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Sap Bi Hana Architect Resume



  • SAP HANA Business Intelligence professional with 14+ years of SAP Analytics, which includes strong functional & technical expertise in SAP BW / BI SAP BPC with BW on HANA & ABAP and BEx, EPM, BOBJ, WEBi, Power BI, Tableau as Reporting tools.
  • Proficient knowledge using SAP methodologies, Project Plan & Accelerators in Analytics Design & BW & ABAP & Native HANA Development, Technical Road map, Configuration, and Performance.
  • Demonstrated expertise in all phases of SDLC like Realization, Analysis, Blue Printing, Multi - Dimensional Schema Design, Functional Specification, Development, Performance tuning, testing, documentation, Support & maintenance, training, Security authorizations and troubleshooting.
  • BW Upgrades - Strong Knowledge in BW Upgrades to BI 7.X BPC & HANA Upgrades.
  • HANA Analysis - Worked on HANA evaluation teams to provide Pre-Sales information to clients on various aspects of System behavior, advantages of faster run times, development strategies & estimates.
  • HANA/SLT/SDI - Worked on DB Upgrade and SLT /SDI for Optimized Data Loads in BW and BPC.
  • BW on HANA Development - Worked on Reporting Solutions based on Composite Provider based on Calculation Views, AMDP SQL Scripting Solutions and OData Integration with UI5 & Tableau.
  • BPC 7.5/10.1 - Development, Upgrades, Enhancements, Support & BPC, BW, ABAP Solutions.
  • BW Reporting - Strong knowledge of BEx Query Designer, Calculated & Restricted Key Figures Exceptions, RRI jumps, Conditions, Exceptions, Queries on Multi-Providers and Web Application Designer (WAD) with table interface related development and documentation for end users.
  • Performance Tuning - BW Statistics, Multi Providers, Aggregate creation, InfoCube partition & compression, Query tuning and OLAP Cache Monitoring, HANA SQL Tuning, Query Pruning.
  • BW Data Reconciliation - Developed Data Reconciliation process to find the deviation between R/3 and BW Data in $ amounts for various modules like FM - Budgets, Commitments, Actuals and MM.
  • ABAP - Strong Knowledge in ABAP/4 programming language, User Exits, Start & End Routines in BW, query monitoring, BADI, SQL Trace (ST05) and Tuning & Developed Function modules and Programs.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical skills and performed as a Tech Lead in Offshore-Onsite model and as an individual contributor.
  • Agile - Responsible for deploying BPC Consolidation Enhancements & Projects using Agile SPRINTs.


Languages: ABAP/4/7.0, VB, VBA, SQL


Functional Modules: MM, SD, FI-AP/AR/GL, FM-BD, AC, CM, PP, PM, HR-PY, PA

Planning Modules: SAP BPC 7.5, BPC10.0/10.1

Data warehouse Tools: BW Scheduling tools - Redwood ®, Tivoli ®, Autosys

BI/ BO Reporting Suite: BEx, WAD, WEBi, Power BI, Advanced Analysis, Tableau

Project Management: Estimation, Scheduling, Resource Planning and Risk Management.


Confidential, CO

SAP BI HANA Architect

Environment: B4HANA, S4HANA

Functional Modules: SAP FI, SD

Reporting: BEX, WEBi


  • Actively worked with User Groups to gather reporting requirements based on PeopleSoft reports
  • Identified data gaps and collaborated with functional team to create datasets for client specific data such as Partner functions, Payment Terms and customer credit data.
  • Worked closely with SAP to resolve extraction issues with ACDOCA and Logistics.
  • Responsible for validating SAP NOTEs and fixing system issues with Basis actions.
  • Designed and developed Customer Credit Master for Canadian customer base and integrated master data in all required FICO Reports in B4HANA.
  • Designed, validated CDS Views, BADI Development efforts for extractor enhancements.
  • Responsible for working with Users on FUT Phase and making necessary WEBi report adjustments.

Confidential, MA

SAP BI HANA Architect

Environment: B4HANA, S4HANA

Functional Modules: SAP FI, SD, MM, PS, HR

Reporting: BEX, Power BI & WEBi, Tableau


  • Developed migration strategy from PeopleSoft to SAP and delivered design solutions for each area in business process.
  • Conducted requirement gathering sessions based on legacy reports from Peoplesoft and designed developed B4HANA and S4 HANA based reporting solutions.
  • Responsible for system monitoring, Charm transport queue with Basis team and implementing required Notes for HANA objects
  • Responsible for developing ABAP Solutions and providing AMDP recommendations for complex report needs in product costing area and other functional areas.
  • Establishing development framework for each module with HANA views and ODQ based solutions.
  • Designed and developed several reports in Tableau, BEx, Power BI and enabling functional and business teams to take faster decisions.
  • Developing reports in WEBi for detailed analysis and deploying metrics focused reports in Power BI for dashboard view.
  • Delivered Sales Analytics based on Sales, Finance data sourcing from HANA Views from S4.
  • Establishing detailed document framework for each reporting solution as client is new to SAP and to increase development team’s efficiency on upcoming enhancements.

Confidential, GA

Project Manager & SAP Reporting Architect

Environment: SAP BW BI 7.4, SAP DS, MS Azure, Hadoop

Functional Modules: SAP FI, SD

Reporting: BEX, Tableau, WAD


  • Engaged business stakeholders in designing and drafting automated solution for SAP Sales and Finance Team.
  • Developed & Deployed Sales Analytics Solution with BW and Tableau and reduced 90% of manual tasks and improved data quality by using BI native processes and reconciliations.
  • Developed reconsolidation solution between COPA, SD sources from ECC and BW & tableau to improve data quality standards and BI Reporting adoption.
  • Worked with management on redesigning enterprise Datawarehouse model and consolidating several data feeds in the organization.
  • Executed Operational Analytics platform migration from Hadoop to Azure and Tableau.
  • Worked with Sales & Finance Users on business reporting strategy and best practices & training.

Confidential, GA

SAP BI HANA Consultant

Environment: SAP BW BI 7.5, HANA, ABAP

Functional Modules: SAP FI, PM

Reporting: BEX, BEx, Tableau


  • Designed & developed Trust Funds Reporting Solution for Confidential User Community.
  • Developed complex ABAP solution to simplify Trust Funds exploration requirement.
  • Performed gap analysis for HANA modelling & delivered POCs to realize the improvement in development methodology.
  • Provided performance improvement metrics in data loads and report readiness to User Community.

Confidential, TX

SAP BI BPC Consultant

Environment: SAP BW BI 7.5, BW on HANA, BPC, BODS

Functional Modules: SAP FI, SD, HR

Planning Modules: BPC 10.0 / 10.1

Reporting: BEX, EPM


  • Responsible for handling upgrade activities for BI 7.5 & BPC 10.1 EPM
  • Worked with User Groups & Performing System Evaluation during Pre-& Post upgrade Status.
  • Developed minimal downtime and most optimal upgrade timeline for BW and BPC upgrades with precise cutover steps.
  • Lead the effort for BW upgrade to 7.5 from 7.4 SP13 and worked closely with BW and Basis to resolve any issues.
  • Worked with SAP during Max Attention phase to handle smooth transfer of support activities and cutover process approval.
  • Developed User Guides for Corporate Users on new features in BPC 10.1 and BW 7.5.
  • Worked on HANA modelling using Several (C&A) views, AMDP based solutions and migrating legacy BW data loads to HANA View based Solutions on FI & SD & HR Data.
  • In Sysco- Brakes Initiative, responsible for discovery of new data load methods using SDA from Brakes Sources (Brakes UK, newly acquired by Sysco).
  • Responsible for Work distribution, documentation for support and Issue resolution in BI & HANA & BPC Team.

Confidential, GA

SAP HANA BI APO Consultant

Environment: SAP BW BI 7.5, HANA, BPC, APO, DP

Functional Modules: SAP FI, SD APO

Planning Modules: BPC 10.1

Reporting: BEX, EPM, Tableau


  • Designed & developed custom ABAP Solutions for BI APO Integration and Data loads.
  • Responsible for doing gap analysis on Sales Data quality for APO demand planning.
  • Responsible for preparing technical specifications on custom solutions.
  • Developed BEx Reports and responsible for User Education and guidance on report usage.
  • Responsible for automating manual steps in BPC Month End Load Process.
  • Responsible for analyzing batch job sequence and Data Quality Analysis in BPC Models.
  • Developing Custom Solution for automating data reconciliation between Staging and BPC Models.
  • Developed HANA & Tableau reporting solutions with ECC Table replication using SLT and tableau reports on Sales Order Metrics.
  • Redesigned legacy BI data flow on Sales Feed to HANA based approach with ADSOs and Calculation Views and Composite Providers.
  • Evaluated Cloud Migration Effort for BW on HANA Instance and prepared plan and Object Analysis and Validation approach during post migration phase.
  • Worked closely with Infrastructure teams & management to generate necessary effort estimates and gap analysis.

Confidential, NC

SAP HANA Consultant & SAP BW BPC Architect

Environment: SAP BW 7.4 SP13, ABAP, HANA SP11, SLT, NLS, Agile

Functional Modules: SAP FI-CO

Planning Modules: BPC 10.1 SP8

Reporting: BEX, EPM, Tableau

Tools: AutoSys


  • Responsible for working with several teams at Bank to upgrade from DB2 to HDB.
  • Handled 10+ upgrade cycles of several instances of BPC systems to HDB .
  • Worked closely with DBA, BASIS & SAP and implemented 140+ notes for many upgrade level issues from BI 7.3 to 7.4 on HDB.
  • Responsible for analyzing data loads, DTP behavior and scope for notes in HANA Parallel scenario to compare production systems with HDB and DB2 in Parallel.
  • Developed several custom ABAP/BI based solutions to perform Pre-& Post Upgrade checks.
  • Responsible for analyzing Code Inspector for Upgrade checks and handling required ABAP changes for HANA Compatibility.
  • Worked closely with BPC and EPM teams to analyze data variances during upgrade phase and validated scope for SAP Notes.
  • Provided detailed technical analysis to SAP on issues in DB Upgrade cycles.
  • Handled Team Lead role to design & deploy Local Consolidation Project to accommodate
  • Consolidations for India, Australia & Europe along with North America.
  • Responsible for developing several programs for Local Consolidations project.
  • Worked closely with business and process teams to develop POCs based on requirements.
  • Responsible for delivering entire development in 6+ Sprints using Agile Methodology.
  • Designed and Developed several BADi’s for F4 Customization, Enhanced WriteBack BADi and worked on Performance Issues.
  • Responsible for review and analysis of AutoSys Schedule.
  • Responsible for resolving several data variances and conducting toot cause analysis.
  • Responsible for migrating BEx Reports to Tableau based reports with reference to BW MultiProviders and HANA based Composite Providers.
  • Developed Master Data Analysis reports based on Tableau along with Stat Reports based out of BW Statistics to display Load Run Times, Job Completion Times Vs SLA metrics.
  • Developed several ABAP based utility programs improve team’s efficiency to handle several checks in data load & support activities.
  • Designed & Developed SPO Rotations tool to remove all manual activities in Weekly & monthly rotation requirements.
  • SPO Rotations tool is 100% BI and ABAP based End to End solution & saved 100+ hours of teams work on analysis and issue efforts.
  • Developed several programs for BPC DM Package Executions, EPU Processing and Ownership Copy.
  • Responsible for handling Native HANA Development tasks such as BI Backend batch loads with before & after analysis on Package Read times, Volume and Duration Analysis.
  • Developed HANA Model Solutions based on legacy BW Solutions using new Strategies.
  • Redesigned and migrated SAP BPC Audit Reporting solution in HANA using Composite Provider, Calculation Views and BEx & Broadcast Reports.
  • Worked on Native HANA Development with SQL Scripting, Procedures, UI5 and OData Services & AMDP & SLT.
  • Developed Strategy for integrating multiple BI instances and integrate them on HANA with SDA features.
  • Conducted Performance measurement on HANA based reporting and engaged business partners for consensus and adopting HANA based solution approach.

Confidential, GA

SAP HANA Consultant & SAP BW BPC Architect

Environment: SAP BW 7.0 & 7.3, AIX, DB6, HANA, TD, UFP, PLUS

Planning Modules: BPC 7.5

Reporting: BEx, WAD, Business Objects 4.0, Tableau

Business Objects Suite: FIM, Data Services 4.0

Tools: Tivoli, AutoSys


  • Performed various roles as Solution Architect, Team Lead and Lead Developer in various phases of the project and also based Team’s bandwidth and deliverables.
  • Guided a team of 10+ with day-day work plan & reviews @ Onsite and Off Shore.
  • Worked with Implementation Partner’s team for seamless integration of newly developed solutions into Coke’s System.
  • Responsible for guiding entire team on Coke Policies on Design & Development.
  • Presented all Design approaches and responsible for gaining approvals from BI Review Board meetings.
  • Responsible for gathering Data requirements and prepared Technical Specifications.
  • Executed complete redesign of Data loads for BPC System from SAP & Non SAP Systems.
  • Prepared End -End Data Flow Design Documents for educating team about Design Process.
  • Conducted several meetings with Management to explain and convince design approaches.
  • Worked with various client and implantation partner’s teams to integrate Solution and resolve any Data quality related questions.
  • Responsible for designing 20+ interfaces to extract data from Sales & Non SAP Systems.
  • Worked with Functional Teams to finalize design changes and lead the development.
  • Responsible for organizing several data loads in the system with 300+ process chains.
  • Migrated DataServices based solutions to BI based on mapping rules and extractions.
  • Worked with various development team members and prepared Tivoli Sequence for batch.
  • Developed and Delivered many ABAP Programs to achieve complete automated data loads.
  • Designed & Developed True Up Actuals Objects and allowed business to do better planning with actuals from current month closure.
  • Handled Organizational impact of Divestiture on BPC Data Loads and provided workable solution with minimal data adjustments.
  • Responsible for helping Partner’s team to bring changes related to Coke’s ReOrg into Ongoing BPC Solution Development.
  • Responsible for reviews of transports, post migration checks and issues resolution.
  • Worked closely with Basis, Infrastructure, SAP Teams to keep team’s productivity as high as possible during system copy, Production Space, Access related issues.
  • Worked on BADI, Script Logic changes for best response time with Templates.
  • Worked closely with team to develop reconciliation tool (ART) for data reconciliations.
  • Designed and developed Tableau based on Dashboard for BPC month end closing process updates for project team communication.
  • Responsible for handling HANA POC related tasks such as BI Backend batch loads with before and after analysis on Package Read times, Volume and Duration Analysis.
  • Worked with Functional Team and executed several Templates and gathered stats in BPC System with & with Out HANA.
  • Performed HANA Upgrade process with pre-& post checks and post upgrade data loads.
  • Developed several calculation views to evaluate HANA Advantages in Development and Performance perspective.
  • Worked with SAP on potential issues and required NOTEs & evaluation of upcoming changes via Release Notes.
  • Handled several pre-sales effort for HANA Evolution and worked on estimates for development, resource and road map for current & future projects.

Confidential, Rubbermaid, GA

SAP BI Techno Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP BW 7.3, APO 6.0, ECC 6.0 & ABAP 7.0, BIA, XI 4.0

Business Modules: OTC, SCM, FIN, APO, HCM, WM

Reporting: BEx, Business Objects 3.1 & 4.0, Crystal Reports

Business Objects Suite: Advanced Analysis, WEBi4.0, SP1-P16, Xcelsius


  • Responsible for gathering report requirements from business users and prepared functional and technical specification documents.
  • Developed Prototype solutions to give conceptual knowledge of the solution.
  • Responsible for conducting GAP analysis for Europe/Global Migration based on existing applications/Reports in Production.
  • Responsible for design & developing several function modules based on ECC extractors for OTC Enhancements and Applications related to EUROPE Development.
  • Developed BI/ABAP based solution for Event Insight Tool from SAP.
  • Designed ABAP Function modules to integrate and extract data from ECC tables and Integrated with BI Programs to provide alerts based on threshold inventory levels.
  • Currently working on BEx Reports in SCM, Finance, OTC application areas to improve User Adaptability in Europe Migration.
  • Responsible for fixing development gaps in HCM implementation.
  • Responsible or handling several data flows related to USA / Europe / Global Data Providers.
  • Responsible for developing OTC Reporting solutions for Europe VC Data.
  • Developed various Function Modules to pull data for OTC Pricing, Orders and Several Europe specific data extractions and Interfaces to generate Flat Files for End Users.
  • Responsible for developing and enhancing HCM data sources & PA20 Validation.
  • Responsible for developing End-to-End (ABAP Screens & t-codes àBI à BEx à WEBi) solutions for C’Level Executives to view Daily Sales Flash report.
  • Developed Several BEx, Crystal & WEBi Reports to accommodate Europe Requirements.
  • Responsible for testing SCM, FIN, OTC reports with focus on various currencies and global implementation.
  • Responsible for design and developing 80+ WEBi 4.0 Reports based on BEx in Finance, SCM, WM, OTC, Master Data and Procurement functional areas.
  • Responsible for handling CMS Requests and Basis Co-ordination & Webi Migration.
  • Developed several reports with Advanced Analysis and handed over to Europe Users.
  • Worked on Various BEx-WEBi integration issues and responsible for regular validation of all technical features of new WEBi Patches and Service Packs & OSS Notes.
  • Responsible for production Support activities and dual development related migrations.
  • Handled revalidation of Universes and WEBi 3.1 Reports during Dual development and
  • Responsible for T-1 Support during Post Go-Live Activities to handle Access and BEx & Webi Execution issues logged by North America and Europe Users and also updated senior management with status on the status of SD tickets.
  • Responsible for handling Team’s BI & ECC transports, builds and cutover validation tasks.

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