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Functional S & D/mm/vc Resume

Houston, TexaS

TECHNICAL SKILLS: ERP: SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 Project Management Tools: Gate Technology tool, ASAP, MS Project, PC Applications: MS Word, Outlook, Power Pointe, Excel, Visio Platforms: Windows2000, XP, Vista,


Confidential, Houston, Texas April 2008 -To date Role: Functional S & D/MM/VC Environment: SAP R/3 4.7C, ECC 6.0

Confidential is a Global Electrical Manufacturer with administrative headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA with revenues of $5.9 billion US, approximately 87 percent of which are from Electrical products. Confidential employs approximately 26000 employees and operates eight divisions. Cooper Connection provides a common marketing and selling platform for Cooper's sales to electrical distributors. Responsibilities:

  • Team Lead in the complete Vendor selection process of finalizing a Vendor for a Web based Configurator to process the Quotes for a Standard make to stock & VC Make to Order materials.
  • The project is currently under implementation. The scope of the project is to develop a Web Based Configurator which integrates with SAP/VC & Microsoft Dynamics CRM.It also integrates with CAD to extend the submittal drawings to the Customer. The lead time to submit a quote to the customer would dramatically improve with much richer user experience post implementation of this project.
  • Involved in 2 full life cycle SAP/VC implementations for Third party purchased & In-house production scenarios for Electrical manufacturing VC Product lines.
  • Team member in Technical Upgrade activities from 4.7c to ECC 6.0.
  • Worked extensively in preparing the Functional spec, technical spec & understanding the Variant Configuration functionality (VC) for various Electrical products to come up with a best possible design scenario.
  • Team Lead in the complete design phase of Variant Configurable (VC) Product which includes setting up the VC models, writing the dependencies, VC pricing both on Sales & Purchased side, Sales BOM's
  • Involved in complete configuration of Sales & Distribution (SD) module of ECC 6.0 version of SAP which includes Sales document type, Item categories, Schedule line categories for third party scenarios, Review & modifications on Pricing Procedures, Billing documents.
  • Was deeply involved in the Integration points of implementing the VC third party scenario which includes MM, FI/CO,PP, CO/PA.
  • Order management including Standard, Credit Memo Request, Debit Memo Request and Returns.
  • Customized and configured Condition Tables, Condition Types, and Access Sequences for Customized Customer Pricing.
  • Involved extensively in complex Pricing Procedures and Pricing Routines.
  • Worked extensively on Third party Purchased scenario.
  • Worked extensively on Z programs to develop a custom solution for Standard Orders.
  • All solutions were provided on a Global Template, in accordance with Cooper UNITY Project guidelines.
  • Used Remedy system to monitor and resolve Helpdesk Production tickets.
  • Preparing test scenarios, unit testing and integration testing.
  • End user training, creating training manuals, etc.

Confidential, Govt of Canada/Calian Jan'08-Apr 2008 Role: SAP SD/OTC Environment: 4.7Version

Working for the Client, Public Works, Canada, dealing in service materials with close to 5000 users. The scope of implementation project included SAP SD/OTC with MM, FI/CO, PS, and other related modules. The project went live April 01, 2008.

  • Involved in studying the configuration of Sales to Billing (OTC) process at Public Works & assisting the team in Integration testing for a smooth GO Live.
  • Studied the configuration for the complex Resource Related Billing (RRB) process implemented at Public Works to manage their Sales & Billing process.
  • Involved in Integration testing of the Sales & Billing process with other cross-functional modules viz Materials Management, Project Systems, Funds Management, and Financial Accounting & Controlling.
  • While doing Integration testing, tested different Sales Order types for Clients different business scenarios.
  • Worked on Customer complaint related Sales and distributed processes like Returns, Credit Memo/Debit Memos, and Invoice Correction, Canceling a Billing Document.
  • Worked on the concepts of Reason for Rejection & assisted the customer in providing solutions of temporally or permanently deactivates some of the line items in the Sales Order for further processing.
  • Assisted in creating new Value contract types using a service material with different business scenarios. Built and Tested Pricing Procedures by using the condition technique and ensured that the right pricing procedures were used under the relevant pricing scenarios.
  • Responsible for putting up the training documentation together using different documentation tools like Infopak.
  • Responsible for delivering the end user training to Client's Subject Matter Experts & Super Users.

Confidential Oct'07- Jan'08 SAP SD/VC/OTC Consultant Environment: ECC 5.0

Working for the Client, Pisa is a leading supplier of hospital and emergency Pharmaceutical products in Mexico & is into manufacturing & distribution of Pharmaceuticals. The company was implementing SAP SD module. Studied the business process of the company in detail & provided SAP SD support to meet their specific business requirements. Responsibilities:

  • Studied the master data created for a VC material & provided recommendations using the rules for defining & assigning the characteristics & values for the configurable material.
  • SAP SD Support covering the complete range of functionalities using a VC product (Master data, order management, pricing, shipping, billing).
  • Worked on the concepts of delivery order block & reason for rejection & assisted the customer in providing solutions of blocking the order at delivery level & stopped from processing to MRP.
  • Assisted in creating new Billing documents using a configurable material. Explained the concepts of item category, item category groups & Pricing to create the billing documents at the main item level or at the component level for a configurable material.
  • Assisted in creating new contract documents (Quantity & Value contracts) using a configurable material. Built and Tested Pricing Procedures by using the condition technique and ensured that the right pricing procedures were used under the relevant pricing scenarios.
  • Provided support with Order to Cash (OTC) processes, Delivery & Transportation processing, Invoicing & posting the documents to Accounting using a configurable material including Credit management.
  • Provided support with special business transactions like Rush Orders by configuring the appropriate settings.
  • Provided recommendations to get some fields incorporated in the sales documents to meet the business requirements using user exits concepts after having discussions with the technical consultants.

Confidential, Johnstown, PA Jan'07 - Sept'07 SAP SD/OTC Environnent: SAP R/3 Enterprise version 4.6C

Confidential is the world's longest established and most experienced manufacturer of ejection seats and related equipment to safeguard the aviator throughout the escape, survival, location and recovery phases. It is the only company that can offer a fully integrated escape system that satisfies the very latest in pilot operational capability and safety standards offering a complete 'end-to-end service' from helping the customer to establish operational safety and escape requirements, design, development and qualification, to ongoing support throughout the entire service. Responsibilities:

  • SAP SD Support covering the complete range of functionalities (Master data, order management, pricing, shipping, billing).
  • Assisted in creating new sales documents by extracting the document data as default and fixed values from the customer data and other sources.
  • Built and Tested Pricing Procedures by using the condition technique and ensured that the right pricing procedures were used under the relevant pricing scenarios.
  • Defined a new Sales Organization and Distribution Channel to the existing Organization Structure of the company to expand further sales activities by customizing the required settings.
  • Provided support with Order To Cash (OTC) processes including Customer Order Management (COM), Delivery & Transportation processing, Invoicing & posting the documents to Accounting.
  • Provided support with special business transactions like Cash Sales, Rush Orders, Customer Consignments, Free of Charge deliveries and subsequent free of charge deliveries by configuring the appropriate settings.
  • Created new sales document types with appropriate settings in customization in order to meet growing needs of the customer.
  • Created Variant Configuration (VC) profile and assign configurable material to Variant class. Worked on processing Sales Orders and Bill of Materials (BOM) s. by defining dependencies.
  • Used Variant conditions to influence the price of configurable material. Configured pricing conditions to meet the Variant prices (VA00) and for effective real time price determination.
  • Maintained different material types like configurable (KMAT) with different item category groups Involved in configuration simulation used to check the configuration model.
  • Worked with Production Planning (PP) Consultants on Cross Functional points to resolve the Production issues.
  • Created end user documentation and trained users.

Confidential, San Mateo, CA Feb'06 - Dec'06 SAP SD/VC/OTC Environment: ECC 5.0 (Upgrade project)

Confidential Software, Inc. an industry-leading supplier of software that automates change enterprise applications with award-winning software and services that helps more than 15,000 organizations around the world. Confidential's market-leading Change Governance solutions enable organizations to use change as a catalyst for realizing transformative business results. The current scope of implementation project involves SAP SD with MM, FI/CO and HR modules. Involved in SAP SD implementation with emphasis on, redesign of Order-to-Cash business process. Also Provided Solution for Variant Configuration (VC), Pricing and Output requirements. Responsibilities:

  • Involved in the implementation of the Accelerated SAP (ASAP) roadmap for Project preparation, Business Blue Print, Realization, Integration and GOLIVE.
  • Facilitated the Business Management team and designated Core Team members for Project Preparation activities including Implementation scope validation.
  • Involved in the discussions with the team members to study & document As-Is and To-Be business processes.
  • Studied & involved in redesigning Serena's Revenue Recognition process from SD and FI perspectives.
  • Provided Solution for Variant Configuration (VC), Pricing and Output requirements.
  • Configured and tested SD Organizational structure, Customer Master, Material Master, Condition record.
  • Configured and tested the complete Order to Cash (OTC) process including Shipping & Transportation functionality in SAP 5.0.
  • Participated in preparation of end user documentation, test scripts, and training.

Confidential, Stamford, CT, USA June'05 - Jan'06 SAP SD Environnent: SAP R/3 4.6C

Confidential, headquartered in Connecticut, is the world's biggest maker of Posting meters and mailing equipment and provider of mailing and delivery software and services to companies. The company is a major provider of Global mail stream solutions and Global Enterprise Solutions to help companies manage their flow of mail, documents and packages. Responsibilities:

  • Studied the Sales and Distribution structure of the company. Identified the Organizational units in the SAP System that is relevant for Sales and Distribution. Form Organizational structure using combinations of Organizational units for Sales Order processing, Shipping and related areas. Defined the relevant Organization structure in SD/FI.
  • Analyzed the pricing strategies and customized pricing procedures. Created standard pricing procedure with different discounts, surcharges, and rebates using condition tables, condition types, access sequence and pricing procedure determination.
  • Credit Management functionality - Defined credit groups and assigned to sales and Configured delivery documents and set system for automatic credit control check
  • Created outline agreements that included value contract and quantity contract for different applicators.
  • Configured free goods determination, output control, and partner determination.
  • Customized material determination procedures.
  • Worked on Shipping & Transportation functionality, which included determination of Shipping points, Route determination etc.
  • Defined Shipping points and their automatic determination in the sales order.

Confidential, NJ April'04-May'05 SAP SD Environnent: SAP R/3 Version 4.7

Confidential, a member of the Johnson and Johnson group of companies currently manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products in several therapeutic categories, including women's health, central nervous system and infectious diseases and wound healing. It was a full life cycle SAP R/3 implementation Project and I was involved in all the phases of the project including Configuration and Customization of the SD module. Responsibilities:

  • Involved in project functionality mapping/ Scoping and Blue Print preparation.
  • Provided full support to all aspects of the life-cycle implementation.
  • Studied the Sales and Distribution structure of the company. Identified the Organizational units in the SAP System that is relevant for Sales and Distribution. Form Organizational structure using combinations of Organizational units for Sales Order processing, Shipping and related areas. Defined the relevant Organization structure in SD/FI.
  • Customized customer masters and material masters.
  • Create Sales Order for different stock situations. Process Deliveries with partial delivery quantities. Creating and processing Billing documents. Carry out Account Determination for the billing document in the accounting document.
  • Worked on Customer complaint related Sales and distributed processes like Returns, Credit Memo/Debit Memos, Invoice Correction, Canceling a Billing Document.
  • Processing of Sales Order by determining the document data from Material Master, Customer Master or Customizing.
  • Defined new Sales Document types for different Business Processes by creating appropriate customized settings.
  • Implemented" Order To Cash (OTC)" processes including Customer Order Management (COM), delivery processing, invoicing. Worked on Configuration of Order-To-Cash Process (OTC) by creating Master data and Item categories.
  • Worked on specialized Sales Order such as Rush Order and Cash sales.
  • Worked on Consignments like Consignment Fill up and Issue, Consignment Pickup and returns. Also worked on Deliveries Free of Charge and subsequent deliveries.
  • Defined new Delivery types for processing express deliveries, Stock Transfer orders (STO), Split Valuation Inventory, Return deliveries. Item category determination in outbound deliveries, Third party processing.
  • Worked extensively on Pricing. Created new Condition records, Condition tables, Access sequences, Condition Types and Pricing procedures.
  • Worked on the process flow and methods of control for various business transactions within the context of Billing like Cash Sale, Sub Contract Process, Proforma Invoice, Returns, Cancellation, Credit and Debit memos, Invoice Correction Process Flow.
  • Worked on Material batch management & Handling Unit Management.
  • Use of Copying Control to define the requirements and options when transferring data from a reference document to its subsequent documents.
  • Ensured the solutions are tested properly and signed off by super users before the system changes are transported to the production environment.
  • Participated in preparation of end user documentation, test scripts, and training.

Confidential, Canada July'03 - Mar'04 Deloitte Consulting SAP SD Environment: 3.1 versions

Working as a SAP SD Consultant was involved in Production support of SAP R/3 Implementation at Confidential, Canada, a Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense Industry leader with more than 3000 users. Responsibilities:

Provided support for exploding Bill of Material (BOM) for a set of material with sub items by providing appropriate settings in customization for item categories in the sales document at the item level.

  • Created a new Item Category, Schedule line category by configuring the settings so that they are automatically assigned to each Sales document type.
  • Carried out appropriate steps in Customization in order to guarantee the customer that an individual Billing document is created for each delivery.
  • Defined and assigned enterprise structure on the configuration side, customized organizational structures-sales organizations, distribution channels and divisions, designed and assigned sales areas.
  • Provided support in configuring Sales and Distribution involving Sales Order Processing.
  • Defined new sales order types and relevant SD Configuration as per new business requirements.
  • Configuration of Inquiry, Quotation, Sales Order, Billing.
  • Worked on Condition Technique, Access sequence and created Condition Tables for Pricing and Discounts.
  • Configuration in Logistics Execution: Shipping (Delivery, Picking, Packing and Post Goods Issue). Defining Shipping Point, Shipping Condition and Loading Group.
  • Customized Account Determination, Account Groups, and Billing Plan types.
  • Worked on conditions on Delivery Block and Billing Block.

Confidential, Ottawa, Canada 2000-2003 Business Analyst

Confidential is one of the leading mail order and retail suppliers of woodworking tools, gardening tools, and cabinet hardware. The company continues to be one of the most innovative hand-tool design firms in the world, producing unique and high-quality products. Responsibilities:

  • Set up new process for creation of procurement and PO request. Established new contract relationships for resources.
  • Created and implemented new ordering process for general site equipment.
  • Established a method of payment of vendors and payroll to ensure payment
  • Manage, maintain and distribute contract agreements, for all vendors and contractors. Establish new relationships with vendors and clients, executed professional agreements and contracts according to the service. Negotiate fee scheduling and maintain all financing, invoicing, procurement and purchase orders.
  • Coordinated all efforts between various vendors, clients and team members.
  • Provided system development and support services for the client engagements.
  • Maintained documentation, processing notes and detailed functional specs for all products.
  • Developed customer relations and expanded new business while maintaining repeat business.
  • Provided systems consulting services including project planning and management, systems analysis and design including requirements definition, user support activities, testing and documentation.

Confidential Electrical Engineer

The utility company is in the business of Generating, Transmitting & Distribution of Electrical Power. Responsibilities: Involved in the business activities related to procurement of equipment from reputed firms like General Electric, USA, Toshiba, Japan, and Yokogawa, Japan.

  • Responsible for sale of power by conducting techno-commercial negotiations for finalizing the contract.
  • Involved in project planning and scheduling.
  • Involved in organizing purchase management by vendor capability assessment, vendor development, bid analysis, contract award for control and instrumentation systems.
  • Responsible for interfacing with equipment suppliers including sub-vendor supply chain, Consultants, Contractors, and other agencies for ensuring timely completion of milestone activities.
  • Conducted pre dispatch quality control inspections and ensured adherence to functional specifications
  • Regulated payment schedules by processing invoices, bills, and price variation claims with scrutiny of relevant statutory regulations.
  • Assessing of spare requirements, ordering and reordering to optimize inventory controls for reliable operation of the plant. Planned scheduled overhauls and preventive maintenance measures.


Bachelor in Electrical Engineering SAP SD Certified (SCM) - Order Fulfillment


Member of Configuration Work Group (CWG)


Sales Incentive Overview and Configuration training-Vistex

  • SAP (BI/BW) Overview training for reporting out of SAP.
  • ISO 9000 computer based "Quality System" training for Project Management.
  • Successfully completed Training on "Consulting on the SAP Fast Track".
  • Attended SAP 4.0 Delta Workshop training program.
  • Attended a course on Customer Order Management.
  • Continuing Education Program on Business Process Reengineering.
  • Extensively trained on S and D Module of SAP R/3 (version 4.7) with a detailed overview on the logistics chain including major functional areas, Materials Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), and Financial Accounting (FI).
  • Basic & Advanced training on Variant Configuration module (VC) in SAP.

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