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Infrastructure Consulting Contractor Resume Profile



  • Worked as a UCS Subject Matter Expert for ground up installs, remediation, and VDI rollouts on UCS platform as a consultant for Cisco Advanced Services. Architectural Engineering oversight of Enterprise compute blade clusters, SAN fabric, and applications that provided service to 1mil subscribers. Provided Architecture UCS systems targeted to run SAP, Hadoop, and Oracle systems.
  • Application Infrastructure Architect TEST/DEV/SIT/UAT Sat on Architecture review boards between DEV OPS and Infrastructure teams to drive discovery and planning meetings to vet out application infrastructure requirements as DEV projects flowed through the pipeline. Determining the best platform for the target application AWS, AZURE, Private Cloud along with rightsizing datacenter equipment Storage, Networking, Virtualization, and compute
  • VMware Horizon View Architect Worked with various business units to provide ground up designs, remediation, and support of Enterprise VMware rollouts. Specified compute, memory, and storage performance requirements to match the needs of app owners at all tiers. Provide full architectural design along with hands on ground up build for all VMware related components. Autodeploy, Host Profiles, Clustering, High Availability, DRS, virtual switching components, scripting, automation
  • Storage Networking Hands on console experience with various industry standard storage arrays and understand how they interact with today's virtualized datacenter. Familiar with LUN provisioning, NFS, CIFS, ISCSI, FC, VLANS, routing/switching, QOS, Port Channel/VPC, and cloud based technologies.
  • Systems Engineering Hands on support of IBM, HP, and Cisco based datacenters running VMware, Linux, and windows operating systems. Rack/Stack, systems imaging, datacenter migrations, P2V, cabling etc.



Infrastructure Consulting Contractor

Enterprise Architecture assessment and analysis in the areas of Applications, Tools, People, Process, and supporting infrastructure. Lead discovery meetings, deep dives, and technical discussions with client teams. Determine GAPS, provide recommendations, and roadmaps for improvement. Provide SME or Architecture support for migrations, new builds, and improvement projects.


Migration Contractor

Provided Architecture for Global CISCO UCS Deployment and transition from Dell system. Created build documentation detailing phased work streams for Datacenter facilities, Networking, Storage, Server, and Virtualization teams. High Level, Low Level, and documentation surrounding 6 vCenter builds. Developed naming convention, mac address conventions, WWPN/SAN conventions and various other standards that would allow engineering teams to easily identify unique hardware components globally. Created automation scripts to migrate virtual machines from old vCenters running on Dell equipment to the new vCenters running on UCS.


Servers Contractor

SCE seeks to drive out inefficiencies in their datacenter by leveraging Cisco UCS / Flexpod technologies. Working with a team of 3 high level consultants to provide guidance, hands on support, and installation of a 500 blade Cisco UCS setup. Configure VLANS, port channels, VPC's on Nexus 5K to support VMware setup. Design/build VMware configuration, design/build Cisco UCS Infrastructure, Cisco CIAC setup, self-service portals for business unites, 2000 seat VDI setup , and owned L1 support during the handoff back to SCE.


VMware Architect Obamacare Contractor

CGI provides managed Cloud services to various state and federal agencies. Provided contract Cisco UCS infrastructure engineering assistance for the Obamacare / Affordable Health Care Act project. Provided high level technical guidance, reviewed quotes for technical accuracy, reviewed SLA's and performed assessments to determine what could be done insure that the systems were robust enough to meet contractual agreements. Provide engineering support for managed services clients running VMware view 5.2 application packaging via ThinApp.


Practice Contractor

VCE/Cisco field deployment teams required a Network, Storage, and Virtualization specialist on each install. Successful as a resource for each required discipline. Having working knowledge of complete system allowed EMC to use as resident resource and facilitate the knowledge transfer to internal teams.

  • Installs, upgrades, strategic guidance, Netapp SAN/MDS, customer-facing engagements.
  • Work with Top Tier Cable vendors as they transition to the Cisco UCS FLEXPOD / VBLOCK platform.
  • Design / Deploy VMware view VDI VMware advanced configurations.
  • Served as admin for 2PB Netapp system for subscriber based systems.

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