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Sap Hana Data Analytics Senior Consultant Resume

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  • A lifelong learner and passionate professional in the field of Data Analytics. Always striving to keep myself updated with the state - of-the-art developments/trends in dis area and its related fields such as SAP Native HANA, ABAP CDS, SAP BO and other SAP tools.
  • Overall 8.5 years of IT experience, comprising almost 5 years in the field of HANA Analytics and around 3 years in SAP ABAP. Worked with 2 renowned IT companies, 1 BIG-4 and 1 Product Organization till date. The clients list includes biggest brands which spans across various domains such Retail, manufacturing, Media and Pharma etc. Have got both onsite and offshore experience while working with different teams across the globe covering regions from NA, EMEA and APAC.




  • Being part for Data & Analytics COE team developed compliance tool for EY.
  • The tool will analyze whether the HANA views are following the SAP HANA Best Practices.
  • Created a Table Function to find the Total No of Joins/Data Sources/Table Function/Total Calculated Columns/Total Formula’s/Total Filters/Total Unions/Total RANK/Invalid Column labels used in any HANA View.
  • Created a Table Function to SCAN the HANA view completely and implemented checks like whether the view is Scripted View/Analytical View/Attribute View/ is Full outer join used/ is Cardinality set/ Is Star join recommended/ any classical analytical privilege used/ is Filters Applied on data source/ is all cols projected/ Risk category.
  • Created a Table Function to find all the HANA views which does not have a dedicated value help view used for Input Parameter or Variables.
  • Developed Table Function which decides whether the Object can be transported to QA and raise the possible exceptions if the objects TEMPhas been moved to other environments.
  • Created a table function to act as a Where used list for HANA models, which helps the developers to analyze whether the object TEMPhas been currently worked by someone.
  • Created a table function to know which objects are released & not released to other environments.
  • Comparing the models between DEV & PRD systems to understand how many are in sync/un-sync with the PRD environment.
  • Created Table Function to identify the total number of Associations used/ No of Source DDL and tables used/ Dependent Objects/ List of Header annotations/ List of Field level annotations.
  • Expertise in working in Cross-Container environment.
  • Developed multiple new containers based on the business needs and setting up the initial setup for container execution.
  • Strong knowledge in updating the YAML file with the cross-container details to enable the cross-container functionality.
  • Created Synonyms extensively on top of the Database tables and consume them in the HANA calculation views.
  • Expertise in creating synonyms on top of HANA CV’s by fully utilizing the Cross-Container feature of HANA.
  • Strong knowledge in creating HANA CV’s in XSA tool and making THE BEST use of the new XSA features.
  • Have used new XSA features like Minus/Intersect/Table Function Node/Non-Equi Join during the developments.
  • Created Flowgraphs to move the data from the HANA CV to HANA tables for daily snapshot scenarios.
  • Extensive knowledge in working in GIT hub tool.
  • Have used the Git Hub tool to perform operations like Fetch/Pull/Merge/Commit/Stage.
  • Used Azure as the cloud interface to create the remote branch and generating pull request to push the changes to Master
  • Have created Remote and Local branch whenever needed and by making use of the Git infra and have frequently moved the changes to Remote branch.
  • Provided KT to the new team members on HANA XSA working models and created Knowledgeable documents on HANA XSA and Git Hub.
  • Developed calculation views of both Cube and Dimensions.
  • Implemented more TEMPthan 200+ KPI’s using the HANA calculation views and exposing it to SAC layer.
  • Extensively developed multiple Calculation views for different SAP modules like BRIM, SD, MM, FICO, EWM.
  • Created Table functions whenever needed and strong knowledge in using SQL functions like Window, Date, String functions, Regular Expressions.
  • Developed Stored Procedure to handle delta mechanism to the HANA tables.
  • Created XSJS job and XSJS scripts to schedule the procedures automatically.
  • Worked on HANA Performance tuning on the Calculation views and reduced the memory consumption and increased the execution speed of the CV’s.
  • Extensively worked on all types of joins like Inner/Outer/Left/Dynamic/Referential joins.
  • Created Calculated columns whenever required using both Column and SQL engine.
  • Created Python scripts to call the HANA procedure.
  • Extensively used Plan Viz and Explain plan to analyze the performance bottle necks in HANA CV’s.
  • Showcased the client on implementing row level security without using Analytical Privileges.
  • Created Dynamic Analytical privileges to segregate the data based on the User Login.
  • Created Procedures to handle the Dynamic Analytic privileges for the row level security.
  • Developed HDBDD tables for the business need and used procedures to import data to those tables.
  • Strong knowledge in using the HANA System views for automating the Daily activities and track the development objects which are released and pending to be released.
  • Expertise in debugging HANA Models, Procedures and providing the permanent fix to the business.
  • Good knowledge in SLT area.
  • Good is using HANA Cockpit and monitoring it on the daily basis and fixing the OOM dumps.
  • Extensively worked on transporting HANA models to QA using HALM and Import/Export method.
  • Created Delivery units and mapping them to HANA Packages/Schemas. knowledge on HANA Sentimental analysis & Text search features.
  • Good knowledge in using Ranks, Union, Joins, Aggregation & Projections.
  • Extensively used Variables and Input parameters in HANA views to filter the data effectively and increase the performance of the HANA view.
  • Developed Views in Snowflake by consuming the data from different data sources.
  • Created tables and consumed these tables in the Views to meet the business requirement.
  • Created reusable using Snowflake Information schema tables which helps the developers to track the development progress and have better understanding of the views available.
  • Developed Views in Snowflake by consuming the data from different data sources.
  • Created HANA SDA connection with Non-SAP systems like Oracle and MS-SQL databases.
  • Developed multiple virtual tables by using MS-SQL and Oracle database tables as source.
  • Created procedures to move the data from Virtual tables to SAP HANA tables for staging scenarios.
  • Developed calculation views on top of these tables to full fil the reporting requirement of business.
  • Developed stories in Tibco Spotfire and strong knowledge in creating the Dashboards in Tibco Spotfire by using HANA Views as Data Source.
  • Implemented Row level security in Spotfire Dashboards to handle Data Segregation Methods.
  • Have implemented data segregation in Spotfire using Join, Relationship method and compared the performance between these methods.
  • Extensively worked on Analysis for Office tool by consuming the HANA CV’s and creating the analytics model for the clients.
  • Strong knowledge in Analysis for Office and provided a KT session to the Walt Disney Stake holders.
  • Developed dashboards in Power BI for OTC and Finance modules.
  • Knowledge in creating dashboards and stories in Tableau.

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