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Sr.sap Bi / Bw / Bobj Consultant Resume

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Sunnyvale, CA


  • 10+ years of professional experience in development and implementation of Business Applications using SAP BW 7.3 / BI 7.0 / BW 3.5, Business Objects BI 4.1 / 4.0 / BO XI 3.1 / 3.X, R/3 & ECC, CRM, SRM, SCM, APO, SD, MM, PP, HR, HCM, FI/CO, FI - GL, FI-AP, FI-AR and ABAP/4 programming.
  • Experience in handling projects from different sectors - IS Utilities, Retail, Sales, and Finance
  • Good knowledge and understanding of various cross functional business processes in the area of Sales & Finance such as OTC ( Order to Cash ), P2P ( Procure to Pay ) etc.
  • Experience in full life cycle of the project i.e., requirements gathering, analysis, documentation, designing, developing, implementing, testing, deploying and supporting solutions.
  • Hands on experience in Dimensional Data Modeling, Star Schema Modeling, Snow Flake Modeling, Physical and Logical Data Modeling.
  • 6+ years of experience in life cycle Implementation of BW/BI which includes ABAP, Data-Modeling, Data Extraction, Generic Extraction, Data Loading, Data Staging, Scheduling, Monitoring, LO Cockpit, BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, Web Application Designer, Designing and Creating Custom Objects, InfoObjects, DSO, InfoCubes, Transfer Rules, Update Rules, Communication Structure, Transfer Structure, Transformations, DTP, Info Packages and Process Chains.
  • Thorough understanding of SAP BW’s architecture (ETL and Reporting)
  • Excellent domain knowledge in Energy & Utilities including SAP IS Utilities and SMART METERS.
  • Used IS-U for managing and billing residential, commercial, industrial and prospective customers
  • Involved in Planning & Analysis capabilities for the user to run simulations and perform various tasks such as budget calculations etc.
  • Excellent skills to work with Flat File Extraction, Customer generated extractors such as CO-PA, FI-SL and LIS, BI Content Data Sources and extraction models including Full and Delta updates.
  • Excellent skills on Performance Tuning on data loading and query performance
  • Worked on performance tuning by creating Aggregates, Indexes, Compression and Data Partitioning within the InfoCubes. Also used BW Statistics to improve the performance
  • Good experience in dealing with both SAP and Non-SAP systems.
  • Developed all kinds of Routines (Start Routine, End Routine and Expert Routine) during the creation of Transformations and DTP’s.
  • Extensively worked on BW / BI Accelerator to improve query performance.
  • Extensively Worked on BI 7.0 Data Monitor, OLTP extraction, Loading (Full / Delta Up-Load), Error Debugging and Rectification, Scheduling, Monitoring, Process Chains and Remote Cubes.
  • Worked on ABAP/4 programming for enhancing standard R/3 Data Sources, creating Transformations, Transfer and Update Rules, Routines and Customer Exits in BI/BW.
  • Managed and overseen the design and development of ABAP user exits and BI BADI/CMOD enhancements. Used and Created Info Spokes for Open Hub Services.
  • Excellent Knowledge and working experience with BW 7.3
  • Involved in upgrading the system from BI 7.0 to BW 7.3
  • Involved in entire migration of the BW 3.5 system to BI 7.0 system
  • Worked on transporting BW Objects from development system across the landscape ( Dev to Quality to Production ) through Transport Connection.
  • Extensive experience in Production Support, Data loads, Validation and trouble shooting of Transaction Data and Master Data, Transport Management, Roles & Security, System Checks, Performance tuning and Process Chains.
  • Good Knowledge and experience on SAP HANA and was part of BW 7.3 on HANA implementation.
  • Knowledge of HANA Modeling and integration of SAP Business Objects Front end tools such as Dashboards (Xcelsius), Web Intelligence and UDT with SAP HANA and BI.
  • Good understanding of Columnar Data Storage & In-Memory computing architecture of SAP HANA.
  • Excellent knowledge and very good work experience in designing reports using Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Xcelsius / Dashboards, CMC, CCM, Universe Designer, BI Launchpad, Infoview, IDT, UDT, Business Objects Administration, Desktop Intelligence, Live Office and QaaWs
  • Extensively worked on Business objects reporting using Xcelsius, Webi and Crystal Reports.
  • Hands on experience on Business Objects 4.1 / 4.0 Report development using interactive analysis (WEBI).
  • Developed sample Universe in Business Objects 4.1 / 4.0 using Information Design Tool (Universe Designer).
  • Created OLAP Universes on BEx queries and BI Info Providers.
  • Expert on BEx Reporting. Worked on front-end Business Warehouse components using Queries, Workbooks, Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Structures, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions, Ad-hoc Queries, BEx Analyzer, Query Designer, Web application designer (WAD), Information Broadcaster, Information Design Tool (IDT) and Universe Design Tool (UDT)
  • Extensively worked on Complex reports such as Reports on Virtual Key figures, Dashboard/Cockpit reports, RRI etc.
  • Extensively used various features such as Joins, Alias and Contexts in Universe designer to overcome various Traps (Chasm, Fan) and Loops.
  • Experience in building and retrieving data using Universes, Personal data files, and creating complex ad-hoc Reports using the Business Objects suite applications.
  • Extensively used advanced reporting functionalities such as Master Detailed, Drill, Filters, Ranking, Sections, Tabs, Graphs and Breaks.
  • Extensive Experience in migration of Business Objects Universes and reports to newer versions.
  • Extensive database architecture and design skills of working on high performance solutions in large corporate environments.
  • Proficient with various RDBMS technologies including Oracle, MS SQL and MS Access
  • Experience in Xcelsius to create dashboards using Live Office and QaaWS.
  • Working knowledge on Migration tools: Upgrade Manager, Import Wizard and Publishing Wizard.
  • Solid Experience in writing Transact SQL, stored procedures, functions, packages, data base triggers, cursors and exception handlers.
  • Experienced in conducting design sessions to evolve System Specifications and Test Plans with the ability to handle training sessions and documentation.
  • Involved in review meetings with Project Managers, Developers and Business Associates during Project Planning, Coordination and implementing various QA methodologies.
  • Very good experience working and dealing with Onsite-Offshore model.
  • Extensively involved in End User training, Class room training as well as Developer Training.
  • Created Technical Specifications, Training Manuals etc. Developed User Training Guide document for business objects.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, management and interpersonal skills.


Data Warehouse App's: SAP BW 7.3, SAP BI 7.0, SAP BW 3.5 / 3.1C / 3.0B

ERP Packages: ECC 6.0, SAP R / 3 Version 4.7 / 4.6C / 4.6B

Reporting / Design Tools: BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, Web Application Designer, SAP BO BI 4.1/4.0, BO XI 3.X, Web Intelligence, Crystal Report, Xcelsius / Dashboards, Desktop Intelligence, Live Office, QaaWs, CMC, Infoview, BI Launchpad, CCM, IDT & UDT

Programming Languages: ABAP / 4, Java / J2EE, C

IDE's: SAP BOBI Workbench, Eclipse, My Eclipse

Data base Technologies: Oracle, MS-SQL Server, MS Access

Server Technologies: Apache Tomcat, IIS, BEA Web logic

Scripting Languages: HTML, JavaScript, Ajax

Other Tools / Products: Citrix, MS VSS

Microsoft Office Suite: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint

Operating System: Windows 9 / XP / VISTA / 7, Unix


Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Sr.SAP BI / BW / BOBJ Consultant


  • Was part of the Production Support team and worked on the day to day production support requests from the users.
  • Handled multiple new and existing requests from the users and worked closely with the business to do the gap analysis
  • Proposed possible solutions to the users based on the existing issues and enhancement requests and subsequently worked on implementing the solution
  • Showcase the reports to the business after meeting the enhancement requests and resolving the issues and get an approval / sign-off for the report to GO LIVE into Production
  • Examined the data in the backend InfoProviders and debugged the data mismatches in reports by careful inspection of Master Data & Transaction data.
  • Worked extensively on Universe Design & Development and enhanced the existing Universe's by adding new objects based on the report requirement.
  • Developed Universe using Information Design Tool (IDT) in BO BI 4.1.
  • Created Joins, Parsed the objects, Resolved Loops in the Universe by using Aliases (Alias names for Tables where several fields have the SAME Master Data Text Table) and Contexts, and checked the Integrity and Cardinality of the Universe.
  • Worked exclusively with Joins in Universe Design / Development such as Inner Join, Left Outer Join & Right Outer Join etc.
  • Worked with both Relational Universe's and OLAP Universe's and designed several WEB-I reports on top of these Universe's.
  • Worked on end-to-end implementation of several Web Intelligence reports based on Multiple data sources ( SAP & NON SAP Data )
  • Identified and subsequently rectified the data issues in front end Web-Intelligence reports when compared to the data in the BW backend.
  • Designed several WEB-I reports such as MDR Report, STAPLER Report, Deactivated Systems Report, Notification Aging Report, IBASE Systems & Components Report etc.
  • Developed complex WEB-I reports using MULTIPLE Universe's as the data source.
  • Successfully designed various WEB-I documents with multiple report tabs and each of these report tabs used to have several columns ( sometimes 50 columns in a single report tab ).
  • Worked with Query Filters, Report Filters, Input Controls, Block Filters and Filter Bars etc, while designing WEB-I Reports.
  • Extensively worked with Merged Dimensions and Detail Objects in WEB-I in order to show the data coming from multiple universe's in a single Table / Block within a report.
  • Used Conditional Formatting in WEB-I reports so that the business can easily distinguish data in the report based on various COLOR CODES and highlighting.
  • Worked on formatting the WEB-I Reports and resolved issues when trying to export these documents to EXCEL.
  • Worked with BO Administration tools such as CCM & CMC etc to monitor the health of the servers and carry out various administration related tasks.
  • Used IDT to modify / change the connection parameters and subsequently test the database connections etc. ( SSO / Shared ).
  • Used the Promotion Management in CMC to move the reports from Development to Quality / Production.

Environment: SAP BW 7.4, SAP BO BI 4.1, IDT, Universe Designer, WEB-I 4.1, SAP FI/CO, SAP CRM, SAP ECC 6 with EHP 6 etc.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Sr.SAP BI / BW / BOBJ Analyst


  • Was part of the Finance Go-Live team right from the requirements gathering to development and implementation.
  • Worked on POSDM & Merchandizing modules and has a very good understanding of the RETAIL business model
  • Worked on identifying and modeling various FI data sources and Logistics data sources required for reporting
  • Designed and made necessary changes to the BW backend Infoproviders (such as Multiprovider, InfoCube, DSO, Characteristic InfoObject etc.) to meet the report requirements.
  • Included the necessary characteristics and modeled them accordingly (either in its Physical Form or as a Navigational Attribute of existing characteristic) in the backend Infoproviders (Multiprovider, InfoCube, DSO etc.)
  • Worked extensively on BEx Query Designer and BEx Analyzer, and designed queries on top of various FI related Multi-providers and Logistics Multi-providers.
  • Used BICS connection to access backend BEx queries / data sources from BO 4.1 and subsequently designed WEB-I reports using BICS connection.
  • Used SAP Single Sign On (SSO) as log-on verification from BOBJ to BW.
  • Used IDT to manage and maintain BICS connection.
  • Extensively worked with CMC to carry out various administration related tasks and other activities related to BOBJ.
  • Created several BEx queries using characteristics in various forms such as physical characteristics, free characteristics, navigational attributes, and characteristics with time-dependent hierarchies, characteristic value variables and used Key figures with complex calculations, restricted key-figures, calculated key figures, formula variables, exceptions and conditions etc.
  • Used BW transactions such as RSA1, RSD1, LISTCUBE etc to maintain BW objects and data apart from taking care of transport management of BEx queries.
  • Extensively used BEx Analyzer and used queries with variables and filters to generate workbooks.
  • Worked on end-to-end implementation of several Web Intelligence reports in Finance module ( based on GL, AP & AR ).
  • Worked on several reports such as Detail Transaction Reports, Operating Expense Reports, Pharmacy Reports, Weekly Labor Sales Comparison Report ( Departments & Stores ) etc.
  • Implemented the Drill-through functionality from a BPC report to a WEB-I document using OPEN DOC URL concept in order to display the detail level information for a particular PROFIT CENTER (Store) & COST CENTER (Department) combination.
  • Worked with Promotion Management in CMC to transport reports from one environment to other. ( BOBJ DEV / QA / PROD ).
  • Worked on setting up BOBJ Publications for Finance reports & published the reports to various destinations such as a File System / BI Inbox / Enterprise Recipients etc and emailed them to the account managers.
  • Adhered to SAP best practices to design BEx queries and WEB-I reports for performance optimization of Financial reports.
  • Conducted workshops, meetings etc. for end users to train them on how to use various tools in order to achieve the desired results.

Environment: SAP BW 7.3, SAP BO BI 4.1, IDT, WEB-I 4.1, SAP BEx Query Designer, SAP BEx Analyzer, SAP FI, SAP POSDM, SAP ECC 6 with EHP 6 etc.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Sr.SAP BI / BW / BOBJ Analyst


  • Interacted with business users to analyze the report requirements.
  • Study the FDS for every report and identify the gaps and subsequently get clarifications from the business / functional team.
  • Worked on modeling various HR data sources in Personnel Management including Personnel Administration, Recruitment, Organization Structure, Compensation Management and Personnel Development.
  • Managed and overseen the design and development of ABAP user exits, used exit variables and created custom variables to fulfill the reporting requirements.
  • Designed and maintained BW Process Chains. Scheduled and monitored jobs including Process Chain administration.
  • Worked extensively on BEx Query Designer and BEx Analyzer, and designed queries on top of various HR Super Sensitive Multi-providers and HR Sensitive Multi-providers.
  • Imported the existing roles from BI/BW system to BO using CMC as the base for business objects data level SECURITY.
  • Inherited the SECURITY (Users, Roles and Authorizations) configured in the back-end BI/BW system into the BOBJ reporting layer.
  • Created Aggregates to do performance tuning so that it improves the query performance.
  • Worked in areas such as Master Data Attribute Change Run, Aggregate Analysis, Compression Techniques and Query Parallel Processing to improve the performance.
  • Created custom hierarchies to aid in Drill-Through analysis of Web Intelligence documents and built cascading prompts.
  • Worked on end-to-end implementation of several Web Intelligence reports in HR module right from the functional specs, design, development, SIT, UAT to post go-live support of these reports.
  • Worked on several HR reports which give information such as Employee Headcount Summary, Closed Requisitions, Employee Emergency Contact Information, Employee Details, Employee Sabbatical Information, Employee Leave of Absence etc.
  • Extensively worked with Web-I 4.0 reports based on BW hierarchies and has a very good understanding of designing complex reports based on hierarchical data and otherwise.
  • Created the reports using Business Objects functionalities like Queries, Slice and Dice, Drill down, Functions, Cross Tab, Master Detail and Formulas etc.
  • Implemented Buttons in Web-I reports using JavaScript / HTML to pop up the Selection Criteria, which is similar to the REFRESH functionality in a Web-Intelligence document.
  • Worked on formatting several existing Web-I reports and made necessary tweaks so that the outputs when exported to Excel, PDF and other versions look good.
  • Excellent knowledge using CMC to administer the Web-Intelligence reports and the associated reporting servers.
  • Very good understanding and experience on performance optimization of Web-Intelligence reports using various techniques such as query stripping, minimizing ad-hoc objects etc.
  • Worked on designing the Web-I technical specifications documents for all the reports and maintained the project related documentation on the portal.
  • Responsible for communications, change management and training business users.
  • Trained the business users on effectively using various business objects reporting tools in order to meet their needs and requirements.

Environment: SAP BW 7.3, SAP BO BI 4.0, IDT, WEB-I 4.0, SAP BEx Query Designer, SAP BEx Analyzer, SAP HR / HCM, SAP ECC 6.0 etc.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Sr.SAP BI / BW / BOBJ Consultant


  • Actively involved in requirement gathering, KPI Analysis, gap analysis, Design and implementation of Project.
  • Tasks include studying business process and understanding landscape and architecture for BW configuration. Worked on data modeling and reporting.
  • Extracted Data from Existing BI Info Providers and ECC Custom Data Sources using Generic extraction and also using Flat files.
  • Extensively worked with Logistic extractors ( LO Extraction ) and extracted data from SD, MM, PP & QM modules.
  • Good experience in handling DELTA issues that arise out of LOGISTICS Data Extraction.
  • Implemented Start/End routines and Expert Routines within Transformations and loaded data from Multiple data sources to a single target InfoProvider.
  • Worked on User-specific planning layouts and interactive planning books to integrate people from different departments, and even different companies into forecasting process
  • Used Collaborative Demand Planning to build a forecast together with suppliers, customers and other business partners
  • Used promotions and forecast overrides to add marketing intelligence and make management adjustments
  • Loaded actual and / or planned data into Demand Planning from a BW, R/3 and flat file systems
  • Build Transactional and Master Data Process Chains for periodic upload of data.
  • Involved in upgrading the system from BI 7.0 to BW 7.3 and development activities within BW 7.3.
  • Involved in configuration of BW 7.3 landscape such as establishing connectivity to other systems and dealing with security etc.
  • Worked with HANA optimized DSO's in BW 7.3 for best possible performance and to save memory.
  • Worked with Semantic Partitioned Objects in BW 7.3 to store month-wise data in each partition.
  • Generated various reports in Finance, Sales, Plant Maintenance, Earnings Optimization (EO), HR and SRM modules on top of HANA.
  • Acquired good understanding and knowledge of SAP HANA Attribute Views, SAP HANA Analytic Views and SAP HANA Calculation Views
  • Worked on Order to Cash ( OTC ) business process ( Sales, Delivery, Shipping, Billing etc )
  • Created a cube that provides various overviews on the sales process. Sales overview ZSD C03.
  • Modified existing queries on various Info Cubes related to SD and HR-Payroll.
  • Extensively worked on BO BI 4.0 & BO XI 3.1 for reporting purposes.
  • Configure the SAP authentication in BO 4.0 and enable Single Sign on for the users to access BI launch pad from SAP portal.
  • Developed WEBI Reports/ Dashboards / Universes (using IDT) in BO 4.0 Environment.
  • Worked on integrating BO 4.0 with various SAP data sources such as SAP BI / BW / CRM and ECC
  • Used Upgrade Manager to migrate the objects from BO XI 3.1 to BO 4.0
  • Used Import Wizard / Life Cycle Management (LCM) / Promotion Management to transport objects
  • Worked with Sales Dashboard, Purchasing Dashboard, Finance Dashboard and related reports.
  • Key metrics such as procure to pay cycle times, diversity spends, cash discounts captured and missed spanning across different subject areas has been re-created using Xcelsius.
  • Used advanced universe functionalities like Derived tables, Index Awareness, Custom LOVs.
  • Designed and Developed BO reports for Budget Input Application using Web Intelligence.
  • Generated various reports on top of SAP data sources such as Infocubes, DSO and Multiprovider etc.
  • Worked extensively on testing, end user documentation and power user training.

Environment: SAP BW 7.3 / BI 7.0 / BW 3.5, ECC 6.0, FICO, SD, PP, MM, CRM, APO Demand Planning Tool, Logistics and Inventory, SAP Business Objects 4.0 Interactive Analysis (Webi), BO 4.0 Analysis, Edition for OLAP, Business Objects Dashboard (Xcelcius), BO XI 3.1

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Sr.SAP BI / BOBJ Consultant


  • Worked on on-going enhancements and resolved various issues
  • Enhanced standard LO DataSource to include additional Z Fields based on the client's requirement.
  • Loaded Sales Order Data using LO extraction to first level DSO & subsequently to Daily SALES CUBE.
  • Activated Sale Cubes and Purchasing Cubes from Business Content
  • Worked on OTC business process which includes Sales Order Processing, Delivery, Shipping, Pricing and Promotions.
  • Worked on migrating the project from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0
  • Migrated BW 3.5 Queries to BI 7.0 Queries in Unicode form.
  • Created and migrated the Queries, Workbooks, Views, Data Flow, Design from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0
  • Tested the developed objects before pushing them to production
  • Built aggregates on various cubes to improve the performance of queries
  • Designed and Developed WEBI Reports for Sales summary and Point of Sale Reports, Crystal Reports for the Finance AR, AP and GL.
  • Interacting with users for customized and standard reports, gap analysis and associated solutions.
  • Designed and developed functional specifications, technical specifications for BOBJ reporting on top of SAP BI/BW, R/3 systems as per the system landscape
  • Involved in installation and configuration of BO Enterprise XI components, InfoView, Xcelsius, Crystal Reports, Live Office, SAP BI/ BOBJ Integration Kit.
  • Designed, Created, and implemented Universes, WebI Reports, Crystal Reports, and Xcelsius Dashboards using best practices.
  • Designed and Developed WEBI Reports for Sales summary and Point of Sale, Crystal Reports for the Finance AR, AP and GL.
  • Created OLAP Universes on SAP data (Infocubes / BEx queries) and Relational Universes on Non-SAP data.
  • Creating multi-layered Xcelsius dashboards to display various components and included Filters, List View, table, Line, Column and Pie charts.
  • Developed dashboards which get the complete details of the sales info for the client to analyze the scenario and a simulation model for the projected sales for various products
  • Designed and developed Xcelsius dashboard for Supplier spend analytics in the area of Suppler Relationship Management (Procure-to-Pay)
  • Created Xcelsius Dashboards for Accounts Payable Metrics (days payable outstanding, average payable period), Budget vs. Actual Performance Metrics.
  • Developed dashboards which get the complete details of the sales info for the client to analyze the scenario and a simulation model for the projected sales for various products
  • Worked with Admin Team to integrate Dashboards, Reports into Enterprise Portal and InfoView for end user access.
  • Developed Daily Sales volume dashboard per Region and product group using BEX Analyzer, Universe Designer, QaaWS, and Xcelsius.
  • Created detailed reports with Drill-down capability using Web Intelligence in InfoView, worked on Ad hoc Query, Reporting, and Analysis.
  • Developed BEX Queries in 7.0 Query Designer, created variables and filters to restrict the data to increase the performance.
  • Consolidation of reports by groups/regions and designing templates catering to the needs of sourcing/financial analysts & material and cost specialists
  • Used Stored Procedures in developing reports to comply with the results based on the requirement.
  • Extensively used procedures to establish proper linking between the tables and retrieved data as needed.
  • Extensively used the wizard in WAD and published the reports on Enterprise Portal as I Views.
  • Worked with BEx Broadcaster to schedule monthly sales reports as e-mail to the users.

Environment: Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1, SAP BI 7.0, BW 3.5, ECC 6.0, FICO, SD, PP, MM, Business Explorer (BEx), Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, Crystal Reports, Universe Designer, Enterprise Portal, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, InfoView, QAAWS, Live Office

Confidential, Omaha, NE

Sr.SAP BI / BOBJ Consultant


  • Involved in requirement gathering including interviews, brainstorms and meetings with stakeholders and created requirement specification artifacts around reporting needs.
  • Cross-functional Technical Lead: Responsible for all technical issues across various models from a coding / performance standpoint for the entire BW Team.
  • Used CO-PA extraction and subsequently generated reports based on that data
  • Extracted the New GL data to General Ledger (New) 0FIGL C10; Accounts Payable data to AP: Transaction Data 0FIAP C02, AP: Line Items 0FIAP C03; Accounts Receivable data to AR: Transaction Data 0FIAR C02, AR: Line Items 0FIAR C03.
  • Setup appropriate staging area DSOs, Infocubes, Aggregation Levels and MultiProviders.
  • As a part of Production support, involved in monitoring Delta loads, identifying load failures and monitoring the performance of the system along with documentation and other activities.
  • Install/Configure BOBJ Enterprise XI 3.1, Crystal Reports 2008, Rapid Marts, Xcelsius 2008 and Live Office Configured SAP Integration KIT to connect BOBJ to SAP BW and SAP ECC.
  • Designed/Developed WEBI Reports, Crystal Reports, Xcelsius dashboards for Finance and Sales to represent several KPI’s and Analytics.
  • Built BEx Queries using characteristic restrictions, filters, conditions, exceptions, restricted key figures, calculated key figures and conditional formatting to generate reports based on the requirement.
  • Developed BEX Queries in 7.0 Query Designer, created variables and filters to restrict the data to increase the performance.
  • Created BEx reports using filters, calculated key figures, and restricted key figures for use in BOBJ Tools like Universe Designer.
  • Created BEx queries for reports in areas like Finance and Inventory Management.
  • Developed flexible queries using filters, navigational attributes, variables in BEx analyzer to facilitate data analysis in a drill down or summarized way to give detailed level of information.
  • Worked on BEx Analyzer to execute reports based on BEx queries.
  • Broadcasted reports (Crystal and WebI) to individual recipients using InfoView scheduling functionality.
  • Created detailed crystal reports using Formulas, Parameters and Grouping functionality.
  • Responsible for testing, end user documentation and power user training.

Environment: BI 7.0 / BW 3.5, BO XI 3.1, ECC 6.0, CRM 4.0, BO XI 3.1, BEx, MM, SD, FICO, PP

Confidential, Toledo, Ohio

Sr.SAP BI / BW Consultant


  • Involved in requirement gathering including interviews, brainstorms and meetings with stakeholders and created requirement specification artifacts around reporting needs.
  • Used IS-U Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA) component to manage large number of postings from billing and budget billing requests
  • Used IS-U Billing component for billing standard divisions such as Electricity, Gas, Water and District Heating services etc.
  • Used IS-U Invoicing component to group several services and invoice them on one bill. Also used this component to calculate and charge fees and taxes
  • Used Energy Data Management (EDM) solution to meet the requirements of interval reading, schedule management and the billing of interval energy consumption.
  • Worked on SAP Business Information Warehouse for the utilities industry.
  • Was part of Support Team activities, Upgrade activities & Development / Enhancement activities
  • Support activities including various BW day to day load activities for the client, End user / Super user problem resolution during planning cycle, Planning workbook issues, System environment and SAP GUI Problems
  • Monitor and Clarify tickets, Queries, SLA’s, Status and Follow-up activities with the team
  • Hierarchy Loads, Integration between other landscapes in downstream
  • Extensively used the @functions and Aggregate Aware feature. Worked on back end views, tables required by the business objects universes.
  • Created and defined the Hierarchies for various reports based on the Business rules of the Organization.
  • Experience developing Crystal Reports 2008 using Business Views within Business Objects Enterprise.
  • Experience developing Crystal Reports 2008 on top of SAP BW and CRM
  • Designed standard reports and cross-tab reports according to the specifications using Crystal Reports 2008.
  • Install / Configure BOBJ Enterprise XI 3.1, Crystal Reports 2008, Rapid Marts and Live Office
  • Configured SAP Integration KIT to connect BOBJ to SAP BW and SAP ECC.
  • Created complex reports which include different Crystal features such as Charts, Maps, Grouping, Sorting, Alerting, Drill-down, Field highlighting, Parameter prompts and different types of Crystal Reports: Cross-tab, Conditional, Drill-down, Sub reports.
  • Troubleshoot errors for reports and universes. Fixed them to work as per the business needs.
  • Conduct peer reviews for all models to ensure scalability of data models to multiple scenarios and meet client specifications.

Environment: SAP IS-U, EDM, BI 7.0, BW 3.5, BO XI 3.1, ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, SRM, SD, Crystal Reports 2008

Confidential, Tucson, AZ

SAP BW Consultant


  • Involved in Extended Star Schema Design using multiple dimensions and fact tables
  • Worked on line item dimensions
  • Created data sources using generic and application specific extraction (LIS) for SD and MM modules and loaded the business content
  • Designed and developed Info cubes, Info Sources and loaded data from SD module to BW
  • Used ABAP Routines (Start Routines, Update Routines) in Update rules and Transfer Rules to update characteristics and Key Figures in the Info Cubes
  • Created Info Packages and Info Package Groups to do Full, Initial, and Delta extraction for both Master data and Transaction data
  • Involved in setting up roles, profiles and authorization objects
  • Designed custom Sales order Info cube and defined transfer rules and update rules
  • Designed custom delivery cube and created MultiCube based on delivery and sales order Info Cubes
  • Designed custom ODS for the material movements and designed loading strategies
  • Understanding of Performance improvement using aggregates in reporting
  • Modified the Application-Specific to Generic Data Extractors in LIS, FI-SL and cross-applications.
  • Activation of standard Info Cubes and definition of new Info Cubes
  • Worked extensively on BEx Analyzer and customized the reports creating variables, exceptions and conditions

Environment: SAP BW 3.1C, SAP R/3 4.6C, ABAP/4, SD and MM

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