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Sap Hana Solutions Architect Resume


  • SAP HANA certified consultant with 10 Plus years of experience in Architecting, Designing, Administering and Modeling SAP technologies including but not limited to SAP HANA, SAP Sybase IQ, SAP BW on HANA, Business Suite on HANA, S/4 HANA, SAP Business Warehousing, SAP Business Objects, SAP BASIS, SAP ECC and SAP CRM.
  • Completed Full Life Cycle Implementations in SAP HANA including project management, requirements gathering, GAP analysis, realization, Business Requirement documentation & Business Blueprint, unit testing, client approvals, Go - Live and Production support.
  • Managed installations, migrations, upgrades and architected design solutions for SAP HANA. Designed and developed BW on HANA landscape and troubleshoot complex technical issues as they emerged in various SAP applications like SAP HANA, BW, SAP BPC etc…
  • Experienced in SAP Netweaver Systems 2004, 7.0, 7.1, 7.31, 7.4. Performed various SAP version upgrades, enhancement pack upgrades, kernel upgrades, etc..
  • Successfully Deployed BW on HANA and scaled out HANA appliance. Helped Business transition to HANA technology.
  • Administered various SAP BASIS activities like installations, upgrades and post installation activities, system refreshes, administration of SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP systems and Sybase IQ systems.
  • Architected BW Analytic solutions integrating with Business Objects using tools like IDT, WEBI, Crystal Reports, Lumira and Explorer and with Tableau.
  • Involved in sketching roadmap, making decisions, supporting developers and administrators in defining the sketched out solution.
  • Co-ordinated and communicated with client personnel, cross functional teams and stake holders.
  • Played proactively in a team with excellent interactive and communication skills.
  • Abled to solve complex problems and to adapt to cutting edge technologies and environments.
  • Experience with deploying BW on HANA 1.0, Scale out of HANA rack and HANA Sidecar.
  • Refreshed HANA from a multi-node cluster to a single node cluster. Migrated single node HANA QA system to HANA scale out on a new appliance.
  • Involved in Suite on HANA, S/4 HANA (SFIN), Big Data (Hadoop) road maps and solution strategy.
  • HANA Administration and Monitoring: Administered the system for memory issues, configured backint (netbackup), alerts, and performed upgrade activities using HDBLCM tool. Also monitored HANA systems and fixed complex OOM issues, storage issues etc.
  • Involved in HA/DR, Backup strategy, TDI. Coordinated with Data center teams, hardware partners, SAP product and support teams to resolve open challenges and to make right decisions
  • Near Line Storage: Extensively worked on Sybase IQ involving IQ and SCC (Sybase Control Center) installations, creating Sybase IQ backups, archiving BW data using Data Archiving Processes (DAP).
  • BASIS Admin: Successfully deployed numerous solutions for customer including HANA, ECC, BW, BI, SCM (APO), APO-DP, APO-SNP, CRM, HCM, and 3rd party system integrations etc..
  • Detailed knowledge and experience in performing SAP platform software logistics including

    transport management, client administration, Spool Administration, Add-on installation (SAINT), ABAP & JAVA Support Packages Upgrade (SPAM & JSPM)/Enhancement Packages Upgrade in an Industry Solution (IS) Environment, Kernel Upgrades, OSS Notes, Spool Administration, Workload Analysis, system copies/refreshes, client copies, Unicode conversion, IDOC troubleshooting, ALE Configuration, Memory Management, SAP Application and Oracle Performance Tuning etc.

  • Upgrade Experience in HANA 2TB to 4TB, HANA DB Upgrade4, upgrade SAP BW from 3.5 to BI 7.0 and BI 7.0 to BI 7.3.
  • HANA Modeling: Hands - on experience of modeling BW data using HANA studio and with exposing the HANA content via BO Explorer and via Tableau. Extensively worked with HANA models importing BW objects, creating Attribute views, Analytic views, Calculation Views and stored procedures and with complex logic etc.
  • HANA Native Application Development: Architected and designed HANA native applications on Inventory Data and built SAPUI5 applications exposing OData services, accessible from handheld devices.


Data Warehousing: SAP BW 3.5, Net Weaver 2004s BI 7*.

SAP: ERP 6.0*, CRM 7.0*, BW 7.0*, Solution Manager 7.*, MDM 7.1, HANA 1.0, SAP EP 7.*, CRM portal 7.*, SYBASE IQ 16 *, SAP ME, SAP BPC.

Languages: ABAP/4, C/ C++, JAVA, VB, SQL, PHP.

Front End OLAP Tools: SAP BEx Tools, Business Objects (XI), BO 4.0*, WEBI, Designer, Crystal Reports, Explorer, Advanced Analysis, Lumira, Tableau 8.0*.

Operating System: LINUX, AIX, Windows.

Web Tools: HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, SAP UI5.

Database: Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, HANA DB.

Hardware: Intel, IBM, SUN, HP, Dell, VMware.

Tool: Net Backup, Volume Manager, BASH, BRTools/sql-developer and database studio, TVM, HPQC.



SAP HANA Solutions Architect

  • HANA 1.0 SP9, HP, SAP Net Weaver 2004S (BW 7.4 SP10), BEx Query Designer, Enterprise Portals, Linux, Platform SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.3, ECC 6.0, SAP ME, Eclipse, Oracle SQL Developer 4.0, BPC 801.


  • Architected and developed extremely complex HANA stored procedures and ABAP programs to calculate lab pricing allocation logic in parallel processing. Made use of SAP HANA Procedure Proxy to schedule the jobs in BW Process chains.
  • Architected, designed and developed YTD, MTD, QTD, WTD calculation model that can be used across all information views for *TD calculations as SAP HANA Restricted Columns.
  • Architected, designed and enhanced End to End BW on HANA model for deliveries, billing and quality management by developing Advanced DSO’s (field based) with LSA++ architecture.
  • Created Function module based generic extractors on condition tables with ABAP cursors.
  • Architected, modeled complex HANA information views for SAP ECC and SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution) tables. Created SQL views for SAP ME data and extracted to BW on HANA system using UD connect.
  • Modeled scripted and graphical HANA information views utilizing input parameters, dynamic filters by optimizing HANA engines and by optimizing execution times.
  • Modeled HANA calculation views for Cost center accounting with Budgeted data from BPC.
  • Implemented detailed HANA Security model for Idexx utilizing SAP HANA security templates.
  • Provided best practices for HANA Modeling, HANA Native Development, HANA Security, HANA Administration etc…

Confidential, Nashville, TN

SAP HANA Solution Architect

  • HANA 1.0 SP8/ SP9, DELL, SAP Net Weaver 2004S (BI 7.0, BI 7.31 SP9), BEx Analyzer, BEx Query Designer, Enterprise Portals, Windows, Platform SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.2, ECC 6.0, CRM 7.0, Business Objects 4.1, Lumira, Tableau 8.2.0, Advanced Analysis 1.4 SP9, Cybermation ESP, Sybase IQ 16.0 SP4, Sybase Control Center 3.2.8/3.3, SAP Business Objects BPC Accelerator for Hana 10.0, Citrix 4.1.2


  • Experienced in Full life cycle implementations of various upgrade projects, BW on HANA migration project, HANA scale out, HANA Sidecar project and RHEL migration project.
  • Designed and blueprinted complex landscapes.
  • Involved in readiness of Data centers, Sizing HANA Hardware, Installing and upgrading HANA, Migrating net weaver Solutions to HANA, implementing Side car and HANA Data Mart scenarios, HANA live, BPC on HANA, HANA apps and Suite on HANA and S/4 HANA (Simple Finance, Simple Logistics, SAP Fiori) roadmaps.
  • Designed and implemented HANA Backup/recovery functionality.
  • Involved in HA/DR setup for HANA and applications running on HANA.
  • Implemented SAP HANA Live, set up SLT replication from ECC to HANA sidecar.
  • Installed Application Function Library (AFL) libraries and smart data access (SDA) drivers.
  • Expertized in pre-install checks (SUSE, Redhat Linux), preparation steps before installing HANA database like DATA, LOG volume requirements, Storage Solutions, client side configurations on various environments along with the deployment options Vertical(scale-up), Horizontal (scale-out, nodes, memory sizing), Backup strategies, Disaster Recovery(RPO, RTO) and Security.
  • Supported design and implementation of security for HANA and applications running on HANA.
  • Worked with customers on requirement gathering workshops, prepared ROM, presented in BI council and CAB meetings, architected solution to various BI projects/enhancements, managed, led and developed within the timelines.
  • Performed HANA specific Post migration activities like starting the script server, migration of the statistics server, subsequently performing comprehensive adjustments in all ABAP-based monitoring and administration tools.
  • Refreshed HANA from a multi-node cluster to a single node cluster by adding additional index servers.
  • Migrated single node (512 GB) HANA QA system to HANA scale out (4 x 512GB) on a new appliance.
  • Upgraded and Migrated BW 7.3 to BW 7.4 HANA SPS08 using DMO.
  • Architected BW HANA solutions for FSDP (Firestone Distributed Products) systems and managed a team of 5 people by coordinating the design and delivery of phased projects to its go-live and support.
  • Created users and Roles using HANA Studio for FSDP implementation project.
  • Designed and Implemented proof of concept for Latin America systems with complex systems with multiple logon languages and various Unit or Measures and currencies.
  • Architected and developed various complex HANA models with underlying BW objects in LSCM and Finance areas.
  • Created HANA information models with complex joins and filters on Sales and billing tables for BATO project and tuned the models to improve the performance.
  • Architected and modeled Native Hana Solutions for inventory by exposing HANA tables/views as OData services which are further consumed by the web.
  • Hands - on experience in Sybase IQ installation 16.0 SP03 and Sybase Control Center 3.3 installation, and in configuring and authenticating SCC for monitoring Sybase IQ.
  • Performed Sybase IQ Store backups (Full, Incremental) and administered Security and established Sybase IQ to BW connectivity and successfully archived 1 TB of data in near line storage (cold store) after creating various DAPs (Data Archiving Process).
  • Prepared landscape documents with cluster information, network details and server details for various projects including BW 7.3 Upgrade project and BW on HANA project.
  • Upgraded ECC, BW, portal systems and performed system copies of various environments from Production to Quality, installed additional SAP application servers on RHL, implemented High Availability solutions for SAP applications.
  • Actively troubleshooted various Basis production support issues including system connectivity issues, portal issues, memory overflow issues, etc..
  • Prepared BW on HANA prerequisite plan to clean up BW data, simplify ABAP coding, archive BW data, and redesign open hubs.
  • Used HANA studio to import BW models as Attribute views, Analytic views and built HANA calculation views on Inventory and Sales data. Exported the HANA models across the landscape. Enabled dynamic range partitioning for huge tables.
  • Successfully optimized BW on HANA and performance tuned HANA models with help of Planviz, SQL scripts and code debugging.
  • Troubleshooted and resolved various complex issues on various SAP technologies including SAP HANA, SAP BW, SAP BO, Tableau, SAP BPC by involving cross functional and infrastructure teams.

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

SAP Architect

  • SAP Net Weaver 2004S (BI 7.3), BEx Analyzer, Web Analyzer, Query Designer, Enterprise Portals, Windows, ECC 6.0, ABAP, SCM, APO, WAS, SOLMAN, Business Objects XI 3.1, BO 4.0, HANA 1.0.


  • Technical architect for SAP BI architecture and ancillary applications to ensure achievable supportability, scalability and performance.
  • Coordinated project build/support requirements, assigned ownerships, and gained agreement on timelines.
  • Involved in HANA implementation for BW on HANA and Suite of HANA.
  • Installed additional SAP application server (dialog) instances using the Software Provisioning Manager.
  • Tuned table splitting parameters for downtime minimization during HANA migration.
  • Upgraded BW 7.0 to 7.3 SP5 using SUM and migrated BW to HANA database from Oracle using SWPM.
  • Designed and implemented Disaster Recovery solutions for SAP Production Systems.
  • Used HANA studio for various admin Operations.
  • Monitored the system with dashboards, applied licenses etc..
  • Managed SAP issues and risks so that critical issues are identified, documented, communicated, and resolved throughout the life cycle of the project.
  • Analyzed Early Watch Reports to help tune the SAP systems.
  • Identified and resolved memory leaks in SAP PI and portal systems using memory dump analyzer.
  • Co-ordinated with client for the project including requirement gatherings, status meetings, document preparations and report validations etc…
  • Gathered requirements from client and cross-functional teams and prepared necessary design documentation and time lines for realization, testing and go live cut over activities.
  • Experienced in networking and storage solutions (SAN, NFS, EXT).
  • Lead demand planning project, gathered requirements from client personnel, modeled and developed the interactive solution.
  • Architected and designed forecast accuracy reports to calculate the accuracy percentages based on demand planning data from SCM.
  • Lead supply planning project, gathered requirements from super users, analysts and provided alternative design solutions to SCM functional teams.
  • Designed extract data solutions from various source systems and helped in BW loads before staging the data in SCM cubes from where the APO planning books are populated.
  • Designed complex ABAP code in expert routines, start routines, field routines, end routines and BADI.
  • Debugged and optimized ABAP code, monitored work processes, managed transports, analyzed short dumps, handled work orders, support issues, etc..
  • Architected OLAP universes from product costing queries.
  • Created, enhanced and scheduled Webi reports from multiple data providers in finance area.
  • Created report solution presentations and trained users with Basis Administration and Monitoring.
  • Analyzed user work with STAD, analyzed workload of BW and SCM systems with ST03, analyzed shared memory usage of BW system and adjust the parameters.
  • Configured operation modes, SCOT settings for Bex broadcasting, maintained RFC server groups, applied various BW notes using SNOTE
  • Created BW system refresh guide and best practices document.
  • Performed sanity check of BW systems for BW refreshes by testing secondary database connections, RFC connections, partner profile settings in both source and target systems, object status checks etc.. and resolve issues with idoc errors, activation statuses etc..
  • Resolved multiple SAP issues and load balancing issues with portal systems.

Confidential, Irwindale, CA

SAP Lead Architect

  • SAP Net Weaver 2004S (BI 7.1), BEx Analyzer, Query Designer, Enterprise Portals, Windows, ECC 6.0, ABAP, BWA, Business Objects 3.1, BO 4.0.


  • Managed and lead a team of 6 people at offshore. Assigned work and coordinated with offshore team making sure the notifications /tickets are completed on time.
  • Gathered requirements from end users and written necessary specs.
  • Handled security revamp project, estimated project cost, co-ordinated with security team to comply with architected security architecture.
  • Designed and implemented central SLD strategy for entire landscape.
  • Designed end to end encryption using SNC and HTTPS.
  • Configured Solution Manager for EWA of SAP systems in landscape and analyzed the EWA alerts.
  • Tuned SAP portal performance by adding server nodes and additional threads.
  • Designed number of HCM related projects including break fixes and enhancement projects in areas such as Personnel Administration, Organization Management, Time Management and Payroll.
  • Architected and designed non-sensitive multi providers for timesheet, employee, job activity and training history.
  • Designed executive compensation reports with characteristic employee restrictions and designed process chains.
  • Prepared Test Plans, Test Cases and executed the test cases. Captured test case results and documented using Mercury Quality Center tool.
  • Designed and tuned the performance of data loads by applying Number Range Buffering, setting parallel processes for process types and creating line item dimensions etc...
  • Analyzed and improved performance of DTP’s (Data Transfer Process), InfoPackages and Process Chains.
  • Implemented Info cube administration and activities like creating and dropping indexes, change run, transport management, data load monitoring and query administration etc…
  • Analyzed BIA (Accelerator) issues, BIA indexes, BWA before after analysis query, BIA daily usage, crash issues etc… Reviewed and deactivated aggregates for BIA enabled cubes.
  • Implemented BW statistics queries like query runtime per query, Multi provider query relationship query, OLAP usage query etc…
  • Designed and created OLAP universe and used condition for CRM Key figures since the underlying cube is not compressed.
  • Designed and implemented multiple Webi reports and Crystal reports for CRM and HCM analytics.
  • Conducted workshops, hands on training in SAP BW back end and front end tools for CCI BI team.
  • Designed and implemented archiving of large basis tables and old PI messages.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Senior SAP Architect

  • SAP Net Weaver 2004S (BI 7.0), BEx Analyzer, Query Designer, WAD, Enterprise Portals, Mainframes, Windows, FSCM, ECC 6.0, CRM 7.0, ABAP.


  • Gathered requirements from end users and cross-functional teams and conducted weekly status meetings.
  • Identified priorities in consultation with the client and changed the schedules.
  • Written functional specifications, technical specifications, gap analysis and business documentation.
  • Managed implementation includes servers, applications, backup infrastructure, and SAN environment.
  • Worked with application teams, integrators, vendors and data center teams to define processes to meet SLA defined.
  • Implemented TREX solution for Portal knowledge management.
  • Implemented data extraction from ECC and FSCM data sources and generic data sources.
  • Architected and modeled CRM BW objects like 0BPARTNER, 0CRM BP SAL etc…
  • Designed Transformations between sources and targets and written field routines, start routines in ABAP for currency conversion to translate the source currency into target currency.
  • Architected complex multiple start routines to remove other address types except bill to, remove records with deleted flag, remove business partners that don’t satisfy business logic etc...
  • Architected/ Maintained Info Objects, DSOs, Info Sets required for business and reporting needs.
  • Designed Info Packages and DTP’s with Full Loads, Delta loads, Initialization with/without data transfer etc.
  • Architected and designed BEx Query Designer in designing queries using filters, CKF, RKF, hierarchy node variables, conditions, exceptions and replacement path to facilitate data analysis.
  • Architected / Maintained business partner master data reports along with reports like licensee exception reports, hierarchy reports, licensee attribute reports, contacts attribute reports etc…
  • Involved in transporting the objects across the Systems (DEV-QA, QA-PROD).
  • Offered training to the end users and cross functional teams on BASIS and BW features.
  • Expertize in various JAVA admin tools like Visual Admin, NWA, config tool, SAP MC etc..


Senior SAP BI BO Architect

  • SAP Net Weaver 2004S (BI 7.0), BEx Analyzer, Query Designer, Enterprise Portals, SQL Server, Windows, BWA, ECC 5.0, SD, HCM, CO-PA, FI/AR, ABAP, Business Objects (XI).


  • Involved in complete lifecycle implementation of the project from gathering user requirements, preparation of technical specifications documents, designing and developing reports, unit testing (UAT) to go live and production support.
  • Involved in converting old data model BW 3.5 to new data model BI 7.0.
  • Liaised with Client interface and performed GAP analysis and Requirements gathering.
  • Worked on the Pre-development documentation for Staging DSO’s and Cubes.
  • Created staging/ EDW DSO’s, yearly Info Cubes and Multi providers necessary for report requirements.
  • Created COPA data sources with required fields and replicated them in BW for extraction into COPA DSO’s (like ZDS C01).
  • Worked with standard SD, MM data sources like 2LIS 11 VAHDR, 2LIS 11 VAITM, 2LIS 11 VASCL, 2LIS 02 HDR, 2LIS 02 ITM, and 2LIS 02 SCL and 1CO PA YPH1 NEW (COPA).
  • Developed a User Exit to check the duplicate Purchase order, when a sales order is created.
  • Extracted data from MM and SD modules and uploaded the data into the custom procurement and sales cubes like 0SD C03 (delivery service) and 0SD C05 (Sales analysis).
  • Designed data model and created Info Cubes for FI and CO-PA data.
  • Implemented CO-PA cubes 0COPA C01, 0COPA C02 and FI-AR ODS object 0FIAR O03.
  • Activated business content to install data flow for Time Sheet - Approved (0CATS C01) info cube and extracted data from 0CA TS IS 1.
  • Created Transformation Routines, Start Routines, End Routines and Info object routines as per the requirement and for the lookups from one DSO to other. Testing and Debugging of ABAP routines.
  • Created generic data sources for tons of z fields and populating data with Function Modules in case of enhanced data source.
  • Processed Delta extractions and helped in Custom Delta Implementations.
  • Transported objects between DEV, QA and PROD systems.
  • Created multiple queries using BEX Query Designer as per the reporting requirements for COPA header data, Sales Orders, etc.
  • Worked on variable offsets, exemptions, conditions, exceptions, RKF’s and CKF’s.
  • Created query “Open Manufacturing Orders” that shows the status of orders that are finally delivered and to analyze target quantities.
  • Created reports like confirmed quantity, item purchase orders as requested, complete purchase order quantities delivered and purchase order values.
  • Created reports in SD module like open sales order report which included all organization levels, delivery status, shipping details and partner function details.
  • Created hcm reports like headcount report, personnel information report, emergency contacts report, and employee demographics report etc…
  • Created Multi Provider for master data to enable created Queries by defining rows, columns and free characteristics providing drill down querying on data.
  • Improved performance of existing SAP BW Queries and reports by creating Aggregates on yearly info cubes. Also implemented Compression and Partition to speed up the query access time.
  • Maintained the yearly cubes data, roll ups, process chains etc.
  • Created Transactional and Master Data Process Chains for periodic upload of data.
  • Maintained indexes and monitored for BIA (accelerator).
  • Executed reports on BIA enabled cubes using RSRT and tested different scenarios - Post and Pre BIA.
  • With ticketing system, taken care of Production support issues like data errors, enhancements in reports and cubes.
  • Trained power users by on weekly basis giving presentations on Query Designer and Analyzer.
  • Designed and Developed extensive Business Objects reports using multiple Queries, combination ofchartandtables.
  • CreatedAd hocReports using End User module in Business Objects.
  • Created different types of reports likeMaster/Detail, Cross TabandChart.
  • Designed, developed, debugged and managed Universes.
  • Extensively usedUser conditions, Filters, Functions, Variables, Sort, Ranks, Drilling, Slice and Dice, Alerts, Sub queries, Promptsfor creating efficient Business Objects reports.

Confidential, Denver, CO

Senior SAP BI Consultant

  • SAP Net Weaver 2004S (BI 7.0), BEx Analyzer, Query Designer, WAD, Enterprise Portals, Windows, ECC 5.0, SD, MM, FI/CO, CRM, CCA, Business Objects (XI).


  • Actively involved in requirement analysis, data modeling and technical implementation.
  • Performed design, development implementation of standard/customized Info Cubes and DSO Objects for Cost Center Accounting.
  • Analyzed the reporting requirements that could be fulfilled by business content Info Cubes for Cost and Allocations 0CCA C11.
  • Extensively worked with Cost Center Accounting data sources such as 0CO OM CCA 1, 0CO OM CCA 9.
  • Created Multi providers over Cost Center Accounting Info Cubes and DSO Objects for reporting purposes.
  • Designed and created custom InfoCube ZSD C241 for sales order and DSO ZSD C123 for sales delivery.
  • Extracted the SD and MM data from ECC into BW using LO - Cockpit extractions. Created reports on multiple region cost centers with respect to hierarchies and also reports for individual cost center analysis.
  • Used start routines at transformation level to restrict the data coming from DSO to Info Cube.
  • Maintained the update rules, transfer rules and created InfoPackage and scheduled the data into the data targets.
  • Created single value, multiple single values, internal values variables extensively according to the user requirements and used them in the reports.
  • Involved in creation of hierarchy and hierarchy node variables, used them for reports on zonal and regional cost center analysis.
  • Improved performance of existing SAP BW Queries and reports by creating Aggregates, Compression and Partitions.
  • Created structures with respective to fixed and variable values for Fiscal Year according to user requirements. Also created text variables and used them in descriptions. Good experience in using cell definitions in the reports.
  • Created navigational attributes on existing Info Cubes as a part of maintaining and developing new reports.
  • Created Transactional and Master Process Chains for periodic upload of data. And also loaded data into Demand Planning- planning areas from cubes
  • Published the reports on the web using Web Application Designer using the wizard as well as drag and drop web items like ad-hoc, table and filter for creating customized web templates according to the user requirements.
  • Involved loading master and transaction data using process chains.
  • Performed performance tuning of queries using indices, aggregates, compression and partition.
  • Created OLAP Universes on top of BW queries to access BW data in Business Objects.
  • Designed dashboards with Xcelcius and developed detailed reports with WEBI and deployed them through Infoview.

Confidential, Naperville, Illinois

SAP BW Consultant

  • BW 3.5, BEx Analyzer, Query Designer, Enterprise Portals, Windows, R/3 4.7, SD, MM, SCM, FI, ABAP.


  • Worked extensively with Business Content for Designing MM, Sales and Financial InfoCubes to meet the End-User Requirements.
  • Created MultiCube for specific queries of SD. Incorporated transfer rules for InfoCubes and customized update rules using ABAP/4.
  • Activated the User exit EXIT SAPLRRS0 001 (Enhancement for Global Variables in Reporting), to get the requested UOM.
  • Designed a MultiCube from the existing basic GL and Vendor cubes for reporting purposes.
  • Designed a Product cost controlling (CO) cube for analyzing planned and actual quantities/costs and to find the variance between the plan and actual.
  • Added custom characteristics, key figures and corresponding changes to update rules to Sales Overview Info Cube 0SD CO3.
  • Worked extensively in Goods Receipts, Goods Issues, and Scheduling Agreements in MM.
  • Successfully completed the requirements gathering, analysis, design, development and testing of InfoCube to store budget and actual data in transaction currency from SAP-R/3 at Profit center level.
  • Improved performance of existing SAP BW Queries and reports by 30% by creating Aggregates, Compression and Partition etc.
  • Conducted power point presentations, end users training. Supported them in resolving the issues.
  • Worked on enhancement of existing MM and SD interfaces
  • Writing high level design and technical specifications for development from Offshore team
  • Conducting performance analysis of existing SAP Custom Objects and fine tuning
  • Involved in making various Z tables and their maintenance screen for APO Demand Planning project.
  • Extracted the data using LO Cockpit Extraction from the data sources 2LIS 11 VAITM, 2LIS 11 V ITM, 2LIS 12 VCITM, 2LIS 13 VDITM to populate the Customer InfoCube ZCUSTDAT and an InfoCube ZSASADL that evaluates quantities and values for sales orders, deliveries and returns, and invoices.
  • Security: Implemented Authorization Objects, Roles, Profiles, Activity Groups etc and also Analyzed Web reporting functions using Web Application Designer (WAD) and Information Broadcasting.
  • Extensively used Information broadcasting for broadcasting web reports, workbooks to end users and power user.

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