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Project Lead-sap Resume Profile


Mohammed Mohsin SAP Certified Technology Professional - Security with SAP Netweaver 7.0 having 10 years of SAP experience, during these time I were involved worked with different aspects of SAP and gain potential experienced in Support, Implementation with four full lifeCycle, Design SAP Security Authorization/Basis across multiple SAP Components ECC6-Ehpx, CRM 7.x, Solman 7.x,HCM,BI7.x, BOBJ,GRC 10.x NWBC AC, GRC 5.3, 5.2, Enterprise Portal,Uperform . I am well versed with internal and external audit for SOX compliance. I worked for various industries Electronics, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Government and Banking. I have good communication skills and experience in leading small teams.



Project Lead-SAP

  • Working as a technical expertise to implement SAP Security with complete life cycle for BI,BOBJ,Solman,Portal,CE,NWDI,
  • Develop and maintain SAP Security corporate policies, procedures and standards that are consistent with legislation to ensure enterprise information and applications integrity.
  • Extensive working on Portal UME, developing roles for SOLMAN 7.3 building, Work Center Navigation Roles and experience on CHARM Transport process for roles transport.
  • Involved and Developed Security matrix for BOBJ.Assigning proper AL to folders, user group's.
  • Worked on end user evaluation risk Vsbusiness value to mitigate and make appropriate recommendations for the business.
  • Worked on the user management engine UME to use an LDAP directory as the data source.
  • Maintained user access for Uperform utility tool.
  • Interacted with Portals configurators and developers in implementing Portals security for HR ESS and MSS and extensively used Org management related transactions PO13, PA30 and implemented HR based security.
  • Exclusive worked on day to day t-code SU01,SU10,SU21,PFCG,SUIM,SU53,SU24 OLD,SU24, SE56,ST01,ST03N,SE09,SE16,RSECADMIN,PA30,PA40,SM CRM,SOLAR01,SM WORKCENTER Cutover activity.
  • Manage and maintain the SAP Security Policies, Procedures and Standards document to reflect current business requirements.
  • Perform annual reviews of Job Roles and User's SAP Security access
  • Assists in system performance tuning and database reorganization and helps drive design and construction of the SAP technical architecture by following SAP notes.
  • Perform SAP Service market place activity. Setting up OSS ID's, opening message to SAP registering users for Objects generating object key, developer key .
  • Working as Liaison with external internal auditors and application owners to ensure compliance to regulatory requirements and company standards, processes policy framework.

Environment: ECC6.0 Ehp5.0 , HCM 6.x, BI 7.3, Solman 7.1, SAP Portal. BOBJ, Uperform4.4


Security Authorization Consultant

Key Tasks Handled:

  • Experience in Role Conflict identification remediation
  • Worked with internal and external audit team, which supports real-time compliance to research, remove, and prevent access and authorization risks by preventing Sox violations before they occur. Provided support and assistance for all Sox testing.
  • Generate SOD reports and resolve the Segregation of duties as per Audit Compliance
  • Involve implementing full life cycle for BI 7.0 and ECC 5.0 and CRM 7.0 security
  • Implemented Info object level BW security and created BW security Authorizations using RSSM, transaction.
  • Troubleshoot authorizations related problems using RSSMTRACE / RSSM
  • Well versed with Analysis Authorization BI.7 RSD1,Authorization relevant, RSECADMIN t-code
  • Created, modified, and assigned user authorizations and profiles to user ids.
  • Creating and assigning roles and users in EP6.0 using UME user management engine
  • Created user roles and mapped the roles to the Activity groups. User authorizations were developed based on the transaction codes.
  • Created CATT Script and ECATT Script for mass activities such as creating users, assigning roles to users, assigning user groups to users for SAP Licensing Issue using Transaction Code SCAT and SECATT
  • Monitored access to key authorization objects such as S BTCH ADM, S ADMI FCD, S TABU DIS, S DEVELOP for debug access and etc.
  • Worked with table authorizations and created new table authorization groups in SE54 to protect tables
  • Maintaining the Check Indicators and Activating and Deactivating the Authorization Objects.
  • Designed and implemented enterprise security using PFCG and SU24. Analyze user SU53 and SU56 outputs.
  • Analyzed and classified SAP Users for SAP Licensing issue using USMM and SU01
  • Troubleshoot Authorization Errors using Transaction Code SU53, and ST01
  • Configured Central User Administration CUA to perform user administration activities centrally
  • Involved in implementing GRC 5.3 SPM,RAR,CUP
  • Configured GRC Super user Privilege Management SPM which enables users to perform emergency activities outside their roles as privileged users in a controlled and auditable environment
  • Worked with Internal Auditors in creation of User and Role Mitigations and uploaded them.
  • Configured and Used Role Expert for creating and role modifying roles
  • Configured and used FireFighter
  • Extensively worked on Firefighter 4.0 /n/VIRSA/VFAT Giving emergency access to the required critical tcodes through Firefighter 4.0 .
  • Defining Firefighter ID Owner, assigning FF ID Owners to the Firefighter ID.
  • Assigning Firefighter ID Controller to the Firefighter ID.
  • Assigning the Firefighter to the Firefighter ID's
  • Extensively involved in reviewing the Firefighter emergency access and Firefighter Logs.
  • Worked with the Business Experts in placing Mitigations for Conflicting and Critical Tcodes.
  • Using CSI Authorization Auditor to check whether the users or roles are SOX compliant. If there are any changes required making them as per the requirements.
  • Setup Transportation Management System STMS and transported change requests across Dev, QA and production Systems.
  • Performed client copies and system copies as per company's procedure.
  • SAP system admin tasks such as performance tuning, transport routes setting, client copying, SAP printer Installations, kernel upgrade, support package installation, ITS server upgrade, backup/restore, refreshing, Security/authorization, SQL tracing, ABAP code tuning, Vertex updates.
  • Workload Analysis, Capacity planning and system sizing.
  • Setup OSS connection via SAPGUI and performed OSS related activities such as registering users, registering objects with OSS, posting messages on OSS for problems etc.
  • Logon load balancing, configuring operation modes, CCMS, Printer setup, Spool management, Batch job management and Front-end setup, SAP Business Explorer, ALE.
  • Managing Process, Maintaining OS Users, Monitoring the disk usage etc.
  • Kernel Up gradation, Applying Patches BASIS, ABAP, Performed SPAU, SPDD and corrected the objects identified by these transactions.
  • Responsible for day-to-day Basis administration, performance, tuning and security of SAP R3, BW, and CRM.
  • Perform XI transports and support.
  • Definition of RFC destinations between R/3 and BW
  • Setup the printer and spool configuration
  • In charge of Client Administration and handled client copies/exports and client deletions.
  • Performed Database Administration, Table space administration, adding data file, archive log, Checking Oracle trace file, and log file for trouble shooting.
  • Various levels of Trouble Shooting and applying OSS Notes.

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7, ECC5.0 BI 7i, GRC 5.3, BW3.x, CRM 5.0, XI, HPUX11, and Oracle 10.X


SAP NetWeaver Consultant

Key Tasks Handled:

  • Upgraded to CRM 4.0 to CRM 5.0 consisting JCRM java CRM, a Web Application Server WAS 7.0 and configured with back end SAP R/3 systems which were used previously by making use of XCM Configuration.
  • Involved in upgrading of the current BW 3.5 systems to BI 7.0 for Net weaver 2004s, as a part of the overall upgrade of the existing systems with a combination of Portal and applied support package level 12.
  • Implemented CRM to support customer related processes end to end.
  • Involved in installation and configuration of SRM EBP and SRM SUS and configured SRM EBP to XI.
  • Involved in Installation and configuration of Netweaver 2004s SR2 for EP 7.0., KM, TREX and Adobe Document services on Oracle
  • Involved in upgrade of Netweaver 2004 SR2 and made use of JSPM for applying Kernel, Portal and Java patches.
  • Involved in Installations and configuration of Solution Manger 4.0 SR3 SPS 12 on AIX 5.3 with database Oracle and upgrade the ABAP and Java support packs to SPS15.
  • Upgraded SAP databases in the landscape from Oracle to Oracle
  • Installed and configured business packages for ESS/MSS Business Package using SDM.
  • System monitoring of the SCM landscape including Live Cache monitoring LC10 , LiveCache Management.
  • Configured the user management engine UME to use an LDAP directory as the data source.
  • Worked on User Roles, Profiles and Authorizations with the help of transactions like SU01 and SU03.
  • Interacted with Portals configurations and developers in implementing Portals security for HR ESS and MSS
  • Migrated SAP backend roles into Portals
  • Configured and scheduled dynamic sessions for EarlyWatch alert reports through SDCCN in Solution manager.
  • Implemented SAP Correction and Transport System. Managed TMS such as setting up Transport Domain Controller with members, importing TPs from development to production, Quality, Acceptance and to other systems as per requirement of user.
  • Installing the New languages for SAP systems and Configuring/Setting the system for Translation and Supplementation of the languages in the system.
  • Updated SPAM/SAINT v7.00 from patch level 20 to 24.
  • Performed system Health checks as scheduled by using transactions ST02 and ST04.
  • Performed SPACE statistics using latest BRTOOLS 640.
  • Performed Tuning of SAP servers by using some t-codes like SM50, SM51, RZ03, SM66. Involved in User/ developer support including troubleshooting, transports, OSS administration, and user maintenance.
  • Perform system refresh activity for all production system within the landscape
  • Perform System monitoring activity for R/3,BW,CRM systems
  • Create custom indexes in SAP systems
  • Implement OSS notes as per business requirements
  • Define logical systems between SAP R/3,BW, and other systems with proper RFC connection
  • Perform local Client copies
  • Spool Administration define printers, change printers, and reorganized temse
  • Perform OSS activities SAP Marketplace activities .
  • Provide HTTP authorizations as well as administrator permission to users
  • Deploy MDM and JAVA patches.
  • Open and Close Clients
  • Coordinate with other functional people attending Hotline calls to resolve the issues.

Environment: SAP R/3 4.6C, 4.7, ECC5.0 BI 7.0, CRM 5.0, SCM 4.0, APO 4.0 HR 5.0 HPUX11, Windows 2003 and DB2 8.1.5.


SAP Security Consultant

Key Tasks Handled:

  • SAP 4.6C and 4.7 - Security Administration, BW 3.5, CRM 4.0
  • Studied the Organization structure, jobs, custom transactions, roles and the SOD matrix for the Security developed in SAP
  • Working closely with Audit team for user-role conflict removal in SAP R/3 and SAPBW Specially in FI/CO and MM Purchasing conflicts
  • Work with profile generator PFCG in creating roles, profiles, composite roles, derived roles, and global roles
  • User Administration for more than 12,000 users
  • Creating new users and maintaining users on day to-day basis Single roles, Composite roles jobs and Derived roles
  • Use CATT script for mass user creation and mass roles creation for global implementations as a team lead for security
  • Supported audit team for generating audit reports SM18, SM19, SM20/SM21 y using security Audit Logs
  • Worked with process experts, head of departments, and engineers for SOD conflicts
  • Perform UNIT testing on created roles
  • Used Derived activity groups to create new activity groups and to transfer transaction codes from old ones to new ones
  • Effectively analyzed trace files ST01 and tracked missed authorizations for users access problems and inserted missing authorizations and objects manually
  • Transported the generated roles and profiles using SAP transport management system ST01 .
  • Created users and maintained user master and established security policies and procedures.
  • Created users, roles and assigned required privileges for the database access.
  • Used Profile Generator PFCG for creation, modifying roles, composite roles, global roles, derived roles.
  • Performed reconciliation of user master record and roles using PFUD and SUPC
  • Using VRAT Virsa Risk Assessment Tool to check whether the users or roles are SOX compliant. If there are any changes required making them as per the requirements.
  • Used compliance calibrator for SOD issues.
  • Transported profiles between clients within R/3 system and between R/3 systems. Performed transports and mass transports of roles.
  • Secured roles by Organizational data such as Company Code, Plant, Cost Center, Profit Center, and Purchasing Organization etc.
  • Maintaining standard naming conventions for security profiles and objects. Preparing and maintaining adequate documentation.
  • Supported the SAP Security remediation effort for SAP modules FI, MM and SD.
  • Analyzed critical and sensitive TCode, implemented improvements to meet audit requirements.
  • Administered users through CUA administration for SAP Non-production clients.
  • Developed and Documented Security Policies and Procedures as per the ABBOTT requirement
  • Familiar with ABBOTT change management system, Remedy System and SOPs governing SAP security and change management.
  • Trained in Ludwigshafen, Germany for ABBOTT SAP Security system through hands on experience from SAP COE Security colleagues.

Environment: SAP R/3 4.6C, BW 3.0, 3.5 CRM 4.0, SCM 4.0, HPUX11, Windows 2000.


SAP Security/Basis Administrator

Key tasks Handled:

  • Provided SAP BASIS Support for DEV, QAS PRD Clients.
  • Coordinated Quarterly Releases and support pack upgrades.
  • Acted as a Liaison between configurations and BASIS Team.
  • Worked on setting up of High availability servers HACMP .
  • System Administrator for internal R/3 4.6C and 4.7 systems running on UNIX and Oracle9i
  • Applied support packages, kernel upgrades, transport tools and OSS notes.
  • Configured the transport management system in a 4 system landscape in and 4.6C, 4.7 releases. Configured transport layers and development classes. Assigned projects to CTS requests. Performed development and customizing transports between systems.
  • Expert knowledge of the transport tools R3trans, TP, buffer, and log files.
  • Setup the profile generator, workflow, printers, EDI, and managed the database with SAPDBA
  • Establish Change Management procedures and implement management of the Change Request System
  • Involved in SAP migration from one host to different host.
  • Worked on VIRSA Compliance caliberator tool.
  • Daily issue resolution and end user support
  • Distributed user master records, including migration of existing users
  • Assignment of role activity group requirements based on job functions and audit control processes
  • Studied the Organization structure, Jobs, roles and developed role matrix for security mapping
  • Day to day technical support and resolution of security issues
  • Recommendations on current processes and procedures
  • Implement and establish standards for custom authorization objects
  • Implementation of centralized vendor management and field-level security
  • Hands-on security upgrade using SU25 and Profile Generator PFCG
  • Convert manual profiles to activity groups
  • Setting of new 4.7 authorization objects and values
  • Resolve issues arising from testing using system traces and dumps
  • Implemented security for HR module at Personnel Area, Info type levels, Employee Group etc level
  • Integrated Logon names and Personal Numbers and Positions for all HR Organizational management and HR Personal Administration
  • Interacted with Portals configurators and developers in implementing Portals security for HR ESS and MSS
  • Migrated SAP backend roles into Portals
  • Worked on creating and transporting roles for ESS and MSS
  • Created project member roles for system administration, content administration etc.
  • Created transport packages to move roles from development portals to other systems in the landscape
  • Set permissions on folders
  • Performed user administration activities such creating user ids, copying user ids, assigning roles, assigning groups etc.
  • Created mass user ids using the export and import method
  • Comprehensive knowledge exchange and documentation of Security and HR functions, including use of PPOMW, Expert functions PO10, PO13, etc. Profile Generator PFCG and related functions
  • Cleaned up and optimized security Roles
  • Conversion of manual profiles and implementation of role based security, including IS department. Evaluated and used SAP standard roles as templates for custom roles.
  • Review critical and sensitive authorizations, implement improvements to meet audit requirements
  • Definition of Project Plan and detailed sub-plans Basis, Security and functional .
  • Established Testing strategy, work plan, test templates and test scripts.
  • Extensively used Ms-Access and Ms-Excel for creating role matrix and Ms-PowerPoint for presentations to the users

Environment: SAP R/3 4.6C, 4.7, BW 3.0, CRM 4.0, SCM 4.0,HCM, HPUX11, Windows 2000.



Key Tasks Handled:

  • Responsible for Basis and security of SAP R/3 modules SD, MM, FI and HR and BW systems for production support.
  • Involved in deployment of MYSAP ERP 2004 package components ECC5.0 ABAP J2EE Enterprise Portals 6.0 NW04 SP11 the original stack level was SP06 upgraded to stack level SP11 Web AS 6.40,J2ee Engine, Portal Contents, KMC content management collaboration .
  • Configured CCMS which includes adjusted Alert settings for Optimal SAP system Monitoring and assigned Methods to MTE classes for automatic notification of alerts like email/pager etc
  • Performed Pre and Post go-live activities on the PRD.
  • Performed System Copy using homogeneous system copy procedure for setting up sandbox system for End-user training.
  • Configured systems for daily backups and archives using br tools. Day to day maintenance of BW 3.1 landscape.
  • Involved in Table spaces monitoring and maintenance of BW system.
  • Created and maintained RFC / ALE destinations between BW and R3 source systems.
  • Applied Support packages, OSS Notes, Upgraded kernel.
  • Support for Deployment Enterprise portal 6.0 Net weaver 04 and configuring it with the R/3 BW systems,
  • Interacting with functional and technical consultants for problem diagnosis, Monitoring jobs and backups both
  • Upgraded the roles from 4.5B to ECC5.0 Prepared test scripts for regression testing of roles in the ECC environments.
  • Created roles and profiles as based on Info Objects characteristics . Performed Analysis of BW objects using RSRV and worked on Query monitoring using RSRT and also worked on trace tool for performance analysis
  • Extensively used Automatic Profile Generator PFCG to create roles/profiles for various modules such as HR, MM, FI, GL, CO, AP, AR etc.
  • Created, generated profiles, Authorizations, object classes, objects, and roles and assigned to user master.
  • Transported profiles between clients within R/3 system and between R/3 systems. Performed transports and mass transports of roles.
  • Created users, roles and assigned required privileges for the database access.
  • Used Profile Generator for creation, modifying roles, composite roles, global roles, derived roles.
  • Manual generation and modification of profiles. Created users and maintained user master and established security policies and procedures.
  • Extensively worked on Authorization objects, fields, authorizations, authorization profiles.
  • Performed transports and mass transports of roles and Used CATT scripts for mass users and assigning roles. Assisted in Sarbanes Oxley Compliance - SAP System Audit and documentation of Significant Processes and controls
  • Performed client copies, performance, tuning, applying OSS Notes, Support Packs,

Environment: SAP R/3 4.5B MYSAP ERP package ECC5.0 , SAP BW 3.1, EP6.0 SP09 , Bex, SD, MM, FI/CO, Oracle 9i, Windows 2000 2003, HP-UX 11.

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