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Sap Bobj Consultant Resumi Carlsbad Ca


A highly accomplished SAP BI BOBJ Architect with SAP HANA certification and 14 years of SAP experience, including work with SAP BW, SAP BO 4.0, SAP BI-CRM, SAP HANA, and ABAP R/3. Extensively worked with SAP BW/HANA/BOBJ modeling, architecture (LSA/LSA++), and development that includes standard/custom extractors, user exits, Info provider, transformation, routines, variable exit, and reports. Worked in difference SAP functional areas (FI (New GL), CO (CO-PA), SD (Logistics), MM (Inventory), and HCM) of architecture and modeling solution. In depth experience in architecting and developing semantic layer in IDT on HANA models and views. Extensive experience with SAP BOBJ reporting solutions, Dashboard, SAP Design Studio, Analysis, information design tool (IDT) modeling and WEBI reporting. Extensive skills in HANA data modeling, including SAP SLT replication schemas in SAP HANA, importing table definitions, and creating information objects in information modeler (i.e., package, procedure, analytic privilege, attribute view, analytic view, and calculation view). Worked on two full life cycles for SAP HANA implementation, one sustains project, and multiple full project life cycles for SAP BW, SAP BO 4.0 project, SAP BI 7.0, and 7.3 upgrade projects. Good communication, leadership, and team collaboration skill. Worked extensively on requirement gathering, user workshop, training, release management and also have onsite offshore model leading experience. I am seeking role with a company that values innovation, proficiency and adaptability.

Technical Capabilities


SAP version 3.1, 4.0 B, 4.6 D, ECC 6, SAP BW 2.0, SAP BW 3.0 B, SAP BI 3.5, BI 7.0, BI 7.3, CRM 5.0, CRM 7.0, SAP BO 4.0,4.1, SAP HANA SP1,5,6


Bex Reporting, Web Application Designer, WEBI, Dashboard, Analysis




SAP BW, SAP HANA, SAP BO 4.0, Power Designer


Oracle 8i, DB2, Tera data, SAP HANA


Java, Sapgui, SAP BO


Windows NT, 95, 98




HTML, Web Essentials

Professional Experience


SAP BOBJ Consultant

  • Architecting and developing start to end solution for Callaway Golf international release by using BI/BW modeling, BOBJ, Dashboard and design studio.
  • Architecting, developing and delivering different critical dashboard for business like manufacturing dashboard, distribution for US and international regions.
  • Formulating and implementing migration strategy for BOBJ from 3.x to 4.1.
  • Migrated OLAP and relational universe and reports from 3.1 to 4.1.
  • Creating user training documents for SAP BO 4.0 and process of migrating existing user reports from 3.x to 4.0.
  • Extensively worked on SAP design studio to accommodate dashboard on existing manufacturing and financial reports.
  • Creating training document for SAP design studio for team members.
  • Providing support during UAT, Go-live and Hypercare.



  • Architecting and developing solution for SAP BI as data warehousing layer and BOBJ 4.0 client tools (WEBI, Dashboard, and Analysis) as semantic layer.
  • Working as SAP BI architect and developer for complex BW/HANA/BOBJ 4.0 environment for sap BI implementation projects and rollouts.
  • Working on plan for rolling out SAP HANA for international geographical location based on framework from North America.
  • SAP BW HANA modeling and optimization scenarios including Hybrid scenarios/ implementing LSA++ architecture.
  • Architecting and developing SAP BI Dashboard (Xcelsius), Web I for various complex requirements. It includes discussing final reporting tool like Web I, Analysis or Xcelsius.
  • Implemented best practices for SAP BOBJ and BW wherever applicable for modeling and reporting in order to improve performance.
  • Provide user and technical staff training and documentation for same.
  • SAP BI 7.3 system upgrade (Dual Maintenance) for PepsiCo international system.
  • Extensively worked on modeling and architecting solution in SAP BI that includes dataflow development in SAP BW, working with modeling tools and ABAP for transformation. Data source creation and enhancements in SAP R/3 and CRM using standard and custom functionality.
  • LSA++ (SAP HANA) vs. LSA architecture assessment for SAP BI system based on existing model and system design.



  • Complete global integration project involving finding right technology mix for user reporting requirements
  • Architected solution includes data from SAP, non- SAP system, and solution development in SAP BW as data warehousing layer and BOBJ 4.0 client tools (WEBI, Dashboard, and Analysis) as semantic layer
  • Architect and implement solutions for quality initiative project to consolidate data in business warehouse from SAP and non-SAP, and choose reporting tool client in BOBJ based on client requirement
  • Modeled solution in SAP BW with mix of IDT modeling for long text other non-SAP unstructured data
  • Implement security in SAP BOBJ (Universe data level security) and SAP BW for BICS reporting
  • Implement best practices for SAP BOBJ and BW wherever applicable for modeling and reporting
  • Provide user and technical staff training and documentation for same
  • Work on different semantic layer in BOBJ, OLAP (BICS reporting), relational and multiple-source universes
  • SAP BW data modeling, IDT universe, long text reporting solution, and security at backend and semantic layer (BOBJ and BW)


SAP BI/SAP BO 4.0 Architect

  • SAP BI Architect for material handling unit customer and dealer reporting project, including SAP BW/SAP BO 4.0 system implementation.
  • Streamlined and fixed SAP BW performance issue and implemented layered architecture (LSA) approach for modeling
  • Implemented long text solution via BW and SQL data integration
  • Applied dynamic security solution via BW DSO to avoid CMOD coding and avoid performance issue
  • Worked extensively on information design tool modeling, creating multisource universe, data foundation, and business layer to achieve unique security requirement for Toyota
  • Contributed significantly to WEBI report using custom LOV, navigation path (hierarchy in 3.1), and all latest features of SAP BO 4.0
  • Assisted with XCelcius dashboard for SAP BO 4.0 for Toyota customer and dealer reporting requirements, created directly on bex queries and universe
  • SAP BW-HANA implementation and architecture review from LSA++ prospective.
  • Implemented reporting solution to jump from SAP BO 4.0 web I reports to SAP R/3 invoice
  • Provided advanced SAP BI, HANA and SAP BO 4.0 training to Toyota’s SAP BI team
  • Prerequisite and system design for Toyota acquiring SAP HANA vs. BWA as possible solution for resolving performance issue and reducing maintenance support.
  • Implemented report publication/scheduling (Reports Cache) functionality to reduce initial performance impact for dealer and customer reporting and WEBI reports
  • Contributed to various WEBI reports using calculation contexts, applying almost every available formatting feature, ranking, sorting, breaks, prompts, sub-queries, data tracking, Alerter, creating complex formulas/variables, projecting charts, cross tab reports, drill down reports
  • Implemented security for SAP BOBJ users



  • SAP BW–CRM project deployment, leading blueprint and realization phase of program as architect
  • SAP BW architecture and data modeling for SAP CRM module, including building data model via BDOC-based CRM’s standard and generic extractors
  • Built BW architecture using standard SAP methodology LSA++, layered architecture.
  • Conducted performance-tuning for long running extractors and implemented SAP best practices to reduce data latency
  • SAP HANA and SAP BO modeling based on data from SAP BW, CRM, and non-SAP systems
  • Defining and implementing SAP HANA data model and architecture for scalability and performance point of view.
  • Architecting and developing semantic layer in IDT on HANA models and views.
  • Worked on SAP HANA (SAP in-memory computing) to provide ad-hoc reporting solution, e.g., creating views in Information modeler, data migration from SAP BW to SAP HANA and reporting for long text (7,000+ char.)
  • Collaborated with BO data service team to analyze and implement SAP best practices for data loads into HANA issue resolution
  • Development as necessary with BODS / ETL / SQL Script Tool and ABAP.
  • Administer, monitor, troubleshoot, analyze and resolve technical problems within HANA environments
  • Create SAP ECC/CRM table data model and analysis, design data models and analytical apps, and implement SAP SLT replication schemas in SAP HANA.
  • Assisted with hands-on development, coordinating deployment with offshore development team
  • Collaborated with CRM functional team to implement best optimized, long-term reporting solution (SAP BI)


  • Assisted with ramp-up for BO 4.0 & HANA 1.0, working extensively to test and implement existing features
  • Implemented universe on SAP HANA 1.0 (SAP in-memory computing) to provide integrated ad-hoc solution via BO 4.0
  • On SAP BO 4.0, designed, developed and managed universes in Information Designing Tool (IDT), including creating data foundation and business layer based on ad-hoc requirement
  • Assisted with complex report development solutions, including reports on WEBI and dashboards
  • Developed reports based on BEX query directly from Interactive Analysis WEBI
  • Worked on multi-source universe from IDT, including different warehouses in Medtronic



  • Played crucial role in understanding specific customer requirements in order to architect solutions
  • Fulfilled new enhancement requests, emergency break fix, performance tuning of application, and normal day-to-day activities and troubleshoots
  • Completed development and break fix for COPA Line Item reporting
  • Developed business content and custom extractor-based requirement for SAP module (SD, FICO, HCM)
  • Deciphered business processes and functionality of existing SAP R/3 systems and implemented data model/reporting/web reporting for SAP business warehouse based on user enhancement request
  • Conducted user training and knowledge transition with team for newly added architecture and solution
  • BI cubes for projects include cloning of standard SAP extractor to custom extractor without affecting existing extractor delta and functionality
  • Enhanced project extractor and report to include user and system status, and last/current activity period
  • HCM master data bex and web reporting for Org Unit, Personnel Area, Personnel Sub-Area, Employee Group and Employee Subgroup
  • Added fields (HCM Documents: Field Group Definition) to enable audit log for changes in fields
  • Implemented project to make monitoring time and time quotas easier with web-based reporting that enables managers to see breakdown of hours charged by employees and remaining vacation of employees



  • Designed architecture for statutory and joint venture ledger reporting and
  • Redesigned and built architecture for special ledger summary and detail, applying solution for special ledger summary, new architecture, cumulative balance, and ITD amount
  • COPA Line Item reporting
  • Configured classification data based on business requirement for SKU reporting
  • Designed and configured LO extraction cockpit of purchasing scenario for spend analysis reporting
  • Formulated disaster recovery plan based on best practices for BI architectural component
  • Involved in all phases of project preparation, blueprinting, configuration, development, integration testing, cutover, and training to go live



  • Created and maintained info objects, custom data sources, info sources, communication structures, transfer structures, transfer rules, update rules, info packages/groups, and scheduled data requests
  • Appended data source structures to include new fields, wrote ABAP code in user-exit to fill extraction structure, and created custom info objects, characteristics, and key figures
  • Performed data cleansing in PSA, error handling using PSA, multi-cubes, query development
  • Supplies Reporting File: Interface to provide data to supplies division for ad-hoc reporting
  • SAP Order Tracking System (interface): web-based application that allows sales personnel to view current status of machine orders via Internet
  • SAP Script Layout: Various script layouts, standard and customized
  • Reporting-A/R Transaction Register: Listed all transactions registered in A/R system

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