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Sap Technical Consultant  Resume

Houston, Tx

Professional Summary

  • Over 8 years of work experience as an SAP R/3 ABAP/4 consultant. (4.6C to ECC 6.0 ) and SAP Netweaver.

  • Experience in SD, MM, PP, PM, ETM, WM, FI/CO and CRM modules in the use of ABAP to enhance, extract the data from and customize these modules.
  • Good experience working in SAP Agile type project methodology apart from ASAP and waterfall methodology.
  • Experience in developing Web services to integrate SAP and 3rd party tools like Salesforce.com (SFDC) and TIBCO.
  • Good Experience in Objective oriented ABAP.
  • Expertise in WebDynpro and RICEF (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms) programming
  • Have good experience on various types of Reports Classic, Interactive and ALV Reports.
  • Used BDC programming like Call Transaction, Session Methods and LSMW like Standard Batch/Direct Input Method, Batch Input Recording, Business Object Method and IDOC Method.
  • Good Work Experience in SAP Interfaces like Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) and RFC enabled FMs
  • Experience in Dialog programming in using Screen Painter, Menu Painter and
  • Table control.
  • Good experience in Enhancements using Enhancement frame work Business Add In (BADI), Customer Exits and User Exits.
  • Experience in creating and maintaining standard SAP Dictionary objects (Tables, views, data elements, domain, Lock Objects and search helps Elementary and Multiple) and Function modules, function groups and include structures etc.
  • Experience in using various Performance Tools like SQL Trace, Runtime Analysis, Debugger, and Extended Program Check for optimization.
  • Good experience in Partner Profiles configuration, Message controlling configuration for EDI/ALE. Customer Distribution Model configuration in ALE.
  • Have good knowledge in Creating and Configuring new Workflows for validating business process including data processing.
  • Good knowledge of implementing OSS notes and worked with Logical Database and ABAP Query.
  • Expertise in converting Functional Specifications into Technical Specifications.
  • Experience in coordinating offshore and onshore Team.
  • Good working relationship with functional and technical project teams, problem solving skills.
  • Good communication and Verbal skills.


4.6C, 4.7, ECC 6.0, ABAP/4 SAP R/3, ALE, EDI, IDoc, BAPI,User Exits, BADI, ALV reports, Dialog Programming, Table Maintenace, Smartforms / SAP scrip Conversions (LSMW / BDC), Workflow, Web Dynpro.

Operating Systems : UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 9x / 2000, XP

Programming Languages : C, C++, Visual Basic 6.0,COBOL,JAVA

RDBMS: SQL Server 2000, DB2, Oracle 7/8.0/9i

Web Technologies : HTML, DHTML,XML, Java Script, BSP,Netweaver7\

CRM Applications : Salesforce.com

Middleware: TIBCO, XI P

PROJECT portfolio

Confidential, Houston, TX.

SAP Technical Consultant

Environment: ECC 6.0


  • Created a custom validation using BADI ME PROCESS REQ CUST(Process Item) for ME51N for a specific G/L account and Account assignment category are being validated.
  • Enhanced internal order General Data tab by adding 4 new fields and a check box using COOPA003 and CI AUFK.
  • Extended the General Budget field of the table AUFK USER4 from 12 char to 16 char to accommodate billion dollar budget.
  • Removed hardcoded constants from custom programs and maintained all the constants in a Custom table.
  • Developed a report program for Treasury to track the daily payments made through ACH and Wire
  • Developed 6 new webservices to expose AFE (ECC) data to Power Plan System using SOA Manager
  • Implemented ISO20022 Payment file format for Regency on CGI XML CT and CGI XML DD transformations.
  • Worked on a custom validation on GLSU (Document posting Add in), before posting the document a specific G/L account and document type needs to be validated. ( /ZOPTION/GLSU LIVE CUSTVAL)
  • Consumed a webservice from PeopleSoft to expose HR data to ECC.
  • Worked on production tickets using Remedy tool.

Confidential, Houston, TX.

SAP Techno Functional Consultant

Environment: ECC 6.0, Agile Methodology


Project: CPQ (Self Service Quoting tool) (Agile Methodology)

  • Involved in developing Webdynpro Configuration, Pricing and quoting (CPQ) application tool for the Orders and Contracts (O& C) Portfolio of the company.
  • Worked on ABAP object oriented development to create class and methods.
  • Involved in enhancing the functionality of crucial and mandatory fields for a quote such as Functional Location, Equipment, Group Contract Number, AMP ID (Mid level FL).
  • Created multiple Function Modules and Rappers which are used in the WebDynpro tool to create and link the Functional Location to the equipment and ultimately to the Quote
  • Extensively worked on multiple equipment records and moving the equipment records without damaging the warranty data (ETM).
  • Worked on ETM module to manage the warranty of the equipment and sending it to one FL to another FL.
  • Responsible for the development of WebDynpro functionality to move equipment from one Functional Location to another with all the equipment data. Created new views and windows to display the new functionality and made use of pop up messages to communicate with the user.
  • Developed a web service which posts the approved discount amount from SAP to SFDC (Salesforce.com). RTS, SND.
  • Created a web service call Entitlement Services to check if the serial number entered is a Fraud Serial Number. Displayed messages depending on the error codes returned by the ES system
  • Develop a WebDynpro program to check inconsistency in the Serial Number products, if they are excluded or installed on multiple LLFL (Low Level Functional Locations). SER02, ILOA, EQUI, EQUZ.
  • Created a BDC program to add partner information to Functional Location as the FM PM PARTNER UPDATE is not released by SAP and was not approved by Global Code Review Board at HP.
  • Created an ALV program in WebDynpro to display the quotes created based on search criteria like date range, user name, quote number, customer number.
  • Responsible for Interacting with Business users in gathering the requirement and converting it into Functional Specification to get the approvals from ARB (Architecture Review Board)
  • Created test scripts according to the business practice and reposible for testing in DEV, TEST and QXX systems.
  • Responsible for creating technical documentation for all the code developed and presenting to the Global Code Review Board (GCRB)
  • Responsible for training the users on the enhanced functionality
  • Involved in UAT and Warranty support after each release, these are tracked using HP ALM Application Lifecycle Management
  • As a member of Local code review board (CRB), I have corrected and checked the performance of the code of team members onshore and offshore

Production Support

  • Worked on a high priority ticket where spot rate is not getting applied to countries Thailand and New Zealand. User exit RV60AFZZ and pricing routines.
  • Worked on Nota Fiscal tax calculations, where there is some difference in the decimal values after entering the items and before saving the contract.

Confidential,Fremont, CA.

Sr. SAP ABAP Consultant (Apr 12 May 13)

Environment: ECC 6.0.


  • Created report lists for the gross sales and credit returns for the customer for the current year and comparing the same with that of the previous year for the same period. The data is selected from KNVV, BKPF, BSEG and MARA.
  • Developed ALV report for summary of payments made to vendor at a specified date or within a date range for clear items at company code level and also open items as on current date related to PP module.
  • Used BAPI BAPI MATERIAL GETALL, BAPI MATERAL SAVEDATA to update Material Master basic data. The program reads flat file that contains materials and storage location.
  • Responsible for identifying and coding the BADI s ME PROCESS PO (used to automatic copy the 'Estimated Price' setting in the info record to the purchasing order) and MB MIGO BADI (used for the notification of the PO with 'Estimated Price' at the timing of goods receipts.
  • Designed and developed a report for STO backorder and their statuses. Worked on INVOIC01 IDOC user exit (EXIT SAPLIEDI 101) purchase order number mapped into customer line item text for centralized bill document type.
  • Worked on User exits V45A0002 to predefine Sold to party in Sales document for Sales & Distribution (SD).
  • Created a RF transaction to update shipment loading on the truck before goods Issue and then write a report to ensure all packing list for shipment is loaded before goods issue in WM Module.
  • Updated the delivery with custom generated BOL Number, when PGI happens from Shipment Completion. Standard BADI LE SHIPMENT BADI is used and an update task custom Function Module is used to update SD delivery through LSMW.
  • Designed, developed and programmed various Smart Forms for SD and MM Documents. Documents include Purchase Order & RFQ for MM module Quotation, Order Confirmation, Delivery Note, Invoice, Check Printing and Invoice list for SD Documents.
  • Developed ABAP Web Dynpro ALV Report for Material Shortage report for PP module. Users use this IView to see a stock requirements shortage report and use the information to save time when running Material Requirements Planning (MRP).
  • Developed Freely Programmed search helps to add additional functionalities to F4 helps & Used OVS helps search helps for custom F4 helps.
  • ABAP WD Application (Labor Hours Report): User Inputs Project Number and it displays details related to labor hours and custom button Exports table contents to Excel using WDR TASK=> CLIENT WINDOW > CLIENT > ATTACH FILE TO RESPO.

Confidential,New York, NY.

SAP ABAP Consultant (Jan 11 Mar 12)

Environment: ECC 6.0.


  • Developed an ALV Report to display corresponding Invoice Details for given Purchase Order details (purchase order number , Purchase Order type / purchase order created on / purchase order created by, vendor account number etc. ).
  • Created a Dialog program / Module pool program to create, edit, display data from custom tables using table control with validations and Search Help.
  • Successfully created Batch Data Communication program (BDC) for uploading billing date to SAP system from sequential file to correct billing date format based on Project requirements.
  • Developed a custom credit check for sales documents using User Exits LVKMPFZ1, USER CREDIT CHECK1.
  • Created a Smart Form to print Sales Order information.
  • Worked on Sales Order User Exit MV45AFZH, to check if the vendor already exists or not using tax code while creating a sales order.
  • Modified a SAP Script for check printing to translate the vendor details to uppercase.
  • Changed the existing ALE and IDOC setup for Material Master (MATMAS) by including custom segments with required fields.
  • Created LSMW programs for Customer, Vendor, and Material master uploading from legacy systems to R/3 systems.
  • Developed an interface to create sales orders using a BAPI, BAPI SALESORDER CREATEFROMDAT2.
  • Used Change Pointers technology to create related outbound message type for regular update of Material Standard Price.
  • Created interface program to update pricing conditions.
  • Worked on User Exit V60F0001 (FPLT AFDAT) to perform the validations for Billing Date for certain billing document types.
  • Changed a Classical report to display PO Details. , PO Item, Status, Item change date, Material Number, PO Quantity, Order Unit and Price.
  • Developed Web Dynpro application for material information look up using service call.

Confidential, Lake Forest, IL.

SAP ABAP Consultant (Feb 10 Oct 10)

Environment: ECC 6.0.


  • Developed an ALV report in SD, Open sales Order report, which covers all organization levels, delivery status, shipping details and partner function details.
  • Developed an ALV report for Sales register: report gives the details of finished goods sales for a given Plant, Branch, Customer, Product & Period.
  • Involved in preparation of EDI mapping documents 850, 855, 856, 876 DESADV, INVRPT, ORDERS, ORDCHG, and ORDRSP along with EDI subsystem team.
  • Set up Partner profiles for Customer (KU), Vendor (LI) and Logical system (LS) with required message types and relevant basic Idoc types.
  • Created RFC to send data to XI systems, in turn to communicate web service. While posting inbound idoc for sales order received front end system, This RFC will be triggered.
  • Involved Setting up an inbound process via workflow for monitoring idoc fall outs to be reprocessed.
  • Monitored Idoc fall outs using workflow process and reprocessed by modifying idocs failed.
  • Managing outbound and Inbound process process performance and improving its performance.
  • Worked on User exit EXIT SAPMM06 012 customer fields in purchasing document enhancements for transaction ME21N, to take the time field mandatory in delivery schedule.
  • Modified SAP Scripts Z ROSA BOL for Bill of Lading, in this script, Barcode display format used for Carrier reference no, ZPL ABACO for packing list, Z SD EXPORT FUCI for Commercial Invoice.
  • Modified Smartform Z3 ROSA SHIP SF for Shipping label printing includes Barcode display for the field Internal handling unit.
  • Used the ABAP runtime analysis tool (SE30), System dump analysis (ST22) to analyze and improve runtime performance of the existing ABAP programs.
  • Involved in System Integrated Testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Used Mercury Testing tool to track step by step UAT process and updated upon completion of my tasks and also logged the defects. Supported Post Go Live implementation. Prepared technical specifications for each deliverable.
  • Communicating with internal external teams and business group when required to ensure making deliverables timely.

Confidential,Denver, CO.

SAP ABAP Developer (Aug 09 Jan 10)

Environment: SAP R/3 4.6C, ECC 6.0.


  • Involved in up gradation of SAP R/3 version from 4.6c to ECC 6.0.
  • Developed an Interactive Report to get a list of all the employees who are eligible for service Awards based on the number of years of service which is not there previously.
  • Worked on User Exit SAPMV45A to insert custom code for Transaction VA01, by doing validations in the function module exit.
  • Involved in reviewing Reporting, Dialog Programming and maintenance of SAP Smart Forms.
  • Setting Up basic EDI configuration, Message condition, Port and Partner profile. Configured Inbound and Outbound IDOC S
  • Monitored and analyzed SQL statement used in reports and transactions. Activities like displaying list of Performance Trace records, checking performance and root cause analysis of ABAP functions using SQL Trace or runtime analysis were also performed in the process.
  • Modified various pre written ABAP/4 programs according to client s specifications in order to increase user interaction and enhance functional needs.
  • A Batch Data Communication (BDC) Program was replaced the obsolete program to load bank statements which come in an excel file from bank for transaction FF67.
  • Developed EDI interface application to support the SAP financial implementation. The interface program maps the data to legacy files to the SAP transaction using the Batch input process.
  • Successfully modified the existing layout using Smart form to get Company Header, LOGO, Supplier address.
  • Worked on BAPI S BAPI VENDOR CREATE (XK01) for vendor creation and BAPI PO CREATE1 purchase order creation.

Confidential, West Chicago, IL.

SAP ABAP Consultant (Oct 08 Jul 09)

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7.


  • Consistency check for Z programs and interfaces developed by client during enhancements.
  • Developed an ALV report in MM to list the various details of the materials that are being dispatched on a particular day.
  • Changed a User Exit V45A002 in SD to modify the predefined sold to party.
  • Worked with BADI HU AUTOPACK to create handling units in two different scenarios. One is to create handling unit for the sales order material and the other scenario is to create handling unit in contingent delivery.
  • Developed various forms of printed invoices as well as picking lists using Smart Forms.
  • Created LSMW programs for Customer, Vendor, and Material master uploading from legacy systems to R/3 systems.
  • Testing of Inbound and Outbound process while dispatching IDocs from one system to other system.
  • Created Z tables and designed screens to update the tables using the Dialog programming.
  • Configured ALE interface between R/3 systems. This instance was used to send the newly created Material Master to the corporate office using the Object MATMAS.
  • Involved in setting up ALE/IDOC interface by creating / Maintaining Distribution model, Logical System, message types, Activating change pointers of MATMAS, CREMAS, DEBMAS message types in master data transferring and generating partner profile.
  • Worked in developing interfaces to different vendors for sending purchase orders and receiving confirmation using EDI and IDocs.
  • Modified and maintained SAP scripts in all Modules by customizing Layouts Sets, Page Windows, and Programs to suit the challenging business requirement.
  • Created and maintained Data Dictionary objects such as data elements, domains, tables, structures, and views.
  • Involved in the Code review/testing team with responsibility of designing ABAP programming standards, code reviews and test procedure

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