Developed report programs for loading customized z tables for scoring leads and creating business partners, contacts, etc.
  • Configured Partner Processing including Partner Determination Rules, partner relationships with Contact persons for sales transaction.
  • On the P2P cycle, developed code and customized configuration for the below mentioned objects:
  • Configure and extend Material master Idoc MATMAS03 and Customer master Idoc DEBMAS03 for transferring material and customer information from SAP to BizTalk.
  • Setup ORDERS04 Idoc for purchase order transfer from SAP to BizTalk
  • Setup DELVRY05 Idoc for receiving shipping notification and creating an inbound delivery in SAP.
  • Developed an enhancement program to send DESADV05 Idoc after the goods receipt issue for the purchase order.
  • Creation of reports and routines to highlight missing and incorrect Human Resource data.
  • Developed reports in SD for Open Sales Order, which covers all organization levels, delivery status, shipping details using ALV grid display.
  • Generated ALV ABAP/4 reports listing purchase orders based on vendors, materials, PO number, material group and plant giving total value of the purchase order for specified durations.
  • Sales operation report: This report is used to list customers and associated sales partners as on date.
  • Created of various iViews like SAP Transactional, URL iViews and WebDynpro iViews.
  • Developed ALV Reports with Web Dynpro and developed Web Dynpro Applications with View, Windows and configured Outbound, Inbound plugs and bind them with navigation links. ‘
  • Experience in designing and coding very complex workflow objects like BADI based, item level Shopping cart, purchase order workflows
  • Involved in development of engineering change request Workflow. The purpose of this object was to develop a workflow back to the originator of the different milestones the EC goes through.
  • Quarterly and Monthly Sales and Inventory Information Reports for various Material groups.
  • Created RFC destinations, Ports and Partner profiles for the scenario
  • Configured sender and receiver communication channels


SAP ABAP Consultant (SD, MM and APO)

Environment: SAP ECC6.0, SCM 7.1


  • APO DP Forecast Assignment Table Report: This program will extract Forecast Assignment Table data from several APO Demand Planning Tables and display the information found in an ALV format.
  • Outbound Interface to Legacy Supply Network Planning and Deli MRP Systems.
  • CVC (Characteristic Value Combination) Generation Process: This program will be used to create the data entries of CVC Generation Process in the custom table. This is for the Demand Planning
  • Outbound Interface to Legacy Supply Network Planning and Deli MRP Systems.( Generate three outbound files sourced from a BAPI: BAPI PBSRVAPS GETDETAIL2 .The outbound files will be generated to the SCM App Server and then copied to the SCM FTP Server where each respective legacy system will retrieve the data for their usage).
  • Configured Planning Levels, Planning Groups, posting rules, Source symbols in treasury module to implement the Treasury module and to get the correct values in Cash Position Report.
  • Implemented Cash Concentration functionality to transfer funds between one bank account to another bank account (with in the bank accounts and one bank to another bank) in treasury module
  • Implemented substation rule in FI to get the short text provided while doing bank to bank funds transfer into FI document.
  • Developed a program to differentiate the Treasury and Accounts Payable IDocs while releasing the IDocs to bank.
  • SAP EDI sales order report - EDI Changes to Customer Master Ship-to.
  • Sales order changes: Display report change to Sales order after Billing.
  • Configured Planning Levels, Planning Groups, posting rules, Source symbols in treasury module to implement the Treasury module and to get the correct values in Cash Position Report.
  • Developed Cash position report in Treasury. Which will displays the real time bank account details in this report.
  • Developed a User Exit for FF 5 transaction to get correct G/L account based on BAI code and BAI text in BAI file
  • Activated BTE (Business Transaction Events) and written code in function module to block the Treasury vendors while releasing payments for Accounts payable vendors in F110 transaction.
  • Audit Finding-Changes to Customer Name and Address: Created an enhancement spot for ship-to and Sold-to address change in creation and changing of sales order (VA01 and VA02).
  • User-exit to calculate total weight, pallets and volume for all items on the purchase order.
  • (ZXM06U36)
  • Mass Price update program for contracts: Create and Change the agreements for price changes.
  • Create a program to load “New” Info Records from an Excel Spreadsheet or “Update” pricing from an Excel Spreadsheet into an existing Purchasing Org and/or Plant specific Info Record(s).
  • Extracts MIPO ODS /BIC/AZAPOMIPO00 and convert into flat file.
  • Created a custom data base table (ZTable) to store Bank key, Bank account number, BAI code, BAI text and G/L account. Based on this table, transaction amounts in BAI file will be posted to appropriate G/L accounts. Whenever the new BAI code and BAI text come User has to add entry in this Z table and did the table maintenance using SM30 transaction.

Confidential, Phoenix AZ

SAP ABAP Consultant (MM, FI and CRM)

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0


  • Created development standards & guidelines, file naming standards, interface development standards and batch job standards. Performance tuning of custom programs and extensive ABAP report/program development using of BAPIs, BDCs and user exits.
  • Created enhancement-points (implicit option) to capture the maintenance plan date and enable/disable the print button to approval note based on release strategy.
  • Transferred all cost centers and groups through ALE-IDocs from one server to other server.
  • Created a custom info type and enhanced the standard info type (0002) as per client requirement.
  • Developed customer screen for purchase requisition and purchasing documents through customer-exit to services related functions.
  • Added the logic in user-exit that estimated value was treated as 100% quotation discount should be either +ve or - ve to 100%.
  • Creation of material master through IDoc interface between Microsoft CRM & SAP systems and sending email to IT depart whenever interface failure.
  • Goods receipt automated through BAPI interface between Oracle & SAP systems (any goods issue from legacy system to the mines location will be goods receipt in sap for that location).
  • Developed Smart form for purchase requisition (NIT), TAC minutes and approval note (Part I&II).
  • Worked on SAP-Scripts for purchase order and quotation layouts.
  • Designed ABAP webdynpro components with using Assistance classes and OO ABAP
  • Developed estimate, tender schedule (normal report) and service order entry reports (ALV Report).
  • Developed Adobe forms, Interactive Adobe Forms, Adobe Interfaces, Context mapping with Interfaces, Text Modules, Standard Texts, Printing Address using Business Address Service(BAS), Palettes, Properties and Developed Interactive adobe forms including Web Dynpro’s
  • Developed complex custom ABAP Web Dynpros & Enhanced standard ABAP Webdynpro’s.
  • Uploaded the employee master, position (assigning with person), actions, service master and purchase requisition data in to SAP system using BDC method.
  • Expert in designing and creation of Custom expressions and Events in Business Rules Framework (BRF) framework. These events and expressions were used in defining new Process schema, Rules and process levels for Purchase order and Shopping cart approval workflows.
  • Customized Workflow Business tracking with Single step and Multistep tasks
  • Uploaded vendor master, equipment master data and general task list using LSMW method (standard and recording).

Confidential, Irving, TX

SAP ABAP SCM Technical Consultant (APO)

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, SCM 5.1


  • Source of supply selection for mills.
  • Enhanced the DS board by Product family as search option.
  • Display destination Location details in VS interactive planning (VS01).
  • Additional fields ATP check of STO and Sales order in APO using (EXIT SAPLMEAP 001 and /SAPAPO/DM PO MNTN)
  • VMI-APO Replenishment to Sales Orders - This report is required to create SO on ECC side based on the confirmation of the planner for the sales order proposal
  • PP/DS Block Sequencing.
  • Update PO from ECC to SNC.
  • Change the Tendering Status based on shipment type and destination location before save.
  • Set PDS Priority - using Class CL IM CUSLNTRTO ADDIN .
  • Blanket Order Pegging - Create blanket order by using custom ATP group and Business event.
  • GATP Stock Transport Orders for FAB.
  • Created database procedure for custom programs to get live cache data.
  • Handling customer special requirements for FG: Add extra f CIFORD01 fields to Transaction /SAPAPO/RRP3 to populate sales order additional fields.
  • PPDS billet reassignment: From planning and costing perspective it is necessary that FG orders will have assignment of right billets.
  • CIF order type selection-POLAND: Order Type Selection during ECC inbound Planned Order conversion based on resource (production line) information in the converted order.
  • ATP Report for SNP orders.
  • Forecast error in interactive planning book- Need to activate BADI and write a program which need to assign the forecast error to KEY FIGURE in planning area /SAPAPO/SDP FCST4.
  • APO Data Conversion - 3 years of cleansed history data from ROSS and FAB/JOIST shops is needed to load into SAP - APO Demand Planning System.
  • Display report for production orders 26 week scheduling.
  • Program to update planning book from internal schedule.
  • CIF Order Type Selection during Planned Order to Production Order conversion process for Poland.
  • Multi resource planning for PPDS orders. Implemented BADI /SAPAPO/RRP SRC EXIT
  • Display extra 2 fields for /sapapo/RRP4 transaction .Implemented BADI: /SAPAPO/RRP IO COL.
  • Seguin GATP-Planning Book and PPDS update.
  • Implemented CIF user exits for DPS to populate all characteristics from ECC to SCM (EXIT SAPLCDPSUSER 005) - added the custom fields in the structure - CI HEUR OPRLIST STR.
  • Product Split Table maintenance.
  • Co11n Enhancement to add Production order Batch determination based on Coil number and Furnace number.
  • Production Order Pick list printing using adobe forms.
  • Implemented CIF user exit (EXIT SAPMMDUSER 005) for master data for STO.
  • PPDS Source of supply change Enhancement RRP4.
  • Enhancement to populate orders created for Billets - Live cash enhancement.
  • BADI (/SAPAPO/CDPS DSPB) to enhance the DS board order Reschedule.
  • Added custom fields (Address of source location, Delivery type, SO type and PO number ) for Vehicle Scheduling - VS01 using BADI - /SAPAPO/VS ADDFIELDS

Confidential, St. Louis MO

SAP ABAP Consultant (SD and WM)

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7


  • Outbound delivery interface using IDOC including custom segments.
  • Sending pricing detail to web interface using file interface.
  • Creating and updating sales order / delivery / picking / PGI for discrepancies items using ORDERS05 with custom process code and create corresponding material document using TRANSPOST IDOC. Update custom field in table VBAP using BAPI for sales order change. Update text for sales order using READ TEXT function module. Reverse goods movement in case of sales order processing failure.
  • Send file for materials related to particular customer with price details. BAPI SALESORDER SIMULATE is used to get pricing detail information for one customer and related materials.
  • Sending customer data using custom IDOC and copying program transaction BD12 into a custom program so as to do coding for filling custom segments in IDOC.
  • Creation/change of rebates and condition using custom IDOC. Depending upon the qualifier rebates gets created or changes. Creation of rebate done using BAPI PRICES CONDITIONS and change is done using VB02. Custom IDOC copied from COND A01 IDOC type.
  • RFC for sending full load of the product hierarchy detail. BAPI MATERIAL GET PRODUCTHIER used and data of NODE LIST structure passed to text file in FTP.
  • Creation of financial document using transaction FB01 with BDC using custom IDOC
  • RFC to change the financial document in FB02 (BDC) to update the check number. Pass the successful and failure changes in file at FTP Path.
  • Implement enhancement point for delete button event in TCode VL02N. In case of picking and partial picking user should not be able to delete delivery.
  • Coded various user exits for customer requirements related with standard process code in IDocs.
  • BTE for transaction VBO1 and VBO2 for creating rebates. Enter the event name 00503306, the previously created customer product ZCONDI, the application indicator as SD-ER and the function module name as ZXX CM 20 00503306. Coding done to display description according to product hierarchy of the material (table T179T).
  • Developed a report for listing the items posted using the transaction FBS1 and F-22.
  • Generated a report which displays contracts which are close to expiry within a given time period.
  • Developed material description report to display list of materials, language key and material description based on material type and plant.
  • Change Order History Report -to establish the changes done to sales orders (requested date). Then number of changes done to the sales orders, along with the sales order status.
  • Create Search help for work papers defined for printers.
  • Define different custom tables. In few tables new table entries also required to assigned a transport request.
  • Modified layouts for delivery note based on the standard layout set RVDELNOTE.
  • Created new SAP SMARTFORMS layout and program to generate invoice for customer by material.
  • Developed SmartForms to send e-mail with order confirmation information and shipping confirmation information to customer.
  • Developed conversion program using standard BAPI “BAPI MATERIAL SAVEDATA” to extend the material master data to new plant with to existing material based on different views.
  • Developed BDC programs in SD to load pricing master, condition master information.

Confidential, Wilmington, MA

SAP ABAP Consultant (SD, MM, PP)

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7


  • Developed a ALV report to Display the Project, WBS, network/order and activity related details such as basic work, forecasted work, forecasted remaining work, start date, end date, percentage completed.
  • Equipment Master, Functional Location Master, Work Centers, Material BOMs and Measuring Points were uploaded using LSMW (Legacy Systems Migration Workbench).
  • Worked with Compatibility Unit functionality.
  • Developed BDC programs in PM module to upload Equipment Master and Notification Types data into SAP from Legacy Systems CEDSA and MPP.
  • Worked on conversions using BDC programs to load Maintenance Item Data into SAP.
  • Created a Function Exit to check any form of telecommunication available. If none of the fields (Phone/Telex/Fax) are provided for a vendor, an error message is shown.
  • Coding of the User exit ZXTRKU02 to populate the shipment information when creating the ASN (Advance shipping Notification).
  • Developed a Smart Forms for Standard Quote with custom requirements.
  • Involved in modification of SAP Scripts Invoices (RVINVOICE) according to customer needs.
  • Developed new Smart Forms and print programs for Packing Labels, Shipping Labels and Drop

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