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Sr. Sap Basis Upg Resume

Dallas, TX

Confidential has 14 years of technical including four years of management experience in SAP basis and infrastructure. Expertise in SAP system Installation, Upgrade, performance tuning and troubleshooting on any platform that includes the latest SAP product protfolio. Basis Management experience includes proven architectural roles in greenfield implementations as well as numerous Upgrade, migration projects from scratch to the post golive support. Implemented best practices wherever possible that has enhanced system stability, team’s productivity, Infrastructure maintenance, Budget planning and working with Vendors on evaluating products and services. Have managed systems in cloud both in public as well as private with different team models supporting them. Prowess in the latest Net Weaver Solutions and SAP Business Object Portfolio. Specialized in the field of BI 4.1, SAP BOE, SAP NW CE, SAP BO-DS, SRM, SCM, PI, PO, BI, HANA, SLT & EP Basis and Java Administration. Thorough hands-on expertise in Upgrade and Installation of new dimensional products. Experienced with OS migration and Unicode conversion. Experienced with Sizing and carrying out infrastructure restructure. Expertise in AIX, Linux performance tuning. Experience with Java administration, including SAP PO, PI, EP, SAP CE 7.1 and dual stack systems. Highly experienced in patching and upgrade of components. Worked extensively on performance tuning of Java and ABAP systems. Worked extensively on load balancers like F5, web dispatchers and proxy setup. Worked on end to end SSL implementations. Worked on data center migration activities. Worked on proxy configuration using IIS proxy and Apache. Good exposure to Solution manager scenario configuration like EWA, RCA, ChaRM and SMD. Worked extensively on Charm setup. Worked extensively on SLD setup. Proficient in system copies, ABAP, JAVA and dual stack. Strong technical background and excellent customer feedback throughout the career. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to deliver innovative and profitable solutions well within timeframe and budgets amplifies the Technical and functional expertise.

Skill Sets

  • SAP BOE 3.1, SAP BODS 3.2, 4.0, 4.2 BP for Data migration, DQM 4.0, IDT, EIM, EPM, SAP BO Mobile, SAP BO Explorer, BI platform 4.0,4.1 SAP NW CE 7.1,7.11 & 7.2, SAP CPS, SAP PI 7.3, SAP PO, SAP NW 7.31, NW 7.4, BI 7.4/7.0 Ehp1/BW 3.5/3.1c/3.0b, BPC 10/10.1, SAP SRM 7.0, EP 7.0, PI 7.1, SAP SRM MDM 3.0, SAP MDM 7.1, Sol Man EHp1, SAP ECC 6.0 Ehp4/EhP5/EhP7, SAP CRM 5, 5.2 & 7.0, CRM Web Client UI, SAP GTS 7.0, SAP HR, SAP NW SSO, Licensing, SAP Content server, SAP EP 7.0 & 7.01, SCM, APO, Live Cache, SAP Enterprise Learning 6.0, TREX 7.0, SAP PI 7.0& 7.1,
  • SRM 4.0 & 7.0, SAP CPS, CCM 1.0, SRM-MDM 3.0, NWDI/CMS, BIA 7.0, SAP SEM 4.0, SAP R/3 4.6C/ 4.7 EE SR2, and UWL.
  • Third party tools on J2ee like SPARTA, SFDC, PMM (Vendavo), Voice objects, ADS. Other job scheduling tools Maestro and ControlM.
  • Databases: Oracle 7.x/ 8.x/ 9i/10g/11g; MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 R2, DB2 UDB and MAXDB
  • Operating Systems: Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux and Windows NT & Server 2000/ 2003/2008
Confidential, Dallas, TX
Sr. SAP Basis UPG/MIG Consultant
  • DB – Oracle 11g, DB2, MYSQL & HANA DB, Sybase IQ.
  • OS – IMB AIX, OS/400, Windows & Linux
  • SAP Components – SAP ECC EhP 7, SAP BI 4.1, SAP BW 7.4 on HANA, CRM 7.0, SAP SolMan 7.11, SAP PO, DSM, SAPUI5 and SAP NW GW.SAP-UX, SLT, NLSm
  • The assignment is a non-SAP to SAP migration project with new installtion of SAP ECC 6 EhP 7 system. Reporting fron SAP HANA enterprise edition and SAP BW with BPC 10 on HANA DB. Installed SAP SLT, SAP PO 7.31, SAP ECC 6 EhP7 and Sybase IQ on cloud.Migration of existing systems from one hosting vendor in cloud to inhouse DC and private cloud. Db2 extraction and administration for realtime reporting thro SLT to SAP HANA DB.
Confidential, Frisco, TX
Sr. SAP Basis UPG/MIG Consultant

The assignment was to upgrade CRM 4.0 Non-Unicode system based on HP-UX/Oracle 10.g to CRM 7.02 Unicode system on AIX/Oracle 11.g.Involved in initial planning of approach and execution of the HW migration, Unicode conversion and Upgarde. Analyzed and proposed the best solution for the client. The project involved complete re-architecting the networking part of the user interface. Source system was CRM 4.0 Non Unicode distributed system with MCOD setup for JAVA engine. Defined approach for isolation of Java engine and upgrade. Re-architecture the existing network layer that consisted of outdated IIS proxy with the web dispatcher and BIG-IP F5. Brought down the downtime involved in Unicode conversion from 4 days to 17 hrs. Worked on end to end ssl solution for achieving TMO's Security policies expectations.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA
Sr. SAP Basis NW Consultant
  • DB – Oracle 8/10g/11g
  • SAP Components – SAP 4.6c, SAP ECC 6.0 EhP5, and SAP Sol Man EhP 1
  • The source system is SAP R/3 4.6c on Oracle 8i and HP-UX PARISC, the requirement was to upgrade it to SAP ECC 6.0 EhP5 on 11g and HP-UX Itanium. As a Sr. Basis Consultant the responsibilities were to study, analyze and provide an optimized approach for upgrade. Was involved in all phases of project life cycle right from requirement gathering, planning and execution. Three systems in the landscape has been upgraded and delivered.
Confidential , Menlo Park, CA
Sr. SAP Basis NW Consultant
  • DB – Oracle 11g
  • OS – Linux on VMWare ESX 4.x
  • SAP Components – SAP ECC 6.0 EhP4 BAiO system with Discrete manufacturing BP, and SAP Sol Man EhP 1. SAP NW SSO, SAP PI 7.1
  • It is an implementation project, where as a Sr. SAP Basis Consultant the responsibilities were to guide and implement the best solution for installing SAP on VMWare ESX 4.x. HW sizing, disk layouts for running SAP, backup strategy and recovery methods were proposed. Did the planning and execution of the following activities in a Validated environment: -
  • SAPRouter setup, install SAP Sol Man EhP1 system, install SAP ECC 6.0 EhP4 with discrete manufacturing BP and SAP PI 7.1. Security approach for NWBC frontend. Installed SAP NW SSO server for SSO solution.
Client 2: National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA
q Sr. SAP Basis NW Consultant
  • DB – Oracle 10g, 11g, MS-SQL Server
  • OS – Aix 5.2/6.1 and Windows.
  • SAP Components – SAP BOE 3.1Sp3 FP2, SAP BODS – 3.2/4.0, SAP BO-Mobile 3.1, SBOP Explorer (BLADE) 2.0 EP 7.0 Ehp1, PI 7.1/7.11/7.3 , and SAP Sol Man EHP 1
  • NSC started an SAP migration project and as a SAP basis consultant the following activities were delivered to have the non-sap data migrated into SAP. As a consulting service; requirements were gathered to define system components and propose system landscape. Following are high level description of activities.
  • Federated portal setup was analyzed, designed and configured. SAP recommendation for Portal-BW service fede1ration – RAI (Remote Application Integration) technique was followed. Dev and QA environment setup was done. Existing BI Java component were deployed on the NSC’s EP system. This effort accomplished the pluging out the BI java and migrating it to a standalone J2ee engine in a RAI federated portal setup.
  • Performed ECC 6 NW 7.0 to Ehp4 upgrade on DEV, QA and production system.
  • Installed and configured GL migration cockpit for SAP ECC 6 EhP4 system.
  • GRC SP upgrade completed.
  • BIA Revision update and SAP BO Explorer setup and support.
  • Installed BOE 3.1 SP3 FP3 installation With SAP Integration Kit for SAP and SSO setup with SAP BI and SAP EP system. - Dev, QA environment.
  • Supporting the HR-BI project with complete Software lifecycle management and problem handling in BI, BO and EP.
  • Integration and configuration of SBOP Enterprise with Live Office, Xcelsius with SAP BO Explorer.
  • Installed SAP BO Data Services 3.2- Best Practice for Data migration 12.2.03 end to end POC for ECC and deployment of Dev environment.
  • Completed Installed Dev SAP BODS environment both standalone install and upgrade from 3.2.
  • SAP BO Rapid Mart - Dev environment setup and development support.
  • SAP BO Life Cycle Management (BO LCM) install and configuration.
  • Istalled SAP PI- 7.11 and then Installed PI 7.3 - dev instance and post development support.
  • Installed SAP GTS - 8.0 - dev and QA and post development support.
  • Install and configure TREX for GTS systems.
  • Oracle upgrade - 10.2.04 to 11.202
  • Worked on OS migration of systems to IMB P7 power lpars.
  • Worked intensively on AIX system parameter tuning.
  • Installed SAP NW CE 7.11 for SAP CLM (Contract lifecycle Management) module. Installed NW CE 7.1 and 7.2 for exploring BPM functionality.
  • Revisited and streamlined the NWDI track definition and filled in the gaps regarding the SLD and incorporation of NW CE development activities.
  • Worked on tight schedule for system copies of ABAP, Java and dual stack systems for the project.
Confidential, Frisco, TX
SAP Basis UPG/MIG Consultant
  • racle 10g
  • OS Aix 5.2/6.1 and HP-UX 11.
  • SAP Components - SRM 4.0/7.0, SRM-MDM 3.0, EP 7.0, PI 7.1 and SAP Sol Man EHP 1
  • Provided services through analysis, planning and execution of the SRM 4.0 to SRM 7.0 upgrade.This included Unicode conversion with OS migration. Installed SRM-MDM and EP to deliver a comprehensive SRM 7.0 environment. The source system was a SRM4.0 non-Unicode system on HP-UX/ORA and with CCM-2.0. The target system delivered was SRM7.0 on AIX/ORA with EP7.0 and SRM-MDM 3.0. Extensively worked on centralized portal
  • Prepared and delivered two landscapes of SRM at the client place.
  • Worked intensively
  • Installed Web dispatchers for both ABAP and Java load balancing.
  • Established data reduction strategy in Basis area.
  • Extensively worked on Performance tuning especially SC related, SRM-MDM and ICM load balancing.
  • Provided service on PI landscape for a project that introduced three external partners to T-Mobile
  • Worked on end-to-end connection establishment with the partners that included extensive work on IIS proxy and Web Dispatcher in DMZ. Worked on getting end to end SSL setup
  • PI performance analysis and tuning including installing and configuring non-centralAE in the landscape, SSl offloading, Queue load balancing. Extensively worked on tuning both ICM and j2ee performance. Resizing the HW capacity of the app servers.
  • Worked on getting EWA and RCA setup for two landscapes (SRM and PI) in Solution manager
Confidential , San Jose, CA
Sr. SAP Basis Consultant
  • DB – Oracle 10g, MS SQL Server 2000/2005 and Max DB
  • OS – Solaris 9/10 and Aix 5.2
  • SAP Components - SAP BI 7.0/BW 3.5,SAP ECC6, BI 7.0, BIA, EP 7.0, UWL, CRM 5.0& CRM 5.2/7.0, SAP GTS, SAP-HR, Licensing, Sol Man 7.0, SAP CPS and SAP PI 7.0Provided both project and support team tasks for all SAP products in the landscape that includes pure ABAP, Java, dual stack and non sap components running on SAP NW04s J2EE. Following are the components - SAP ECC6, BI 7.0, BIA, EP 7.0, UWL, CRM 5.0& CRM 5.2, SAP GTS, SAP-HR, Licensing, Solution Manager 7.0, SAP PI 7.0 & &.1, LMS- SAP E learning, Sap content server and non Sap applications like Sparta, ADS, PMM (Vendavo), Ixos and voice objects. The database used is Oracle 10.2 on Sun Solaris platform/linux and windows.
  • Responsibilities include supporting all system pipelines; which involves addressing day to day issues, building new systems for projects, regular system refreshes, planning and executing upgrades, attending to EWA and ultimately improve customer service, reduce cost, and provide for a competitive advantage. Build procedural documentation and provide knowledge transfer focusing on creating an excellent support model.
Confidential, Burbank, CA
Sr. SAP Basis Consultan
  • DB – Oracle 8/9i/10g, MS SQL Server 2000 and Max DB
  • OS – Solaris 9/10 and Aix 5.2
  • SAP Components - SAP BI 7.0/BW 3.5, SAP R3 4.6c, ECC 6, BIA, EP 6.0/7.0, Sol Man 4.0, SAP XI 3.0
  • Responsible for leading the SAP Basis team, mentor colleagues, enhance established processes. Major activities include smooth SAP operations and having pro-active study of the system to highlight potential system issues to the customer and resolve them before hand.
  • Completed BI upgrade project.
  • Install CRM 5.0 and worked extensively in integration with other systems.Performance tuning and load balancing.
  • Involved in Sizing and POC installation of BIA.
  • Installed and Upgraded TREX 7 and integration with SRM 4.0.
  • Taking care of the Alert Monitoring for Critical processes thru CCMS,
  • Installed and configuration of Solution Manager 3.2 & then 4.0 on Solaris 9/Oracle 10g.
  • Configured NWA/SLD/SMD
  • nstallation of X1 3.0 and tested few scenarios.
  • Installed and configured Redwood Cronacle as a pilot project.
  • Workload Analysis and Performance Tuning of R/3 and BW Landscapes which includes R/3 memory tuning, DB shared memory tuning, Disk I/O load balancing, Network related issues
  • Important role played in the roll out of Archiving project along with project team.
  • Responsible for the application patches, kernel upgrade, and DB patches for all systems in the landscape. Patching, tunning, and troubleshooting J2EE Engine 6.20/ 6.40
  • Executed periodic system refreshes including both ABAP and Java systems.
  • Creating users and assigning roles in J2EE
  • Patching SAP J2EE 640 for Portal (EP6.0)
  • TREX monitor for Knowledge Management and patching TREX
  • Refresh of EP 6.0 from Production to Quality system and troubleshooting.
  • nstalled J2EE Engine add-on to WAS 6.40
  • EP 7.0 installation and configuration on a Sandbox.
  • SLD Setup and Maintenance.
  • Tested Deployed and configured the Live Auction Cockpit
  • Installed SAP Web Dispatcher
  • Carried out the configuration of SAP Router access
  • Configured central monitoring thru CCMS and Solution Manager
  • Configured CUA for the systems.

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