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Sap Sd/le Functional Consultant Resume

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San Jose, CA


  • Accomplished professional with Seven years experience and proven track record of success in implementing SAP modules such as Sales & Distribution (SD), Logistics Execution (LE), Global Trade Service (GTS) along with cross - functional integration with FICO, Materials Management (MM).
  • Profound knowledge of business processes through operational expertise in a diverse industrial environment; Industries include Automotive, Manufacturing, Chemical, and Consumer Products. Experience emphasizes in configuration, implementation, Upgrade and support of SAP R/3, ECC SD Module.
  • Two full life cycle implementation experience with ASAP methodology - Scoping, Project Preparation, Business Blue Printing, Realization, Final Preparation, Go-Live and continuous support including AS IS - TO BE and Gap analysis to Cut-Over Support.
  • Experience in Variant Configuration by determining characteristics, class, configuration profile, object dependencies, simulation and variant pricing.
  • Expertise in Testing- Unit testing, string testing, scenario testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Regression testing and experience on HP quality center and Extended computer aided testing tool (eCATT)
  • Experienced in SAP EDI/IDOC, ALE, and BAPI’S. Determined Partners and Output, created Partner Profiles, IDOC extensions and IDOC types, verified outbound IDOC and inbound IDOC, ALE, Workflow basics, User Exits, Reports, and Smart Forms
  • Worked extensively on EDI set up and communication with various other outbound and inbound messages. Some of them are 810 (invoices), 850 (Orders) and 856 (ASN).
  • Extensive knowledge in preparing functional specifications for Customizing Reports, Interfaces, Enhancements, Conversions and Forms (RICEF), and conversion/transfer of master and transactional data from legacy to SAP systems (LSMW) for master data upload.
  • Knowledge of user training software like RWD Info-pack and Assima Training Suite.
  • Generated output using Intermec and Zebra type Label printers.
  • Involved in End User Training to help them familiarize with the Solution Concepts built in SAP for Extended Rebates, Intercompany Processes, Interfaces, CMIR, Material Determination, ATP and Customer Hierarchy.
  • Proactive efficient team member with excellent work/time management skills, excellent leadership, communications and Interpersonal Skills, ability to work under strict deadlines.
  • Master data: Configuration, Customization, Enhancement, Production Support and Coordination of Customer Master, Material Master, Organizational Structure and Order Management, Make to order (MTO), Make to stock (MTS), scheduling agreements, consignment orders and 3rd party order processes, contracts, inter-company business and foreign trade.
  • Configuration of Sales Documents such as Quotation, Inquiry, Orders, Credit Memo Request, Stock transport orders, Contracts as well as Delivery and Billing Documents. Configured Item Categories, Scheduling Categories and Copying Controls, Worked with Special Sales Orders, Complaints and Integration Scenarios, Availability Check, Partner Determination, Text Determination, Available-To- Promise (ATP) and Order-To-Cash (OTC).
  • Billing: Configurations including Billing Types, Complaint Documents, Billing plan, Milestone billing, Account determination Invoices, Credit Memo, Debit Memo, Rebates, Individual, Collective Billing, Inter-Company Billing and Invoice split.
  • Pricing and Taxes: Customization and configuration of Pricing Procedures, Condition Types, Condition Tables, Access Sequences and Condition Records using Pricing Techniques, along with considerable experience in processing Rebate Agreements and Tax procedures.
  • Expertise in Logistics Execution Customization of Outbound Delivery, Picking, Good Issue, Bill of Lading and worked on Material Listing, Transfer of Requirement and Availability Check.
  • Shipping and Transportation: Customization including Delivery Processing, delivery types and item categories, picking and interface with warehouse management, packing and goods issue, scheduling, Routing and Route Determination, controlling transportation processing.
  • Familiar with GTS functionality and integration with SAP ECC to meet the Clients functional needs. Implementation of industry best practices and measurements.
  • Implementation of Compliance Management and Customs Management in the Global Trade Services System (GTS)
  • Configured sales orders & delivery documents for compliance management in GTS. Familiar with the transfer control of sales documents from ECC to GTS.
  • Experience in Material Management (MM): Procure-To-Pay, Subcontracting, Stock Transport order (STO), Transfer posting, Material Master, Pricing, Inventory Management, Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Goods Return, Reservation, Account Determination, Physical Inventory process, Cycle Counting, Batch Management, Serialization, MRP (Forecast based planning and Reorder Point), Invoice Verification.


Enterprise Software: SAP R/3 4.6C, R/3 4.7, ECC 6.0: SD, LE, MM, FI CO, GTS

Operating System: Linux, UNIX, MS Windows, Mac OS

Databases: PL/SQL, MS Access

Languages: C, Mat lab

Other tools: MS Office (Excel, Word, Power point, Access, Visio, Project) ANSYS, SAS base, eCATT, LSMW


Confidential, San Jose, CA

SAP SD/LE Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, Implementation and Support


  • Customized the enterprise structure including defining the Sales organization, Distribution channels, Divisions and Business Areas.
  • Configured the Customer Master Data and defined Account Groups for Customers, Partner Functions and Partner Determination Procedure for Customer Master.
  • Defined Material Determination, Item Proposal and Number Ranges.
  • Created Standard Pricing Procedures Condition Tables, Condition Types, Access Sequence and Pricing Procedure Determination.
  • Defined and Assigned Sales Document Types, Item Category and Schedule Lines.
  • Configured and assigned number ranges Delivery Types and Billing Types.
  • Defined and Assigned Account Determination Procedures, Account Determination Tables, Condition Types and Account Keys.
  • Primarily involved in designing, configuring and implementing the OTC (Order to Cash).
  • Worked on partner determination and created new partner functions for the ultimate end user and assigned them to the existing partner determination procedure at the header and item level.
  • Configured the item categories and assigned schedule lines for the materials set up as bundles as per business requirement.
  • Changed the customer condition group in the access sequence of pricing procedure to derive the pricing from Sold to Party and created new condition records for the new customer condition group.
  • Worked with the developers in providing them functional specifications for custom reports, interfaces, conversion, enhancements and forms (RICEF).
  • Configured materials for variant configuration, maintained characteristics, classes, dependencies, configuration profile and condition records to obtain variant pricing in the pricing procedure.
  • Developed LE aspects including routes, transportation zones, shipping point determination, delivery types, batch determination, delivery split, copy controls for delivery, delivery due lists and output control.
  • Configured Route determination that includes modes of transport, shipment types, routes and stages, transportation connection points and transportation groups.
  • Configured Shipping points and Shipping point determination as per the Storage locations and Plants. Also, worked on defining transportation zones and document settings.
  • Worked extensively on EDI set up and communication with various other outbound and inbound messages. Some of them are EDI 810 (invoices), 850 (Orders), 856 (ASN).
  • Collaborated with GTS Consulting team to implement and test the integration with SD according to business requirements. Familiar with the transfer control of sales documents from ECC to GTS.
  • Co-ordination with the team for integration aspects of automatic postings to MM and FI Modules.
  • Worked in tandem with customer care & services (CCS) and business end users to execute all unit & integration test scripts and help resolve issues as they arise and get business sign off on all test scripts on HP Quality center.
  • Assigned serial numbers using serializing procedures in Goods receipt, Goods Issue, Stock transfers, Stock transport orders and Physical Inventory.

Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP SD/GTS Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 to ECC 6.0 and GTS 7.0, Up-gradation and Go live


  • Interacted with the Core Team members in Identifying and Understanding the Business Process flows. Consolidated SAP standard processes across all Halliburton professional business units.
  • Coordinated the implementation activities in entire OTC process - Sales and distribution and Logistics execution.
  • Implemented various functionalities for order management, billing, delivery, shipping and transportation module.
  • Implemented intercompany sales process and set up automatic posting via EDI and also set batch jobs for the intercompany invoice.
  • Set-up a commission’s structure and developed a comprehensive rebate agreement processing partial settlement as well as developed complex rebate settlement program for customer.
  • Worked on the configuration of Z sales document types, item categories and schedule line category types. Set up the pricing procedures with different condition types, custom routines, and custom calculation types.
  • Set up the variant configuration process and back flushing process as per the client’s requirement that differs from standard SAP.
  • Worked on various SD sub modules such as ATP, credit management, incompletion log, text determination, outputs, routes determination, listing and exclusion, material determination, partner determination, EDI, partner profiles, picking, packing.
  • Developed functional specifications and coordinated with ABAP developers on RICEFs and also did debugging to do a root cause analysis of issues in different accepts of our RICEFs.
  • Involved in the implementation of Global Trade Services GTS 7.0 from Blueprint to deployment, which included SAP Compliance Management & Customs Management.
  • Analyzed the master data objects to migrate product master data for the exporting and invoicing functionality required for GTS.
  • Set up the GTS organizational structure, legal regulations and various additional features such as maintaining external country codes, number ranges.
  • Collaborated with the business to establish conversion and extension rules for mater data, transactional data and open sales orders, deliveries and invoices.
  • Worked extensively on integration issues with MM, PP and FI.
  • Working knowledge on EDI: 850, 855, 856.
  • Configured output types and output determination for forms related to Sales Orders, Deliveries and Billing (Outputs including transmission medium External Send and EDI)
  • Configured Rebates and Commissions (setup rebate and commission agreements, created sales orders and demonstrated the procedure to business).
  • Developed test script for unit testing. Created Test Plans and Test cases and supported and performed Unit testing, Integration testing and User Acceptance testing on HP Quality center.
  • Involved in Cut-Over activities and Go - live activities. Dealt with showstopper issues as part of Production Support after Go-Live. Conducted end user training to a large group of super users.

Confidential, Lake Forest, IL

SAP SD/ GTS Functional consultant

Environment: ECC 6.0 and GTS 7.0 Full Lifecycle Implementation


  • Carried out GAP analysis and determined project requirements for interfacing SAP R/3 system as master data source for GTS.
  • Developed functional design for order to cash (OTC) cycle
  • Pricing-Created access sequences, condition types and pricing procedures.
  • Created new Pricing Procedure for the handling of Taxes and Freight charges
  • Creation of various Sales documents type such as Order type, delivery type and Billing types.
  • Creation of special business sales scenarios like Cash sales, Rush orders, Consignments.
  • Assigned Picking Locations, Defined Shipping Point Determination, Route Determination (0VRF)
  • Configured Routes, Shipping conditions in logistics execution and designed the custom plant determination procedure.
  • Implemented intercompany sales process and set up automatic posting via EDI and also set batch jobs for the intercompany invoice.
  • Carried out Batch Management involving the configuration of Batches, Batch Levels, Batch Determination and specifying the units of measure.
  • Involved in integration of SAP Global Trade Systems module, with SAP Sales and Distribution Order Management, and Order Fulfillment. Set up GTS organizational structure, legal regulations, maintained external country codes and number ranges.
  • Configured transportation, shipping process, pricing, rebates
  • Worked with movement types, deliveries, shipping conditions and storage location determination.
  • Configured Tax determination rules, regional codes, customer taxes, and material taxes.
  • Configured SAP R/3 EDI components including system-wide settings, output tables, partner profiles for both inbound and outbound transactions and message control.
  • Configuration of ATP Backorder Scheduling-Rescheduling.
  • Followed and ensured compliance as per FDA CFR part 21 regulations.
  • Processed materials with Shelf Life Expiration Date (SLED) and Serialization in the IM system.
  • Implementation of Radio Frequency (RF) and bar coding Technology with Handling Unit Management (HU).
  • Set up Revenue Recognition for item categories, setting up unbilled receivables account, billing and general billing interface.
  • Setting up master data, for plants, materials; identifying GAP’s with the existing process and the new to be process, configuring STPO’s, inter-company invoice and customer invoice (IV), (F2). Process validation, testing.

Confidential, Parsippany, NJ

SAP SD/LE Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 Full lifecycle Implementation


  • Configured the Customer Master Data, Material Master Data and Customer Hierarchy
  • Designed Copy Control Routines to Facilitate Copying Necessary Data from Sales Documents to Delivery and Billing
  • Order Management: Configured Third party Orders, Stock transport orders, Inter-company Sales Orders, Returns (Credit Memo Request &Debit Memo Request) Contracts, Schedule Agreements, and Consignment Process
  • Configured Shipping Controlling Documents modeled the Collective Delivery and designed shipping relevant functions in the order and delivery, configured WMS activities, Bill of Lading, Picking Confirmation, Packing and Goods issue tasks
  • Configured Billing Documents Types, Deliveries related Billing, Periodic and Milestone Billing, Collective Processing of Billing Documents, Individual Invoices, Collective Invoice, Invoice Splits, Invoice Lists Billing Plans
  • Integration with MM Team to Configure Third party Order Processing, Stock Transport Orders and setting up sales Bill of Material (BOM) in Material Master
  • Responsible for the Monitoring the IDOC processing using the IDOC Monitoring tools
  • Configured Shipping points and Shipping point determination as per the Storage locations and Plants. Worked on defining transportation zones, transportation planning points, Routes and Route Determination and document settings.
  • Worked on RF devices (Intermec CN3e) using Web SAP Console. Worked on Zebra printers (ZM400) to print barcode labels
  • Worked with auto packing functionality, batch management, serialization and serial number assignments
  • Configured shelf life expiration date (SLED) for batch managed materials.
  • Involved in Unit and Integration testing for Order-to-Cash Transactions
  • Worked on Material Determination, Material Exclusion, Listing, Product Proposal and Inter-Company Billing.
  • Hands on experience with eCATT tools like SCAT and LSMW for data migration and batch input.
  • Worked on ABAP Queries, BAPI for contracts and also wrote functional specification for Order management.

Confidential, Boston, MA

SAP SD Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7, Implementation


  • Responsible for gathering requirement analysis and development of the application through interactions with business process owners in relation to legacy and current systems
  • Supported survey of functional specifications for the SD, FI, MM and WM
  • Created master data for SD module - Customer, Material, Customer-Material and pricing
  • Analyzed, designed and configured Pricing procedures. Created new Condition Types and Access sequences and Tables, to accommodate the requirements of client. Configured condition exclusion for group to get best price.
  • Configured SD Revenue Recognition, milestone billing plans, copy rules, billing blocks and billing types to support inbound & outbound transaction scenarios
  • Established and configured the tax determination.
  • Modified copy rule to have PO number copied from reference document to return order.
  • Developed reports to show Customer Partner Hierarchy.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

SAP SD/LE Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 4.6C Implementation and Support


  • Worked with the Master Data Team in identifying the Customer Master and Material Master Fields required as per the business
  • Configured the various Sales document types for Inquiries, Quotations and Sales Orders. Created Various Account groups and the Customer Masters as per Business.
  • Configured Order-to-cash Business Processes with New Sales Document Types, New Item Categories, Delivery Document Types and Billing Document Types including the Copy Controls and Routines to take care of Requirements and Data Transfer Routines
  • Configured the Pricing procedures by defining and configuring various condition types, condition tables, access sequences and condition record. Maintained Product Pricing Strategy by using Pricing Procedures-Including Discounts, Surcharges and Pricing Conditions
  • Configured Billing Documents Types, Deliveries related Billing, Periodic and Milestone Billing, Collective Processing of Billing Documents, Individual Invoices, Collective Invoice, Invoice Splits, Invoice Lists Billing Plans
  • Configured Shipping points and Shipping point determination as per the Storage locations and Plants. Also, worked on defining transportation zones, transportation planning points and document settings
  • Routes and Route Determination by making individual considerations to the business needs and accordingly making the usage of the Weight factor
  • Worked on Availability (ATP) Checks, Transfer of Requirements, Back Order Processing, Rescheduling Deliveries, BOM and Alternate BOM


SAP SD Junior Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 Implementation and Support


  • Defined and configured Organizational structure and distributional channels and divisions
  • Setting up different Order types based on requirements for the business
  • Worked extensively on Third party order process and Order to cash process
  • Created Customer master data, material master data, and customer-material Information record, vendor master, pricing procedure, contracts, and customer groups, Partner types, access sequences.
  • Customized Sales and Distribution module and its functionality such as sales order types, pricing, shipping, billing and creating Sales Orders, Quotations.
  • Maintained prices, conversions, surcharges and discounts, defining condition tables, access sequences and condition types for pricing.
  • Utilized the Condition Technique functionality to configure pricing, text determination and output determination.
  • Customized and Configured Availability check/Transfer of Requirements
  • Assigned Credit Limit to customers as per the company policies
  • Involved in Handling SAP-S&D Support related Queries on Training End Users and troubleshooting day-to-day Problems for S&D Module Transactions.

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