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Sr Sap Sd Otc, Pricing (global Rollout) / Le Functional Consultant Resume

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Orlando, FL


  • About 8 years in SAP Sales and Distribution & LE wif 3 full life - cycle Implementations of Business Consulting & Functional Analysis of SAP SD Module in SAP Project as per ASAP methodology.
  • Experienced in IT professional experience wif Business Users Interaction, Requirement Gatherings, Configurations, Development, Testing and End User Training wif SAP ERP, Oracle Database and Mainframe Systems.
  • Strong understanding and expertise in the business process, blueprinting, assessment, designing, configuration, testing, and documentation areas of SAP Sales and Distribution, LE modules through versions 4.6, 4.7 and ECC 6.0.
  • SAP implementation experience and worked wif diverse issues in Federal, Retail, Manufacturing, Automobile and Steel industries.
  • Working knowledge of all major areas of OTC process wif extensive experience areas of Customer Master, Order Management (OM), Credit management, Text Determination, Availability Check, Output Determination, product allocation, Material Listing & Exclusion, Third party-Orders, Inter-Company Configuration, Pricing and Rebate processing, Delivery Scheduling and Billing.
  • Worked on various projects, inclusive of configuration, Master data setup, Interface testing, Data conversion and End user testing
  • Worked wif Enterprise Structure in SD module and assigning it wif other modules. Good knowledge in creation of Customer Master Data, Material Master Data and Customer-Material Info records. Dealt wif account group control and configuration
  • Customization of Sales Documents viz., Inquiry, Quotation, Sales order and configuring of schedule lines, Contracts and maintaining Copy control
  • Experience working on Inter-company Sales and STO.
  • Good experience in configuration of Order-To-Cash (OTC) business process wif focus on areas of Order Management (OM), Pricing, Available-To-Promise (ATP), delivery, rebates and billing.
  • Configured complex Pricing, Pricing procedure, Condition types, Condition tables, and Access sequences, Condition Records. Thorough understanding of various pricing techniques.
  • Configured Sales order management concepts like scheduling agreements, customer contracts, third party sales and consignment stock.
  • Worked wif Transfer of Requirements, Output determination, text determination and credit management
  • Extensively worked/created new pricing routines and communication strategies.
  • Designed/implemented Business pricing procedures by talking to business experts and from blue prints.
  • Created/maintained Account assignment groups. Extensively worked on pricing user exits.
  • Excellent expertise in pricing including condition technique, data determination, VOFM routines, pricing IDOCS.
  • Strong cross application knowledge wif MM, LE, WM, FI/CO modules
  • Good Knowledge of IDOC, ALE, LSMW, UserExits, EDI ABAP Debugging, Master Data Distribution, IDOC development, partner profiles, distribution model.
  • Good knowledge about ABAP, ABAP Objects, User Exits, Authorization Objects.
  • Closely coordinated wif the business counterparts in identifying the RICEF's.
  • Extensive experience in Logistics Execution (LE) functions like Delivery processing ( In bound & Out bound), Picking, Packing and Goods Issue, Transportation
  • Configuration of shipping conditions, transportation planning and shipments. Also dealt wif individual and collective transportation chain
  • Experience in configuration for Route Determination, which includes routes, modes of transport, shipping types, routes & stages, transportation connection points, zones, groups and transportation routes
  • Good command over English both verbal and written. Will deal situation in a systematic manner and will definitely exhibit efficiency at work.


SAP ERP Application: SAP R/3, ECC, SCM/APO Version 4.6C, 4.6B, 4.7, ECC 6.0, SCM/APO

Functional Area: SAP R/3 - Sales and Distribution, LE Transportation

Data Migration Tools: LSMW

Programming Languages: ABAP, COBOL me & II, JCL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic 5/6, C++

Other Tools: HP Quality Center 11.0, Remedy, M-Office Suite

Operating Systems: OS/MVS, UNIX, VM/VSE, MVS, VSE, PC/DOS

Testing Strategies: Integration System, Performance, UA & Black Box Testing


Confidential, Orlando, FL

Sr SAP SD OTC, Pricing (Global Rollout) / LE Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, HP QC, Remedy, SAP Portal, CRM, SOLMAN, EDI


  • Participated in Requirement gathering workshops and worked on GAP analysis.
  • Worked on STO or PO between Plants (Stock transfer order and purchase order creation), Goods Receipts, and Goods Issue.
  • Worked on writing functional specification for outputs to various legacy systems for inbound and outbound deliveries.
  • Have written FDD and Functional specification documents for integration of SAP wif Siebel and Portal.
  • Tested various business processes for SAP upgrade, developed and executed test plans (regression testing, new development, positive/negative tests).
  • Extensively involved in Pricing and configured SD-Pricing. Setting of new pricing procedure, condition types, access sequences, condition tables and the determination of prices.
  • Worked on the Pricing Procedure Determinations.
  • Customizing order reasons, ATP using product allocation and unit testing the configuration.
  • Worked on customizing ATP and transfer of requirements to MRP. Configured the inward and outward movements of goods for ATP checking.
  • Worked on an end-end business environment wif new Sales, delivery and billing document types inclusive of copy control, partner determination and text determination procedures.
  • Good understanding of the change control process, experience working on the Rev-trac Change/Transport managements which includes documentation of FDD’s functional specs, technical specs etc.
  • Tested various business processes for the upgrade from ECC 5.0 to 6.0
  • Set up the sales organizational structure, customer and material master data
  • Configured order types for Quotation, Contracts, Sales Orders, Free of Charge Deliveries, Return Orders, Credit Memo, Debit memo etc.
  • Configured pricing procedures for Stock Orders, Credit memo and Debit memo requests. Created new condition types, access sequences and condition tables, to accommodate all the requirements.
  • Configured copy control, availability check, delivery blocks and their status.
  • Configured the end to end Business Processes in SAP including Partner determination procedures, Text determination procedures. Configured material determination wif listing and exclusion
  • Worked on output types & customs documentation like - ASN, export packing list, proforma invoice, certificate of origin & commercial invoice. Interface wif MM, FI/CO.
  • Worked extensively on identifying RICEF factors, documented them, and trained the team on writing RICEF functional designs.
  • Prepared training documentation and trained users
  • Worked on output determination; shipping labels, order acknowledgements containing shipping instructions, gross weight etc, packing lists, Bill of lading (inclusive of shipper, consignee and product descriptions).
  • Worked wif the Technical team to identify the User Exits/Functional modules to send data across the legacy system using EDIs and prepare technical specification.
  • Testing SD, SCM customizing and developments.
  • Worked on the Quality center (HPQC) and remedy to maintain and monitor the Production tickets.
  • Prepared the Test Plans and Test Cases for Order management and Cross- interface Functionality.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

SAP SD OTC, Pricing / LE Transportation Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, HP QC, SAP Portal, Siebel, SOLMAN, EDI


  • Implementation as per ASAP methodology - Scoping, Project preparation, Business Blue Printing, Realization, Go-live.
  • Configured Pricing, Account Determination, other Basic Functions, Sales, Shipping and Billing.
  • Used standard order types for the following Sales Order, Return Order and debit/credit memo.
  • Evaluated, added new requirements and finalized Functional design documents for EDI Inbound order from customer (850), order acknowledgement back to customer (855) and outbound invoice to customer (810).
  • Mapped IDoc’s segments in ECC 6.0 wif dat of R/3 4.7
  • Identified segments for additional fields. Created enhancement document for creation of new fields in VBAK and VBAP table.
  • Created functional specification document for converting unit of measures of customers to SAP unit of measure.
  • Supported Unit testing, Integration testing and developed test scripts along wif possible fixes for the test failure scenarios.
  • Trained end users on different business scenarios and prepared user procedure manual.
  • Provided support on SAP environment, suggested technical solutions and solved specific issues

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

SAP SD Pricing/ OTC Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, HP QC, SOLMAN, EDI


  • Created custom condition types, condition table, access sequences, pricing procedure, pricing procedure determination, and customer expected price to suit the requirement. Added fields to field catalogs
  • Created configurable pricing reports wif custom design screen layout
  • Configured condition exclusion functionality of pricing
  • Configured rebate agreements functionality
  • Designed and configured broker commission through pricing functionality
  • Configured copy control for conditions. Setup copying rule for condition types and condition tables. Designed and configured free goods functionality in pricing
  • Worked on several complex pricing process setups by designing and configuring up variant configuration functionality. Designed and created pricing routines, and requirements. Involved in Data Migration of Master data (plants, customers, vendors, Info records, Source lists) using LSMW.
  • Configured price relevant master data creating new pricing group for customers, new customer price list category and also defined credit limits.
  • Prepared detailed training documents and conducted seminars for the users along wif online production support.
  • Configured Outline Agreements, Value and Quantity Contracts.
  • Configured Text Determination and Output Determination procedures and set up the parameters for communication.
  • Involved in Unit, String, Security, Integration and Regression testing of Order-to-Cash transactions.
  • Participated and configured Integration of SD Modules wif MM and FICO Modules Integrations.
  • Planned for data migration from legacy system to production system

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA

SAP SD Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7, HP QC, SOLMAN, EDI


  • Analyzed the client’s as is business process and arrived at consensus of how the company to be represented wifin R/3 system, by using ASAP methodology for implementation planning
  • Actively involved as a Sales and Distribution in SAP as a system of records for Material Master, Customer Master and Pricing Master.
  • Worked extensively on IDOC, communicating outbound IDoc’s and inbound IDoc’s in-between SAP R/3 system and the middleware application to interface wif the front end order management system
  • Configured complete Order to Cash (OTC) cycle process for non stock products involving cash sales order
  • Created and maintained customer master data using different accounts groups
  • Created bundled products using Sales BOM and configured item category determination in sales order for identifying bundled packages
  • Utilized the concept of material determination, listing and exclusions to define the products mapping for renewal process
  • Maintained different pricing procedures based on the Confidential ’s pricing policy by defining various combinations of condition types/ access sequence/ condition tables
  • Actively participated in gathering the design specs for implementing for sales tax determination in sales ordering process.
  • Customized and created various sales and billing document types such as rush orders and cash sales as per business requirements.

Confidential, New York

SAP SD consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7, HP QC, SOLMAN, EDI


  • Worked in preparation of Business process - Blue Print, Configuration, customization, Designed Reports, carried out testing, User training and support
  • Created new Document types, Pricing Procedures, Output Determinations, Billing, Account determination, layout, copy control
  • Responsible for the definition, prototyping, and configuration of Pricing (which included various elements of pricing such as condition types, access sequences, pricing procedures and condition tables).
  • Worked on various OTC - Order to Cash configuration for Service Contract, Sales Order, and Billing including Periodic Billing. Rebate settlements and Credit invoices where streamlined by creating special user accounts, which helped in efficient disposal of customer requirements.
  • Configuration of Partner Determination, Text Determination, In-completion Procedure, Copy control.
  • Worked on scenarios of pricing agreements and configured the pricing procedure determination as per requirements.
  • Developed test scenarios/test cases, conducted Regression Testing.
  • Performed Unit testing and Integration testing, UAT and all the SD issues generated from the user testing

Confidential, Florham Park, NJ

SAP SD consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 Version 4.6C, HP QC, SOLMAN, EDI


  • Analyzed existing business processes and recommended fixes and enhancements.
  • Drafted functional specifications and wrote business Process Procedures.
  • Configured Master data, order types, Stock Requirements list and Transfer of Requirements (TOR) to MRP, Availability Check and copy controls on IMG.
  • Created outline agreements dat included value contract and quantity contract.
  • Configured automatic Pricing, incompletion procedures, material determination.
  • Configured output determination for order acknowledgment, picking list, packing list, proforma invoice, invoice, shipment notification (ASN) etc.
  • Created new requirements, access sequences and condition tables to suit the requirements. Worked on EDI.
  • Worked on Transportation Planning, shipment stages and shipment execution. Configured route determination - define routes, mode of transport, shipping types, routes and stages, transportation connection points.
  • Customized Inter-company billing, Inter-company stock transfers.
  • Involved in Configuring Tax Determination, assigning Tax condition type and access sequence in integration wif FI. Performed integration wif other modules like MM, WM, FI & CO.

Confidential, MO

SAP SD consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 Version 4.6C, HP QC, SOLMAN, EDI


  • Provide IT support to Enhancements and fixes in SAP SD, AR and Cash application.
  • Created process overview and end-user training documents.
  • Worked on enhancement of output for order acknowledgment, picking list, packing list, proforma invoice, invoice, shipment notification (ASN). Worked on EDI.
  • Data analysis and migration from legacy system to SAP using LSMW.
  • Support integration of Trading and Risk Management (TRM) systems wif SAP.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

QA Tester Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3, HP QC, Portal, Oralce


  • Gatheird and assessed requirements for PNC management team.
  • Supported legacy system for inventory control, order entry, picking/packing/delivery receipt, and billing. Coordinated efforts of PNC internal IT team wif external web developer and Quality Center team applications.
  • Reviewed business requirements and technical specifications. Wrote test plans detailing testing scope, strategy, hi-level test requirements, Conducted Web based & SAP testing by using Win-Runner. dis includes testing of the SAP & Web pages.
  • Performed automated tests certain aspects of the application. Tracked bugs using QTP, Test Director and necessary resources.
  • Formulated and executed SAP queries and SQL queries for Oracle database.
  • Validated customer information changes, account modifications, and EDI processes by developing shell scripts wif interactive SQL and SAP.

Confidential, MO

Programmer/System Analyst consultant


  • Design, coding and developing program in IBM Mainframe Project Management, creating Advertising Expenses Report, AP/(Account Payable), AR/(Account Receivable), Timard, Journal Ledger Report, Bank Reconciliation, Pay Audit Report, Prior PeriodxAdjustment Report.
  • Programming using COBOL, DB2, CICS, JCL, UNIX and Lawson FI Application.
  • Knowledge in Oracle/8i Database administration backup and recovery, performance and tuning, Tuning the Buffer Cache, Tuning the Redo Log Buffer, Tuning the Shared Pool, Tuning Rollback Segments, Managing table, Managing Index, Database Configuration and me/O issues, Reorganizing data, Managing password security and resources, Managing users, Managing privileges and roles.


Programmer Analyst


  • Assigned Project Managers to oversee cost, schedule, and performance of component projects while working to ensure ultimate success and acceptance of program.
  • Designed and developed a Customer Module to integrate wif an Oracle Financial Package. Developed front-end business logic, forms/reports.
  • Designed, developed and documented data conversion from legacy system to Oracle GL. Identified specific data elements and orchestrated data migration from DB2 legacy to Oracle/8i OS/390 system for Telephone Bhawan

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