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Consultant Resume


An organized, detail-oriented IT Professional with over 21 years of experience in the information systems and business application services environment. Major strengths in strong focus on customer support, evaluation of the software functional requirements, configuration, implementation, installation, tuning and troubleshooting. Has proven ability to combine broad based technology, business and financial expertise in developing and corporate-wide short and long term technology solutions. At ease with responsibility for major production environments and database design. An accomplished manager with "hands on" experience in technical, architectural, implementation areas with strong interpersonal skills.

Packages: SAP Solution Manager 7.1 (Business Process Monitoring/Project Implementation Tools/Change Management-CHARM) Security,HR/Payroll, PPM, CRM, GRC, FI, REMEDY (ARS Problem and Change MGT), TESSERACT HR/Payroll, (including BDL, VP, table customization), INTEGRAL Payroll, MSA Payroll & A/P, brokerage (in-house). Office tools: MS Word, Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, MS Visio Software:: ABAP (Workbench, Data Dictionary Smart Forms, SAP Script, ALE, Interactive Reports, BDC, User Exits and Report Writer/Painter, SAP Portal, BSP;), ORACLE, SAS (UNIX, MVS, Windows), SQL Navigator, MQ Series, PGP encryption, FIWARE/WESTCORP check printing, SYNCSORT(Expert Level), SQL, TCP/IP, HTML, CA11 Scheduler, Unicenter, CRYSTAL reports, Training Software: RWD (uPerform Training Development Kit), SAP Learning Maps Operating systems: HP-UNIX, Windows 95/NT/XP and M-MVS.


Confidential Consultant 05/2012 -Present As a Subject Matter Expert guided client in Configuration activities and Best Practices in Solution Manager utilization (after SM 7.1 Upgrade), including:

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Implementation and Project Management Tools
  • Technical Monitoring
  • Change Request Management (CHARM)

Confidential Global Governance & Project Management Team Member 03/2007 -05/2012 As a member of the Governance Team is responsible for CHARM (SAP Change Manager) Implementation and support. Worked on expanding SAP Solution Manager for Project Management utilization for all global and local projects (Roadmaps, Blueprinting, Configuration and Test Management) and on-going support. As a member of the global organization utilized SAP 5 Steps methodology to enforce SOX and other regulatory compliance, including non US specific, within IT in order to become SAP certified Center of Excellence. Guided and educated business/IT users on best practices for SAP utilization. Support of on-going activities within GRID projects planning/utilization utilizing PPM. Worked on presentation and training material preparation and training within Colgate GIT organization. ( Over 160 users trained). Managed Testing activities for Implementation Project (test script/test results handling). Provided recommendation on Testing approach for upcoming SAP Releases utilizing Business Process Repository and SAP Business Process Change Analyzer tools. Enforced proper QA Best Practices. Utilized/Enhanced Service Desk Functionality to effectively communicate with SAP on any implementation issues Projects supported but not limited to are

  • Upgrade of Solution Manager to version 7.1 (SP1)
  • Develop and distribute Training Bundles on Solution Manager Functionality, conduct Training sessions in-person and remotely for EASSO(Ireland), GSSO(India), AMSSO(Topeka) and Global development
  • Implementation of Business Process Monitoring to improve Performance and Reliability for various applications at Colgate Palmolive. Following monitors were implemented up to date
    • ESC Open Clients
    • E2E Root Cause Analysis for System Performance Issues
    • HR Benefits Utilization Web Site
    • Bank Statements not Posted
    • CBP Performance Monitors
    • APSSO Production Orders
    • RFC Connections availability
    • Sales Orders management
    • Ecommerce
    • XML Messages Monitors
    • Various Performance Monitors for critical Business Transactions across 46 Production Systems
  • Implementation of the Solution Manager Version 4.0 (technical and functional upgrade from 3.2 version)
  • On going daily CHARM Support
  • Responsible for the Security Strategy in Solution Manager
  • Support of the following Projects at Colgate in regards to Solution Manager Utilization
    • CRM Mobile Sales (Hills Pet Nutrition)
    • PLM Implementation (Colgate Products)
    • 5 Steps SAP Methodology rewrite (runSAP approach)
    • GRC Implementation
    • HR Upgrade
    • MDM Implementation
    • ISM (In Store Management System) Implementation
    • Brazil Manufacturing and Distribution
    • CBP Projects by multiple regions
    • Hills US SAP CRM Interaction Center implementation

Confidential SAP Manager 12/2006 -03/2007 Worked with the client (ATT, St Louis) on gathering business requirements, effort/cost estimation for the CREST (Corporate Real Estate) Project. Responsible for the Time Entry part in regards to selection of the software based on current and proposed landscape to fit business needs.

Confidential, Horsham PA SAP HR -Payroll Lead 08/2005 -12/2006 Responsible for SAP HR deliverables, monthly cost estimation, budgeting and monitoring of the functional and technical support activities (outsourced to IBM), management of various projects including:

  • Projects budget/progress tracking using Solution Manager
  • Writing technical specs for IBM personnel
  • Responsible for the Change Management Procedures and SOX compliance
  • Debugging/troubleshooting daily support issues
  • Making coding changes based on the requirements
  • Daily configuration support activities
  • RMA, CMS and Marlin acquisitions (bringing employees to NCO SAP HR/Payroll/Benefits System)
  • Building Interfaces to CyberShift (RMA Time collection and evaluation system) and loading Time Data into SAP
  • Canadian Payroll implementation and support
  • Redesign of the Customer Support model within NCO SAP Services
  • Project s/Issues were tracked using SAP solution manager

Confidential, Princeton NJ. Consultant 06/1995 -08/2005 Responsible for SAP HR Interfaces knowledge transfer to ACCENTURE, support of the 2nd Quarter end process, training and coordination of the efforts to transition business and IT functions to the outsourcer.

Confidential, Princeton NJ. Manager Enterprise Applications 05/1995 -05/2005 Responsible for SAP HR (TESSERACT prior to that) system conversions, in/out bound system interfaces (design, implementation, and maintenance), custom adaptations, ad hoc special requests, libraries organization/maintenance, backup of production HR/Payroll/Benefits processing, heavy user interaction and support, directing junior personnel. Participated in various projects focused on integration with other SAP modules and external applications. Provided configuration and fine tuning of the system performance in accordance with requirements defined by the business. Responsible for maintaining internal controls, Change Management and auditing procedures within the group. Prepared technical and functional specifications to document configuration system changes. Supported system maintenances/upgrades/patches. Advised and educated business users on available system functionalities and proper usage. Was fully responsible for the following applications/interfaces/projects:

  • Led IT side of the "WEB Employee Self Service" project (annual savings over $1,100,000). Application allows employees to view their pay stubs on the company Intranet site, change W4, savings bonds and direct deposit control information in the system. Designed and implemented encryption/decryption process on the mainframe and UNIX side to enhance security. Automated nightly loads and balancing process (Legacy System vs. WEB).
  • On-going support of the IRS/state tax authorities and internal audits.
  • Participated in SAP implementation project (HR@bms).
  • TESSERACT to SAP data conversion.
  • SAP HR - BW interface (Payroll Results Extract to Business Warehouse)
  • Various tasks supporting SOX Compliance Project
  • TimeLink Interface support (Time Evaluation System)
  • E-mailing of the New Hires information (for further verification) to the Hiring Managers and HR generalist (ALE reports)
  • Leaded IT side of the ADP tax interface implementation :
    • Implemented and automated cycle feed to ADP via NT server.
    • Installed quarterly filing process, utilizing legacy system quarter-end files, and enhanced FICA reporting for in-house balancing.
    • Created and tuned W2 balancing process (Legacy System vs. ADP print image file).
  • Monthly Savings bonds feed to Federal Reserve Bank
  • Annual Merit Increase Process support
  • Supported various projects for International and Domestic Compensation Departments
  • CENDANT Interface (Relocation Gross Up Process) using custom ABAP programs
  • NACHA (electronic fund transfer) feed to Chase bank via EDI.
  • Established the process for e mailing of the pay stubs to the expats via Intranet.
  • Payroll/GL FI interfaces (monthly and cycle feeds).
  • Y2K Q/region maintenance.
  • Matrix divestiture (HR /Payroll Master Data extract passed to LOREAL, prevention of the automatic W2 generation for Matrix employees at the year end).
  • Clairol divestiture (YTD accumulators for taxes/earnings/deductions converted and transferred to P&G system, year end activities).
  • Zimmer spin off (Segregation of the Zimmer HR/Payroll/Benefits processing from rest of the BMS divisions).
  • Participated in DuPont Pharm Acquisition project (Conversion and loading of the Payroll YTD accumulators into BMS legacy system, monitoring and auditing of the W2 related activities for DuPont employees).
  • Remote check printing in Puerto Rico via WESTCORP software.
  • Interface to National Bond & Trust Co.
  • Utilized in depth system knowledge and experience in structured design/configuration/coding, proper testing procedures, and efficient change control procedures to:
    • Provide 24/7 Production support
    • Ensure zero down time for all production systems.
    • Provide speedy resolution of all technical problems
    • Work closely with vendors to tune up performance of the delivered modules/software, perform software upgrades and maintenance.

Confidential, Weehawken, NJ 11/1994 - 05/1995 Consultant Participated in "T+3" project (conversion from 5days to 3 days trade validation cycle). As a member of the team was involved in enhancements to P&S interface for the on-line Trading system, including changes to screens design and database structure, based on the new requirements. Performed limited configuration including SEC fees and commissions for cents per share. Played active role in installation and testing of the IBM MQSeries. Worked closely with users and vendors (DTC) to complete testing and turnovers on time.

Confidential, New York, NY 07/1994 -11/1994 Consultant Supported Fixed Assets Department. Customized various programs based on the new user requirements. Took part in design and installation of the Voice Response System with emphasis on feeding Accounts Payable data into SYBASE tables. Performed on-line and batch updates of the Accounts Payable Master file with AMEX corporate card account numbers. Provided balancing reports to pinpoint mismatches between system reporting tools and user reporting process written in FOCUS. Designed, coded and tested COBOL and SYNCSORT based utilities to allow easy reporting.

Confidential, New York, NY 07/1993 - 07/1994 Consultant Worked in IM Payroll Support. After the merger participated in building the bridge between MSA and ISI (Integral) Payroll/HR systems. On the MSA side rewrote programs to calculate imputed income. On ISI side assisted in recalculation of the benefit packages allowing company to alter them. Customized various batch and on-line programs based on the new user requirements.

Confidential, Oakland, NJ 04/1992 - 06/1993 Consultant As the member of the team developed and enhanced various on-line and batch applications for Insurance and Direct Mail marketing companies.

Confidential, Kiev, Ukraine 07/1990 - 07/1991 Programmer/Analyst Participated in design and installation of the Item Update Services System. Was responsible for the major screens (Main menu, item description and order entry) coding and testing. Provided software maintenance and user training)

Confidential, Kiev, Ukraine 09/ 1987-07/1990

Programmer/Analyst Using FORTRAN wrote programs to analyze vast amounts of the experimental data and establish relations between variables.


MS - Biochemistry BS - Computer Science

Training courses:

ABAP, HTML, SAP Solution Manager, SAP Root Cause Analysis, SAP Payroll process, SAP Programming in HR, Management of the Software projects, MQSeries, SAS, TESSERACT training.


Received 5 Presidents awards and 2 Excellency Awards from Confidential

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