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Sap Abap Consultant Resume



  • Over 12+ years of SAP ABAP experience (me.e., in modules like MM, SD, QM, HCM, FI, CRM and S/4 HANA) in multiple SAP production support, implementation, upgrade, rollout projects for different Business domains for Pharmaceutical, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, Software Development.
  • Expertise in ABAP environment, such as ABAP Business Objects, Batch Data/ LSMW, Sap script, Function modules, classical, interactive, ALV reports, Customer Exits, IDOC, ALE, Smart Forms, runtime analysis and debugging using SQL trace and ABAP debugger, eCATT, User dialog (Module pool), Domains, Data Elements, views, OOP’s, OSS notes, BADI’s, adobe forms.
  • Worked extensively on ABAP/4 - WRICEF’s, RFC & BAPIs for QM, HR, BW, BODS and SRM for SAP GRC/VIRSA - Access Enforcer (AE).
  • Good knowledge and understanding of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance process.
  • Implementation and Support of SAP Security across every release since 4.7 including ECC 6.0.
  • Good Knowledge in BRF, IM, WM, EWM & worked on SOLMAN & net weaver technology like Enterprise Portal solution deployment, configuration.
  • Worked on Exchange Infrastructure (XI), PI for Integration of various applications, custom CDS and OData services Fiori UI5 and LUW.
  • Worked on SOA configurations and SOAP, WEB and REST services.
  • Responsibilities in various projects include Programming, analysis and design required for ABAP development. Expertise on SAP Data Modeling & created data dictionary objects (Customs tables).
  • Development and modification of Batch Data Programs for Data migration activities also used Call Transaction to develop data transfer programs. Migration of legacy data to SAP R/3 using BDC’s.
  • Developing interfaces for SAP using ALE & EDI technology, IDOC’s and worked on LSMW.
  • Extensive testing experience using testing tools such as Mercury Quality Center.
  • Expertise in Runtime Analysis and Debugging using SQL trace.
  • Experience wif variant configuration, Unicode & Non-Unicode conversions, Waterfall & Agile Methodologies.
  • Development and modifications of scripts and worked on Smart Forms from scratch.
  • Experience wif eclipse & Web IDE latest versions. Good knowledge on RPA.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communicational skills. Strong analytical & problem-solving skills and passionate to high caliber challenges.
  • Good analytical and logical assessment in innovative and creative thinking
  • Good Functional knowledge on setting up Master Data in the EWM System me.e., Number Ranges, Storage Types, Storage Bins Types, Storage Areas, Work Centers, Activity Areas, BP Mapping, Define and Assign warehouse numbers, Packaging Specifications etc.


SAP: ABAP, XI 3.0, R/3 4.6/4.7, ECC 5.0 & 6.0, ABAP/4, BSP, BW, RFC

SAP Enterprise Portal (EP): Enterprise Portal (EP)-6.0 & 5.0, PDK-6.0 & 5.0, HTMLB, Knowledge Management, Universal Work list, EPCM, Webdynpro

Knowledge on Languages: Core Java, Servlets and JSP, HTML, XML, Visual Basic, DHTML

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server

Operating Systems: MS Windows NT/2000, MS Windows 95/98, UNIX

Other Technology/Tools: RDBMS Design, LDAP (Sun ONE & Open LDAP), .NET, Web tools.

Network Systems: LAN/WAN Technical Architecture

Theoretical Knowledge: SAP Master Data Management (MDM)


Confidential - TX

SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Worked on interface that send individual check’s using DMEEX to TD bank.
  • Created Fiori tiles and catalogs for OTC.
  • Worked on XREFCON & XREFDAT tiles.
  • Worked on user-exit enhancement to stop PGI when the customer is not packing relevant.
  • Worked on outbound interface EFT the funds to TD bank.
  • Made changes to Odata to update the calculated end date based on selected TEMPeffect field on the request maintenance fiori tile.

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 involved in SD, FI, S/4 HANA.

Confidential - TN

SAP ABAP Lead Consultant


  • Worked on pricing requirement types.
  • Worked on number ranges enhancement.
  • Worked on delivery warehouse interfaces.
  • Worked on output requirement types.
  • Worked on purchase order delivery interfaces.
  • Worked on sales order interfaces.
  • Worked on OData, CDS views.
  • Worked on adobe forms - in corporate long texts, logo, creating table using subform, configuring adobe forms to Output type in NACE, interactive forms.
  • Customized client specific stories for SAP scripts & smartforms - copies window, labels, MS word as editor, output to PDF format.
  • Worked on EDI for auto sales order generation.
  • Worked on Automatic delivery creations.
  • Worked on output automation for Order, Deliveries, invoices via outbound IDOCS.
  • Worked on IDOCS for stock transfer orders.
  • Worked on EDI for auto creation of transfer orders and transfer order confirmations.
  • Worked on configuration of EDI's for all above processes.
  • Worked on warranty claim inbound IDOCS.
  • Worked on ALV reports.

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 involved in SD, MM, FI, S/4 HANA studio.

Confidential - Omaha

SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Developed Kaiser Interface which send the non-agreement employee’s data (that were enrolled in Kaiser Plan only) to kaiser vendor system.
  • Developed Optum interface that send all employees data (me.e., agreement, non-agreement/surviving spouse/retiree/grandfathered / family data) to optum system.
  • Developed BCBS interface that pass all non-agreement employee & dependent details including retiree to BCBS system.
  • Developed COBRA payflex that pass all non-agreement employee & dependent, surviving spouse, retiree, grand fathered, family details from SAP to COBRA pay flex system on weekly basis.
  • Developed Confidential LTD/STD interface that pass all employees that participate in STD/ LTD to Confidential .
  • Developed Vendor pay flex (DCFSA) that pass all non-agreement employees from SAP to Vendor pay flex DCFSA system on weekly basis.
  • Developed Network Demographic interface that pull all the active agreement & non-agreement eligible employee’s data and create a file on application server for TNW vendors pick up.
  • Develop CNA interface that pass all employee personal information to CNA to offer new hires coverage, terminate coverage and complete the direct bill process.
  • Developed cliqbook outbound interface that allow the employees to book their own travel through their site. It is used to maintain Cliqbook status.
  • Developed common class, methods that were used by many interfaces.
  • Upload HRSC visa status information into SAP using LSMW.
  • Upload people soft medical, dental, vision & waive plans into SAP infotype 0167.
  • Developed conversion program that migrates emergency contact details from IT0021 to IT0006 to maintain standard functionality.
  • Developed conversion program that will update all existing positions (which consists of non-agreement, contractor & agreement non-ops positions) to IT1013 so, that it may be inherited by the employee receiving the assignment to the position rather TEMPthan requiring the administrator to manually update it during the PA40 transaction).
  • Developed conversion program that will update (all history) employee's subgroup to executives whose job code is 'EXE' & begin date is greater TEMPthan 07/01/2012 in IT0001.
  • Fixed phone no's (as previously phone nos were pulled from IT0006, now phone nos moved from IT0006 to IT0105). dis issue is fixed by pulling the data from IT0105 rather TEMPthan IT000 me /UPHM/HSC INTF XMS EMP DTL (employee demographic outbound) interface.
  • Developed conversion program for updating (employee list that has LTD benefits from people soft) LT/LM employee subgroups for the employees who are on LTD. We will be updating employee subgroups through data change personnel action.
  • Developed conversion program that migrate all emp. phone no's data from IT0006 to IT0105 (all the latest record's me.e., 12/31/9999 will be considered).
  • Done changes to benefit open enrollment adobe form.
  • Developed conversion program that remove all phone no's data from IT0006 for all existing records).
  • Developed conversion program that updates people soft retiree benefit list into SAP.
  • Developed conversion program to update PS HSA plans into IT0169 (savings plans).
  • Developed conversion program to update surviving spouse wif '9' for employee no.
  • Developed conversion program that update position to organization structure.
  • Developed program that create (default) LTD1 for the employees who does not enroll LTD1/LTD2 during the open enrollment.
  • Developed program that update the salary override field in IT0168 info type.
  • Developed conversion program that update the marital status to 'unknown'.
  • Developed conversion program that update the martial since date field in IT0021.
  • Develop webdynpro application to retrieve all the personnel details.
  • Developed Web Dynpro ESS/MSS screens for OM and PA modules (me.e., personal, and managerial information.) using FPM.

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC6.0 involved in HR - OM, PA, PY.

Confidential - Atlanta

SAP Technical Consultant


  • Debugged CIF related issues, worked on CIF Error handling, and CIF Post processing, CIF reconciliation and Delta Reports, Well versed wif Error Handling and CIF transactions.
  • Worked on CIF integration models to transfer master data from ECC to APO.
  • Worked on SO and PO workflows.
  • Set up the CIF model including the Model set up, Delta Report and Queue Monitor.
  • Monitor inbound and outbound queues relevant to APO-R/3.
  • Handled tickets and provide support for production issues.

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC6.0 involved in FI, SD, MM, PP.

Confidential - Jackson, MS

Senior SAP ABAP Developer


  • Developed interactive ALV report for Vendor Aging Report in FI-AP module.
  • Developed outbound interface which sends all open PO's that needs to be invoiced from MAGIC system to Paymode system for MM module.
  • Developed goods issue ALV report (using OOPs) for MDOC account assignment that validates timing of new requests or issues that enable the inventory managers to determine if persons are eligible for new items if a request is made.
  • Developed assets by employee assigned ALV report (using OOPS) that display all the active assets in the organization for FI-AM module.
  • Developed method get directory files in the Confidential that fetches all the files details for a given logical path.
  • Worked on PO workflow, monitor deadlines, logo to work items, notification of work items to an external email, filtering work items in SAP inbox.

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC6.0 involved in SD, MM.

Confidential - Houston, TX

Senior SAP ABAP Developer


  • Uploaded Vendor Master Data using ALE/IDOC method
  • Uploaded Purchase Info records using IDOC Method.
  • Uploaded a PDF file in an Adobe Form offline scenario.
  • Assigned a Transaction Code to LSMW.
  • Sending an Adobe form as an attachment in an email
  • Configured events for HR workflow.
  • Developed remuneration statement for using HR forms.

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC6.0 involved in SD, MM.

Confidential - San Mateo, CA

SAP ABAP Developer


  • Developed custom BAPI that provide particular transaction details from SAP to third party (Policy controller) by using enterprise service WSDL where certain criteria are validated and determines whether to provide authorizations or not for a particular transaction for that specific user.
  • Developed BADI for CS01/CS02/CS03 that call dis custom BAPI and pass the appropriate values to policy controller through enterprise service Configured SOA MANAGER
  • Identify & developed enhancement for Routing CA01/CA02/CA03 that calls custom BAPI and pass the routing no and provides decision for access or deny for a particular user.
  • Developed BADI for CV01N/CV02N/CV03N (document) that pass document no to custom BAPI & validated in the policy controller that provides access or deny decision to user to create, update or modify that transaction.
  • Identified & developed enhancement for MM01/MM02/MM03 that pass material no to dis custom BAPI where these values were verified in the policy controller and decision is made.
  • Developed user interface (ALV grid) that updates values to custom tables.
  • Developed BAPI to provide the CUA user details.
  • Prepare test cases.

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC6.0 involved in PLM, DM, MM, PP.

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