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Sap Hr/hcm Techno-functional Lead Consultant Resume

Greenville, SC


  • SAP HR /HCM Techno - Functional Consultant 10+ years of Progressive Experience in Software Design, Development, various sections of SAP Environment and having massive experience in Human Resources Modules, Portal, SD, Grants, Funds and MM. Do have undergone Successfactors training.
  • Extensive experience as Manager/lead in Human Resources Modules.
  • Good Experience in Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Benefits, Payroll, Time and Travel Management related to ESS/MSS process.
  • Designed and Developed Various Human Resources Reports using Info types.
  • Worked with Successfactors for sending the date from SAP to SF Recruiting and Onboarding module.
  • Involved in Creating and Configuring Customized Info types.
  • Experience and Skilled in HR Interface, third party tools like Super office fo CRM- HR and SIS tools.
  • Good Experience of HR Info types and used LDB - PNP, PCH and PNPCE, Function modules, macros and schemas for Reporting.
  • Experience in Configuration related to PA, OM, HR interfaces, Time management related to yearly Holiday calendars set ups and work schedules.
  • Experience in Object oriented programming, BADI, Function Modules, BAPI and User Exits.
  • Have extensive experience to build the Functional specs and technical specs by understanding the business and user’s requirements.
  • Worked on Webdybpro Application for E-recruitment and other HR applications in Confidential .
  • Having hands on experience in Single Sign log on Configurations and HRUSERS transaction to build gap between SAP and Portal.
  • Experience in Debugging, Performance Tuning, Job Scheduling, BADI’s and User Exits.
  • Created & Developed Customized Transaction & programming (File handling & BDC) in SD, WM & MM Modules.
  • Good Knowledge in BI reporting and data retrieval Process.
  • More than 6 Years of Experience in HR ABAP, HR-PA, HR-OM Configurations and Workflow Administrations.
  • Experience in Workflow Design, development and implementation.
  • Hands on Experience in workflow triggering thru function modules, Change document, Message control and Status management.
  • Knowledge in ASAP Implementation Methodology.
  • Technical expertise includes ABAP, Dialog programming, BDC, RFC, LSMW, SAP Script, Smart forms, EDI/ALE/IDoc.
  • Co-ordinate the technical team to achieve the business process in time.
  • Good Team player with excellent Interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent Communication and Analytical skills.


ERP: SAP R/3 Release 4.6C, 4.7, ECC 5, ECC 6.0

SAP Tools: ABAP, Workflow, User Exits

R/3 Interfaces: EDI, IDoc, BAPI, XI (3.0)

Operating Systems: MS-Windows (XP, NT)

Languages: ABAP/4, C, C++

RDBMS: Oracle 8.i, SQL Server

Functional Areas: HR, SD, MM and FI


Confidential - Greenville, SC

SAP HR/HCM Techno-Functional Lead Consultant


  • Prepared the Functional/Technical design for SAP HR- Peoplesoft Project, Fidelity benefits Project, RICEF, IBAN Project, Citibank Project and SAP HR - ADP integration, eTime Projects.
  • Prepared Technical Specification for the offshore team for HR applications & SAP HR - ADP Conversion Project.
  • Worked with Successfactors for sending the date from SAP to SF Recruiting and Onboarding module.
  • Developed and designed the entire conversion process of employee data movement from Peoplesoft to SAP HR thru an IDOC Interface and vice versa which includes the ALE configuration, setting up the RFC.
  • Designed & developed programs for History conversion of HR Master Data based on the requirement for specific payroll countries.
  • Worked on the Concur implementation and integration with SAP HR for Travel management.
  • Developed a ALV reports for the Verification services project for ADP and work number which includes Employee master data, Benefits, Commission, stock and payroll information (W2).
  • New Implementation of HSA Fidelity Benefits including Design & entire development with testing and Worked on the benefit for the amount correction and also developed the report for the fidelity check.
  • Custom BADI Implementation for the HSA Benefits and limitations.
  • Designed and Developed the Payroll, Tax, General Deductions & W4 conversion data for ADP integration Project from SAP HR Using Payroll clusters.
  • Designed and developed the interface for the IBAN Number with implicit enhancement and thru ALE IDOC which includes creation of custom IDOC, Segment, Message type and ports.
  • Developed and Implemented custom BADI for the Standard HR transaction validations.
  • Developed the Current HR Master Data Conversion programs from SAP HR to other People soft system for all the countries based on the business need.
  • Configured Public Holiday Calendar and regeneration of work schedules.
  • Worked on the configuration of inclusion of the Holidays with respect to holiday calendar
  • Year-end configuration activity for the payroll that includes the configuration set up of payroll model(T549X), T549S (Pay date for each week), Accumulations dates for payroll (Calendar for the payroll model), T549Q (Payroll Periods), Payroll Areas.
  • Designed the Travel Card Interface Program to Split the Citibank files based on the business need.
  • Designed and Developed ALV reports on Employee related taxes and benefits.
  • Designed and developed the report to identify the employees related to the stock options, commission, bonus and PSU dividend on the particular period based on the user need.
  • Worked on the LSMW for the HR master data load and also have worked in corrections.
  • Configured the T&E mileage and Per diem changes for few countries based on requirement
  • Experienced in Handling LDB’s PNP and PCH for Handling the HR PA and OM reports and function modules.
  • Designed and developed the report to display and tract the leave of absence and paid absence with benefits and date specifications.
  • Responsible for the HRSP Upgrade Process and Corrections for every quarter using SPAU, SPDD transactions.
  • Configured the Additional Action type for the New Conversion for PeopleSoft to SAP HR Project and with New action in Action Info type.
  • Customized Workflow and worked on the issues to provide timely solutions.
  • Lead and Co-ordinate the technical team to achieve the business needs.
  • Responsible for testing and approving the new custom developments.
  • Solving the tickets, AR’s and issues for the HR Business users.
  • Designed and developed the time data upload for specific locations based on business requirement.
  • Configured New Expense types for few locations and also defined the rates.
  • Responsible for the fixing the issues related to EPIP Time feed from SAP to ADP and also the Master data.
  • Filled the Gap analysis, Functional Documentation for the People soft Project and ADP Projects for Master data, Tax, benefits, Time and Payroll.

Confidential - New York

SAP HR Techno-Functional Lead Consultant


  • Prepared the Functional and technical design for ESS Processes in Portal EP 7.0 and HR Objects related to PA, OM and Payroll.
  • Prepared the Technical specs for SAP HR PA, Payroll process, EHP6 for ESS/MSS to meet the business needs based on business process.
  • Designed spec and Developed Multiple benefits ALV Reports for active staff in the total organization that include Payroll, medical benefits, sick leave, home leave, repatriation, education grant, annual leave and retirement of the employees.
  • Designed and Developed report and adobe form to Display and monitor
  • Attendance Report
  • Unpaid loans of inactive staff members
  • Next Increment Monitoring Report
  • Temp Appointment Report
  • Position count by PA
  • Repatriation benefits
  • Education grant per Person
  • Admin inter operability report
  • Death benefits Report
  • Special Leave Report
  • Developed the data migration programs for all filed offices, PFP and CPH
  • Material Document
  • Transfer Orders
  • Mass Reversal Program
  • Customer Master data Upload
  • Custom Grant table Upload
  • Configured and Designed new info types and enhanced existing info types to meet the users business requirements.
  • Designed the class for ONE ERP HR Vision to accompany custom info types.
  • Involved in Testing and done changes to ZHR Webdynpro Applications for ESS and MSS Services.
  • Designed a Interface to transfer the HR Master data and Info types from SAP R/3 to Super office CRM - HR tool thru SIS Tool.
  • Developed and Designed the Object oriented concepts & class for ONE HRS to accompany standard & custom infotypes with custom function modules.
  • Worked on PNP, PCH and PNPCE LDB for all the HR PA and OM reports.
  • Designed and developed the Assignment Benefits Report which includes the assignment grant paid, approved, grant travel paid and approved along with the date information of the active staff.
  • Implemented BADI to do validations and corrections for SAP HR Idoc creation for Super Office Interface.
  • Designed and developed Absence report which includes maternity leave, paternity leave, annual leave, adoption leave, compensatory leave in the current reporting year.
  • Designed and developed a report to monitor the consultant contracts that includes Amount paid, vendor information and purchasing group.
  • Designed a spec to upload the organizational unit information of all the org unit field offices to 1028 infotype.
  • Created and implemented BADI to send the HR Master data to E-recruitment system from SAP R/3 system.
  • Designed and developed the CRM interface for E-recruitment Process - Creation of custom message type, idoc, segments with fields.
  • Involved and Experienced in Security and Role Authorizations for more than 150 Countries.
  • Extended the HR OM Address infotype to accommodate the business needs for all the country field office org unit addresses thru PPCI.
  • Created the test plan for testing the EHP6 ESS Webdynpro applications.
  • Designed and developed a Program to download the Annual year Payroll and Benefits for the employees in each payroll area based on the user need.
  • Designed and developed a Program to display and download the Education Grant information of the childrens of employees in particular year which includes the Payment info and also the settlement.
  • Created new Idoc type, message type and configured the partner profiles, distribution model, xml port, change pointers.
  • Created custom segments and configured them in T777D tables for the custom idoc type to use in SAP HR Data Transfer for CRM Tool.
  • Involved in Data conversion for material documentations and Transfer order for the PFP Genenva, Copernehan and all field offices.
  • Created Custom Conversion program for data transfer of HR Master data from 60 Field offices from PROMS Flat file to SAP R/3 system.
  • Personnel Information of Employees in field offices
  • Address Information
  • Organizational Information
  • Payroll Information
  • House hold members and dependent Information
  • Position Information
  • Benefits Information
  • Insurance Information
  • Additional payments wages Information
  • Deductions Wages Information
  • Time Related Information - Absences, Attendances, Overtime
  • Automated the Entire Conversion process and generated the Log files based on the Users and Business analyst needs.
  • Involved in testing the Webdynpro application and also made corrections based on the user requirement and business needs.
  • Filled the Gap between Super office and SAP HR System to map the needs.
  • Worked on HR ALE interface for Local Staff Interface for already existing system.
  • Created program and Involved in Creation of trip posting automations for travel management Process in HR.
  • Worked on the Travel Expenses module for Trip, Expenses and FI Positings.
  • Created the Test planning, test data for the QA team for testing.

Confidential - New York

SAP HR Technical Lead Consultant


  • Prepared the technical design for ESS Processes in Portal EP 7.0 and HR Objects related to PA, OM and PD.
  • Co-ordinate upgrades process from SAP 4.7 to ECC 6.0 for HR, SD, MM and FI includes SPAU, SPDD, Upgrade Error log issues and Unicode Checks.
  • Configured ESS and MSS process in SAP R/3 and Administrative tasks in Enterprise Portal 7.0 like single-sign logon and Key pair tickets.
  • Designed and developed the IDOC for Local staff interface process to recieve the HR Master data from the 78 Field offices.
  • Worked on PFAL Transaction for Idocs and also scheduled background job.
  • Customized the partner profiles, port and created new custom segments with custom fields to map the requirement.
  • Worked on /TAR Objects Removal and replacement for HR Process in ECC 6.0 upgrade from SAP 4.7.
  • Developed HR Webdynpro, Adobe interactive forms and designed iviews for
  • Personnel Action Carried over for Employee in Organization
  • Report by Position type and Fund ids
  • Employee Retirement
  • OM Cost Distribution
  • WEBHRIS Upload
  • Dependent Child Monitoring
  • MIP Insurance
  • BCBS Download Report
  • Mobility Allowance Report
  • Designed and developed reports on MM, SD and FI business process.
  • Created Iviews in portal for BSP, BI Reports and Web dynpro applications and also configured UWL for receiving Work items for Portal users.
  • Worked in HR OM and PA customization with respect to ESS/MSS and creating interface between the Employee and Users in portal.
  • Implemented HR BADI for inserting the internal numbering for the employees when the inbound idoc is posted from other system from Field offices to SAP.
  • Designed and developed application for UN donor statement that has to represent in Portal for the users based on authorizations.
  • Worked with SAP Regarding OSS Notes and Help during Upgrade process.
  • Having Experience in Creating the Roles and assigning it to user in SAP Portal and Authorization to users in SAP HR System.
  • Created Payroll structure which includes the payroll area, pay scale level, pay scale group and Period parameter for each payroll area.
  • Customized Schema and Subschema and its related Personnel Calculation Rules to handle specific Deduction/Additional Payments
  • Experienced in Workflow Customization and Trouble shooting.
  • Worked on Unit testing and regression testing for more than 60 reports and transactions. .


SAP Technical Consultant


  • Designed and developed a Report for Material Mass Maintenance based on the plant, material type and Industry Sector.
  • Created a BDC to upload the vendor master data from the flat file to Sap r/3 system.
  • Upload Employee master data using standard program.
  • Designed and Developed Offer letter SAP Script for the applicants and employees in the organization based on the pay scale group.
  • Created a Report to display the employee personal data, qualification and year of experience in the organization for Personnel Development.
  • Written BDC program for to transfer the Offer Contract data records of Company from the sequential flat file to Database.
  • Designed and Developed a Report for Customer Open item and Close items as per the Requirement.
  • Created a report to display the work schedule, absence and attendances for the employees with respect to Employee subgroup and personnel area subgroup.
  • Developed a program to produce many flat files from one flat file based on the Employee check with Database and conditions as per the PD requirement.
  • Written BDC program to transfer the Employee master data from external system to database.
  • Developed a Report to get the procurement details of the materials with respect to vendor based on the time period.
  • Designed and Developed ALV Report to display the customer master data based on the company code and sales organization.
  • Designed a script for employee’s Pay scale details.
  • Modified Sap forms MEDRUCK and RVORDER01 to include specific text document and logo of the company.
  • Co-ordinate the Technical team to achieve the business process.
  • Involved in Peer Interviews and Technical Documentation.


SAP HR Technical Consultant


  • SAP PA,OM and Payroll.
  • Prepared technical specs and documentation for ESS process in portal and HR Personnel Administration and OM.
  • Configured the link between the portal and employees of the organization in SAP thru SSL (Single Sign log-on) and HRUSER.
  • Conducted Workshop to End User to work on PA30, PA40 and PP01.
  • Customized and created Reporting Structure for the organization units and position in the Org.
  • Created new Idoc type, message type & configured partner profiles, distribution model, xml port, change pointers.
  • Developed and worked on HR-BADI’s for HR-Personnel Administrations using HRBAD00INFTY BADI.
  • Designed and developed report for organizational management to display the vacancy and position details in organization to be filled out at Periods.
  • Designed and developed interactive report to get the details of the overtime
  • And wages for compensation.
  • Worked on ADHOC Queries for decision-making and supporting end users.
  • Uploaded Personal data of the employees in the organization from sequential
  • To sap database.
  • Worked on Unit testing and regression testing.
  • Involved in Peer interviews, user requirement gathering and documentation.
  • Developed a Workflow for Inviting an Applicant for the position in the organization.
  • Worked on overtime approval workflow for the hourly employees in the organization unit. The mail will be sent to HR Manager once request is approved.
  • Developed a Workflow for Absence Notification with multi-level Approval process and Role resolution.
  • Developed an ALV Hierarchical Report to display the material detail based on their type & Material group with plant.
  • Created a BDC program to upload the customer master data with respect to company code from the sequential file to SAP R/3 system.
  • Created a BDC Program to upload sales order data using the standard program from flat file to SAP R/3 system.
  • Modified the Sap Scripts RVINVOICE to include the footer and address change information of the company.
  • Developed sales analysis reports by Customer, by Sales office, by sales group and by Material.

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