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Sap Senior Consultant Resume

Novi, MI


  • 12+ Years of working as SAP Basis Consultant gained Hands on experience in SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP SCM, SAP BI/BW with HANA, BEx, BO, BPC on HANA, SAP PI/PO, SAP Portal, SAP FIORI, SAP Open Text, Web Dispatcher, SAP Solution manager, SAP FIORI, BOE, SAP Data services, SAP Cloud Connector on AWS, SAP Analytics.
  • Seeking a challenging position as an SAP Senior Technical Consultant with opportunity for growth and advancement.
  • Comprehensive knowledge on S/4HANA architecture, conversion, migration path, methodology and tools.
  • Experience in SAP NetWeaver Administration, migration and upgrades
  • Good experience on SAP Hyperscalers environment such as AWS, Azure,HEC and knowledge in GCP
  • Experienced in maintaining high availability and extensively used various backup mechanisms for databases such as SAP HANA, Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, and Sybase
  • ECC in HANA migrations/implementations (Green Field, Brown Field and SLT options)
  • Good knowledge in HANA SSL/SSO Kerberos, SAML, LDAP configurations
  • Good experienced in applying SSL server certificates for both stacks ABAP and JAVA systems
  • Migrate SAP system (SAP ERP 6.0 EHP7, Oracle) from on - premises environment to (SAP ERP 6.0 EHP7, SAP HANA 2.0 SP3) cloud provider such as AWS by using a SUM DMO with System Move
  • Migration from on-premise (Business Suite on HANA database) to (S/4 Hana) Cloud provider such as Azure by using SAP HANA HSR
  • Performed SAP System upgrades, OS/DB migrations, Kernel upgrades, installed support package using SAINT and SUM along with OSS notes implementation
  • Good experience on backend database such as SAP HANA, Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase
  • Expertise at operating system level that is needed for managing DB and SAP in following operating systems such as Windows, Unix (IBM-AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris), Linux (RHEL and SUSE)
  • Ability to interface with all levels in customers and strong abstract thinking with problem solving skills.
  • Monitor and maintain SAP systems environments for optimum performance
  • Hands on experience in SAP HANA Data provisioning using SAP BO Data Services 4.0. and have knowledge SLT Replication server. Gained experience with DATA Extraction Transfer Loading ETL for loading data from SAP ECC System to SAP HANA System. Having good knowledge on SAP HANA Architecture. Well versed with importing Meta data, table definitions, performing initial load and replication, resuming and suspending data loads using SAP HANA studio.
  • Took the initiative of being an SME/mentored/lead a group of Junior SAP Consultants team assisting them in trouble shooting various OS, Application, and DB operational issues.
  • Worked on different SLDC project planning methods - Agile, Waterfall, and SAFE using different tools -JIRA, Rally, and Service now.
  • Understands the customer business, goals and challenges in order to suggest solutions & services
  • Participated in Joint Application Development sessions and interacted with different audience including functional, business, and stake holders at different phases on the project.
  • Interact with customers and vendors to maintain operating condition at optimum level
  • Versatile team player with excellent trouble shooting presentation and interpersonal skills with an aptitude to learn new technologies.
  • Hold a good experience of working on on/offshore models.
  • Research and develop solutions for specific customer requests and transfer knowledge to rest of team



Confidential, Novi, MI


  • General production support
  • Implement Planning & setting up the landscape, installations and upgrades on premise and cloud environment.
  • Performed Homogeneous and Heterogeneous system copies for S/4 HANA Implementation
  • Quarterly System refreshes.
  • Migrate SAP system (SAP ERP 6.0 EHP7, Oracle) from on-premises environment to (SAP ERP 6.0 EHP7, SAP HANA 2.0 SP3) cloud provider such as AWS by using a SUM DMO with System Move
  • System Conversion from on-premise (Business Suite on HANA database) to (S/4 Hana) Cloud provider such as Azure by using SAP HANA HSR
  • Migrate from Oracle database to HANA 2.0 database as well as Update HANA 2.0 SP05 REV 52 to SP05 REV56
  • Worked with HANA High availability & Disaster recovery solutions
  • Performed Installation, setup, configuration of SAP HANA database, SAP HANA studio and SAP HANA client
  • Managed system configuration in solution manager 7.2
  • Configuration of Early watch Alerts for satellite system
  • Perform security activities for business objects
  • ECC Security access troubleshooting and trace activities
  • Design and architect SAP HANA security using Users, Role and Analytical Privileges

Environment: S/4 HANA, SAP ECC 6.0, SAP HANA 2.0, ORACLE, Hana Studio, HANA Cockpit, Adobe Document Services, SAP Web Dispatcher, Front end, SAP BW4HANA, SAP BW on HANA, BODS, SDA and SDI, LINUX SUSE SLES11/12/15, LINUX REDHAT EL7/ EL8/X BIT, Cloud (AWS/Azure)


Confidential, Newport Beach, CA


  • Worked on Installation of SAP Business Suite (ERP/CRM /SRM/), SAP NetWeaver (EP /BW/ PO), S/4 Hana, SAP Business objects 4.1/4.2 installation and perform post-installation steps on Sand box system with the help of master and installation guide
  • Worked on the upgrades like PI NW 7.3 SPS08 to NW 7.4 SPS11/ BI NW 7.3 SPS11 to NW 7.5 SP01/ EP NW 7.3 SPS11 to NW 7.4 SPS11/ Solution Manager 7.1 SPS08 to Solution Manager 7.1 SPS14
  • Worked in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous system copies
  • Perform Installation and upgrade of SAP Business Objects and BODS
  • SAP Fiori 2.0 - Installation for SAP Gateway, Central UI, Product UI, and SAP Web Dispatcher
  • SAP Fiori 2.0 - User Management and Authorization
  • SAP Fiori perform system configuration for Trusted RFC, Gateway/System Aliases, FLP Services, and App-specific services
  • Scheduled jobs in the background to clean up spool requests, dumps, batch-input sessions, background jobs
  • Configure NetWeaver Single Sign-On 2.0 product to provide X.509 certificate SSO for all ABAP and JAVA systems in SAP landscape
  • Perform Installation and post installation steps for of SAP Solution Sales Configuration 3.0 (SSC3.0)
  • SolMan7.1 Upgrade to 7.2 and Migration from Oracle to HANA including Dual stack split
  • Installation and configuration of HANA database 1.0 SP10 / HANA 2.0 SP03/HANA 2.0 SP04
  • Data provisioning and configuration such as install and configure SLT server and connections, ECC add-on for SLT server and Manual data upload from flat files.
  • Upgrade from HANA 1.0 to Hana 2.0
  • Applying SSL server certificates for ABAP and JAVA systems
  • Experience on HANA Sidecar model & Data provisioning using SLT system
  • SAP HANA Table management techniques - data compression, table partition, compression techniques, and load/unload table into memory
  • Design optimal SAP configuration to maximize system performance and availability.
  • Performed Operation task for SAP HANA Database, SAP Applications ABAP/JAVA and Operating System.

Environment: PI NW 7.3 SPS08, NW 7.4 SPS11, BI NW 7.3 SPS11, NW 7.5 SP01, S/4 HANA, SAP ECC 6.0, SAP HANA 2.0, EP NW 7.3 SPS11 to NW 7.4 SPS11, Solution Manager 7.1 SPS08 to Solution Manager 7.1 SPS14, ORACLE 11.2, MS SQL Server 2008/2014/2017/2019 , DB2 and Sybase SBOP BI PLATFORM 4.1/4.2, SAP BODS 4.2, Hana Studio, MAXDB 7.9,SLT HANA Cockpit, SAP FIORI, Adobe Document Services, SAP Web Dispatcher, Front end, SAP enhancement package 3 for SAP CRM 7.0, EHP3 FOR SAP SRM 7.0,WINDOWS SERVER 2008/2012/2016/2019/ X64, LINUX REDHAT EL8/X BIT AIX 7.1/7.2 Implementation, Upgrade, Support


Confidential, Sheboygan, Wisconsin


  • Performed System Health Checks
  • Implementing SAP security (like execute report RTCTOOL & RSECNOTE), SAP OSS notes, TMS, SSL, User and Client Administration, Kernel Patches, Support Packages, Add-ons and DB Refresh
  • Database administration supporting such as add data file for tablespace, backup and restore strategy, performance monitoring
  • Quarterly System refreshes of ECC, CRM and BI
  • Performed Load Balancing between Application Servers using SAP web dispatcher
  • Report incident & open connection to SAP request by the end users, download required SAP software, Generate Access and Developer key requested by the ABAP and Functional Team members by using SMP
  • Emergency Analysis and troubleshooting daily end user issues.
  • Support of SAP Business Objects like user management and OLAP connectivity issues
  • SAP Router Configuration and renewal certificates
  • Identify top issues, define service plan and drive implementation of identified action items across customer landscape
  • HANA Support:
  • Daily system health checks such as monitor overall system/services status, monitor system alerts and resolve and monitor resource utilization for HANA system.
  • Quarterly System refreshes of SAP HANA
  • Backup and Recovery activities like execute manual on-demand backup, Schedule automatic regular backup and perform on-demand DB recovery.
  • Routine Operation tasks such as Start/stop system, Restart database services, Parameter configuration, Manual Delta merge, Security and Authorization and avoid Log full situation.
  • Configure SAP HANA alert framework
  • Perform structural system performance root causes analysis
  • Emergency Analysis and troubleshooting
  • Managed system configuration for SAP system and Non- SAP system
  • Perform Early Watch Configuration
  • Configuration of Technical Monitoring and Service Desk Now
  • Installation and Upgrade of DAA and Host agent to the latest version
  • SLD Configuration and update to latest SAP CR content version

Environment: EHP 2/3/4/5 For SAP ERP 6.0, EHP2/3 SAP CRM 7.0, EHP 1/2 SAP SRM 7.0, EHP 1/2 SAP SCM 7.0, SAP BI/BW with HANA, BEx, BO, BPC on HANA, SAP PI/PO, EP Portal 7.3/7.4, SAP PI, SAP GUI, Solution manager7.0/7.1, SBOP BI PLATFORM 4.0, SAP Data services, Windows, LINUX SUSE SLES 11/12/15, SOLARIS10/11, SOLARIS/SPARC 10.


Confidential, Austin, IN


  • Daily system health check.
  • Client administration such as local Client Copy, remote Client Copy and Client export and import and User administration activities like creation, rename, delete, adding roles, profiles
  • Every Quarterly Database Refresh
  • Applying Oss notes & open Connection to SAP
  • SSL & Single-sign on configuration for ABAP and JAVA system
  • Planned for ERP 6.0 EHP5 from ECC 6.0 upgrade for Sandbox, Dev, QA & Production
  • Raise ticket to the SAP & open connection to SAP request by the end users.
  • Applying Support stacks to Enterprise Portal & PI thru JSPM and administration through Configuration tool and VA tool.
  • Download software to the maintenance optimizer.
  • Checking space statistics for each table space if required add data file to table space or increase size of table space.
  • Communicating with the client and creating Action plans to complete the installations.
  • Contribute to the documentation for the various tasks that we perform for daily, weekly tasks, Quarter refresh, RCA, and maintenance works during weekends & creating action plan for the Upgrade & new Implementations.
  • Experience in security activity like user administration, execute RTCTOOL & RESNOTE Note.
  • Managed system configuration in solution manager
  • Performed Operating System Administration: Monitoring disk growth, memory usage and other system resource periodically

Environment: EHP1/2 FOR SAP ERP 6.0, SAP NETWEAVER 7.0/7.1, SRM 7.0, EHP 1, CRM 7.0, NW7.01, SCM 7.0/SCM 7.0, ORACLE, MS SQL SERVER, MAXDB11.2, Solman 7.0, LINUX ON X86 64 Windows


Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • SAP System health Checks
  • Manual transport move from one system to another system and troubleshooting issues.
  • Applying oss notes and kernel upgrade
  • Installation of new systems, operating systems, Installed SAP GUI Software, Outlook configuration.
  • Maintenance of CISCO Routers, Switches, Network & Desktop Printers
  • Performed Active directory Configuration
  • •Maintenance and troubleshooting of total Network Infrastructure
  • Installed Windows server 2003 with 125 various workstations with Windows 2000 professional, Windows XP Operating Systems
  • Setup and Admin. of DNS, DHCP and Printer services in Windows 2000/2003
  • Resolving the user desktops hardware problems and other network related problems internally or with external vendor’s support immediately
  • Providing solutions for booting, memory faults, connectivity

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