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Sap S/4 Hana Abap Developer Resume

Vineland, NJ


  • I have around 12+ Years of exprience in SAP R/3, ABAP/4, ALE - IDOC, EDI, HANA, SAPUI5/FIORI developer and Workflow with experience in design, development and deployment of real-time Applications, meeting various requirements of each stage of Software Development Life Cycle.
  • ABAP developer for SD, MM, WM, QM, FI/CO, PP Module including 3 full life cycle implementation.
  • In Depth experience of working in end-to-end implementation, upgrade as well as in support and maintenance type projects.
  • Implemented variousinterfacing in SAP PI like XML to IDOC/BAPI, File to IDOC/BAPI, HTTP to IDOC/BAPI,ABAP Proxyto JDBC, Web services toJava Proxyand vice versa in XI.
  • Configuration ofAdapters( IDOC, File, SOAP, HTTP Adapter ) in SAP PI .
  • Experience working with EDI, ALE-IDOC, Gentran, VAN, ANSI, X12/Edifact.
  • Strong knowledge of architecture of SAP PI, SAP R/3 system, ABAP/4 language, Data Dictionary.
  • Expertise in SD Pricing, User Exits, BADI’s and Copy Controls (VOFM Routines), CRM, OTC.
  • Expertise in (WRICEF Objects) Workflow, Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms by developing technical aspects for MM, SD, FI/CO, PP modules.
  • Expertise in OOPS concepts like Classes, Methods, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism.
  • Worked on SuccessFactors (SF) integrations and Ariba-Procurement Interfaces
  • Experience in Data Migration and Data Uploads using Batch Data Communication Programs (BDC) and Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) tools.
  • Experience in developing custom applications using Dialog programming ( Module Pool)
  • Developed RF Screen for WM Module like Picking Confirmation & Pick & Pack.
  • Expertise in SAP Scripts, Smart forms, Classical and Interactive reporting, OOPS ALV, Module pool programming (Screen Painter and Menu Painter), Dialog Programming, Transactions and Data Dictionary.
  • Experience in ABAP Debugging, Performance Tools, Runtime Analysis, SAP Job Scheduling, SQL Trace AND Performance Tuning.
  • IDOC Error handling in outbound and inbound processing, setting up communication system and monitoring IDOC processing and RFC communication
  • Expertise in developing SAPUI5/Fiori application using tools Eclipse juno and SAP WebIDE, javaScript, XML, HTML5 and consuming the data by using Net Weaver getway services (ODATA Service).
  • Expertise in developing NetWeaver getway services (SEGW).
  • Expertise in integrating Getway ODATA/JSON services with UI5 Apps.
  • Expertise SAP FIORI Launchpad Configuration and Deployment of Apps and SAP Screen Persona 2.0/3.0
  • Mobile expertise which includes SAPUI5 & HTML5, HANA/Gateway ODATA Integration.
  • Coordinate with portal consultant to configure portal content, navigation, security integration with UI5& ECC and Customization & Extension of Fiori Apps.
  • Experience with SAP HANA Administrator including managing schemas, data model objects, import / export content.
  • Proven experience with reporting specially handling complex scenario’s using joins, Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) and SQL.
  • Worked as onsite coordinator - To ensure adequate co-ordination of the off-shore team and smooth running development and implementation process.
  • Expertise in Converting Business Requirements into technical specifications for development.
  • Good experience in Creating Calculation Views, Analytical & Attribute views, CDS Views.
  • Worked SAP HANA XS development to expose data into client (XS Odata and SAP XSJS development), Core data services (CDS) to create tables and views
  • Expertized in screen designing in SAP Personas, WebRFC developments and scripting.
  • Good Knowledge on technical concepts in personas like tab merging, scripting, conditional formatting, text replacement, screen automation.
  • Working Knowledge of SAP Upgrades like all the Support Pack activities like SPAU, SPAU ENH, and SPDD.
  • Good working experience on ABAP static performance toolsCode Inspector(SCI)with custom check variant andABAP Test Cockpit(ATC)to optimize ABAP custom codes for HANA DB migration as well asPerformanceimprovement of any DB
  • Worked on Project On-Boarding Documentation like Preparation of Naming Standards, Code Review Templates, Unit Test Planning Templates, Functional Specifications and Technical Specifications.



Languages: ABAP/4 (Dialog program, BDC, Reports, Smart Form, Sap script), BAPI and BADI, BSP, RFC, EDI, ALE, IDOC, JavaScript,XML, HTML5

Tools: ECLIPSE, SAP WEB IDE, HANA Developer Studio

Operating Systems: SCO-UNIX 5.0.1, Windows NT/2K/XP


RDBMS: ORACLE 10G, SYBASE 12/11.5, SQL Server, Progress

Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, BEx 7(Business Explorer)


Confidential, Vineland, NJ

SAP S/4 HANA ABAP Developer


  • Sr. SAP ABAP lead & Developer for OTC (order To Cash) business process forS/4 HANA ABAPteam and also leading technical team and involved in developments of complex objects within the team and worked on SAP NW gateway and OData Services.
  • Worked with BAPI PO CHANGE for changing PO with Updated G/L Account Derived by logic based on Material & Vendor.
  • Worked with BAPI SALESORDER CHANGE for changing SO with SO Quantity, Scheduling Date, Ship to party, Rejection resion, Partner functions, Pricing Date.
  • Used Bapi BAPI PRICES CONDITIONS for condition reccords create/change/deletion flag.
  • Used Bapi IDOC INPUT BLAORD & IDOC INPUT BLAOCH for Inbound IDOC process.
  • Developed Remote FM ZCONTRACT TRIGGER IDOC for trigger Purchase contract confirmation send to Non SAP system.
  • Used FM MASTER IDOC DISTRIBUTE for trigger Outbound Idoc.
  • Using Remote function SWE EVENT CREATE for programatically trigger event for confirmation.
  • Extended Plant using function module BAPI MATERIAL SAVEDATA in the Material Master.
  • Implemented BADI ZCL IM L ME REQ POSTED to send an email to the vendor when a QM notification has been created.
  • Developed Screen exit & Customer exit for Purchase Order line item tab customer Data using exits.
  • Implemented a User Exit EXIT SAPMM07M 001 to include the material description when the goods receipts in entered with reference to PO
  • Developed an ALV Interactive Purchase Order report which lists information for purchase order items whose GR and IR are not equal limited by the selection criteria.
  • Created a Business Add In, for Sales order (VA01) enhancement which is the EDI user for Sales order if there are duplicate PO’s used for Sales orders.
  • Developed smart forms for Service DA and Tag printing for accepted quantity in QM.
  • Applied custom style sheets in the application to achieve the design given by the client.
  • Worked on Mapping of front end UI withEntity/entity set of ODATA service.
  • Enhanceed the existing odata service and add new fileds and write new logic inside DPC Extension class Get entityset method.
  • Created CDS Views to Display Sales order header and item details, generated OData services &Consuming OData service in Fiori App.
  • Worked on Hiding unwanted fields from SAP Fiori screen for purchase order item.
  • Worked on Deploying App from Eclipse tool to SAP UI5 ABAP repository.
  • Developing a bar chart controls using SAP UI5 controls library to meet specific requirment to the client like show the Expect Sales Value, Weighted Sales Volume particular organization.
  • Used BAPI BAPI QUALNOT ADD DATA for creating create a task automatically in a QM notification during saving
  • Design and developed ODATA Service for SAP FIORI and SAP UI5 project.
  • Worked on Developing purchase contract creation screen in SAP UI5/Fiori, using Odata service BAPI function module call (BAPI CONTRACT CREATE) ME31k
  • Worked on Extending and enhancing Standard Fiori Purchase Order PR Approval and PO Approval application (added fields)
  • Worked on Creating screen in SAP UI5 with HTML5 for case tracker using OData Service.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Lead SAP ABAP Technical Developer


  • Developed an OO ABAP report to display Assembly and component information for Ibase
  • Developed an OO ABAP based Purchase Order Report which gives detailed information of open orders, internal orders, third party PO(s), forecast information etc.,
  • Customer returns will be processed at SFDC level where case line gets created and will be inbound to SAP via Proxy create return order
  • IntegratedSAP WebDynproapplication to Fiori Launchpad. Developed Custom Fiori Launchpad for this development.
  • Developed Custom UI5 Applications as per business requirement. ConsumedOData servicesthrough all UI5 application.
  • CreatedABAP HTTPSConnection between Gateway and ECC system.
  • Fiori Launchpad configured for all Fiori applications andWebDynpro application.
  • Integrated Fiori Launchpad toEnterprise Portal.
  • DevelopedCustom Theme for Fiori Applications and WebDynpro applications.
  • Developed upload program using BAPI for Purchase Orders
  • Developed a BDC program to upload the vendor master data for the transaction XK01
  • Developed a BDC program to upload Purchase info records
  • Developed adobe forms for purchase order, Sales order, Delivery, invoice
  • Modified forms and reports during rollout project
  • Developed an RFC for writing Bank file to application server
  • Experience in configuring Partner profile, Port definition in SAP ECC and EDI setup (Jitterbit Middleware Tool)
  • Implemented EDI 850, EDI 855, EDI 856 and EDI 810 for various trading partners
  • SAP to SAP IDoc setup for Order to Cash business process between Topcon entities
  • Enhanced to change DESADV outbound IDoc status to error if customer material number is initial
  • Enhanced IDOC message type DELINS (JIT Delivery Schedule) for scheduling agreement to validate business rules
  • Monitoring the IDocs and notifying the business on failures of IDoc
  • Worked on Troubleshooting EDI/IDocs, Reprocessing the IDocs

Confidential, Dearborn, MI

SAP Fiori ABAP Technical Consultant


  • Created an interactive report to display the details of sales order header data in one list and the drill down lists contain item details and the material details.
  • Created an interactive list displaying sales orders and line items, which needed to be delivered by a certain date. Selection criteria were used to enter the specified delivery dates.
  • Created Interactive report listing stock position for a chosen material for chosen Storage location in a given plant. Function location wise material consumption. This report gives material consumed for given function locations for a specified period with quantity and value.
  • Created Report in Material Master that outputs Material Vaulted Stock grouped by Material type and Plant.
  • Work involved in transporting data from legacy system to the SAP R/3 system for sales order creation, material creation, purchase order creation, posting the document, cancellation of the posted documents. Scheduled jobs in background processing mode at a specific date and on the occurrence of a particular event.
  • Involved in testing and maintenance code using SQL trace tools, Debugging and Runtime analysis.
  • Created ALV Grid report, which displays the indents created, based on purchase organizations, which have been created during the following period.
  • Created Hierarchical ALV report based on purchase document number, vendor and item material, net price, order quantity.
  • Smart form and print program by copying the existing SAP Standard Smart form for Delivery Note. Address window was modified to add the supplier address. Page window was modified to format as per the clients’ requirements.
  • Info window was modified to add new fields. Line Items were modified as per the clients’ requirements.
  • Developed a layout for sales order with company logo, customer address, sales document, document type, currency, and net value.

Confidential, Moline, IL

SAP ABAP & EDI Consultant


  • Developed four FI reports of Item wise Inward tax return, Outward tax returns, Cash Collection report, G/L based Cash flow Report.
  • Enhanced the production order (PP) report with validating the material stock availability against the production order based on normal and special stock.
  • Created a Module Pool Program for returnable and non-returnable Gate pass process by creating screens for inward entries, outward entries and to display report.
  • Developed a BDC program to Block/Unblock customers (XD05) based on credit status.
  • Developed a BAPI program for purchase order modification.
  • Developed a BAPI program for Project Systems (PS) CJ20N T-code and capturing the error messages into a ALV report.
  • Created the enhancement implementation to grey out the field (D-chain specific status) in MM02
  • Created enhancement implementation for greying out condition records based on the specific order type and line-item category in Change sales order (VA02).
  • Enhanced the quotation creation (VA21) to notify the Storage location mandatory for specific sales document type.
  • Implemented the function module exit to stop the posting of material document against the invoice (BELNR) based on Movement types for T-codes MIGO, MIGO GR and MBST.
  • Used the Standard BADI for the adding prefix while creating a material master.
  • Developed new print forms individual and collective Goods receipt for T-code MIGO.
  • Developed a print form for returnable and non-returnable gate pass based on the Gate pass number generated from the custom program.
  • Enhanced the print form by adding revision number for purchase order form.
  • Developed smart form to print production order details with bar codes.
  • Modified the print form Of Billing document (VF01) to display the Freight charges and net value in addition with freight charges.

Confidential, Livermore, CA

SAP ABAP & EDI Consultant


  • Developed Consignment Aging Report (CAR) which provides information of quantity of goods along with aging information
  • Developed a custom transaction to display down-stock report where auto replenishment would be performed based on the shortage of stock in a specific storage bin
  • Developed an ABAP Proxy for Customer interface to update Sales Force whenever a customer is created/updated in ECC via PI
  • Developed an ABAP Proxy for Material interface to update Sales Force whenever a material is created/updated in ECC via PI
  • Developed an ABAP Proxy for Sales Order interface to update Sales Force whenever a Sales Order is created/updated in ECC via PI
  • Enhanced MIGO transaction to update the serial number status for drop ship PO’s to auto update the default status of serial numbers AVLB to ECUS
  • Using BADI, defaulted company code and Reconciliation account, Sort key, House bank, Order currency while creating the vendor
  • Enhanced DESADV IDoc to delete Kit items while out bounding and included transit time logic as per business rules
  • Modified different business S4 Hana forms as per client’s requirement
  • Worked on TMG events to populate the default values for date, time fields and disabling them while creating the records using SM30
  • Developed smart form for Credit/Debit Memos

Confidential, Santa Ana, CA

SAP ABAP Developer


  • Understanding the existing business process and documenting the To-Be process for warehouse and inventory management.
  • Build different file interfaces for EMINT, sales forces, and other middle ware/ third party systems
  • Developed invoice, purchase order, sales order pdf forms
  • Build program to update notifications for status change in SD life cycle
  • Developed inter-company price variance report
  • Implemented EDI 855 and EDI 810 message type
  • Build sales forecast report which provides information about open sales orders, open deliveries and open billing documents which are planned in future
  • Developed an OO ABAP delivery status exceptions report updated pricing values from ECC, which is consumed in GTS while generating Export Declaration
  • Modified all invoices to include county of origin (COO)
  • Enhanced TM ledger postings to post documents to use ECC material GL account rather than TM GL
  • As part of Ostrich/Indorama project updated all forms
  • Defaulted plant and storage location for EDI consignment orders
  • Debugged and resolved many incidents with in ECC, GTS, TM

Confidential, Boston, MA

SAP ABAP Developer


  • Communicating with the end users and gathering requirements, providing estimations for the tasks, developing code, performing Unit testing and enhancing the code to accommodate further change requests
  • Sharing status updates with team daily
  • Implemented a new integration for the third-party system Lucernex through XI proxy for the ASC 842 Rent Schedule Integration for performing short term/ long term balances and posting into G/L accounts in SAP
  • Implemented the OSS Note 2839456 for 1099 US Form Changes 2019 and OSS note 2554020 US LC 2017 Multiple issues for IRS Adobe Forms 1099-MISC, G, INT, K & 1042-S for issues in 1099 forms
  • Resolved the issue of the HR Provisional Directory not including Terminated Employees in the directory on the last day of their work
  • Working with the XI team to build new integrations for connecting to third party system in order to receive data from and post data into the system
  • Resolved the issue of the third-party system Lucernex not being updated with the Vendor details from FBL1N through XI proxy using the Straight-Line Integration Program
  • Resolved the issues of the third-party system Vendor Portal not reflecting the Vendor details from SAP though the XI proxy and Vendor Portal not updating the correct details to SAP.
  • Configured the G/L accounts in SPRO to add new Groups with ranges of G/L accounts.
  • Creating inbound IDOCs receive data from Banks for the online sales, updating the staging tables and posting into the G/L accounts which is used to build to reports to analyze the online sale building projections


SAP ABAP Developer


  • Attending daily meetings to discuss top issues, find resolutions, fixing deadlines for implementation of required enhancements.
  • Understanding of Functional Flow from Functional Specifications, Review of Technical Specifications (TD), Unit test plans (UTR), Estimation sheet, Review checklist, develop and review the code of team members, understand the requirements, resolve the issues and develop the objects
  • Implemented custom logic changes to Customer statement form and Past due interest smart form
  • Developed Inbound Functional Module to receive data from Inbound Idoc and update the data to relevant SAP tables
  • Document Estimation sheets, Unit test plan and maintain activity log sheet for each object created
  • Worked on enhancement for to post the FI invoices posted through IDOC.
  • Worked on IDOC for posting the data in FB05.
  • Developed and revised technical specs and code of most of the technical objects in the project.
  • Creation of Financial Document using transaction FB01 with BDC using Custom IDOC.
  • Developed an Interactive Report which displays vendor details like vendor number, address and bank account details based on vendor number selected.
  • Developed ABAP List Viewer report for price exception report for a particular period.
  • Designed and coded a BDC program to migrate Customer Master Data from legacy system to SAP R/3 database.
  • Extensively worked on SAP Scripts and Smart Forms and involved in the migration of the requests and involved in configuration of NACE with Functional Team.
  • Developed custom evaluation path for the employee selection in MSS & HR admin.
  • Configured events for HR workflow.
  • Developed remuneration statement for using HR forms.

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