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Senior Sap Abap Consultant Resume Profile


  • 8 years of experience as an SAP Techno Functional Consultant in SAP ECC and R/3 ABAP Developer, Techno-Functional/Technical Experience in multiple Functional Modules like MM, SD, PM, QM, FI/CO, PP, SRM, LE.
  • Involved in Implementation, Support activities and Experience in SAP Versions ECC 6.0, 5.0, 4.7C.
  • Having Good knowledge on Functional data flows and Table information in ECC system.
  • Worked on different phases of software development life cycle, which includes understanding client requirements, proposing time estimates, designing, developing, unit testing, integration testing, supporting user testing, transports to production environment and post implementation support.
  • Experience in Developing ALV Reports, Interactive Reports / Drill-Down Reports, Blocked reports, and Conventional Reports Print Lists BAPI / RFC Function modules Dynpro / Dialog Programming, Screen Painter to create Custom Screens User Exits / BADIs / Enhancements, ABAP Workbench Tools ABAP Dictionary, ABAP Editor, Function Builder, and Transactions, ABAP Data Dictionary Z Tables.
  • Experience in writing Z Programs including Module pool programs from scratch, and fixing existing ABAP programs.
  • Multiple projects on Data Migration with BDCs, Legacy System Migration workbench LSMW for data upload for various SAP Projects.
  • Experience in Debugging of different SAP Business Processes.
  • Good experience of configuring ALE and IDOC's Interfaces.
  • Good experience in Dialog Programming, designing and developing layouts and forms using SMARTFORMS and SAP Scripts.
  • Experience creating Generic Extractors view/function module in ECC to data transfer from ECC to BW system.
  • Good knowledge in creating Web Dynpro Applications.
  • Expertise in performance analysis and tuning using various tools like run time analysis and SQL trace.
  • Experience in the Development and Execution of Test Cases/Test Plans/ Unit Test Plans UTP , Test Scenarios, Technical Unit Testing, Integration Testing, and User Acceptance Testing UAT .
  • Knowledge in Workflow development using SAP Workflow Tools.
  • Has strong good knowledge and experience in SAP MM
  • Knowledge in SAP IS oil and gas.
  • Experience in providing Web services using RFC function modules to the third party to connect with SAP and perform transactions.
  • Have experience in RCM Rail car management from technical front.
  • Extensive worked on Order to Cash with Inquiry, Quotation, Delivery, Sales Order and Billing.
  • Hands on experience in configuring core concepts of SAP MM like LSMW, P2P Process, Material mater, Vendor mater, RFQ's, Contracts, Scheduling Agreements and maintaining the schedules, Quotations.
  • Proficient in the Inventory management areas such as Goods Receipts, Goods Issues, Stock Transfers and Movement Type Configuration.


  • R/3 Objects Tables, Views, Search Help, Indexing and Buffering Concepts
  • Data Dictionary Structures, Domains and Data Elements.
  • Data Uploading BDC, Call Transaction LSMW.
  • Interfaces ALE/EDI, IDOCs, BAPI XI/PI
  • Layouts Sap-script Smart forms, Adobe interactive forms.
  • Reports Classical, Interactive ALV Application List Viewer
  • Module Pools Screen and Menu Painter.
  • Enhancements User Exits, Customer exits, BADI's and Enhancement Framework.
  • Web application Web Dynpro
  • SAP Modules Sales Distribution SD , Material Management MM , Warehouse Management WM , Finance/Controlling FICO , Production Planning PP , Quality management QM .

Professional Experience:


Senior SAP ABAP Consultant SAP ECC 6.0 MM, SD, PM, QM, PP.

Confidential is a leading integrated producer of polystyrene and styrene monomer, offering solutions and services to customers in a variety of markets throughout the Americas.


  • Created Sub screen for IW31/32/33 using the user exit IWO10018, to display the custom fields and used custom container to display the BOM of the equipment for maintenance order. And using explicit enhancement added custom fields in the IW38 standard report.
  • Implemented user exits for IW31 transaction using IWO10009, to check whether it is settlement order or not.
  • Created interface to get data from AL11 and place it in FTP folder. Have created a batch job, which will run weekly to move from one FTP folder to another FTP folder.
  • Created dynamic reports for QM module.
  • Understanding existing project flow, existing ABAP developments and implemented enhancement.
  • Created Screen Variant using SHDO for shipment transaction VT02N .
  • Created explicit enhancements to the standard transaction IWBK report to display extra fields.
  • Created traffic light report to display the maintenance order and navigate to IW32 to check the details.
  • Performed Performance Tuning Analysis using ABAP/4 Runtime Analysis Tool and SQL trace for query optimization to improve overall performance of report program.
  • Experience in analyzing runtime errors and debugging ABAP programs.
  • Experience with development of the ABAP data dictionary objects like structures, tables, table maintenance generators, search helps, views, domains, data elements etc.
  • Followed Company Standards / Protocols for Naming Conventions of ABAP Programs, Z Tables, Custom Screens, and Transports.
  • Create/change the necessary technical specification.
  • Used language translation in the Invoice forms and worked on decimal issue in invoice form.

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, ABAP/4 ALV, User- Exits, BADI, Interfaces, Smart forms .


Senior SAP Consultant SAP ECC 6.0 MM, SD, RCM, PM, QM, PP.

Confidential Gas operates Great Plains Synfuels. The Synfuels Plant is the only commercial-scale coal gasification plant in the United States that manufactures natural gas.


  • Understand the end user requirement by participating in requirement gathering sessions and implementing the required changes.
  • Understanding existing project flow, existing ABAP developments and implemented enhancement.
  • Have done changes to the copy control routine for copying sales order routine from the contract.
  • Wrote new Pricing routines in VOFM for a custom pricing condition to calculate price based on the other pricing conditions and delete the pricing condition when user mass updates the pricing using VA05.
  • Have created module pool screen, to make duplicates of the sales orders. When user enters the sale order and number of copies.
  • Have provided web services for RCM, WEIGHT and LOAD the rail car when the rail car is EMPTY.
  • Have provided web services to run the full cycle of SD. When there is a sales order is in place, create delivery, picking and shipment and print BOL, if the driver is valid.
  • Created module pool programs for SD, which are material specific to take the estimated production of the material. Based on the data entered by user created blocked reports for estimated and actual gas for specific materials.
  • Worked on OSEM cockpit of RCM interface with ECC issues.
  • Set Billing block on sales order based on comparing the quantity with contract quantity.
  • Took the Goods movement data from Legacy system and uploaded in the SAP system
  • Created various reports for SD, MM and FI Modules.
  • Was part of MM team, to take the issues with are related to technical.
  • Used SMARTFORMS to modify the existing layout to get the Company Header and LOGO, Supplier address, Delivery address depending on Shopping Instruction, P.O. number and Date, Purchase requisition, Purchase Agent, Payment Terms, General description, Total Purchase Order value and General terms according to customer specifications.
  • Modified bill of lading form.

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, ABAP/4 ALV, Smart forms, User- Exits, BADI, Interfaces-BDC, VOFM Routines, BAPI .


Senior SAP - ABAP Consultant SAP ECC 6.0 MM, SD, PM, QM, PP.

Confidential is a leading producer of foam innovation for the Home, Healthcare, Electronics, Industrial, Personal Care and Transportation Markets.


  • Created maintenance order report, where in user can select the row of the ALV report and can print it using the SMARTFORMS.
  • Worked on transferring data from legacy to SAP system using various data transfer techniques such as LSMW using Batch Input and Direct input and BDC for MM and SD modules.
  • Worked on interface/defects for file upload/download using file-handling techniques. Used open data to generate file.
  • Developed and modified existing FORMS using SMARTFORMS and SAP Scripts. Worked extensively on FORMS. Created new shipment FORM that is used between the federal government and vendors. Created structure, function module and a FORM where output of custom transaction is in input to the FORM.
  • Worked on uploading logo and fixed defects. Worked on uploading logo to the FORMS. Worked on defects related to FORM and logos.
  • Experience in data dictionary objects such as Domain, Data Element, Table, and Structures.
  • Worked on ABAP Classical, ALV and Interactive Reports. Lead time calculation of BOM material and displayed using ALV Report.
  • Understanding functional specs of reports, preparing technical specs according to functional spec, flow chart developments.
  • Involved in data conversion for vendor master data from legacy system to SAP system using LSMW BDC method .
  • Migrating programs into new system as per the new standards and cleansing the code.
  • Created RF module pool programs for WM module.

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, ABAP/4 ALV, Smart forms, Interfaces-BDC .


SAP - ABAP Consultant SAP ECC 6.0 FI/CO, MM, SD.

Confidential is a part of Confidential. L T InfoTech's SAP Financial Excellence Package is being implemented for setting up Confidential's Financial Accounting as well as Management Accounting systems.


  • Worked on the interfaces, to get data from FTP folder and process in the SAP Created FB01 documents , and then move the processed file processed folder of FTP. In the same way have created customers and vendor in SAP from extracting data from FTP And created bank details of the customer and vendor as well . And finally log should send via Email.
  • Created background jobs to run the above FTP programs.
  • Implemented BTE- Validation check to check the duplicate document while creating FB01 document.
  • Created Bank reconciliation report to check the bank balance using Blocked ALV.
  • Done Claim settlement form using SMARTFORMS.
  • Added custom data to the Shipment IDOC using the user exit while sending data to the BizTalk system.
  • Implemented BADI LE SHP TAB CUST ITEM to the transaction VL01/02/03 for the item data. Where in to add the sub box information.
  • Created search helps for the module pool programs.
  • Implemented user exit SAPMF02D before saving the customer from XD02.
  • Interacted with the users and participated in the analysis and design of objects.
  • As part of the technical team, corrected defects in several RICEFs.
  • Developed an interactive report using OOPS, which displays balances per G/L account. The report has two special buttons for printing and re-printing the output with page numbers.
  • Developed a module Program for FI LC Register .

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, ABAP/4 ALV, Smart forms, User- Exits, BADI, Interfaces-BDC FTP, IDOC, BAPI .


SAP - ABAP Consultant SAP ECC 6.0 FI/CO, MM.


  • Built a report interface using OOPS which extracts all the other income sales transactions from SAP.
  • Implemented BADI ME GUI PO CUST to add custom fields to the ME21.
  • Added Ship End date to the standard VF04 transaction.
  • Implemented the BADI VENDOR ADD DATA to check if country is embargoed and payment terms are blocked. Saves vendors to a custom table.
  • Created a Table Maintenance event for a custom table to add certain validations.
  • Involved in the development of two SMARTFORMS to print IMI Withholding and Income Withholding Tax Certificates.
  • Uploaded PP Data using BDC Pour line Cost update data for PP module.
  • Process delivery and picking from the report using the BAPI - BAPI OUTB DELIVERY CREATE SLS.
  • Implemented events for the table maintenance generator.
  • Created Tab strip module pool program to process the inbound delivery and service sheet for the PO.
  • Monitor IDOCs and analysis if any of the IDOC has failed.
  • Created partner profiles to exchange the data of the material, using standard MATMAS message type.
  • Developed an ALV report to display the requestor/maintainer address Override details.
  • Developed an ALV report to display the name and address change details.
  • Developed Address Override Statistical Report using an ALV Format.
  • Developed customer trade group data report using an ALV with oops.
  • Participated in Enhancement of existing reports and interfaces.
  • Developed BDC for sales order creation using BDC session method using transaction VA01
  • Created a BDC to upload material information using Session method.
  • Created a report on using ALV grid to show billing details from VBRK and VBRP tables using OOPS.
  • Worked on customizing data dictionary objects like Table, Data Element, Domain, Search help, Structures and searched and applied many OSSNotes.
  • Using the extension of the BAPI - BAPI SALESORDER CREATEFROMDAT2, updated custom tab screen data to the database.
  • Experience with using the BAPI function calls to create a purchase requisition, fetch data related to the purchase requisition BAPI PR CREATE, BAPI PR GETDETAIL and BAPI PR CHANGE.

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, ABAP/4 ALV, Smart forms, User- Exits, BADI, Interfaces-BDC IDOC, BAPI .

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